So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Dec 13, 2012

13, 14. Tochigi
15, to Tokyo and Kawasaki
16, to Ashikaga
17, 18, 19, 20. in Tochigi
21. to Kasama and Mito of Ibaraki
22, 23. in Tomioka in Gunma
24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. in Tochigi
31. to Koga and Shimotsuma of Ibaraki
1, 2, 3. Jan. in Tochigi
4, 5. in Oota-ku of Tokyo
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. in Tochigi
(,, to be continued)

Nov 16, 2012

hitchhike in Tohoku

(,,I'm still postponing to write all of my travel blog but I will write them later,,)
16 Friday,Nov. Tochigi to Kurihara-city of Miyagi
17,Sat. Kurihara
18,Sun. Kurihara to Tono of Iwate
19. to Kirikiri   20. Tono again
21. Tono to Hachinohe of Aomori   22. Hachinohe
23. Hachinohe to Hirosaki
24. Hirosaki to Aomori-city   25. Aomori city
26. to Tohoku-machi
27. Tohoku-machi to Sendai of Miyagi
28, 29, 30. in Sendai
1, 2,3, December. in Sakata
4, 5. in Tsuruoka
6, to Yamagata city
7, 8. in Fukushima city
9, 10. in Koriyama
11, to village Izumizaki
12, Shiraoka to Tochigi
(,,to be continued)

Nov 1, 2012

USHI concert in Tochigi

will be 10th Saturday November in Tochigi city.

11 Sunday, Nov.
Basking LIVE in Ootawara city :
click here and watch from 50:00 around

15 Thursday Nov.

Oct 17, 2012

in northern TOHOKU

(,,I'm still postponing to write all of my travel blog but I will write them later,,)

Came back to Honsyuu at 6:30AM.
in Aomori city, from port of western edge of city to suburb of eastern edge of city, I walked to find resonale point to hitchhike,,
arrived Hachinohe at 18:30, visited many cafe or bar to perform,,
18, Thu.
Shutting myself up in CS-host's house.
19, Fri.
Shutting myself up in CS-host's house.
20, Sat.
,,still in Hachinohe.
21, Sun.
from Hachinohe to Morioka?
22, Mon.
from Morioka to countryside of Akita prefecture?
23, Tue.
hitchhike inside Akita prefecture?
24, Wed.
from Akita to Iwate?
25, Thu.
donno yet
26, Fri.
hopefully back to Tochigi,,
27, Sat.

Oct 1, 2012

in Takasu-cyo, Papa san and Oji san.
steel pan drum under the moon by Mochiko.
2nd, nature kindergaden, visiting huge tradtional house with children.
Goemon-Buro by Oji san.
3rd, back to Asahikawa. CS-host was just neighbour of my previous host.
4th, Shutting up in room.
5, Miura Ayako museum.
go to Takasu-cho again.
6, hitchhike,through Souunkyou,Obihiro,to Kushiro.
7,cycling in Kushiro-shitsugen.
Sashimi and grilled Samma by Australian and Mexican.
8, Amazingly beautiful Masyuu lake. Iou-zan, Sunaashi of Kussyaro lake,
amazing view from Bihoro tooge.
Reached to Rubeshibe.
9, hicthhike to Sapporo.
Live at Mintaru,,,too few audiences.
Iranian CS-host.
10, Japanese CS-host offered me to sleep in Thai-massage shop.
11, rainy. I failed to meet with CSer, and host.
12, Good CS-host.
13, Niseko
15, Muroran
16, midnight live at GIN NO GLASS in Hakodate
(,,,I will write more, later,,)

Sep 12, 2012

hitchhike in Hokkaido

lucky hitchhike with a guitar by 6 cars, till Aomori. several km walking to bay at the midnight.
ferry 2AM---6AM at Hakodate.
13, Thu. lucky hitchhike to Sapporo.
14,Fri. No Nuke Action in Sapporo.
15, Sat. to Shintokucho, "Kuusouno mori movie festival",
slept at hall of closed school in countryside for 3 nights.
18, Tue. work at carrot field for a bit and stayed their house.
19, lucky hitchhike from Furano to Atsuta.
20, lucky hitchhike to Wakakanai, Hamatonbetsu.
21, Fri. to Wakkanai. stayed at Japanese restaurant bar for nights.
23, Sun. lucky hitchhike from Wakkanai to Tomakomai for 11 hours.
24, Prompt my performance at bar in Tomakomai.
25, After storm, lucky hitchhike to Toyoura.
26, morning live in the house. Lucky hitchhike to Yakumo,
 performance at bar I visited randomly.
28, Fri. lucky hitchhike to Asahikwa. no nuke action.
29, Sat. performance at the bar I visited.
30, Sun. live in Full moon karip festival.
(,,,to be continued) 

Jul 6, 2012

hitchhike to Osaka
14:30 Mibu service area,
15:00 a truck driver took me till bay line of Tokyo highway,17:30.
soon a truck driver from Osaka took me but "We will arrive osaka around 1AM."
---stay through the night at parking area of highway in Otsu

7. Sat
6:00 hitchhike started,,8:00 a guy took me till Yodo riverside in Osaka.
I reached to concert place from home by hitchhike.
18:00 Elephanto Kashimashi
24:00 CS-host from Latvia

8, Sun.
12:30--18:00 in library
.Huge stature "Taiyou no To" by Taro Okamoto in EXPO park in Suita city.
22:30 CS-host of Japanese, at Fukushima station

9, Mon.
Host took and showed me Japanese slum town,and also Japanese Red-Light-District like Amsterdam.

10, Tue.
It's been a long time since I met an old friend who is living in Ibaraki city,
and also visited old musical mate's own new bar,
but both of them couldn't host me,,,stayed Internet cafe 22:30---5:30 (\1,000)

11, Wed.
6:30 Hitchhike at entrance of highway in Ibaraki---10:30 I gave up it.
18:30 an old friend who can host me in Shin-Osaka.

12, Thu.
14:00 CS-host in Kobe
walked nice harbor, and foreigner street, What a nice city!
I made egged fried rice.

13, Fri.
Hitchhike from Kobe 9:00 to Matuyama 19:30

(,,to be continued)

May 12, 2012

Sunny walking to park, Japanese temple and shrine.
I heard Russian language from mother's talking to a child,
I talked to her but,, 
(by Russian) "Excuse me,," "Hello" "Hello, well,," ",,What?" "I want to lean Russian" "I don't learn Russian" 
,,The conversation was finished.

Apr 13, 2012

7, April
Although I practiced for 3 days "Moon Over Bourbon Street" by Sting,
 I couldn't master its bass play and remember my own Japanese' translation
but I performed it as today was Full Moon Festival.
I didn't understand what I was performing?

8, Apr.
Surely today is Buddha's birthday but nobody mention it.

3:30 : get up and go to "seisyunn 18 kippu" trip with Shannon
4:54 : first train from Tochigi-ken
---after 10 times' exchange train,
15:30 : at Kyoto station, she checed e-mail from her CS-host in Osaka,but
"You changed your plan so I'm tired. Ask to other host."
---After nice strolling in Kyoto with cherry blossoms,
21:30 : arrived my travel-master Massuzzu's family's home in Kaizuka.

10, Apr.
.Say hello and happy birthday to biggest stature of Buddha in
my favorite temple Toodai-ji in Nara.
.Finally we found "seven-eleven" where the only place she can pay and get bus ticket to back to airport
,,but the computer at there said "This reservation number was expired."
(,,to be continued)

I didn't meet Massuzzuu in the morning because he usually leaves to job very early.
H with A made Italian taste' fried roll (but Chinese for me) and baked bread and so on,,super yummy.
I said to them "Every time when I visit to Kansai,I got to want to live again or grow up here."
Rainy day, so I had been keeping to stay indoors all day.
Today I sent CS-request mails to Wakayama-prefecuture people but already 3 of invite has come.
I didn't meet Massuzzuu in the evening because he usually gets back home very late.

12, Apr.
best sunny day to see sakura,but to libarary.
Kyokoku natuhiko "Ojiisan".
.For a walk till Kishieda-castle,,
(,, to be contined)

Apr 3, 2012

 I went to meet with Momonashi

On sunny yesterday, I couldn't leave Morioka.
The weather forecast says it will be big storm tonight, thoguh, I started hicthhike,
the entrance of highway was much farer by foot than I expected,
so it was already afternoon, besides not enough space for drivers to stop.
Dark clouds and some rain comes and goes,
more harder situation is always more exciting,
in my travel I always had been feeling so, it's my nature.
3 PM, finally expensive car picked me up
but he didn't enter highway although I asked,,
After for a while he noticed his misunderstanding,
but we're already heading to his home's Akita ,it's west,(my direction is south)
he says I can enter Akita' highway then join to main highway
but it's quite big detour, must be change to night soon,,
The traffic was busy, so he changed the plan and took U-turn
(,,to be continued)

at Shiwa SA (Service Area), was dropping tiny rain but
a driver who drives between Sendai to Morioka everyday accepted me
"If your looks were more weird,I wouldn't accept you."
Only one high-school travel to South Korea made him dtermine
he doesn' want to go abroad again, though, he got interested in what I have been doing,Thanks.
18:00 : He was heading to his company and home in Sendai,dropped me off PA (Parking Area)
before Sendai but "In worst case,you can phone me until 20:00 to call me here
and you can stay at my house." Oh I wanted to have the first surfing driver's couch in Japan but maybe I would catch next car,,
.20 min.later, next truck driver drove me till over Sendai, he suggested me to think about live in Sendai.
.Just after I separated the driver and began to ask parking car' people,the first driver answered OK.
He came from Niigata to Sendai for job some days ago,and today he has to arrive till Hamamatsu for tomorrow's job. But finally the storm has come, rain disturbs window's sight and wind shakes car. In the middle of Fukushima province, he parked car to rest and nap for a while,,me too.
.22:40, just before we arrived to parking near
my favorite song of "RC succession"

Feb 22, 2012


Jan 1, 2012

I gave up hitchhike because of my lack of couragement,
decided to get on train but counter service was busy for other passengers
although it's last minute of my train's departute, so I pass the gate without ticket,,

(,, to be continued)

31, Dec
.My grandmother could remember me as soon as I met her.

.After "Kouhaku Utagassen", it means that after the date had changed to new year,
I met with N since it's been a log years but he gave me negative informations,, til morning.

It's OK to watch TV for log hours because it's new year time,many of special programm,
but I think they are watching TV all th year around,,

2, Jan.
.Visiting my with my relatives,
I was expecting to hear my uncle's super talk but,
in this time I was astonished by aunt's ovewrhelmingly interesting talk.
.Sleeping at my parents' log house in countryside.
It's nice house to live only if I had nothing to do in life but here.

3, Jan.
.I was charmed much by "Toni Monogatari" by Mizuki Shigeru. i should visit there,,

.I met with 2 of classmates of highschool days whom I liked then I regretted it.

4, Jan
.Visiting interesting man at the foot of Iwate-san,it's so similar as Fuji-san's shape
but my carma didn't let me take a photo there.

5, Jan.
6, Jan.

8, Jan
.After waking for a few hours till the entrance of highway, finally I started hitchhike in Japan.
I did it only twice, in the year of 2002, and 1990. Both of them were very hard experience
so that I swear myself to not try it anymore.

(,, to be continued)