So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jun 13, 2011


----If you can come to Thessaloniki till the end of  June, let's meet,,

13, Jun
----Thanks Spiros!
My mission in Greek trip was decided that "Hitchhike his car again in somewhere!?"

Yeah, it's been a long time since I met with Big city! center of Thessaloniki 18:30
,,,appearance of buildings reminded me Taiwan!?
Nice host, and nice boyfriend, nice evening seaside with many walking people. 
14, Jun
Many of great CS-hosts have no information in their profile.
Meeting with super-interesting student from Azerbaijan---who has no information on her profile.
15, Jun
everywhere everybody  doesn't work Today by strike, even water has stopped till noon!(No it's just some accident), even no internet!(No I clicked wrong space),,but stormy rain stopped people's demonstration in the city,,strike was striked? I'm also kind of in strike as inside house whole day,,
neighbour artist Alina from Romania visited with her soup but she asked me "Why don't you work job? What do you eat? Do you like such travel?" so I couldn't eat it soon,,
She showed me her all kinds of art, and many songs or culture of Greek,like How various and rich and interesting Greece is!,,I was impressed by them by Romanian.
16, Jun
Volha is student in Vilnius,we failed to meet there last year, then failed again in her hometown Minsk,,,finally we managed it in Greece.
I was tired but as long as next host in village can drive me,I left previous host after 9pm----Oh, beautiful night city lights from village----Finally almost finished sending CS-mail to Thessaloniki after 4am.Oh, What a beautiful morning birds'singing
17, Jun
got up afternoon. Everytime when host Annie calls me Ushi-Sushi I laugh its funny sounds,,,Although I always sign UShi-Sushi in e-mail,rare people calls me so.
On the village' road on the way of climbing up to mountain,a turtle was walking! Greece is big nature land. 
beautiful birds' twitter 5am.
18, Jun
village with good radio from France
Joined BBQ'evening (after 10pm of course),
host-family's friend's family's house in neighbour village but no electriccity,good.
I sang with guitar in darkness.
From 2am, I tried to search CS-hosts in greek islands,,,Oh, there so many hosts in many islands!? couldn't go to bed till 5:30am, then couldn't got to sleep by beautiful bird's concert :)
19, Jun
I sent CS-mail her last night 3am, she answered me 1:30pm as host's invite, but we could meet 24:00. 
20, Jun
"DO YOU WANT MORE VICTORY?" --- translate to greek, "Thessaloniki"
21, Jun
left host in Thessaloniki 4pm, hitchhike to Halkidiki, to middle of 3 legs(peninsula),
arrived host in village Vourvourou 11pm.
22, Jun
beautiful beach, but touristic place is not comfortable for me.
23, Jun
woke up 2pm, hitchhike from 7pm, Thessaloniki 9pm, then Moby.
24, Jun
woke up 1pm, got depressed 3pm under the strong sun, so I tried to sleep in host's nest again,again and again, it's not only because some hosts cancelled me or summer'Greece is not the place for me etc. but as long as the weather will become only hotter and people tend to go into vacation more,I don't think I can get along with Greece more,I don't need to stay here whole of this summer, now I just want to stop travel but it doesn't mean going back to Japan or else, it's same as when someone wants to stop living, it means to die, so in any case I will travel unless I decide to settle down somewhere. Anyway tonight's my host J will come back home 2 am, so I'm still waiting in previous host's home now 0 am.
25, Jun
,,,finally Ididn't move to next host J last night, called to say sorry in the morning but no connection, I repeated to sleep and wake up,,,finally I left 5pm.
26, Jun
Oh, thanks to read my blog instead of me.
But since  Halkidiki' trip I'm almost depressing.
Surfed non-Greek host, non CS-host.
27, Jun
.The price of stamp for sending post-mail is same to any country in the world !?
.J wrote me mail that wll come back from weekend's trip on Monday, but still no mobile connection,
so I tried visit but no, waited for hours but no.
.After Thessaloniki, I still haven't received any CS-host's invite, besides
one of answer-mails was very long with so many comments for my profile,,
it's always better than nothing to hear someone's opinion though,
he even got angry about some of my descriptions!? though,
he tries to take a risk to host me!?,,,no I won't go this time, I'm down now, no energy for it.
But I just can write as I think and as I want to write,,
28, Jun
.Someone CSer sent me interesting e-mail besides
she is fond of one of my descriptions in my profile, but
that's exactly what I was thinking to delete it lately.
I just write as i think and as i want to write,,
.It's not the first time though,
one of answer mail from CSer "OK, Let's meet when you have time etc,,"
,,,Yes I wrote "I came your city in this June, I will be in this country till August,,"
but it's last summer. 
. I was reading Iranian comic "PERSEPOLIS" with sitting by the street,
when it was about demonstration, real Greek demonstartion' procession passed by in front of me.
.As I eat only when someone offered me foods, sometimes I eat too much in a day but
unexpectedly fasting also happens sometimes, as CS-host doesn't need to offer foods and I don't ask it,
for these 4 days I'm eating once in a day, but I walked with luggage
from Alisttheles square till Kalamaria for sevaral km along the bay, because taking a bus costs,of course,
but it's nice to see the sea.
and even if cape? of Kalamaria was so far, I decided to imagine that
I traveled by walk from far country till here, it means that the cape is visible, just near here!?
maybe I was used to comfortable travel for long, since,,,I don't know when though.
usually travel consists of more undesirable affairs(at least in my travel), but I don't need any comfortable situation, just I want to live interesting life, always want to be in the middle of excitement, in any case.
but it always dissapointment comes when I expect much, so if I could keep the state of mind like
nothing expectations, I can always surprise and enjoy with excitement (actually it means that I'm expecting it,,)
actually I don't know what exactly I'm doing, but also I don't think I can't tell you How interesting I'm feeling?
but I'm trying to preach to myself that whatever hard or discouragement,all of my travel since I left Japan is still on the way of process of practice for the main subject of future African trip,so I will continue this.
(,,to be continued)
29, Jun
,,There's still no good answer from any city's CS-host in Greece,Where should I travel next? it's one of most my heaviest time about CSing but I still try to send e-mails to many cities, I don't want to go to Athens directly from here but no choice? but anyway I almost don't have passion for Greek travel anymore,,
after all, long CS-work today as well, leaving host's flat 9 pm, then to next host but neighbour,BUT
they invited me their sailing boat at the bay :)
Last time when I surfed boat was,,,March 2008 at the Blac Sea in Georgia.

(,,to be continued)
30, Jun
,,Host left from boat 12:30pm, but I stayed at the bay for reading Iranian comic till 7:30pm.
,,I was invited by CS-host to her Iranian friend's concert?,,Oh some Iranian guy sent me CS-request? even if totally copy & paste mail,,,Oh, now I'm in neighbour (of neighbour) of Iran! ,,Shall I go there?
. Finally my everyday's future CS-hosts' stock has finished, seems GAME OVER? but,
whether I try to think Going on Greek trip more in positive way or negative way,
anyway I can't find motivation for it,, such country was rare for me, a kind of crisis of my travel,,

(,,to be continued)
(or not continued,,)