So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Dec 29, 2010

,,,still continue to send greeting e-mails for Christmas and New Year to hundreds CouchSurfers whom I met before even if it's already after Christmas, so I hadn't had conversation with host, it's too bad guest, should get negative reference. and finally start to send them to Lithuania,where I spend days and met CSers most.

."Interesting" is the keyword of my life,now. Even to most unbearable question "Why did you decide to travel?" (only because I like travel of course,but people don't satisfy by this answer, so that) I answer "because it's interesting."
But Lavinia said it's not so nice word,,oh!? 

.2nd time of using skype in my life,with same Japanese friend, though,
it was nothing big impression anymore as I expected,,
.In the morning, Lavinia left to travel. (with break from 4:30 to 9 am,)Finally I finished sending mails to too many Lithuanian CSers in the afternoon, I exhausted so I asked mother to stay one more night impudently, but as may be expected I was declined, so finally I left the home,, since 3 days ago,,Oh, people greet "Buna ziua", not "Labas" my brain is tatally in Lithuania.
. Finally I left Suceava.
.Hitchhike 1) till Radauti ,by Catalin who works costum of there "If you come back to Suceava,call me", thanks. --- Oh,Radauti seems nice small city but a CSer answered me they have no heating but suggested me to stay to Putna monastery --- 2) Wild but charming Valy picked me up with her friend' talkative nicely Alex.Thanks till monastery even15 km from their village, Valy "I want you to write about me in your future book." ,,OK, if we met more,maybe?
.Putna monastery ,
Stefan the Great is sleeping there! talk till midnight with Friendly monk, he had Japanese phrase book for travel. slept on warm bed alone in dormitory.
Service was from 4:40 to 9 am but I couldn't join it by sleeping.
Tried to go to village Vicovu de Sus for yesterday's invite, by truck driver. Gabi (Alex's girlfriend) 's house, neighbor Valy's house, Romanian traditional house' design is so pictualesque with bright colours,but we didn't have a camera. Luckily I could see traditional event in center of village "Let this year out! Welcome next year!" ,,like a drama that a battle of Stefan the Great with horses,, and monster's mask' people.

 ,,and children (or youngsters) wearing costume visit houses and sing and are given something sweets or,,actually almost only money, like Christmas'.

 Valy doesn't speak English but I like her lovely character,and her small shy daughter Kati, they seems almost members of Gabi's family. Gabi's father showed me how to make delicious sarmale and many kinds of meat with squeezed garlic,I was drunken not by alcoholic but foods' strong taste. They invited me to stay but my luggage was in monastery, anyway I have to go back there till dusk (then we will see in which I will stay) but misunderstanding again,Valy didn't come back (to drive me) soon, I was tired by waiting for few hours, couldn't ask again about tomorrow's staying,they also didn't suggest it,,just they said goodbye at the gate of monastery,,as a result I can't write nice things about Valy, wanted to be with her more though.
.After 8pm, joined to many people for special prayer service of New Year's eve had already started at 7pm,,,,finished at 1:30 am,Wao it already became New year before I'm aware, it's something ideal. Thanks Stefan the Great, Thanks my dear religious you in Chisinau,and thanks everybody whom I met in 2010.
,,,Automatically it became fasting night, and dormitory was not vacant anymore but full of smell of middle age guys.

Dec 28, 2010

Ushi " The Songbook "  ( ← click and listen )

or, click here 

all songs written by Ushi (some are with someone)
produced and inspired by Vanya in Kiev,UKRAINE (June & July 2010)
cover designed and uploaded by African in Donepropetrovsk,UKRAINE (today)
Thanks Ukrainian guys!!

 (,,to be continued) 

Dec 27, 2010

 " Ushi is not sushi "

( ↑ click and listen )

 songwriting and sing by Mr. Mykola Tsmitravych
 all producing by Anton san (at his flat in Kiev,UKRAINE)

 ,,,we recorded it at 1st.July but,,,took time for a half year till uploaded!?

Let me know your impression of this song!?

,,Today I talked with my Japanese old friend by skype,
it's epock-making very first time in my life!! (and his life too)
,,though, there was not so big impression as I expected,,

Dec 26, 2010

Crazy CS king

One of my previous CSing hosts in Porto, Portugal
Fernando has achieved to host 1000 CS guests in 1000 days.
,,,It means,literally everyday he has been inviting someone new stranger to his home
for 1000 days without any break.
However he has passion for it, anyway it's almost crazy,I can't believe it
(I've never hosted yet, have been surfing for 2 years,but
before I surf 500 hosts I already exhausted and nearly lost interest for it).
If you were CS-member, Send him to short greeting message just " You're Crazy !" ?
(even if not member.)
his CS profile →  Fernando 

,,From midnight, I sterted to send many CSers whom I met so far
greeting e-mails with asking to send CS-king greetings,,

Dec 25, 2010

Visited to Voronet monastery

,,,disappointed that we need to buy ticket,,,tourism?

The sweetest cake made by Lavinia's mother

,,,Oh! it's like someone's blog :)

( to be contoniued )

Dec 24, 2010

,,, After all I didn't sleep at all.

,,,After all, I chose more comfortable way.

around 13:00,walking suburb of Suceava with finding good hitch point but an unofficial taxi picked me up but said euro? dollar? so I dropped off on th way---in the white fog,4 of merry family members and I caught a normal car. Driver was a pleasant girl,she even sang a Christmas song,I and family (5 of us were narrow backseat) applauded it,That's exactly the moment of real charm of travel ! I rarely can get it if I was working normal job in Japan though,people ask me Why are you traveling?,,Why not?? but I asked her to concentrate to drive more than sing,anyway. She and her friend were in hurry to their village near Roman to help their mother's Christmas' cooking,so I gave up to visit them.---Stood still to see frozen river for a while, it's still earlier time so I walked through small Roman city,,then, same point as when I got back to Iasi before (it didn't need to wait to catch a car)but I stood for over 1 hour in the cold air. Italian speaker drove me till village --- then, for over 1 hour no one stopped until got dark in the cold air, I nearly thought of start Christmas' knocking on the doors (The traditon here is that Children knock doors and sing to people and ask sweets or money,but mine is totally different), but Hungarian who came from Brashov and has family problem,was heading to town of wife and baby drove me from darkness through darkness to darkness and gave me Hungarian traditional hard roll cake with "Merry Christmas"---I thought mini-bus stopped again but wasn't and the driver talked me by Russian! I was so glad it, he is Ukrainian, was heading to Ukraine! Thanks and got back to Lavinia's family in Suceava 19:30.

,,but I stood in dark cold road too long, besides hadn't slept, so that I couldn't stand to be in Christmas home party with Lavinia's friend, unfortunately,,

(,,to be continued)

Dec 23, 2010

Lavinia's home is so comfortable,
that's why I left there to live wild, and hitchhike to Bacau.
It's also better to write something happening to here.

Temporary separate from Lavinia 4:30PM,almost sunset.
2nd car connected with Bacau' host,
so I could meet him so smoothly 7pm around.
and also with crazy Italian travler Massimo,finally.
He was traveling withFrench traveler Yohan by 2 of their own cars.
We're all CSers, the host gathered 3 of travlers,
and post message to "Bacau'CS-group" like
"Hey motherfuckers! if you're boring today, let's gather with 3 travelers etc,,"
but I don't think people gather by called motherfucker.
Then he let us visit his mother's neighbour. We were invited warmly but,
why I came to Bacau because to meet with CSers,not the neighbour' family,
especially I and Massimo have been contacting How we can meet with uncertain both plan,,
But, Yohan seemed to enjoy much, it's already 11pm,,
(to be comntinued)

Host, Yohan, Ushi, neighbours, and Massimo

(to be comntinued)

Dec 22, 2010

You can click and see 3 of articles about me in Suceava :


article 2

TV - version

,,After Lavinia's mother told me that this is your last meal here
(Thanks to let me feel it's very precious in every time),

we went to dinning bar to sing with guitar.

It's prepared by Lavinia as well, Thanks!
and also through her facebook acount,
2 guys came there to meet me

,,it's really rare that I meet someone not by CSing but facebook :)
but anyway my mail purpose of life is already decided that
I'm against facebook :))
I don't use it :))

 (,,to be continued) 

Dec 21, 2010

Mother gave me and Lavinia breakfast but said this is last meal for us with smile.
Yesterday Lavinia sent 'presentation' mail about me to several media of Suceava,
this morning 2 of them responded her about Today's interview, she arranged all of meeting time.
In center of city,children's performance of Christmas tradition with asking sweets,

" FREE HUGS " people were also in the line,,?!

My name "Ushi" also means animal (cow or bull), why not ,,

,,,mmm, looks like typical blog ,,

they are performers,

they are audiences,

after performance,they will receive sweets or somehing,

dance of goats,

it reminded me of somewhere Japanese regional festival,

please ask someone Romanian or Google about this event's meanings,,Sorry

one of many reporter with camera interviewed with me suddenly.

then TV station and interviewed with me with video camera,

then visited newspaper' office,,both didn't ask me much even general questions.

With one more local CSer, we visited to hill to see the fortress,great.

The World's record of Biggest Easter's egg !

Accidentally we found the bar that she wanted to contact for my performance,
the owner answered that I can play even this evening.

Thanks Lavinia many publicity for me,
but after dinner by mother who said this is last meal, of course,
I slept and woke up when they already got to sleep, and Internet till 6am.


article 2

TV - version

 (,,to be continued)

Dec 20, 2010

Writing blog from 10am to 2pm (I still haven't found which is more comfortable way to say, 14:00? or 2pm?)

Host took me to next host's district by walk but neighbor, mmlately it's quite comfortable,it means that my travel' nature ability will diminish,,I need to go to the wild.

Finally surfed to Lavinia's hometown,although we're already used to each other.
Her mother is renting girls a room of wide flat, but one of them got back to her hometown just after I arrived, I should have come here earlier.
Mother treated me soup or beans or chiken and said This is the last meal for you with smile.

It's still same that I can think of and tell imaginative or extravagant matter to Lavinia
but after we reached to the bar blacksmith, I became silence by people's smoke and also by discontent that I couldn't play here.

CS-host in Bacau sent me cancelled-mail for Christmas days but still I can't try to search other hosts,,
RC Succession on YouTube until 4am.
 (,,to be continued)

Dec 19, 2010

in Suceava

now it's 10 am, my host is still sleeping so I tried to write blog from latest to past---
---now 12:00 noon but still same :)

I hope to spend good time with host at least, but we both had a little to talk,
so we walked together but silently.
Visited monastery inside city,
great inside! full of icon on the walls! ,,,many monasteries in Romania are like this,rather expensive buildings.
Visited her grandmother's home,
so delicious fried fish with garlic sauce! and dlicious mamaliga but takes to cook only 10 minutes? ,,,surely Romanian cuisine is good.

deciding colors of this blog's background took for 3 hours,
writing blog took for 3 hous.

Dec 18, 2010

I should travel more freely apart from CSing though,

,, already afternoon,
I sill can't write blog, maybe I should give it up
but should change way to itemize,,

Finally I exchanged Moldovan leu to Romanian leu (no bank don't do here)
by sweets-seller from Moldova in market, Thanks by proper rate and I was glad to speak by Russian.
,,,In my Asian trip,a few times I had to do it in the border but normal citizen asked me very bad rate,,

2nd hitchhike in Romania, nearly 4pm from the edge of Iasi.
a guy who had a one customer (everybody can become taxi-driver illegally but quite openly, it's same as my last Romanian trip 2001, in any town people are standing at the corner for catching a car by small payment,it's common culture as post Soviet' countries but Romania might be even more normal?) picked me up for free and talked with me friendlily ---
---already dark in Tirgu-Frumos, somehow husband and wife drove me until Pascani for free (,,I can't remember how I didn't need to negotiate it for free in most of EU, but as I was used to travel in post Soviet' countries,it's even comfortable for me now), they don't speak English but let me phone to their friend who had lived in Japan and speak Japanese--- "Why you don't take train? it's night time, Romania is dangerous etc."(by Japanese :),,then she phoned me again, worried me much, my ear seemed to mistook to listen that she invited me her place so that I asked it but she seemd she didn't understand what I'm asking,,---
---cold evening at the junction in Pascani, some cars stopped but they go another direction,,anxiety to success,but if I had no anxiety I can't travel, and I though again that if I had no appointment with CSer today,I can stop hitchhike as I want and find host in town before got to dark,,CS is convinient but at the same time restrains my freedom :) or :( ? ---
---again the driver who asked how much but changed for free (in such case I do ask again and again "Is it really free?" importunately). many foreign good car overtakes our old Romanian car but I always prefer safety drive even if it's slow. Today's route is totally same as the driving when I went to Piatra-Neamt from Iasi so I can recognized many places I had seen last time although it's dark this time---
---at the junction in suburb of Falticeni, so many signs of direction of monasteries (I remember here,I want to visit all of them :) After the driver left, JUST NEXT' coming car stopped, Thanks even he said about me insane or weird, and strange that situation to visit girl in Saturday evening. ,,Yes, in Romania (like as Moldova) I often see dead dog hit by car on the road, his friend's car totally crushed by avoiding a dog, but when he had same happening he didn't avoid so a dog crushed,,of course I don't want to hit animals but maybe I can't avoid so I won't drive myself.---

---in Suceava 8:30pm, I arrived at host's home.
She had been to Hasankeyf, my most favorite in Turkey! so I was glad but she doesn't like Turkish people why because they don't speak English (?)  Her question How was Syria? my answer "Yes,people there were so friendly even more than Turkish." But she and her mother doesn't like Arabic people who come here and marry with Romanian woman why because they force strange tradition to their wife etc,,(?)  just before you told me that western European people have bad impression to Romanian people,,if you discriminate and be discriminated,,,it's NO FUTURE !?

Dec 17, 2010

,,,didn't sleep at all,
now it's10:30AM but
I 've been writing and sending just only e-mails, Oh,No!?

(to be continued)

Last evening I got invite mail about my performance there of  TODAY
from music bar where refused my asking once,in Sceava.
So Today  I phoned them and am waiting their call back,,

This morning my CS-host in Sceava sent me mail that
her family had urgent big problem so she can't host me anymore
,,,then she sent me again, Anyway they can host me.

4:30pm is changing time to dark sky, besides strong coldness and wind,
after all I didn't start to hitch,
then 7PM the bar phoned me "Only Today you could play"
,,today I haven't gone out,
each of host and mates are busy inside flat though,
I remembered again that
Surfing to same host again is not better because I don't bring them any new something.
I can use Internet all the time here though,
I got depress naturally again, even if others seems don't care my non-communication' staying here,,

I've found some people are rumoring about me on "mixi"
(---Japanese original facebook, most of Japanese use it but not facebook, and most of members is registering by fake nickname and fake photos so I don't like it),
one of them is the one who cohabited with me for over 3 years though,
was writing "He is my acquaintance" ,, I feel Japan is away from me,,
I've also found her favorite word that moved me in her profile:
" The day of  Today that you lived in vain
is the same as Tomorrow that someone who died yesterday longed to live ardently."

at 0 AM, I still can't start writing blog,,

(to be continued)

Dec 16, 2010

,,,After all, I still haven't finished almost nothing (9 AM)

(to be continued)

Do you thtink it become popular??

Host Lavinia's boyfriend's father, Gigi and me

Italian concert with host.

,,,Back to previous host Elena and mates' flat,,,Oh, Italian pizza.

Elena " This Moldova region has so many monasteries and churches, Iasi city as well, even too much. Government and people ignore homeless or poor people even on freezing winter street but visit and pray and donate much money to churches. It's somethin wrong."
That's exactly same thing as I have been thinking lately.  

Faster Internet ,now 8:30 PM, I'll try to do computer work as I can till tomorrow
,,,Oh, the music bar of next destination's city
where refused my concert once
sent me mail that invite Tomorrow evening!?

,,,I still can't catch up the speed of my surroundings

(to be continued)

Dec 15, 2010

Funeral in snow

,,After all, I couldn't do by computer almost nothing,
besides I slept because yesterday I got up befoe 4am.

We drove to villae near Iasi in much snow, Lavinia is chief mourner of her grandfather's funeral!? though we were late to arrive. From cold church, people brought a body to more colder outside with forming a line till cemetary. It's same as scene of many movies but not so sadly and formaly as Japanese way. Lavinia tod me he lived for 90 years, was so funny man (oh,being funny might be a secret for longevity?) When my grandmother died in lat year, my sister sent me mail soon but I didn't fly to Japan. and also in last year my most beloved person died in Japan. so I Thank to have oppotunity to join to funeral even if I haven't met when he is alive. A few times people connected by pinching the clothes of arm of next man from a body, it's something cute and warm. Personally I don't care after my death but burial a body to underground is still totally different idea from burning to ashes like Japan.

Internet seemed abandoned my room, I can't do nothing,, but,
even with having anxiety for it,
Lavinia is so comfortable for me to be with, I even could think of some interesting topics in our talk.
Mostly when I met such girl I got to fall in love with easily sooner or later but
every time it's just only from my side so it's hard for me, so I hope I don't feel it in this time.
She took me to evening Iasi town with Christmas' decoration,
visited to so big Cathedral,,Wao what a magnificent! (like as many Cathedral in whole of Europe?)
and some group were singing with holding traditional(?) tall flag by each one's hand, besides
it was allowed to take a photo? Oh, sorry both we hadn't camera, even if it's sorry only for readers of this,
but I don't care.
,,but in deserted Rock bar, finally I got depress by anxiety.


She left laptop (with normal speed Internet) to me,and left to her flat.
I'm alone from 9PM,
I'm hungry but I'm used to it,,
anyway I tried to write blog and e-mails though,,

Dec 14, 2010

HItchhike from monastery

I joined to monastery' service from 4 am around till 6 am around,
Peter and I was sitting chair if backside space from monk's alter space
,,,I don't know how was inside brain of Peter during it,but I'm sure I was napping most of time.

He took me to morning walking in snow, monastery seemed like a plastic model from top of hill.
Usually monks eat 2 times in a day but now it's 40 days' fasting period before Christmas,
evey other day only once at 3pm. But we could take breakfast (same beans as last evening but cold)

Peter had no money (?),he wanted his father in UK to send money to him by Internet but when he take it from bank' window he must show his passport but it's crumpled (?) so he asked me to help by my passport. Unexpectedly my 1st hitchhike in Romanian has happned
like competition with Peter to the library (for Internet) in Piatra-Neamt (better not to stand together,so) (it's 6 km so even we can walk though) ,,, we succeded it. Thanks Peter for helping me to help someone :)

From 2pm, hitchhike to Iasi started---
---a old guy who drive to Roman but refused me because I can't pay---more suburb poit,he stopped me again and refused me again because I can't pay (so Why he stopped again ?)---kind sister till Roman, I intended to imply to ask her to show the city a bit but she seemed not to notice my trying to imply it, left me suburb.---Salvador Dali took me till jucnction,I was glad because I'm fan of Dali.---The driver of parking truck waved me nearer, but he will go to Sceava (not Iasi),then he helped my hitchhike a little (I don't need it though) then finally drove me several km until junction by his friendliness (I wanted to get along woth him till Sceava :)---Soon after a few car I dropped off the truck, one car stopped like he was waiting his turn to appear in my hitchhike?! It was pity that he has a lot talk to me but only by Romanian,I have to learn it. By his super flying driving, Iasi city got close to us very soon (not like we got close there but?!)---Oh, it's not so different from taking a bus?! 4:30 pm at Iasi.

(to be continued)

3 paper article about me by Andreea was published Today.

" advarul " ,,,national paper

" Click! " ,,,tabloid, a whole lot of photos of nude girls

,,,Piatra-Neamt' paper coming soon,,,

,,Now it's 9:30 PM,
my host will wake me up to take me outdoors tomorrow at 9:30 AM,
I try to send mails to organize all of my changing plan till Christmas
and write all unfinished blog since Moldova around,
even if 12 hours is utterly not enough for it
,,,but Internet is terribly slow,,
(to be continued)

Dec 13, 2010

Mornig biblioteka, I got some non-nice comment on blog and so-nice greeting card by mail, so I got nervous.
appered me again with car and took me to newspaper' office to gave me interview with his friend,
Her understanding was different from other correspondents I met so far,
I was glad to meet someone can talk with me from our heart each other.
She took me to cozy cafe but maybe I was nervous by
a CSer who didn't reply to my e-mail but recognized and greeted me was there
and was flirting with a girl with sounds of kiss many times,
so I mistook to spilt my coffee to skirt of Andreea, so I got nervous at maximum.
Though, she took photos of me and Radu smily then,
unexpectedlily suddenly she got back to office, so I became vacant.

,,Radu took me to his favorite Russian church in suburb but quite cold weather,

 ,,and most biggest lake in Romania,it's artificial so that even more great,
his grandmother was living under the lake before lake was born,but quite cold weather.

We visited also a monastery close to the lake, surely it costed to built or renovate, I tried to feel the smell of possibility to stay there, even if I can't know except asking it to monk directly,
but anyway I chose to go to another monastery Bistritsa, close to Piatra-Neamt as my first plan.
It was already after sunset,
I might be refused to stay there, better to ask Radu to drive me back to city
(in case I ask again to campus or previous CS-host),
but if I did so, my face wouldn't show I'm serious to monk,so I said bye to Radu.

,,Here's monastery was also so big building and great icons inside walls even if less light to see.
Monks are welcomed me although I answered I'm not Christian, luckily it's just dinner time (5pm),
I ate not warm soup and not warm beans and sweet comport juice with workers.
I was offered room with peechika of good building like a hostel,
there was a roommate from England Peter.
He is protestant but wanting to know much about Orthdox or all of Christianity
to serve to God in future.

(to be continued)

Dec 12, 2010

Even if YOU don't leave any comment, anyway I will write this blog,
but I need to organize my CSing in next places, then I will do it
but Oh, tomorrow I will be in monastery, maybe no Internet :))

(,,to be continued)

Dec 11, 2010

Romania and me

Although here is my official most favorite European country in 2001, as this time I came here after long months' post Soviet' trip, obviously something different from them, somehow I feel not so good smell here,, I mean not only EU but also people,,Yes merry people here I agree but, Slavic area's people were more simple and heartwarming,,People who once had known capitalism' taste or were blown by western wind has something coldness or keep distance between stranger. It's my impression for here but I can get along with them as I'm from much more cold capitalistic nation Japan.

,,Though, a CSer Radu appeared me merriliy, haha :) and made me feel good by his funny and bright character, haha :) (he uses this expression on e-mail, haha :) We took gondla to the top of the hill, mmm similar view as Japanese some small cities, besides there's a lake,nice!
(to be continued)

Dec 10, 2010

I answered "I don't know human rights"

in Piatra-Neamt with snow,
woke up dull body as haven't finished well midnight CS-mailing.
didn't wanna take photo with host's flatmate who even didn't introduce herself,but done.

at Technical college, teacher CSer was preparing workshop's poster with my photo
,,until then I hadn't been thinking I'll be a main person in it (expecting just I'll sing a bit but ).
It's less than an hour before start but,
she offered me mandolin, it's not guitar! I can't play it
,,but somehow a student brought his electric guitar.
Pluged it to amplifier not for instruments,
I sang 4 songs to 100 students by sleepy brain.
It was shown by local TV in the evening, whole of 1 song but without any explanation,
just my singing?! seemd weird a bit.

next morning' newspaper (by Romanian)

or, this (by Romanian)

it's own blog (by English)

I also visited one lesson there but,
unfortunately when I walked inside the school, students don't talk to me
but just "chan chun ,chon!" from far distance,
it's not only because they don't speak Engilsh,
just they treated me like a monkey,so I also can't recognize them except monkey.
Somehow I'm feeling People in Romania are away from me,,

Friendly CS-host Livia (somebody her neigbour put Pink Floyd poster on the wall of apartment's corridor !) and her friend,smiley philosopher took me to concert of their friends's band,,

(to be continued)

Dec 9, 2010

I'll wait for you, Don't wait for me

I've found itemized blog from one of CSer's profiles, it's rather easier to read,
OK I try to imitate it, even if not exactly itemized but,at least more shorter,,,

There is town Onesti, southern from Iasi, and
"Honesty" (song of Billy Joel) has no relation with it,
but I'm tired again by many Iasi' CSers' "I'll write you soon" then never ,,
so that I'm not sure I will come back to Elena's home or not even if we're plannig to meet again
as the main rule is 'Onece in a Lifetime',
this morning she left home earlier than me then I've found her paper note
'See you soon ?' ,,its question mark is telling me she is understanding me.

,,,?? Is this blog too much detailed ??

I still haven't written about hosts in Iasi t blog
"Move to the City" (Guns N' Roses)
 to Piatra-Neamt by driving of previous Iasi host, Octav
(he answered my phone that he will come 10-15 minutes,,then I waited for 45 minutes,but it's OK in whole of my life I let many people wait for me, for example in 1993 charity concert for AIDS,our band-member must gather there 8am but I arrived 3pm, so that it was bad atmosphere,,)
,,,?? Since Chisinau, always someone prepares car instead my own hitchhike??

Through other regions,,Oh! a lot of monasteries in all of "Romanian Moldova" regions
,,it's big chance to saparate from CSing to more wilder trip :)) ,,Oh, many mountains' view,it's been a long time since,,,Norway(almost 2 years ago)!? reached to small city, Piatra-Neamt in daytime,Oh! reminds me of Japanese cities surrounded by small mountains,,Oh! free Internet in library, same as Iasi,,,it's better to do CSing :((
,,so that a CSer there waited for me 45 minutes but had gone before I appeared,Sorry.
Then, I waited for more another CSer for 45 minutes but didn't appeared,,but it's OK in whole of my life I let many people wait for me, for example in 2007 farewell concert of my band before I start travel but I was late to reharsal time for a few hours so that it was very bad atmosphere,,)
I asked street worker where is the street of my host's address? but he took me by car,,(unexpectedly it became my first hitchhike in Romania) Thanks but it's earlier than host's coming home so I waited at entrance for 45 minutes, but it's OK in whole of my life I let many people wait for me, for example when I was child,,,, Oh, don't need example anymore.
Anyway, I think I should go to Onesti to have honesty for myself.

Elena's paper note at the kitchen was not 'make yourself best wishes!' but 'make yourself sandwiches',
I should have noiced before leave there!

,,Oh, my host was waiting for me to finish my writing this for 45 minutes :((
He and colleagues took me to cafe bar and had super large size mamaliga and meat,it's delicious but super large before feel delicious,,then, I wait until their chatting finished, for 45 minutes,,

?? Is this blog too long??

Dec 8, 2010

I don't use facebook,

,,,How are "facebook-people" managing to contact with so many people?
I'm enough as a one of CouchSurfing-people, I'm busy for it.
and I don't have time to use mobile,so I don't have it.

Last week I got mail from an Italian CSer,
"Hey Ushi ! You crazy man !!! Are you in Romania? Where? I'm checking your insane profile every now and then , because I am now in Bucarest.....(omit)....Yeah, I know I know you don't use the phone, you wrote it on your profile... but who reads all these booooring couchsurfing profiles nowadays ? :-) Hugs, "
,,,I still can't think of how to answer to it?
,,,then, I noticed the fact that he was host of Elena (my host of today) !?

Today I met many CSers, like my job. Mihai had surfed some hosts,so now he wants to host, yes I agree give and take, and told me that I should write positive reference on him, yes it's my job. Silviu found me from my massage to Iasi-group and met me, but toward French student' CSer Clelia (who had known it when she was 15 and finally lately joined it), he said that he doesn't trust people so that he doesn't host,,!? Raluca who is fan of Japan (whom I've forgotten to write about meeting place so she found me by facebook in last minute) but we haven't much to talk about though, said that it was really really really nice to met you ,,, CSing is tiring like any other jobs, but still I will do it because I don't know when I can meet interesting moment.

Why do people still care only about the anniversary of John Lennon's death but not birthday? Let's congratulate 9th October more!

,,,I suppose everybody would be disappointed when we got almost SPAM mail about selling some products from close friend,,it's not the first case for me though.

Dec 7, 2010

A kind of rihabilitation? Let me try to "CSing every day to another host" after a long time, as I got invite to each day in this week.
Catalina was preparing unexpected big breakfast for me, and gave me city map and else,,cared me like grandmother in countryside? Thanks! but it's still not so comfortable if I was given even bus ticket,I need to walk anyway.
A student showed me longre way to my asking but Thanks for his friendliness.
Next host Octav was home, so I napped his couch,, so I missed another CSer's invite to meet although it was neighbour from there. 
It's first time that I walked around Iasi' town alone. Although kind "granma" host Catalina gave me city map,I got lost a bit, so that I reached to "monastery in the city", so beautiful solemn inside wall painting. Surely there are many churches in this city. I hope I can stay somewhere monastery in this Christmas.
Oh, library in center can lend me Internet, reminded me of Riga or Vilnius.

Dec 6, 2010

Sleepy but tried to write blog or CSing mail to next towns until 3:30am but couldn't
,,,11am woke up then continued them but soon became dark outside 5pm, even if  I quitted writing diary but only do blog,and even if my passion for CSing diminished,it's same that my computer work is so slow,,
(but I stillhaven't written about my CS-hosts,,)
Not only by computer, almost of my work is too slow, I still haven't finished yet even many of my homework for school when I was small even if no teachers demands me to do it anymore. I just hope I can do at least African trip sooner or later, I'm still just getting lost in Europe.
Oh,many invite came at once !?
but tonight's host needs to work by this computer so I can't write now
(,,,to be continued)

Dec 5, 2010


,,,So I will be glad if you came here by airplane or else
( I can't pay for your flight ticket though, SORRY)

Vlad drove us again,
Elena impressed me again about how Gypsy family or homeless are living in this city,,

Hadambu monastery and playing in snow by plastic bag
Elena, Tudor, Teo, and Japanese
(photos are taken by Vlad,not in photo,,,seems too small data? Did we reduce them too much?)
Roof of Romanian church reminds me of space ship in "Star Wars", excuse me.
It's quite new and gorgeous, inside is full of icons on walls and ceiling without any blank space, so that it reminded me of Hindu temple, excuse me.

Elena wanted to ask there to eat,I agreed,others didn't
,,,but we were served meal by nuns. Fish soup and fried fish and tremendously delicious sarmale. 

Our main purpose of this drive is sledging :)

Some old women go to church through such steep road, everyday.
Tudor said that religion is extreme.

,,,After all, no one CSing members who sent me mail "I will go to your concert" didn't come,Thanks!
And mojo pub' stuff were also not there,untrustworthy people. But anyway I sang there, to almost only CSer Igor who invited me in Moldova in September but as my travel plan always delays we couldn't meet there but after a few months we could meet his studying city here :)

Dec 4, 2010

almost snow storm now in Iasi

It's only 4th days in Romania, but I already have met 4 people who likes or studied about Japan much(actually all CSers whom I met here) besides today I have meeting with Japanese student,,, I can't avoid to being Japanese ambassador.
Now I'm feeling good by my host, great DJ Elena, she plays all kinds of nice music, it's so important in daily life, I'm quite sure I can enjoy more to stay here more longer hours,but as I got the chance to play my music at the bar with other local musicians,I will go there (tomorrow also to other music bar) even if I hate smoke and alcohol and hearing someone's boring playing,,,

By someone's introduction, a Japanese student Yoshihiro had been calling to Elena's phone to appoint meeting with me but can't speak Engilsh?! every time he made us laugh like "japanes guy japanese guy,yes?" but I talked by Japanese to appoint, but ,,,seems he was something wrong (maybe insane), I waited him at the entrance of shopping mall for 3.5 hours but finally he didn't appeared. Lately I often have the time that I wait someone for long, Buddhist would say it's karma that I have been letting many people wait for me since I was student (and some people in Japan maybe waiting my return), anyway my whole life itself might be wasting time.
My 1st performance in Romania has done in front of 100 people at free perfomance' bar, big clapping of hands but no one talked to me after that, but I want to travel with music.
Snow storm night but Elena and Tudor took me to his parents' house in village in midnight (by Vlad's drive), merry people and groovy delicious food, I know Romania is especially attractive country since my last journey 2001, I hope it will not become too much interesting,,

,,,By the way,by radio in Vlad's car, I heard singing voice of Karen Carpenter after a long long time (once there was famous popular Christmas album of Carpenters, my most favorite Christmas music),so I nearly cried with teardrops. What a beautiful English' pronunciation!? Her singing still heals me anytime anywhere.

,,,By the way 2, as Christmas time is coming, lately this song is always playing in my brain.
by Rip Slyme  (live)

Dec 3, 2010

Iasi is not Ushi

I love Nastya but she doesn't love me
and she's in Moldova I'm not in Moldova anymore.
I still have Moldovan money but it can't exchange here, Iasi, Romania.
Population of Iasi is half of Chisinau though,
feels like 2 times bigger city than Chisinau (as Chisinau is like just rural so-so bigger town).
and prices are more than 2 times than Chisinau though, salary is not so different from Chisinau,
it means,,,??
People speak English,it's convenient but "less problem ,less interesting" to me :)
I like my hosts of today so much, I hope to be liked by them.
I'm not so interested in searching CSing-hosts anymore,but I still need to do it.
I wanted to answer all e-mails that I'm pending to reply them for long months
but lately I have given up by its big number.
I have known Romanian' orthodox' Christmas is not 7th January but same as Catholic,it will come soon,
so that finally I have given up my silly plan to catch up Christmas of Catholic Poland in December
and going back to Belarus till Christmas of 7th January (and also even back to Lithuania and Ukraine).
Maybe I will stay Romania as much as I can stay (90 days)and then,,,Oh, the time will come soon that
my old friend from Japan is planning to meet me in southern Europe in next spring.
I'm exciting to find the bar in Iasi for my concert but they aren't, besides they're untrustworthy people,
told me that I can rehearsal there anytime but when I asked it I was refused.
,,,I still don't know how to write blog except like same as my diary,
it's not easy though,if I could do it I don't need to spare big time for writing diary that
I don't know who will find and read it if I died suddenly.
and I dislike all of anonymous Internet world. Do show your name when you speak your words in public.

Dec 2, 2010

Welcome Back to EU

Snowy winter has come,at the same time Ushi has come to new country
,,,every winter in this travel became especially impressive, I could be full of fight toward cold winter, because I grew up with snow, it's beautiful and even warm world. I even don't know how much I'm exciting now because Romania is "My official most favorite European country in my travel of 2001".

CS-host Simona has surprising mouth!,,No,not mouth but each her words about here surprised me, everything is expensive here,an exchange rate is 4 times different though bus fee is 2 leu,Moldova was also 2 lei,it means 4 times costs more! City' view,People'appearance, many things reminded me of Lithuania (I traveled there in snowy winter),even name of "Simona",,Here is not Soviet anymore!(Moldova,Ukraine are also not Soviet though).

Visiting second CS-host Elena.
She said "When I had such guest or met such interesting people,I feel I'm like a main charactor of a movie "
,,Oh!That's exactly same as I have been feeling for a long time! I was moved much at her kitchen.

but I got back to Simona's village because her mother Mihael (before I visit, it supposed to surf there only a night but) invited me one more night with big big dinner (again) with marmariga, I was impressed by its big size besides, she narrated me her long story of family,,they moved to new house in village after long years' living in city but her mother died lately so this house is too big for 3 of them, but she loves her family etc.Compare to Simona, she's not used to speak Emglish though, she has a lot to talk,I was moved by her eager communication way. I'm not interested in history of nation but of people.

Dec 1, 2010

Goodbye My Soviet

,,,Today, my long long long long former Soviet countries'trip since 1.5 yeas ago has ended, finally. I'm so lonely for it, I was used to hear Russian language (even if I can speak it only some words). And as everybody has own Soviet' memories except young generation, it became my most interesting (surprising) thing in my whole journey so far. Besides as I can't get Russian visa, I was really glad that I could make the acquaintance of many Russian people even in Baltic countries where people don't like to speak by Russian. ,,,From the first of this 1.5 years, I fell in love with Russian Julia in Estonia, the last time was also I have been occupied by Russian Nastya in Moldova. Soviet or Russian culture is so exotic for me more than Arabic world or elsewhere but, by many point I feel it's so close and entered into inside of me.
(,,to be continued)

I hitchhiked him only once, but he drove me 3rd times !

It's exception in exception, Romeo came to drive me again till Romanian border, more than lucky.
I answered his question about my host,then "If she's searching job, I can offer her something by Amway." OOPS! Now I noticed what was CD of lecture we lisnened in last time's drive :)  ,,,or :(  (??)
,,,In October of 2007 between mountains of Kyrgyzstan, I hitchhiked a couple who asked me money then changed it for free, when they recommended me Amway and asked my Japanese address, I wrote somewhere Tokyo at random :( ,,,or :) (??)
he impressed me again delicious Moldovan cuisine even at lonely countryside' drive-in (by zama soup again and chicken like fish) then "Romanian food is also delicious" :) ,,,yes,this case is :) !!
Finally (rather smoothly) reached to Ungheni (15:30) then showed me railway-border, "where is car road-border?" "No,it's another town." :( ,,,definitely :( !! Just then,cold snow began to fall, it will become dark soon,,though, then he guided me to local ceramic factory, yes it's very interesting :) but I'm a bit in hurry :(  ,,,After all,
I arrived the border after got to dark :( ( it's usual for me,though)
Moldovan border officers counted days from my entering date on passport, then noticed it already expired 2 dyas ago, said "? You were not living but only travelling for 3 months in small Moldova? You can't !? " then let me wait by standing for a while,,,maybe it was about 10 or 20 minutes but I felt it like a half or an hour with forbearance to pee, with remembering about Lithuanian border (9th,May,2010). It's something important moment to me,whether I worry or not anyway it depends on officers so I should stay calm,, practically I should be calm all the time in travel (actually all the time in life,even if it's not easy.)
,,,As a result,
they gave stamp on passport, besides asked a driver to drive me :)
,,,Moldova was always kind to me, like entering border (1st,September).
Romania is still not in Shengen (it supposed be in March 2011 but officer answered me "I don't know"),  I can stay here for 90 days,,,maybe I would stay in maximum again,,
Snow storm in darkness, smokin' driver and mates don't speak Russian language and donțt like it (Oh! it's another world!) I asked him to call to CS-host in Iasi to organize meeting, he asked me "her voice is nice,maybe beautiful?" I didn't answer as his job is introducing Romanian girls to dancer' pub in foreign countries (even to Japan).
It's 1st day of December and 1st day of my Romanian trip, seems that snow adjust the date to fall :)
,,,What a modern city Iasi is!? compare to Chisinau.
Snowy very much,so even more strong impression,,people's faces are cool or beautiful in a different way from Slavics, they answer by English to my asking even not young people,,Oh, I got back to Europe!
,,,Very 1st Romanian host Simona took me to her village, she and her mother welcomed me sooo big amount dinner (at least for 3 people!?)