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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 13, 2011

Go to Hungary again ?

,,, from my sending CS request mails yo Harghita county in this morning 4-7am,
already a few invite came till noon, Thanks.

Leaving from Cluj-Napoca, finally.

Without my asking, the father drove me till hitchhike point.
Without my asking, the mother prepared the white paper that the city name is written, but
without using this, a taxi driver said "out of duty now" drove me to Gherla, his name contains two of poet Vigil Ovidiu, cool voice and English, has own view to global situation but tells stupid jokes, I always admire such kind of guy.
At the point where is 7km till monastery, I found unknown chocolate in my baggage, lately I'm given many food often from people, actually not only food but sometimes money even if I refuse it strongly but some people refuse my strong refusal by more stronger refusal! (and as I performed songs in many cities,some of them give me some money OK I should accept it even if I don't need anyway)  I checked the total amount of money in hand,,Romanian leu over 50 euro?? although my expense in last year was 50 euro, and although I still have spent 5 euro around since I entered Romania in 1st December? ,,Mmm, What a strange situation,,
Nothing difficulty spoils me, so I started to walk till monastery, but as there's car traffic, I just put up my thumb as usual,, just1 minute later a car stopped, I felt even uncomfortable but he refused driving me without money,I felt even comfortable, but just 1 second later a horse wagon stopped and asked me where will you go? and "Sit down here !"? Oh, but almost at the same time the car tuned back and "You'll go monastery? I'll take you!" ?! I couldn't stop laughing!? ,,,so you know Which one I chose? :)) ,,then, at the interjection to monastery, traffic police drove me without my asking,,, !?!?

Niclula monastery at the top of hill in village Nicula.
I asked where I can see special traditional making of  " glass painted icon" but the artists (of monk) were out today,and its museum is closed now, but anyway they offered me the room and foods without my asking.
,,Just the behind monastery was so wonderful view on snow hill. Surely traveling has no end, although surely my life cannot be forever.

This is the new article by CS-host Paula in Cluj-Napoca.

(,,,to be continued)
14, Feb
Valentine's day but no chocolate around me (,,,!?  yesterday's unknown one was from ,,?!)
1300th day of this journey, but nothing special today.
Just I got a bit a cold by tired in Cluj-Napoca and too warm room in monastery,
just sleep again and again till 2pm though, after all I couldn't see glass icon here,
no particlar memory except funny young monks who work in kitchen,, but it's OK.

.On the contrary yesterday, hitchhike took for a long time, 1st driver didn't recommend me to choose way through Cluj-Napoca (2nd driver was Taoist,wao!) but I nearly regret this rural route and decide to start knocking doors in village in sunset time,,but 
(,,,to be continued)

Targu Mures

(,,,to be continued)
15, Feb,  Targu Mures
Almost everyday I'm checking news of Japan by YAHOO JAPAN.
Today finally CSing was shown on it, as Japan is undeveloped country for CSing,
it's rather epoch-making incident, I hope it will become more popular there, but not hope I will become famous there.

Finally I went out for a walk 3pm,,host's flat was just in the building surrounds center square,,
Wao, What a splendid Orthdox' Cathedral ! Its golden decoration and delicately curved walls enclose alter impressed me much, even reminds me of huge mosques of Istanbul? Both are same as spending inside in sunny day but facing computer and such space are totally different, I regret I should have gone out more earlier, but sometimes it's even better to concentrate to enjoy walking within limited sunlight hours,,
Oh! What a nice town of Taru Mures!!
 ,, Sibiu was not only beautiful Romanian city,, (truly Romania still don't let me get to bored).
It's different beauty from Sibiu, not more than there, but I feel subtle good contrast, comfortable disposition of buildings in whole of town, I'm saying about installation.(I know if it's dark cloudy or rainy, I would feel differently though.)

,,a CSer answered me mail "Sorry we're going to trip now but I can give you phone number of a Japanese guy who is living here with Hungarian wife",, so I tried to call and visit him.
Thanks for inviting me although sudden phone without knowledge about CSing ,,even if I'm used to knocking doors, such case is rare, so it's interesting. with their 4 children, I tasted non-warm cherry soup for the first time. He has been living in Romania for 17 years, as specialist of Hungarian forklore !?
(,,to be continued)

.Another CS-hosts was just neighbour of Japanese, so I surfed them and called cancell call to CS-host whom I was planning to surf today,,,then I got mail from them "No welcome anymore who changes plan suddenly." Sorry.
(,,to be continued)

16, Feb
"Sangyou-dooro nite mate tono renraku wa, Yume wo tsunagu message on the door"
,,Woke up by sad melody of Southern All Stars's song in dream.
.Now it's morning, I still don't know I will leave Targu Mures today or not.

.Phoned a friend of Japanese, famous Hunfarian pop guitarist but "Today I got a cold,wanted to meet you though." Sorry but it seems my relation' duration with Targu Mures expired now.
.Meeting with hi-speed talking CSer Hanga "I'm sure you can surf to village people in Harghita county",OK I will try to go to Sigishoara today,then will try to stay somewhere village??

.a guy talked me by polite English "Excuse me, van you give me 3 lei because I'm hungry." so I replied politely "No, sorry."

.I remembered Hospitalityclub, tried to call from its Sighisoara's members,,but failed. After all I started hitchhike after 4pm, arrived Sighisoara almost 6pm,,I have CS-hosts in Hatghita county if I tried to continue hitchhike but at least I should enjoy walking Such beautiful town! I think here's the place where I had been 10 years ago but it doesn't matter, so nice view from clock tower's hill, almost finished shift-ceremony from sun to moon. Trying again to call Hospitalityclub' members here by mobile of a student Mihai who were near me accidentally, failed again BUT,
he asked his classmate to host me and succeeded it, Thanks!
He's age of 16, plays guitar and make ash-picture-art, wanted to host me if he hasn't exam tomorrow.
,,,,edge of town, going uphill, the address that Mihai taught me seems wrong, knocked a house to ask the address, but hanging the word of "Shalom" on the door,why? kind father appered, and many children were inside the door, Oh I wanted to try to ask this family to host me?!

Berni (and Mihai) is a student of German school, is living in 3 stories' big house with a friend WAO!? but it's like a pension.
Eventually, Berni is also CS-member ,,, eventually,I can't escape from spider-web of CS-website!?
(,,to be continued)

 17, Feb   Sighisoara
8am I left the host, trying to walk to the family's house but their car came and greeted me, mmm, it seems I had no relation with them,,but anyway I wrote message card with my e-mail to post it to their house's post-box,,but the father was already back home and appeared again "You drink coffee?"
(,,to be continued)

,,,Their high-school student' daughter came back and talked by English,
they suggested me to stay here tonight :)
but their relative will come and maybe stay here, so maybe they have no space for me :(
,,,I didn't want to reserve that matter in undetermined but started lunch,
Wao, it reminds me of Japanese soup of Raamen !?

2pm, tried again to phone to Hospitalityclub's member in village Apold
15 km from Sighisoara, but the another guy answered
"She's not living here anymore,I'm her friend, but anyway You can come" :)

The family drove me till Apold.
Interesting German CS-host in Romanian village,again!!

Eventually, he is also CS-member ,,, eventually,I can't escape from spider-web of CS-website!? 
,,,Didn't I write same thing yesterday?!?!

We taked about travel or etc.

There is a traveler who is walking only in Romania for long long years?!

(,,to be continued)

18, Feb
As a result, Targu Mures was so beautiful but Sigishoara was even more, but this village Apold is even more and more!?
Everywhere Transilvania is awfully charmimg, finally now I don't misrecognize here and Transnistria (of course).



  1. Hey Ushi. I am trying to keep up with your stories... I wish I could be like you. I am sick and tired of work.

    Marius - Bistrita

  2. Thanks, so I will keep up with my story even if I got to be tired of it!