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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 1, 2011

Northern Romanian trip without Internet,,,like I did it 10 years ago.

.Putna monastery
.Sunrise view from small wooden church on small hill, why because maybe Japanese people like to see sunrise of New Year's day,why because Japan is the land of rising sun maybe.sorry for not participating morning service and liturgy although many people.
.I asked Ghenadie When did you start to live here? "We were born in yesterday and will die tomorrow."
.Monastery' museum was interesting more than ordinal one, many Stefan's collection etc.
.Mihael who drove me till Roman in Christmas was visiting there, and also a CSer from Chisinau who knows me but whom I didn't know.
.Ghenaudie prepared me warm clothes and book about liturgy. If YOU visited there, he would be selling candles inside church' door so please tell him Thank You from me.
Jan, 2, 2011
.Overslept,didn't join to Sunday service,Sorry.
.Tried to call Alex again to meet Valy again but he had gone village,it means nobody translate village people, Sorry I couldn't write nice things about her after all.
.Hitchhike 1) nice family from Sucuava, has friend there who married with Japanese?!,,but won't introdruce me? ----  Sucevita monastery,,,Oh there exists ticket,but some people are passing through entrance? a sister said that they came to pray,,,soon I gave up to stay there. ---- 2)a couple who was just heading to monument through winding road on the hill,but drove me under the hill to Moldovita monastery, Thanks!
.Wao, full of wonderful painting on the wall of monastery, but sister said No possible to sleep here.Oh,it already got dark and it's small village,but English sister took me to pension,,then they noticed I was saying I don't stay pension,but Thanks for inviting for free, besides so dlicious meatball soup and cold stuffed meat or else,,
[pensiunea turistica "ALEXANDRA" 0744-301667] ,,If YOU visited there, please stay the night there with trying its taste and tell them Thank You from me.
Jan, 3, 2011
a couple picked me up who was going back to Hannover of Germany!,,I tried to imagine to go there but didn't. and why I'm feeling a bit bad because of 4 or 5 pants are tightening up my belly,,as same as every winter :(
.Campulung Moldovenesc (long name of city :), at 3pm.
.driver from suburb to center of city (like small town) didn't speak Russian, but an old guy without teeth but like Disney'character did it,I'm always glad it.
.Meeting with a CSer who doesn't host in cafe bar, it's a kind of my job.
.from 5pm (dark) on the street, I asked people to find host,,,older guys who couldn't be indifferent spoke to me  and involved others who speak English and guys were given money from others for me (maybe they decided to take me to pension or hostel) so I declined it and left there,,No,guys still came to me and invited to their workplace just in center of city (town)!
It's upstairs of handicraft atrie of silver accesories. I was invited meat and fish, even hot shower, with sometimes remembering that once they nearly took money from others so I'm not sure they really just invited me or,,but the dice was already casted and this is my travel, no matter what will happen,,
but after all, they are nice older guys,Thanks Emanoil and Joan!
{ATELIER BIJUTERII},,it's along main street, between vodafon and boutique ABC, so if YOU visited there, please tell them Thank You from me.
Jan , 4,
Have you watched solar eclipse??
Their Engilsh speaker' friend Gheorghe came in morning merrily and showed us it by black cellophane at 10 am, it's great!
.Internet at library, so many reply of new year greeting from CSers. but 2 mails from Lithuanian whom I haven't sent (I fell in love with but I was thinking they won't contact me anymore) made me glad. French Yohan sent me "We will start to drive from Chisinau, Don't you know someone host in maramuresh? Hope we will meet on the road" ?! but it's yesterday's morning,though,I searched some of phone number from Hospitalityclub' member's profiles and wrote him them, besides after all I sent many request mails by CS and HC for me,,,as a result, soon it got to after 3pm. Oh I have to start to hitch (it got to dark around 4:30pm) BUT, in last minute a CSer sent me invite mail from Bistrita! although I was heading to maramuresh!? and suddenly this blog and gmail became unable to login,Why!?
. friendly driver was going to Vatra Dornei, someone told me it's beautiful city though, I want to avoid city to find host by knocking doors (village is better to do it),,so I dropped off in junction in the middle of hills.
((,,,10 years ago in maramuresh, I was attracted by pictuaresque wooden house and was staring it then tall guy like fairy tale's character was waving his hand to welcome me from it's upstair's window,so I got dreamy sleeping at cozy couch,,,)) The wooden house like ghost castle on the hill reminded me its memory, I tried to visit (actually it was not so fancy but old apartment) and asked directly young parents of baby to stay there,Oh they invited me smoothly! they're available only Spanish but I can't. but they almost didn't show interest to my paper' article,,,they might not be able to read? anyway tried to talk and confirm to stay there for free,,but the words of "no money" changed their face,,,,I'm OK,Bye!
.Walked forward the road along the river, against its current, even if it's getting dark, although I don't know how far to next village and where wolves are living? a guy who had worked in Georgia(!) drove me for a bit to the village Ciocanesti where isn't on map --- already dark but someone were crying me "pension is over there!" from window,I cried "No!" ---  a fashionable girl appeared on th road but responded my introducing and asking with nothing surprising and human emotion "sorry, good luck",,,Please Be in city, you're another world from here. --- But almost first house I knocked invited me like it's not special thing for them,, 3 houses that order from road side, for son, for mother, for grandmother,they offered me middle of them, and great taste cheese and mamaliga. the red color' cream' dish seems like my childhood's favorite condensed milk with berry but they answered no no to my asking, so my imagination was swelling much but actually it was totally same as my imagination. ,,Oh, it's still 7:30pm but already evreything I must had done, TV channel is only one, family are in other houses,, anyway If you visited there, son Laurentiu like my age speaks English so Please tell them Thank but Oh, the village is not on the map :))
5, Jan
.Romanian designs are really nice, many houses in this village are also decorated by flower or colorful pretty patterns on the wall, I tried to enter the yard of a house to look it but a mother appeared and invited me to show inside, there were many tradional colorful pictures by stitch, nice!
.monastery on the hill was closed, but nice view of small mountains
.less traffic but hitchhike, I'm still traveling just close to Ukrainian border. Finally I entered to maramuresh region by 3rd car, and the road is crossing mountain through tall trees with snow'cosmetics like tunnel, Yes, it's beautiful, and driver and colleague recommended me some city besides can drive till there,thanks :) but they dropped off to thier friend's house with me, Thanks for meat dinner there even if I don't like to be forced alcohol, but as I expected they didn't start drive again although it's 4pm,so I left there. Trying to knock neighbor house but drunken monster appeared from another house with howling so I started hitch.
.Joan who is working in France picked me up. It's important to meet such young person who says "Communism times were everythings are good." without any doubt. I asked him to drive to somewhere village just several km over Borsa and he seemed to feel my travel's story is starnge but invited me to his village over 40km,Thanks him and parents who just welcomed me without notice in advance :) I was full by meat I ate just a few hours though, soon they invited supper almost only meat, many kinds of meat, I just ate meat and meat with feeling I'm one of actors with red blood paint at cheek in Zombie movie,,
.Pretty mother is wearing maramuresh women' tradional pretty skirt,,but Aren't you cold?? Joan drove me to another villages but seemed to be finding some guys whom he lent money,, after we got home,mother was still working, I asked how to make sarmale (to wrap minched meat and vegetables by cabbages),her moving of fingers was like Japanese sushi-master. ,,anyway she doesn't stop work, Joan said "normally she works till middle of the night" !?
6, Jan
.woke up afternoon, sarmale is really tasty, Oh Joan's father's name is also Joan,,grandfather as well, besides mother is Joana !?  ,,,if YOU visited there please,,,OK you won't visit there.
.hitchhike from 3pm, at the moment I have 2 CS-hosts but one is deeper maramuresh,another is Bistrita, opposite, I can't decide which way should I travel ?? so I tried to catch the car from both way anyway any car --- my luck brought to deeper maramuresh, driver took to big wooden monastery of Brsana, but it's a bit too big? Oh, unesco heritage !? ,,in the big yard, a sister came to me and "Where do you want to go in here ?" and led me to entrance gate,,although big gate are open,,soon after I have known I can't sleep here I left there even without visiting church, then I hitchhiked to both way again,,
(,,to be continued)

mamaliga and carnati

Ushi , Marius, Marcala, Sorina (all photos by Alex)

(,,to be continued)

7, Jan
,,Continuing to send greeting to CSers in Belarus,Ukraine from 2 to 10am,,still couldn't finish it :(


This is the first moment of "meeting with ukulele in human history",,,oops,it's just in my history
as I imagined,it's so comfortable to play and bring and cuddle and so on.

mici  and  cartofi prajiti

(,,to be continued)

Much warmer weather with melting snow
,,,I don't like it, I would catch a cold.

Alex took us drive.
Artificial, nice lake.
.Vatra Dornei where I had given up to visit once :)



ciorba de fasole

(,,to be continued)


  1. Hi Ushi. I`m glad to see you made it to Baia Mare :D. I hope to read here all the details. Btw, your ukulele will be here until you leave Romania :), just in case.

    Marius (Bistrita)

  2. Thanks, I also hope to read here all the details, and Oh! I can play ukulele again there? Great :)

  3. Alex :Ushi, I sent to you the pics from Vicovu de Sus near Putna, Suceava , sorry for the delay, have a nice trip !!