So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 27, 2011

all of my energy was used to Transilvanian trip,,now I'm vacant

Birthday of biggest Japanese pop star Keisuke Kuwata who recovered from cancer last year. I'd love to listen his new album but, although I have enough money to buy its CD,he's famous almost only in Japan unfortunately. Really strange feeling that any country's people don't know about him or Southern All Stars except Japanese. Sometimes I think, From which had I been taken more many new sensational impressions in my life, from long travel or from him?? 

--11am, my next host is in Brasov, then in Bucharest, but
  at the moment I still haven't got any invite from Bulgaria
but now the host of here Covasna will drive to Cluj-Napoca,,,Should I go along with him and
go to Hungary??
--12 noon started hitchhike, soon I arrived Brasov,
Oh finally I traveled all of counties of Transilvania!
no mobile connection to host but I walked till house,
2pm arrived, but no invite from Bulgaria.
---Oh, my last Tansilvanian host is sooo amusing one!
4pm, Great! finally a Bulgarian CSer sent me invite mail :)
,,but "Welcome from Wednesday",,NO! I need host from Monday :(

.Another CSer showed me night view of Brasov from the hill. 
Then meeting with her friends in popular bar. "Which country is your favorite?" "Romania." then they started to tell me bad things of herem as most of people do,, Why they need to do so when foreigner is saying good things about here!?,,,but I might be same as I'm always introducing Japanese bad side to Japan' fan people,, 
.Anyway as usual I was silent in the space with full of smoke among the people who talks only by local language, then as I expected they asked me "Are you tired?"
I was just waiting for host's picking me up and taking me to her friend's home,,,but she took me to just another bar, even more noisier. Then "Are you tired?" I couldn't stand to be asked it anymore besides host said "If you're sleepy I can give you house' key, there's only taxi now though." So unfortunately impulsively I said Yes and got back to house by walk, although only tonight I can have time with her,,Why can't I make my travel more joyful?? ,,and I still haven't changed my habit of walking unknown city alone in midnight (it's not so safe),,Oh, why so red color, night sky of Brasov,, that's why Dracula city!?!?  


27, Sun

,,I started to go to unlimited journey why because to live wild and interesting life,
but for keeping this for long, I shloud always be cool and calm to avoid crisis by losing temper,
so ironically mostly my journey is not wild and interesting,
and I met so many people who are living ordinaly flat life but very wildly and interestingly.

Thanks Marius for supporting my Transilvanin trip so far!
 10 am ,, I still can't decide where I will go today??
Body is dull, and no passion to travel.

Host's choice

2:30 pm slept again,
4 pm left host,,

,,CS-host whom I missed to surf in December,
who is living in Bucharest now, and we haven't forgotten each other
Bus took me to the edge of Brasov
but wrong point as host told me,
I couldn't catch a car in cold evening for 2 hours,
I gave up although it's still 7 pm, my health condition was not good
and mental condition was quite bad.
In all of my Romanian trip of 2001 and this time,failure of hitchhike was first time.

,,back to same host's house but host is not in home, I just slept,,

28, Feb
,,It's been a long time since I dreamt again and again strange night dream
like "I don't undrstand why I'm far away from home??"
,,woke up 10 am. I haven't been eating since yeasterday's breakfast.

I must go out Romania until TODAY officially,
,,,but, let me think whether I will become illegal traveler again or not??????
Hope many drivers to come together with my trip!?
12:00 left host,
13:00 start to hitchhike from edge of Brasov
14:00 Sinaiai---cold temprature but took time to catch a car---beautifuk white woods' mouatain
16:00 Ploiesti---edge of city, standing on almost highway,nearly was crashed by a car,,
17:00 Bucharest---but traffic jam caught me and driver, Giving up again to go out Romania,
tried to phone to host of "Sorry for yesterday" but "today I'll be home late" so I gave up to give up.
19:00 edge of Bucarest by bus,suffred spit from someone's car window,
 a car drove me to border city,,,Will it continue forever such darkness hitchhike nantional road in my travel??
 20:00 Giugiu,,,hitcchhike in less trafic, freezy weather,gave up and tried to walk till border--Oh,it was just 1 km.
21:00 officer "Here is special road,you need to pay 10 euro, free road is from1 km over there,,but You're globetrotter? OK free." Merci! but then,officer gate was 1km anyway--Many truck is passing,,soI noticed there are another traffic road for truck car. But officers said "Romanian cutom is also on Bulgarian side of the river, 2 km over there.",,truck cars is passing by but no one stopped for me. Just continue to walk--the gate of bridge,an officer checked me,I asked to give me something to eat, he said No,, then  a car delivered him food,so I turned back but he said Go Go Bulgaria!?
,,,My journey usually has no special adventure but this time was too much adventure for me, What a huge Doneauve river!? and huge bridge but old, so scarely to walk in narrow walking lane with big truck cars pass by in the darkness. It's more bigger than Daugav river og Riga, dinamic as the bridge of Zaporizhia in Ukraine!? (I don't care even if readers don't know it, even if only Uliana knows?) ,,about 2 km but I felt like 20km, I don't know how I still had energy to cross it,,
23:30 Finally I left Romania within duration of the rule. but a officer said "You stayed here for 3 months, so you have to wait more 3 months to enter again."?! Oh, my plan to go to Bucharest soon was broken!?

0:00 phoned to CS-host in village 50 km from here "Sorry! today I couldn't reach to you."
tonight I have to stay in Ruse,,but anyway Ryse is also 8km from border, no car stops for me in midnight.
Surely it's colder than Romania, besides it's industrial area, but just tried to walk to find somewhere to stay the night---somehow I stayed the night in some buildings
,,,Oh! ironically it's exactly same date of 2 years ago that I slept outside after I crossed the border from Norway to Sweden but couldn't catch a car,,!!(I hope it won't ahappen anymore on the same day in 2013.)

Feb 18, 2011

Hungary, even more !?!?

According to the rule,
 I can stay in Romania only more 10 days,
but I'm still exploring in Transilvania.

Driver and passengers stopped and asked me to ride peacefully and friendlily, I told I can't pay money, they refused me with smile and had gone peacefully and friendlily.
,,finally I arrived the heart of Hungarian in Romania, Harghita county!

,,Oh, finally 2 of city's names are on each sign of road, Romanan and Hungarian. 
,,at intersection of Cristru Secuiesc, much traffic but no one stopped, local old guy tried to teach me how to stop car,thanks.
,,"Are you Japanese?" a car stopped with talking to me by Japanese, took me till hitchhike point. He is going to go to Japan soon, and gave me phone number of his friend who is Japanese speaker, had lived Japan, is living in Odorheiu Secuiesc.
Driver who was going to go to Odorheiu Secuiesc, after I phoned my CS-host there, he said "Oh, it's my colleague.",,,I said "Wao,What a surprise!?" but actually I'm used to have such surprise.
.Odorheiu Secuiesc , actually it's Romanian name, everybody calls there by another name, as almost only Hungarian people is living there.

Only a ship of palinca mede me tired and sleepy,
though, joined masc party with CS-hosts,,

In the morning, finall CSing-request mailing work to Brasov city,
if I got many invite from there, I would overstay in Romania!?

CS-host Tunde in small town Zetea, she and the Japanese speaker whom I was given his phone number yesterday already contacted about me because they were friends.,,,I said "Wao,What a surprise!?" but actually I'm used to have such surprise.

It often happens though, I think I'm not exception but anybody would become to seem to be boring or tired when he was surrounded by people who talk by only foreign languages for over 15 minutes,,, I mean, in such case, Don't ask me "Are you OK?" :((

village' CS-hosts took me to the top of mountain, I'm so glad to walk on snow,
I'm so dissatisfied this winter's strangely warmness,
without feeling surviving winter,hot summer would come again soon,,,

20, Sun
2 concert of me in Odorheiu Secuiesc

Most impressive Hungarian in Romania appeared me ?§!?!!§

Berecz Edgár

 his blog
 his another blog
 one of his jobs

21, Feb
After my host had gone to job, house cleaner woman who is afraid of dog came to clean,so I let host's dog hide to a room,but I had to go to meet Edgar before cleaning finish, although I was afraid that she will let a dog be free or not,,??

Edgar let me give interview with a news paper,
took me to village, to the house for poor children.

When he opened the door,children jumped into his arms, then they started to sing Japanese children's song !
He teaches them various things,languages, by small income,, I just tried to not compare his life to mine.
Whichever I sang with guitar, children were glad it,, I was just glad to be with such pretty smiles,
a small boy shouted "Rock n Roll !!"

,,I should have taken more clear photo of his face!

more my concert in Odorheiu Secuiesc

,,,When I have time for Internet,I want to write blog at least a bit but every time it ends only for replying e-mails,,

22, Feb
I was too excied to think about which country I will be in next week? so unconsciously I even pretended to smoke cigarette!?

Edgar introduced me phone number of someone who can introduced me some village people to host me with experience of agriculture, so I tried to call the person not by myself but by my CS-host but the person told her that he doesn't know her and me and he want Edgar to introduce him about me, but Edgar usually can't call from his mobile by financial problem, I gave up it.

Meeting a CSer Alecia and visiting her home. She was going to pick up her husband at Targu Mures airport, Oh I wanted to go there again and meet Japanese Akio again if I got to be sure I can extend duration of staying Romania by his information, so I tried to call him but he usually doesn't bring his mobile, couldn't connect him, I gave up it.

I'm still have CS-hosts in some places of this Harghita county,want to surf to all of invite,but anyway my duration of staying romania will expire within a week THOUGH, I still can't decide "Which neighbour country shoud I go next ?!?!?!"  I want to go to Bulgaria but it's a bit far from here, I need to go to Serbia to cure my teeth problem but going there means the starting traveling to former Ugoslavian nation and Balkan' trip so it would be long months, Moldova is my favorite country but it's a bit tough to go back same country, anyway I will go to western Ukraine sooner or later,but I should be carefully to making plan to go there because it's important as it's not Shengen treaty' nation so it's better to go there between Shengen' nation' trip,,, actually as my surroundings changed to Hungarian nation, it's hard to go to different world suddenly,so if I obey to natural wave of travel,I would rather go to Hungary maybe??  Anyway, No matter which country I choose,I would stay there not a short time but long months again,,, Please decide it someone, instead by myself !?
23, Feb
Oh, I lost local tasty gas water gifted by Eva.


Interview with local paper


Oh,I forgot to bring local tasty gas water gifted by Arpi.

Hitchhike didn't take time,so tried to visit Balan,
town between mountains,
to meet mates of a CSer whom I wouldn't meet.
this youth cultural association

Then, Hitchhike was hard in cold dark road in middle of nowhere,,
25, Fri
Interviewd in Gheorgheni  (by Hungarian, of course)

After all, I still haven't written blog in Romania,,

Soup made by Levi's mother reminded me Japanese taste?!
Meat recipe made by Levi's mother was similar as whale's taste that I ate in Japan
,, I shouldn't write about eating whale as most of this blog's readers are Europeans who are against eat it?!

Why because it's Levi's flat, and why because the photo in Harghita's paper's article about me that published this morning was not be taken in Harghita but in Suceava, Lavinia's home's kitchen. I phoned Lavinia.

5pm, start hitchhike---
a driver who has parents from Russia, I'm still glad to talk by Russian.

---Covasna county.
---Sfantu Gheorghe after 6pm.
a guy helped me to carry bag, a woman tried to guide me, another guy helped me to carry bag
till host's place :)
Hospitality club's host! he was Hungarian traditional dancer, now he is handcrafts-man, interesting
but his friends came and talked them except me,,so I concentrated CSing work and this blog till midnight, it's OK he isn't from CSing but he showed me big hospitality to me as its club' name is so ,,but it's still nice if I was asked to play guitar by his friend so I nearly started to play but, he said "You have still choice to play or refuse it" ?! ,,OK, I refused it.

Feb 13, 2011

Go to Hungary again ?

,,, from my sending CS request mails yo Harghita county in this morning 4-7am,
already a few invite came till noon, Thanks.

Leaving from Cluj-Napoca, finally.

Without my asking, the father drove me till hitchhike point.
Without my asking, the mother prepared the white paper that the city name is written, but
without using this, a taxi driver said "out of duty now" drove me to Gherla, his name contains two of poet Vigil Ovidiu, cool voice and English, has own view to global situation but tells stupid jokes, I always admire such kind of guy.
At the point where is 7km till monastery, I found unknown chocolate in my baggage, lately I'm given many food often from people, actually not only food but sometimes money even if I refuse it strongly but some people refuse my strong refusal by more stronger refusal! (and as I performed songs in many cities,some of them give me some money OK I should accept it even if I don't need anyway)  I checked the total amount of money in hand,,Romanian leu over 50 euro?? although my expense in last year was 50 euro, and although I still have spent 5 euro around since I entered Romania in 1st December? ,,Mmm, What a strange situation,,
Nothing difficulty spoils me, so I started to walk till monastery, but as there's car traffic, I just put up my thumb as usual,, just1 minute later a car stopped, I felt even uncomfortable but he refused driving me without money,I felt even comfortable, but just 1 second later a horse wagon stopped and asked me where will you go? and "Sit down here !"? Oh, but almost at the same time the car tuned back and "You'll go monastery? I'll take you!" ?! I couldn't stop laughing!? ,,,so you know Which one I chose? :)) ,,then, at the interjection to monastery, traffic police drove me without my asking,,, !?!?

Niclula monastery at the top of hill in village Nicula.
I asked where I can see special traditional making of  " glass painted icon" but the artists (of monk) were out today,and its museum is closed now, but anyway they offered me the room and foods without my asking.
,,Just the behind monastery was so wonderful view on snow hill. Surely traveling has no end, although surely my life cannot be forever.

This is the new article by CS-host Paula in Cluj-Napoca.

(,,,to be continued)
14, Feb
Valentine's day but no chocolate around me (,,,!?  yesterday's unknown one was from ,,?!)
1300th day of this journey, but nothing special today.
Just I got a bit a cold by tired in Cluj-Napoca and too warm room in monastery,
just sleep again and again till 2pm though, after all I couldn't see glass icon here,
no particlar memory except funny young monks who work in kitchen,, but it's OK.

.On the contrary yesterday, hitchhike took for a long time, 1st driver didn't recommend me to choose way through Cluj-Napoca (2nd driver was Taoist,wao!) but I nearly regret this rural route and decide to start knocking doors in village in sunset time,,but 
(,,,to be continued)

Targu Mures

(,,,to be continued)
15, Feb,  Targu Mures
Almost everyday I'm checking news of Japan by YAHOO JAPAN.
Today finally CSing was shown on it, as Japan is undeveloped country for CSing,
it's rather epoch-making incident, I hope it will become more popular there, but not hope I will become famous there.

Finally I went out for a walk 3pm,,host's flat was just in the building surrounds center square,,
Wao, What a splendid Orthdox' Cathedral ! Its golden decoration and delicately curved walls enclose alter impressed me much, even reminds me of huge mosques of Istanbul? Both are same as spending inside in sunny day but facing computer and such space are totally different, I regret I should have gone out more earlier, but sometimes it's even better to concentrate to enjoy walking within limited sunlight hours,,
Oh! What a nice town of Taru Mures!!
 ,, Sibiu was not only beautiful Romanian city,, (truly Romania still don't let me get to bored).
It's different beauty from Sibiu, not more than there, but I feel subtle good contrast, comfortable disposition of buildings in whole of town, I'm saying about installation.(I know if it's dark cloudy or rainy, I would feel differently though.)

,,a CSer answered me mail "Sorry we're going to trip now but I can give you phone number of a Japanese guy who is living here with Hungarian wife",, so I tried to call and visit him.
Thanks for inviting me although sudden phone without knowledge about CSing ,,even if I'm used to knocking doors, such case is rare, so it's interesting. with their 4 children, I tasted non-warm cherry soup for the first time. He has been living in Romania for 17 years, as specialist of Hungarian forklore !?
(,,to be continued)

.Another CS-hosts was just neighbour of Japanese, so I surfed them and called cancell call to CS-host whom I was planning to surf today,,,then I got mail from them "No welcome anymore who changes plan suddenly." Sorry.
(,,to be continued)

16, Feb
"Sangyou-dooro nite mate tono renraku wa, Yume wo tsunagu message on the door"
,,Woke up by sad melody of Southern All Stars's song in dream.
.Now it's morning, I still don't know I will leave Targu Mures today or not.

.Phoned a friend of Japanese, famous Hunfarian pop guitarist but "Today I got a cold,wanted to meet you though." Sorry but it seems my relation' duration with Targu Mures expired now.
.Meeting with hi-speed talking CSer Hanga "I'm sure you can surf to village people in Harghita county",OK I will try to go to Sigishoara today,then will try to stay somewhere village??

.a guy talked me by polite English "Excuse me, van you give me 3 lei because I'm hungry." so I replied politely "No, sorry."

.I remembered Hospitalityclub, tried to call from its Sighisoara's members,,but failed. After all I started hitchhike after 4pm, arrived Sighisoara almost 6pm,,I have CS-hosts in Hatghita county if I tried to continue hitchhike but at least I should enjoy walking Such beautiful town! I think here's the place where I had been 10 years ago but it doesn't matter, so nice view from clock tower's hill, almost finished shift-ceremony from sun to moon. Trying again to call Hospitalityclub' members here by mobile of a student Mihai who were near me accidentally, failed again BUT,
he asked his classmate to host me and succeeded it, Thanks!
He's age of 16, plays guitar and make ash-picture-art, wanted to host me if he hasn't exam tomorrow.
,,,,edge of town, going uphill, the address that Mihai taught me seems wrong, knocked a house to ask the address, but hanging the word of "Shalom" on the door,why? kind father appered, and many children were inside the door, Oh I wanted to try to ask this family to host me?!

Berni (and Mihai) is a student of German school, is living in 3 stories' big house with a friend WAO!? but it's like a pension.
Eventually, Berni is also CS-member ,,, eventually,I can't escape from spider-web of CS-website!?
(,,to be continued)

 17, Feb   Sighisoara
8am I left the host, trying to walk to the family's house but their car came and greeted me, mmm, it seems I had no relation with them,,but anyway I wrote message card with my e-mail to post it to their house's post-box,,but the father was already back home and appeared again "You drink coffee?"
(,,to be continued)

,,,Their high-school student' daughter came back and talked by English,
they suggested me to stay here tonight :)
but their relative will come and maybe stay here, so maybe they have no space for me :(
,,,I didn't want to reserve that matter in undetermined but started lunch,
Wao, it reminds me of Japanese soup of Raamen !?

2pm, tried again to phone to Hospitalityclub's member in village Apold
15 km from Sighisoara, but the another guy answered
"She's not living here anymore,I'm her friend, but anyway You can come" :)

The family drove me till Apold.
Interesting German CS-host in Romanian village,again!!

Eventually, he is also CS-member ,,, eventually,I can't escape from spider-web of CS-website!? 
,,,Didn't I write same thing yesterday?!?!

We taked about travel or etc.

There is a traveler who is walking only in Romania for long long years?!

(,,to be continued)

18, Feb
As a result, Targu Mures was so beautiful but Sigishoara was even more, but this village Apold is even more and more!?
Everywhere Transilvania is awfully charmimg, finally now I don't misrecognize here and Transnistria (of course).


Feb 2, 2011

Cluj-Napoca ,,, 4 times' USHI concert in 1 week

I was hesitating to go to Cluj-Napoca, why because it's only the city where I'm sure I visited in my last Romanian trip 10 years ago, but I didn't want to re-write my old memory by getting new impression. Besides, as my way of CSing is that sending mails and surfing hosts as much as I can, and as it's second bigger city in Romania, it would be long although I'm in a hurry to visit to many places within my duration of staying in Romania,,, but eventually I tried to come here,anyway.

,,,The driver narrated me How hard the life in Romania is (minimum salary is 600 Lei = 140 euro, etc,,)
Then suddenly he remembered his friend who knows a Japanese man who is owner of Japanese cafe in Cluj-Napoca for long years,, then he let me talk with the Japanese man by phone,,??
The driver is also dreaming about long travel, but preached me how it will be after he (or I ) finished travel when he (or I) got old man, nobody will hire him (or me),,,OK thanks preaching.
,,,Oh! That's exactly same night-view of this city from the hill road where I came by hitchhike by same route 10 years ago (maybe)!?  I wanted to feel moving by alone but it was with listening his preaching,,
at 8pm, arrived Cluj-Napoca,finally.
.CS-host narrated me How hard the life in Romania is (minimum salary is 600 Lei = 140 euro, etc,,),
3, Feb
.Laptop' screen and room light both were something dull,but I continue being online in the night, my sight seems to get even worse,,
.next CS-host couple were very unique couple, they always tell funny or nerdy joke by high-speed talking, so my brain got tired more, since I haven't slept much and since I haven't been taking a break much from hectic traveling for a month,,
.I waited for 30minutes in freezing evening for meeting with Margi who is a friend of a CSer (whom I contacted but haven't met). He said he never have been checked by ticket-checkerman, so we rode a bus without ticket,then, soon 2 checkermen came to us. They seemed to be impressed by my long travel with appreciation, but they didn't appreciate our free riding of course, Oh I didn't want to get penalty.
.After visiting Margi's art and animation studio, I got back to host's home by bus with ticket finally,,No it's almost 11pm, here Romania bus ticket is possible to buy only at the box nearby bus stop but it closes around 9pm!? ,, riding without ticket again.
4, Fri

Suddenly my performance of today was planned by a cafe of center.
Then I visited  Japanese cafe that I phoned its owner, Mr. Kawai
,,I really regret that I wasn't any journalist because of his interesting life,
soon after Romanian revolution he moved here as missionary then built 20 churshes in this region,
this cafe was born in last year,he's trying to spread not only Christianity but also Japanese culture,,,
his talk lasted longer so that a CSer who appointed meeting with me there
couldn't wait and left there,,but anyway
suddenly he planned my concert in next week there.
Suddenly I made publicity to CSing-Cluj-group
,,,but then, at cozy cafe in center "La Porte", no one came from it,
so that suddenly I got depress from expectation to disappointment ironically.
But anyway I performed even if it was several songs, Thanks audience for warmer clapping hands.

I always ask CSers to host me only for a night by mail though,
couple hosts told me I can stay here for a week or so,
today I already had next host but when I go out
I just asked couple hosts to let me deposit my baggage here till evening
,,but when my next CS-host came to cafe, they seemed to surprise about me.

The host Diana drove me by car but very unsurely with non-stop talking, so I laughed much,,but
it didn't take time until I notice she is the Most impressivest interestingest Romanian, I was dizzied.

.Thanks improvisational cooking of pasta.

5, Sat

host's choice
Many meetings, so that no time to replying mail and writing blog,
something such wonderful impressions, nice flash acrossed my mind, just I forget one after another,,, I know I can't continue such way of travel anymore,,
.a CSer made event "meeting with Ushi"  by posting message to CSing-Cluj-group this evening, but almost no one came to it.

I felt ease to got back to most impressive interesting Romanian,Diana.
But sadly she said "You're mysterious, seems not to speak much about yourself",,?? Maybe because for a long tome I'm used to be asked questions from people, unconsciously my way of conversation became always passive,,,

.Thanks improvisational cooking of beans.

6, Sun

Please explain not only name of place but at least more detail when you appoint meeting spot with foreigner, if you leave there before 30 minutes' waiting when I phoned you after every local people whom I asked on the street answers me wrong places.

Thanks improvisational cooking of kuskus.

,,as I expected my gasoline finished suddenly, and after I left from most impressive Romania'host
I got depressed unfortunately, though, I sang at music bar "Griff" for 1.5hours,
every song I said "this is the last song!" then audience said "more more"
(although no one came to it from my publicity to CSing' Cluj-group,anyway)

,,but then I got to feel bad again by smoke there,,
Host Florina and her mates of musician were nice and her flat was comfortable, besides one of them was professional cook so that prepared me some nice taste' open sandwich THOUGH,,I was in depression.

Sleep till 11am, not much communication with hosts till 5pm.
,,,next host was neighbor, but not much talk, I just played guitar and sleep.

my concert will be in Japanese tea house "SAKURA" 5:30 pm around. (Motilor street,48)
2 of my previous hosts didn't come to concert,
it's much better that don't say "I will come" from the first.

Thanks audience for listneing attentively and warm clapping your hands.
I performed without shoes but slippers though it was exciting.

Mr.Kawai and his wife invited me to Chinese restaurant and told me about religion.

,,After all, I can't write blog as same as I want to,
I will change way of writing from tonight.
I'm tired but visited Most impressive Romanian again,
but when we meet most impressive someone,at least we need enough energy for it.

Crashed German CSer who  likes Romania.
10, Feb
SAKURA tea house, Mihaela is always wearing Japanese traditional summer cloth yukata, always pretty.

by Florina's driving, Let's go to Cala's home, to

(Dej, at old cemetary on the hill, Romanian people and Hungarian people and else, different religion various style of gravestone are in common site.) 

,,,but I got depressed, after all I couldn't perform
although I stayed local music bar with them with guitar with stage from 10pm to 3am,,I was just napping all the time.
11,Feb (Friday)
Cluj-Napoca again,
but I still got CS-invite from next city Targu Mures only on next Monday,
so I might not go there?

Japanese tea house SAKURA again,
Mihaela with Japanese summer cloth is pretty again.
My second concet there started 5:30 pm again,
Thanks for good audience although it was 90 minutes long though!
Mr.Kawai translate not only my Japanese talking but also some of my Japanese lyrics to Romanian.

,,,I was invited Mr.Kawai's home to Japanese dinner though,
I tried to go to suggestion of playing music somewhere music bar by a CSer who can host me
although I was already tired besides hungry, but,,
So far, I've been trying to keep positive mind to any CSers but I have given up it tonight.
Why I had to stay in smokey pub with hearing boring rock band's play till 1:30am?
When I kad known my performance at there was cancelled,
soon I left there and the CSer and tried to contact another CS-host but
as a result I surfed the CSer who failed the plan of my performance
but alone in a student room without host with hunger,,
As soon as I can I wanted to leave there before the CSer come back next day
but I woke up so late by exhausting,,
12,Feb (Saturday)
I'm so tired in Cluj-Napoca,
it was most good impression in Romanian trip, at the same time worst
,,it means, even if reader of this blog misunderstand like "Ushi doesn't like Cluj-Napoca",
I would like to give the prize to this city ! (,,like as Ukraine)

I want someone to continue my Romanian trip instead me !?
But I'm still intending to explore Translilvania and Bucharest,,

.Meeting with a CSer at magical mystic cafe.
.Another meeting with another CSer was also at another magical mystic cafe,
it was nice But when I answered next country to go would be Bulgaria, she said
"Oh it's dangerous,please watch out, many bad people are there" so I told her
"Bulgarian people would say Romania is dangerous",,
She worried me and helped me to go tonight's hosts' home,thanks. even she visited there together,nice. But
when she said again "Bulgaria would be dangerous", the image that I'm beating her face exploded out! although I had never beaten some girl's face so far.
,,Actually tonight's host was not in home but her parents invited me by big curiosity and hospitality, Hungarian husband and Romanian wife, they wanted to offer me super huge sandwich after some dishes?! even greedy I refused it.
,,In the night, the CSer sent me mail "Again, Please watch out and survive dangerous Bulgaria!"