So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 31, 2011

The dog also find a stick if he walks (Japanese proverb),,

.Numbers of CSing-members reached to 2.5 million.

.I can't believe Cairo's incident now.

,,,Since I started to write this blog,
everyday is like fighting with limited time to do it
in everyday's different condition of Internet,as I don't have mine,
and everyday I feel lose by it by myself,
last night I couldn't do much as it locates in hosts' bedroom.

Host drove me till Sebes, then 5 minutes' later a car stopped (too easy :(
The driver was from Bucharest, said it's beautiful city.
Yes, many people say "I don't like Bucharest" but they are not living there,
so it's still not worthwhile reputation to there.
,,,driver played "Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves"

,,,I came to Sibiu TODAY although I have no CS-host there
because I don't think I will have chance to come here in other time
because already many invite came from Cluj-Napoca,
and I want to stay in Bucharest as much as I can within my duration's limit in Romania,the end of February.

,,Oh, in this January I have stayed the night in 20 diffrent places, finally I became a traveler again
(,,,Considering my pattern of past, after active moving I might stop again and stay somewhere for long,,,)

Thanks hotel ibis and hotel continental for letting me use Internet.
,,I was walking on main street with thinking how I find host of tonight,,
a guy talked to me "Hi, are you Ushi ??"

(,,to be continued)

Japan - The Strange Country (English)

1, Feb
After all, I couldn't play in Sibiu.
I will go to Cluj-Napoca,tomorrow.

Tonight's host is active member of this, Can I weitch from CSing life to this?!

(to be continued)
2, Feb
I'm glad to be able to come to Siberia, it was my dream for a long time,,,NO! here is just Romania, but this morning was totally in freezer of white world,beautiful view of trees with snow'make up along river,although inside city. This is exactly season that I was expecting :)
Thanks Petra for serious invite of coming back here soon again!
9 AM start to hitchhike in "Siberian Romania"

,,,then sun came back in the afternoon.
Spending for 6 hours in small cozt city, Aiud by guide of a CSer Cristine. I was lucky to have extra but nice memory there. During it,she became aunt newly,Congratulations to birth of her nephew!
Romania is surely picturesque almost everywhere BUT, sometimes some towns have many "too bright pastel colored" houses,,Ah, it seems after revolution people began to be allowed to paint buildings by any color freely?! There are nice churches or wall of citadel in this town though, unfortunately Cristine's graduated high-school was most impressive as its new "too bright pastel" yellow color,,,
She suggested me to go to wonderful view' village,and in her cultural center I met an artist who suggested me to go to village has interesting art,,Oh,they let my mind became busy by next plan at the moment of going to Cluj-Napoca!?

(to be continued)

Jan 26, 2011

from village to city, then village,then city, then,,

,,After all my trip by knocking doors from New Year had been just only for a week, now I'm totally get into CSing even more than before!? Iasi's Elena, Sucueava's Laviniu, and Bistrita's mates, encounter with those nice CSers already ought have been enough to get satisfaction toward Romanian trip though, as a result of trying to run, I can say this month is the one of the peaks of my interesting days (like last year's coldest trip to Latvia in January, biggest welcomed Belarus in May, so much relaxed Transnistria in September,,,seems it comes every 4months?) Besides, although the travel by CSing is mostly moving from some city to another city, unconsciously accidentally now I'm surfing CS-hosts from village to another village! although I already had been fed up CSing a few times, it still has big potential beyond our imagination,,OK, I should give up to separate from it maybe, only problem is just I'm often online to continue it for too long time,,,and now I'm writng this by slowest Intenet
,,,but still I can use Internet even if here is almost top of the mountain!
It would be very rare that we can find CS-hosts living on the montain, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
I didn't visited but there is comunity of people practices meditation near here.

.Some of my future CS-hosts in Sibiu and in Alba cancelled me,,OK,just I won't go thes cities, my plan always changes by people or by myself. But I still hesitate to decide to to go to Cluj-Napoka, as it's a bigger city,so many CSers are thee,it means How many e-mils will I send ??

(,,to be continued)
27, Jan
It's been a long time since I could think of something melody of song in dream,
and also it's been a long time since I've forgotten it soon after I woke up.

2pm from mountain'house----by 3 cars, 5pm to Deva

Host Irina's room was like excellent wooden lodge in mountain?
but I still couldn't super-sociable person toward her friends' sometimes' general questions, non comfortable evening again in super-comfortable room.

(,,to be continued)
.I want to move to next village,
but can't leave from so cozy couch of Irina in Deva now,
no noise of cars but ringing bell of church,,feels like staying monastery in mountain??
.More another CS-invite from village, wao! Knocking doors is so far way now,,
.Irina said that once Deva was called the most beautiful city in the world by someone!? and also showed me most ugly shopping mall in the world?! just inside its entrance,there's escalator but it runs in opssite way, it's WRONG!?

With her guitar, we tried to go to Friday' evening bar but didn't try to perform,,then her friends' secret club but still I couldn't play or become super-sociable,just tried to nap there, just to let the time go,,

.My favorite Romanian music (click here)

(to be continued)

from 0:00 send CS-mail to Cluj-Napoka then soon after I brushed teeth I found super sweet sweets nearby me, as a result I slept without brushing teeth.
29, Jan
Finished mailing to Cluj at 1pm.

I got tired of writing blog. I should try to write something fiction or FAKE BLOG ?

Deva's host drove me to Hunedoara' castle(fantastic!) and next host's couch in village.
His home with couch for any guests is 24 housrs in all the year no lock the door key even while he's in abroad,just we need to call or send mail to him in advance. There are many kind of people, like him, or  people who describe themselves open-minded but never accept stramgers,,
Nearby warm fireplace, I was starting to read interesting Tibetan meditation' book but was invited by him and his mates by car to the bar of Hateg city,,then,lonely hours in people who are enjoying again,,?lately it's every evening?
.I couldn't do computer work much so it took time to get to sleep by impatience, Sleeping fully is good for health but not to mind.
 (,,to be continued)
30, Jan
.After all we had almost no talk, I didn't need to surpress to stay there for long as long as he hadn't been caring it, but starngely I couldn't tell I will leave to not to be impolite (?!)
.3:30 pm, late start to travel again, it's Sunday in village,I have to walk until national road for several km,,,but a car appeared from just next road of host's house,and picked me up to Hateg. Then,soon student's driver picked me up and "Write about me on your blog" although I hadn't told about my blog,,,so I wrote about YOU,OK? even if I've forgotten your name :)
,,Luckily I arrived at Alba Iulia 5:30 pm, then walked and waited the host in freezing town, 7:30 pm at couch. Host's friend understand English but shy to speak by it? so it's better to pretend to not understand from the first, and although we share the dinner table together at least,How can go home without say bye to me? I still can't ignore such people,even if I don't know which is better from people who is surprised by me on the street and murmur something China and laugh at?
,,a bit uncomfortable evening these days,but it's all right.

Afer all no one CSers in Sibiu not for sure to host me, so I wouldn't go,,

.I couldn't do computer work much so it took time to get to sleep by impatience, Sleeping fully is good for health but not to mind,,,?Am I writing same thing again as last evening??

(to be continued)

Jan 21, 2011

When Marc Bolan was traveling in his young days, he lived with witch for a while,,,What a different episode from mine?!

Finally Japanese comedian Kanpei Hazama reached to goal
of rounding the earth only by running and sailing yacht since started 2 years ago,
even once stopped to cure serious desease, he succeeded it.
Earth marathon (click)
I just try not to compare with mine,,,

.Speed of writing blog can't catch up with traveling speed,
besides I'm still not writing much about CS-hosts as it has reference on profile.
But I hope I will fill here more and more.
,,,As result computer work took time till afternoon,
but instead, I could taste Simona's mother's tasty sarmale, and her brother drove me to hictthike point.
.Try to go to Arad and surf to friend of my future CS-host, but
,,2:30pm is late to start, but just before I tried to phone to (not CSer but) Hospitalityclub' member (who haven't replied me mail but is showing mobile number on profile) in Oradea, answered "OK,you can stay today",,,WAO,it's first time that I was invited from someone even before checking my mail and profile, it's almost same as knocking doors,,even more than it? so in case I couldn't catch the car to Arad,I can go to Oradea again,,
but unluckily it didn't take place, because luckily the truck driver Florin was heading to Arad,WAO!
,,,Sorry in the wild foggy winding road I was almost sleeping. He had a wife but devorced and she married in Italy. He's Catholic but likes Muslim (why because he often drives to Saraebo?) is reading book about Islam, it's nice. He taught me how much is each city's price for prostitute, it's nice,,,nice?? after his job in industrial zone, center of Arad at 7:30pm,Thanks!
,,so I could arrive meeting point punctually, as host is German,and I'm a Japanese,even a few minute's late can't be permitted!?

.Ansgar was not from CS though, one of my memorably best hosts ever, appeared by funny joke (usually first impression about a person nochoice remains in our brain strongly), welcomed me to his room just along the street beyond only by a grass door, with playing the Rolling Stones' masterpiece album "Let it bleed",I have no choice without feel good. He has good undestanding to anything, besides had read my CS-profile quite well (I wish every CS-hosts did so!) so that we could have nicer conversation without general questions,,,He\s a good artist, worked for children by art, but also writes a song, we sang each own songs by his guitar each by one in candle lights, it was nice concert even only us. ,,,I was tired and it's 0:00 but we went out for a walk,, Wao beautiful buildings, rather different from other region of Romania (Oradea as well), there are some nice music club, although no good skill'metal band were playing it's nice space,,then riverside nearby park, nobody were there in midnight with snow but many street lamps,very bright,,different from Moldova. His favorite cafe also said OK about my performance,good.
(,,to be continued)

22, Jan
"my publicity"---
Today Saturday around 9 PM, In Arad, club FLEX 
I will sing before whitesnake' cover band (!?)' play.
Even if you're not Romanian,
if you're in Hungary or Serbia (or Burgaria or Moldova or Ukraine),
Romania is just neighbour, so I'm waiting for your coming :)

.Meeting a CSer and walked around the city with wet inside shoes,it made me tired
and nervours for quality of tonight's singing,

but I still had had a time with Ansgar because he's interesting man,
then surfed next CS-host in neighbour block but by some general questions I nearly got depressed
but went FLEX together.

.After we suffered noisy sound-check of the band for an hour (Do it before audience come!),
I sang with someone's plugged acoustic guitar for half an hour,
Thanks audience to clapping and shouting
,,,but after performance some people talked to me "Congratulations!"
,,Is it proper English in this occasion? unexpectedly nice.
(As only few people write comments on this blog,
I note its song list only for myself :
It's already enough // Object of desire // Le miserable on me // Globetrotter // 30 years // I don't have umbrella // Thank you // Happy feelings )

,,,"Good night" 1am, but then I started mailng of CS,
there's no my good sleep without proceeding computer work(or desposing reply to many mails) even if a bit.
I already found 4 of hosts in my next plan' county Hunedoara, but as I'm runnig now,if I didn't send CS-requset-mails to the county after next,soon I will be short of future engaged hosts,besides from tomorrow I will surf to hosts in 2 villages,not for sure they have good Internet or not,so this night is important to do it
,,,"What are you doing Ushi,it's 5am" by host,Sorry.
6:30am went to bed(couch).
23, Jan
,,,before noon, host woke me up.
easy hitchhike by host's driving till suburb (Thanks!) then
Attila, who use curse words often (because the road is really bad) but believe in God, profession is repair and tuning of pipe organ in church! married but says single is better, drove me till Chisineu-Cris (Thanks!)
so I didn't call host even if she can come there from 12km' far village by car, wanted to travel at least little more, then people didn't pick me up,,but somehow reached until junction 3km to CS-host's village,Tipar. But the man who hitchhiked same car was the neighbour of my host who has a car, so we called her :)

.Steffi is from same region of Germany as Ansgar, and she also great host!
,,is living here for 4 years but she feels it's like 8 years. ,,but as I'm writing about CS-host on reference of their CS-profile,I omit to write same thing twice.

.In her work place,Youth Club, I talked about travel and sang.

,,from tomorrow, I will travel in Hunedoara county, but all CSers who invited me there haven't sent me final confirmation :)))

I couldn't sleep for long hours in bed, not only why because today I got up late
but also,,I don't write detail as it's very personal matter, though,
as this blog is more my diary for me than to public, these expresson is enough to remember how it was to me.
(,,to be continued)

24, Jan
Finally white snow came back! I'm glad.
So far, many times I was broken by my own speed,so today intentionally I postponed my paln of trial of (seems harder)hitchhike to the mountainery area, I remained in so cozy house of Stefanie,and write blog or mails again,,
,,Surely today I have started computer work from 8am,
soon it got to be 5pm. So my plan of going for a walk in village was taken place so quickly in sunset.
,,,I didn't want to admit but anyway I have to say I'm traveling inside Internet more than real world.

Accidentally I met Cosmin on the street again, soon after he asked me again about Japan or traveling I got stress so now I have known my mind has been so free since I have been  writing freely today. In short times though, he welcomed me to his house,his family as well,but of course they asked me general questions, even if through one cushion of his translation, I got strees by them. This matter has no answer as meeting with me is first time for everybody whom I meet, no one is to blame, and as long as I can't tarvel without meeting with any human, somehow I have to continue to braek through this. So that even if my blood got to boil instantaneously like "Fuck off general questions!!", I try to be smile otherwise my face may show Fuck off to innocent people,,but OH! JUST EXACTLY RIGHT NOW Cosmin asked me "Do you have sister or brother?" just 50cm next to my writing moment, so I nearly shouted but barely answered with stone face ",,one sister,,"
I know someof readers of this might think that Ushi didn't like the village by those sentence but, No matter people misunderstand it I don't care anymore, I write blog more record for myself than for readers. And from the first, it's rare that I have negative happenings in travel, "Interesting for me or not" is almost all, "good or bad" doesn't matter.

.As a result of surfing couches of Ansgar and Steffi, my interest for Germany that once I almost lost was born again, great :)

.Today's CS-mail ",,,Who knows, I may be able to host you !!!"
,,, how can I surf to such uncertain info. ?

computer from 8pm to5am.
(,,to be continued)
25 , Jan
9:30am hitchhike with Steffi for a few km and Bye,then ---Inelu---Barsa---driver was caught by police by overspeed,,,till Varfurile. Under white sky with a little snow'falling,memorably tasty Steffi'sGerman bread'sandwich.---Thanks priest but please Don't preach with staring me when you're driving! ,,phoned to CS-host to report where I am but he seemed not to understand hitchhike, I don't know when I will arrive though. Brad 3:30pm.---small town Cr iscior. Lack of sleep and minus temprature made my stomach loose,luckily I found kind person in secondhand shop to borrow toilet,,,trying to stand for a while with thumbing up,then change the point,it's repeating,,purple sunset was already quite a while ago,already dark in winter,usually I should give up and start to knock on doors,but continued---Thanks a guy until intersection to the road to villages,,,wild children were sledging on frozen road, after houses there's no light only one road in the valley between mountains,and almost no traffic but there's still more several km, usually I should wait for bus if I trust children's advice, and I don't know how much possiblity to encounter with wolves or bears? but I tried to walk into darkness,into the wild,even if I haven't watched the movie,even if it's actually not wild but still civilized road,,like 3 years ago's winter I walked 10km with luggage between mountain under the moonlight in Azerbaijan(I was younger,more energetic),,few cars passed but ignored me,reached to some houses so I nearly start to knock but the big bus came, usually I have to pay if I ride on it(of course) but as I'm still on the way of hitchhike,I asked the driver for free, my body seemed to remember suddenly how long I was in the cold air.---Finally the village Cris! After I phoned host again, they came down from the top of small mountain by walk taking for 20 minutes,BUT I was already exhausted,so although they helped to carry my luggage,I was dizzy and nearly vomit to climb up with watching illusion and speaking alien language,,took for 1 hour, finally goal 9:30pm, and down.

Jan 14, 2011

Unexpectedly suddenly I'm in Hungary (almost)

,,.Baia MAre to Satu Mare directly by only a driver,Thanks! he complained me how he doesn't like maramuresh' people' character.
.CS-hosts' Hungarian couple invited me by traditional yummy foods, they're unique,quite interesting,took me to the bar and their friends also gathered there without calling, one of them was extremely funny like real comedian! each words from his mouth contains something makes us laugh, though, he narrated his meeting ith some gay' people and asserted what a pure kind of love they have!? ,,drunk regional stinky but healthy liqueur,resembled as "Riga Black balsam"
when I noticed I already got sick by full of smoke without good ventilator,besides taking alcohol even if it's just a sip,besides without sleep last night, suddenly I became silent like stone,,but even after we got back flat it's same as long as everyone smokes. Regarding smoke and alcohol,my body seems to be getting more intorerant, actually it's a problem for my "super sociable" way of travel,,but for example in Ukraine almost everybody was smoking but I didn't need to care,,seems Romanian climate is rather wet so quality of smoke also different,covers me stickily,,moreover,differed from Scandinavia or Baltic,people here don't have culture of smoking in balcony but do everywhere indoor,,,maybe I should go back to Arabic world as soon as I can??
(,,to be cotinued)
15, Jan
.Started hitchhike from 1:30pm though,,had been wet by rain for 2 hours,then, at Carei, had been wet by rain till get dark,then, 3rd car dropped me off in the middle of nowhere without any light under the rain,,but
.Oradea 7:30pm, somehow I could meet CS-host,Kinga. Oh,nice European town, not big city though wide and long walker' street in center,,such impression is the first time in Romania. She reminded me of a female singer whom I was making duo-unit with several years ago,because often says Sorry to me, she had no time to cook something for me so says Sorry although invited me some restaurant,,I should rather say sorry from my side maybe?! She has Japanese language' learning-kit,I would rather want to learn it (for learning How to teach it). Thanks Internet even if extremely slow,,
16, Jan
.Spring has come, so sunny so warm, but I can't enjoy like a fake spring if cold will come again soon.
.Surfed house of host Bordaska and Dora,Wao it's like a cozy cafe or atelier,non-smell of living although they have 3-months baby! their smile and character,atmosphere, Wish many people were like them,but not everybody can become like them. with their friend (forgot her name but like Japanese actress Kiki Kirin), had a beautiful lunch by ful of organic vegetables. 
.Evening view of center of Oradea reminded me of Vilnius, clean and nice. Bike riding actually getting lost, met CSer and friend in cafe (has many TV, like everywhere Romanian cafe). Talking was not so exciting so I nearly go home but tried to wait their other friend's coming,,so I could meet more diffferent people,besides pizza,I need patience. ,,by the way, all of them and today's hosts are Hungarian.Jozsef is a member of Hungarian students' union and Japanese Animation fan club, his family name is Tamas-Peter, it's like his full name consists of 3-fast names? his girlfriend's family name means "Hungarian"?,,Oh please don't make me get interested in Hungary much,I'm still on the way of descovering Romania.
.,,After 22:00, baby was sleeping and Bordaska also was going to sleep,oh I haven't lock the door of house but he said "no need"?!,,,I wanted to try to meet them by knoking not by website.

.Waited for a few days but no CS-invite from Arad,OK Try to change the route,sent some CS-mail to other small city,,soon Got answer "Sorry".
17, Jan
.War started today of  '91 in Iraq.
.The biggest earthquake happned today of '95 in Japan.

.Only 5 seconds after I arrived in open flea market,I noticed I didn't need to buy nothing
,,,but someone was selling laptop mixed in many rubbish,by 300 euro around?(some people still calls Romanian lei like "million" I'm confused),, I sould get own laptop maybe,if I can't change my travel way,,
.Thanks university'biblioteka's woman to offer me Internet although it's only for students.
.Thanks another biblioteka to offer me Internet although it's only for students
,,so I was late to meeting with Japan'fan club people at students'union office,
but Thanks them to offer me Internet ,,, Oh, today also I've been almost just online.
.CS-host Igor appeared after 9pm with humming, Oh, he's from Chisinau! I'm really glad to talk by Russian :) but Oh, I asked him "How much do you speak Romanian?"! Sorry to all of Moldovan people who usually speaks by Romanian than Russian, I even have forgotten it, Moldovan trip was just a few months ago though.
.Igor is actor of theater for children, his wife woks at children'playground.

(,,to be continued)
18, Jan
,,after all I have been online at host's home till 4:30pm. I have promise to visit next host from 5:30pm, but will sing at the bar from 8pm. Tomorrow I will hitchhike from morning 8pm. I think I don't have time to write this blog from start of this journey,,
.Through totally foggy city,Igor droved me to next host of family 5:30pm.They had written me mail it's too short if I go to bar to sing in the middle of "only one night' surfing",so I tried to have nice conversation with them as I can,till before 8pm.

.Moskva club's manager, Gergo was advertising my performance by this :
Many people were there, and Gergo's introduction to audience and talk with me between my singing 
seemed like TV show, though,
my voice couldn't sing fully because I'm not practicing everyday,
if I was professional I have to pay back ticket fee but today is no entry fee, though,
George even asked people money for help my travel?
,,Oh even 15 euro I didn't need though. Since December in Romania,I still spent only 3 euro though.
When my singing was rather better in Iasi or else, almost there's no audience though,,,

.Instead my no-good performance,I could go back to host before 10pm, they told me sleeping time would be 11pm, but we didn't have to talk anymore,,but it's OK,
 19, Jan
.Can't decide where should I go next with viewing map or many CSer's profiles in many cities
till morning. Only an hour I slept but 7:30 am the family left home to job and scool, it's something fun to join to typical busy morning for me.
. Seen Igor's acting at the theater with many small children from scool.
.Internet at Hungarian student union, Stert hitchhike from 3PM around.
Very sleepy but very cold and wet weather, sunset time in Alshed I nearly gave up but the small truck picked me up but it was winding road over the hill but very foggy and got to dark but the driver continued to talk by mobile even at criff withouy guardrail, unexpectedly adventure.

.Simleu Silvaniei at 6:30pm.  
CS-host Doru appeared and greeted me by Japanese.
He and his mother's family business of making palinka in next village Pericei
,,,workers at there welcomed me so friendlily,
especially ┼×erban who makes best palinka in this region.
He didn't stop to talk to me (it means Doru couldn't stop to translate for us),
"Stay here for a few weeks,I want to show you all processes to make palinka,
I will offer you foods,palinka,even woman!"?
then,his wife came and scolded him with beating his hip,,almost like cartoon!?
He's always drunken but can do good job.

(,,it's just because of light from camera, he's not a monster :)

(,,to be continued)
20, Jan
.So nice view of village' hill from my couch's window. I was attracted by it for a long time.
.Doru entertained me just only by talking at breakfast' table,,
.Many changes of my trip plan as usual, because CS-host who answered me OK still doesn't send me their phone and address, so I sent mails to more another cities'CSers  but soon some of them answered me invite,Oh,it's already 4:30PM.

.Thanks to help hitchiike,Say Bye to Doru 5:30pm, but arrived next host Simona in Zalau 6:30pm.

.3 e-mails from France at once,,,What kind of sign it is??

.CS-host of couple at the mountain 20 min walk from the village answered me invite
But their mail was like this !
,,," Please bring your liver with you as we need an urgent transplant :)
If you have any extra kidneys, our dog will be pleased.
ohh... I hope you have a lot of money with you because the friend with whom you will share the room needs some extra cash. By the way, he will be glad to "share the pillow" with you :)))) "

,,Shoud I surf to them or not !?

(,,to be continued)

Jan 10, 2011

Light and Shadow of my Maramuresh' trip

.One of major ingredients of our human life is "timing",
nobody knows when we walking the street even if future husband or wife is coming to next corner to meet, or car accident etc. Meaning of e-mail is also depends on when and where we read it. I was nealy fed up to write this blog but last night's mail from Elena encourage me strongly. Sje's local Romanian but enjoy to know my trip here without CS even if she doesn't leave comment.Thanks! so I did computer work again,,(after all I need CS),sent many CS-mails to the city after next destination,so slept only for 3 hours but I must leave with hosts must go to job. After all I couldn't enjoy to see the postcard' collection regrettably,although I might have been given some of them,but also maybe I couldn't get interested in it eagerly as before because,
wiritng and sending air-mails from when I thought of for each one always take time more than a month, THOUGH ,many receivers of my air-mail don't report that it was delivered, moreover, some of them even ignores my directly question about it by e-mail !?!? (,,by the way, lately I use money almost only for buying post stamps,over 1 year my expense have been less than 1 dollar per 1 week.)

.Thanks Marius! to lead me to start hitchhike from Bistrita at 8:30am, Yes,earlier is better,but so sleepy anyway ---- 1st car till Nasaud. napped in church for an hour,no internet at biblioteka ---- 2d driver takes time to speak English though,totally better than nothing. ---- 3rd car,back again into Maramuresh, to most northern road in Romania same as 5 days ago. ---- 4th car till Viseu de sus. napped in wooden church, no Internet at bibioteka, people's dirty eyes on me on the road mostly by girls ---- a doctor with mother drove me but was caught police by overspeed though somehow they forgave him luckily,"because he picked you up" mother said. He has never heard such my travel way,so taht many streessful questions on me but Thanks for your gladness to my singing by acapela. Bye at Sighetu Marmatiei,they forced me to accept their food although I still had full of sandwitches from Marius Marcela ---- crowded dogs,silly one was hit by car though still doesn't take care cars.  While I'm waiting someone pick me up for over an hour,felt slightly that such travel might be already boring?? When I felt so strongly,my travel will finish,I really hope not. 2 guys drove me with doubtful questions You don't give money to people who welcomed you??

.village Sapantsa after sunset,
walked by tired body with heavy luggage in foggy wet road with tall trees along overflowed river by melting snow, with often sitting to rest with mistake to visit another building, till Peri monastery (75m wooden tower !) like a mirage in foggy night, napped nun's house, without English but said to me without my asking "No sleep!" by English.
.have to go 1km back again to the village?but I don't have energy anymore,but no choice except sleep outside,,start knocking doors after through trees.mother of 1st house"pension is over there(as usual), our room is cold (as usual)" I say it's OK,she say OK ?!?! ,,,8pm? the room has no heating but it's new building,enough to sleep,and she seemed to be alone and don't care my food,but luckily today I have many foods,Thanks! I slept after ate,,, but 10:30pm suddenly husband woke up and took me to living to have meat salty soup,,,In my travel,sometimes I overeat,often starve.

(,,to be continued)
.Husband Stan took me to show monastery,,really great tower! even if nuns refused me!? then,
One of most impressive place in my journey!
Cimitirul Vesel (The Merry Cemetery )

When I was in Armenia, I was impressed that many of gravestone was drawn by detailed portrait of deceased, but here is even much more surprising! Totally different point of view from Japanese toward human's death, blessed it merrily, I agree with it, something like my ideal. But by realistic way, some of them are drawn even How they died by traffic accident!? I was almost shocked by them. Each one are also writtten some poem, What a beautiful way!

(,,to be continued)
,,After enjoyed sarmale or fried traditional black bread, and suffered from many times' toilet, and was seen me off by Stan,
I visited the museum of Stan Ioan Patras' house,,Oh,there's his wooden portrait work even of Ceau┼čescu!

but there was a book of gravestone contains poetry' sentences, some of them were regret or almost cursing for death, I was shoked by them again!!
besides OH! his desciple and succesor Mr.Dumitru Pop was there! Great nice to meet him!!

.Start hitch from 3pm ---- Sigetsu Marmarti seemed to nice old town, but no time till sunset,continue to hitch ---- 3rd car is heading to Baia Mare but I asked somewhere village near monastery,,,although CS-host in Baia Mare is telling me anyday OK THOUGH, it's only 1 night's knocking door since last CSing for 4 nghts,I want to take a balance as I can,besides if I surfed CSer tonight I have only one more future CS-host,after that I have only knocking doors,it's still hard as I'm CS-addict (staying hostel is totally out of question and endless knocking doors is hard for me I can't do it again like 10 years ago), my final CS-host is always running after me,I always need to find more new future CS-hosts as much as I can (for peace of mind?),,,at village I stop the driver but he answered monastery is 4km back, so Why didn't you stop!?
.start knocking doors after sunset,,but I can't ask clearly becausae I'm interested in Monastery too,,,but people give me just unreliable information "monastery is less than 1 km over there" others say ",,it's 4 km" :( ,,,I was resting at the bench on the corner but an woman warned me "That  house is Gypsy' family's,you must leave here soon,"  I pretend to leave and hitch until she dissapears away,then tried to knock "the warned house" but from before it Gypsy' mother came and welcomed me,Wao How many children?? they say I can sleep here tonight,Thnaks but my word "no money"changed their house,,,maybe I was too optimistic? because it's in Maramuresh,,,a guy appeared and led me to his? (or his friend's?)house with many family,they're also Gypsy,"You can stay here tonight!" without my asking,Thanks,I showed them my paper'article but soon after they noticed I can't pay,,they said "Go another,we are many,no space",,,The rule is that staying Gypsy' house needs to pay?? ,,,Every house told me "pension is over there" or "many gypsy are in this village,you must be careful to not be stolen",
no one welcomed me (even pension waasclosed by winter), most of houses that has traditional big wooden gate are locked (it means I can't even knock door), What a bad efficiency for knocking!that houses are separated,yes CSing doesn't take much time to send request mail! heavy weight of backpack presses hard to both shoulders, Why I do such a way?,,No,don't think like it, it's getting late time,the houses holds lights on are decreasing little by little,Sorry I knock even house that holds only TV'light like I'm waking them up,,,even if I could enter the gate,door is closed and even if there's TV light,no answer to my big crying,,,No no don't remember my parents' faces when I knock but,,,if my voice can't reach to inside house,I just knock the window of TV'light's room directly but Oh,apparently someone turned off light when I knocked window,feels like I'm a psychokiller of old horror movie,,,What a big difference from yesterday's case although both are maramuresh' village!? Every hour church's bell rings,it's already after 10pm,I nealy made up my mind to sleep in cemetary's wooden building without walls with remembering merry cemetary,not too low temperature,,but my body was heating up by drugging heavy luggage and heavy mind, finally when I lied down at someone's balcony entrance,soon I noticed my heat is getting down with seeing Christmas' red flash lights,,,with keeping luggage there I went to final knocking,,but only few house had light but big gate was closed,,already almost darkness village,I have no choice anymore!,,,Back to luggage's balcony Oh! family' car had come back and gate was closed! :((

,,They say we're many so there's no space (Ioan and wife has small daughters,but also adopted sons around the age of 20,wao!) but offered me extra room like stable, no heating no light and no treatment except summer so that smells sour,besides they locked the door for secure from Gypsy's robbing?! but it's still not so very new experience to me, I slept with holding blankets NO I TRIED to sleep,,,
(,,to be continued)
.Thanks for Ioan and family even supper and breakfast,and Internet
,,Oh, many replying mails to my New Year greetings to many of my previos CS-hosts,Thanks! but I might not send some of them anymore as sending them took me time for 3 or 4 days, it means that my greeting also had meaning that Goodbye forever (almost).

,,What a wonderful architecture of Biserica de lemn !

,,Crossed mountain through winding road by rough driving driver with my getting sick a bit,
arrived 2pm at Baia Mare,,but I'm exhausted.
.CS-host Vlad took me to 2 of nice cafe, different from other cities.
.He belongs to some volunteer organization, met his volunteer mate Linda from Austlia, so nice girl,invited me to her flat by walk but I got wet by rain much to tired body, on the way my gasoline fuel finished suddenly,,,her volunteer mate from Turkey told me How was when he ate pork meat first time,Oh that's exactly what I wanted to know for a long time! even if he said it's nothing,just new taste like any other new things,,he surprised and admired my long travel but with playing game by computer, "amazing! how can yo do?" I responded his words,,but he's concentrating to stare game screen, but sometimes asks me something about me,,excuse me Should I continue to answer your occasional questons? I mean, Don't watch TV when you're having sex, or, Don't eat something while you're sitting toilet, really.   
.big house of CS-host in suburb, took hot shower and hot soup though, I'm exhausted
,,but try to computer till 3am but slow Internet,,
.Today's CS-mail "wow, exploring maramuseh, I wish to be there, but unfortunatelly I dont have plenty of time to waste for myself,,have a good trip!!!" ,,,Yes, my trip would be good but wasting for myself.

(,,to be continued)
.rainy. cafe with CSer Elisabeta, she took me to the tower, climbed up handmade-like inside stairs to the top,,Oh Thanks weather,had been changed to snow,memorable foggy town view!
.She and Vlad and his mate in cafe but everybody smokes so I couldn't stand to be there, When his volunteer' boss appeared to meet me but, she--"Hello, How are you?" me--"I'll go for a walk." What a strange answer of me :(

.Although I am representative of stupid people from the planet of stupidity, I have to face to stupid people,it's very tiring. Many people discourage me by stupid answer mail, Why they need to be more stupid than this representative of stupidity, today I was really dissapointed by some mail by CSing. It's just a day after I realized I can't travel without CS anymore though, I realized again that I can't trust this website. Shit !,,5AM.
(,,to be continued, anyway)
Sending CS-mail to Arad finished 0:00 though, some other work till 5:30am.,,
,,7am woke up an go,Thanks to help my earlier (is better) hitchhike,but I dropped off to "most modern library in Transilvania" from open' 8am,sending HC request mails and writing this with sleeping,,,Oh,soon it became 4PM :((
,,,at the moment I'm still in Baia Mare' library at 4:30 PM,
I will go hitchhike and surf to Satu Mare' CS-host who can host me only today.
Tomorow Saturday I will surf CSer in Oradea,
but just now I got Sunday host there they can't host because our misunderstanding,
I have host there at Tuesday but Who can become Sunday and Monday??
and I already got invite from Arad' CS-hosts.
Always messy like this,and my limit of durartion of staying Romania will finish in Ferbruary,
I'm not sure even I can reach to Bucharest until then,
and I can visit all countries while I'm alive or not???

(,,to be continued)

Jan 1, 2011

Northern Romanian trip without Internet,,,like I did it 10 years ago.

.Putna monastery
.Sunrise view from small wooden church on small hill, why because maybe Japanese people like to see sunrise of New Year's day,why because Japan is the land of rising sun maybe.sorry for not participating morning service and liturgy although many people.
.I asked Ghenadie When did you start to live here? "We were born in yesterday and will die tomorrow."
.Monastery' museum was interesting more than ordinal one, many Stefan's collection etc.
.Mihael who drove me till Roman in Christmas was visiting there, and also a CSer from Chisinau who knows me but whom I didn't know.
.Ghenaudie prepared me warm clothes and book about liturgy. If YOU visited there, he would be selling candles inside church' door so please tell him Thank You from me.
Jan, 2, 2011
.Overslept,didn't join to Sunday service,Sorry.
.Tried to call Alex again to meet Valy again but he had gone village,it means nobody translate village people, Sorry I couldn't write nice things about her after all.
.Hitchhike 1) nice family from Sucuava, has friend there who married with Japanese?!,,but won't introdruce me? ----  Sucevita monastery,,,Oh there exists ticket,but some people are passing through entrance? a sister said that they came to pray,,,soon I gave up to stay there. ---- 2)a couple who was just heading to monument through winding road on the hill,but drove me under the hill to Moldovita monastery, Thanks!
.Wao, full of wonderful painting on the wall of monastery, but sister said No possible to sleep here.Oh,it already got dark and it's small village,but English sister took me to pension,,then they noticed I was saying I don't stay pension,but Thanks for inviting for free, besides so dlicious meatball soup and cold stuffed meat or else,,
[pensiunea turistica "ALEXANDRA" 0744-301667] ,,If YOU visited there, please stay the night there with trying its taste and tell them Thank You from me.
Jan, 3, 2011
a couple picked me up who was going back to Hannover of Germany!,,I tried to imagine to go there but didn't. and why I'm feeling a bit bad because of 4 or 5 pants are tightening up my belly,,as same as every winter :(
.Campulung Moldovenesc (long name of city :), at 3pm.
.driver from suburb to center of city (like small town) didn't speak Russian, but an old guy without teeth but like Disney'character did it,I'm always glad it.
.Meeting with a CSer who doesn't host in cafe bar, it's a kind of my job.
.from 5pm (dark) on the street, I asked people to find host,,,older guys who couldn't be indifferent spoke to me  and involved others who speak English and guys were given money from others for me (maybe they decided to take me to pension or hostel) so I declined it and left there,,No,guys still came to me and invited to their workplace just in center of city (town)!
It's upstairs of handicraft atrie of silver accesories. I was invited meat and fish, even hot shower, with sometimes remembering that once they nearly took money from others so I'm not sure they really just invited me or,,but the dice was already casted and this is my travel, no matter what will happen,,
but after all, they are nice older guys,Thanks Emanoil and Joan!
{ATELIER BIJUTERII},,it's along main street, between vodafon and boutique ABC, so if YOU visited there, please tell them Thank You from me.
Jan , 4,
Have you watched solar eclipse??
Their Engilsh speaker' friend Gheorghe came in morning merrily and showed us it by black cellophane at 10 am, it's great!
.Internet at library, so many reply of new year greeting from CSers. but 2 mails from Lithuanian whom I haven't sent (I fell in love with but I was thinking they won't contact me anymore) made me glad. French Yohan sent me "We will start to drive from Chisinau, Don't you know someone host in maramuresh? Hope we will meet on the road" ?! but it's yesterday's morning,though,I searched some of phone number from Hospitalityclub' member's profiles and wrote him them, besides after all I sent many request mails by CS and HC for me,,,as a result, soon it got to after 3pm. Oh I have to start to hitch (it got to dark around 4:30pm) BUT, in last minute a CSer sent me invite mail from Bistrita! although I was heading to maramuresh!? and suddenly this blog and gmail became unable to login,Why!?
. friendly driver was going to Vatra Dornei, someone told me it's beautiful city though, I want to avoid city to find host by knocking doors (village is better to do it),,so I dropped off in junction in the middle of hills.
((,,,10 years ago in maramuresh, I was attracted by pictuaresque wooden house and was staring it then tall guy like fairy tale's character was waving his hand to welcome me from it's upstair's window,so I got dreamy sleeping at cozy couch,,,)) The wooden house like ghost castle on the hill reminded me its memory, I tried to visit (actually it was not so fancy but old apartment) and asked directly young parents of baby to stay there,Oh they invited me smoothly! they're available only Spanish but I can't. but they almost didn't show interest to my paper' article,,,they might not be able to read? anyway tried to talk and confirm to stay there for free,,but the words of "no money" changed their face,,,,I'm OK,Bye!
.Walked forward the road along the river, against its current, even if it's getting dark, although I don't know how far to next village and where wolves are living? a guy who had worked in Georgia(!) drove me for a bit to the village Ciocanesti where isn't on map --- already dark but someone were crying me "pension is over there!" from window,I cried "No!" ---  a fashionable girl appeared on th road but responded my introducing and asking with nothing surprising and human emotion "sorry, good luck",,,Please Be in city, you're another world from here. --- But almost first house I knocked invited me like it's not special thing for them,, 3 houses that order from road side, for son, for mother, for grandmother,they offered me middle of them, and great taste cheese and mamaliga. the red color' cream' dish seems like my childhood's favorite condensed milk with berry but they answered no no to my asking, so my imagination was swelling much but actually it was totally same as my imagination. ,,Oh, it's still 7:30pm but already evreything I must had done, TV channel is only one, family are in other houses,, anyway If you visited there, son Laurentiu like my age speaks English so Please tell them Thank but Oh, the village is not on the map :))
5, Jan
.Romanian designs are really nice, many houses in this village are also decorated by flower or colorful pretty patterns on the wall, I tried to enter the yard of a house to look it but a mother appeared and invited me to show inside, there were many tradional colorful pictures by stitch, nice!
.monastery on the hill was closed, but nice view of small mountains
.less traffic but hitchhike, I'm still traveling just close to Ukrainian border. Finally I entered to maramuresh region by 3rd car, and the road is crossing mountain through tall trees with snow'cosmetics like tunnel, Yes, it's beautiful, and driver and colleague recommended me some city besides can drive till there,thanks :) but they dropped off to thier friend's house with me, Thanks for meat dinner there even if I don't like to be forced alcohol, but as I expected they didn't start drive again although it's 4pm,so I left there. Trying to knock neighbor house but drunken monster appeared from another house with howling so I started hitch.
.Joan who is working in France picked me up. It's important to meet such young person who says "Communism times were everythings are good." without any doubt. I asked him to drive to somewhere village just several km over Borsa and he seemed to feel my travel's story is starnge but invited me to his village over 40km,Thanks him and parents who just welcomed me without notice in advance :) I was full by meat I ate just a few hours though, soon they invited supper almost only meat, many kinds of meat, I just ate meat and meat with feeling I'm one of actors with red blood paint at cheek in Zombie movie,,
.Pretty mother is wearing maramuresh women' tradional pretty skirt,,but Aren't you cold?? Joan drove me to another villages but seemed to be finding some guys whom he lent money,, after we got home,mother was still working, I asked how to make sarmale (to wrap minched meat and vegetables by cabbages),her moving of fingers was like Japanese sushi-master. ,,anyway she doesn't stop work, Joan said "normally she works till middle of the night" !?
6, Jan
.woke up afternoon, sarmale is really tasty, Oh Joan's father's name is also Joan,,grandfather as well, besides mother is Joana !?  ,,,if YOU visited there please,,,OK you won't visit there.
.hitchhike from 3pm, at the moment I have 2 CS-hosts but one is deeper maramuresh,another is Bistrita, opposite, I can't decide which way should I travel ?? so I tried to catch the car from both way anyway any car --- my luck brought to deeper maramuresh, driver took to big wooden monastery of Brsana, but it's a bit too big? Oh, unesco heritage !? ,,in the big yard, a sister came to me and "Where do you want to go in here ?" and led me to entrance gate,,although big gate are open,,soon after I have known I can't sleep here I left there even without visiting church, then I hitchhiked to both way again,,
(,,to be continued)

mamaliga and carnati

Ushi , Marius, Marcala, Sorina (all photos by Alex)

(,,to be continued)

7, Jan
,,Continuing to send greeting to CSers in Belarus,Ukraine from 2 to 10am,,still couldn't finish it :(


This is the first moment of "meeting with ukulele in human history",,,oops,it's just in my history
as I imagined,it's so comfortable to play and bring and cuddle and so on.

mici  and  cartofi prajiti

(,,to be continued)

Much warmer weather with melting snow
,,,I don't like it, I would catch a cold.

Alex took us drive.
Artificial, nice lake.
.Vatra Dornei where I had given up to visit once :)



ciorba de fasole

(,,to be continued)