So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Nov 26, 2011

,,I'm waiting for someone who can write this,instesd of me,,

27, Nov.

28, Nov.
29, Nov.
30, Nov.

1, Dec.
2, Dec.
3, Dec
4, Dec
5, Dec
6, Dec
7, Dec

to be continued,,

Nov 19, 2011

CSing in Tokyo,,,hosting ?!

,,,Ushi and Mammalica, concert in Nikko of Tochigi

→ → 3hours by train → →

USHI talk live about travel with singinginShinjuku of Tokyo

One of audience there kidnapped me and
"You can stay here for a while and Let`s host CS-guests together" ?!

20, Nov.
Since we met in Tunisia in 2008 and failed to meet again 2 imes (in Morocco and Spain),
finally I succeeded to meet again with my travel-master Miho,
I`m extremely glad..

21, Nov.
Night view from 25 stories of "Bunkyou-ward office"
,,,I could believe what I`m seeing only about 20-30 %,
totally artificial world without nature,,How could I live for 10 years such city?
I don`t think I can enjoy Tokyo again for long,,

22, Nov.
I don`t have any job and I want to get rest without doing something,,but ANYWAY I`ve been busy and messy sinceI got arrested in Croatia, No time to write blog :(((

,,to be continued

Nov 14, 2011

Tochigi again

,,Oh I already have forgotten English, and I'm still feeling incompatibility about food,,I'm not sure When I will write about the incident at Croatian border.

. Started dependent on home of Yama-chan and his parentts. in countryside of Tochigi-prefecture. Such nice natural air though,Fukushima is just neighbour prefecture.
.As I was working as nursing care service in Japan before travel, the family are expecting my help there, but seems they are done it well. Besides I'm eating here much, but can't sleep well because anxiety not about future,more about past. 
.I already got many invite of hosting from old friends in several different regions, so I shoul;d travel all of Japan with hitchhike and CSing? although so many CS-hosts' profile are showing "prefered gender of guest : female",,such phenomenon is only in Japan
.MAYBE my first (not music but) talk live will realize on this Saturday 19th,
in the event of traveler, even if my turn will be just for a short time.
And my music live also was decided to be done on this Thursday 17th, 
in front of Futaarasan-shrine of Utsunomiya, from 5 PM.
.So I and Yama-chan and Memminco suddenly started to practice my songs. 
.the family's dog is like a cat, insist to let her sleep nearby me or on me.

15, Nov.

16, Nov.
Kazumi Nikaidou

17, Nov.
.Finally I performed with band,
in front of Shinto-shrine in Utsunomiya city.

18, Nov.
.Finally I cook something recipe.
.Finally I surfed their couch of traditional Japanese house in countryside ;

,,to be continured,,

Nov 8, 2011


I will write here later, while I'm alive,,

14:00 at Narita airport,
meeting again with Yama-chan but his hippie clothes seems a traveler even more than me. He drove me but uncomfortable that cras are running left side on the road (it's Japan). So many Chinese-character is everywhere, like China!(it's Japan). In convenience store called "konbini", I had a little culture shock! the price of "bento" 398yen and "onigiri" 105yen or "kan-coffee" 120yen haven't changed yet at all ! ,,What a stable economy,, He welcomed me to Japan by Thai food restaurant, its friendly girl says Japan is OK but now Thailand is not OK by flood.
.Hitchhiker was standing on the road with white paper "TOKYO" ,Wao! besides he's a Japanese guy (I can't remember whether I have seen Japanese hitchhiker in Japan so far or not?) He was very polite as usual Japanese,but talkative,and insist strongly to drop him off at best point for him, and asked me not to write his real name to my blog as usual Japanese. Anyway Thanks for giving me feeling of travel on my 1st day of Japan.
19:00 Ootaku, Tokyo,
Finally I came back to the same apartment where I said goodbye to my sister's family and started this journey in summer of 2007 but, my sister opened the door as if we're not like that we haven't meeting for a long, like usual daily welcome,,,and we didn't hug as Japanese custom. And there was my niece whom I have been dreaming about for a long time, but we're Japanese,no hug.

9, Nov.
.I phoned to passport office in Tokyo, but "You might not able to normal passport that can travel freely anymore." Too much shocking, I nearly died,,,but then I've found it's about the term during depositting passoport to foreign ministry for 7 months.
.I'm not a smoker but the price of tobacco raised almost twice as much as when I was a smoker! 420yen (,,but it's still much cheaper than many western Europe).
.At Ginza (one of fascinating district of Tokyo), I've found a white woman who seemed to be getting lost with a map, so I talked and led her till the place but she was from Serbia! I was planning to go there after Croatia! I nearly began to weep, it was really Drago mi ye, Dobar dan!
.Since 2007,my possport have been always held with body except in shower time or swimming,but finally I gave the country it, or, I just have become "a traveler without passport", if I was OK not to feel "here is Japan"?!

10, Nov.
.Cleaning rooms with sister, making Japanese "curry rice" since 4 years ago.
.By exhausting from police and court incident, or 2-nights' flight, or culture shock in Japan, or sudden total change of foods? I don' know why but my health condition is bad,,of course.
.Trying to pull up yself to join CS-meeting tonight for make aquaintance as I can for my survival in Japan, but I can't leave my small nephew alone, so I haven't go out today eventually. Yes I'm more staying indoors person basically.

11, Nov.
I want to began next travel from neoghbour country,especially Russia. Information of Internet,,Oh,basically visa doesn't cost? but anyway invitation letter is necessary, so practically it costs as I don't have any chance to have someone who can make the letter except agency.
.Sakharin---visa is unnecessary but only by group tour of ferry round-trip, so practically it costs anyway. No CSers are there.
.Kuril islands---not impossible to travel by boat. But anyway I need Russian visa for it,and as it's unusual place for travel,so it costs. And by strategig position,Japanese goverment doesn't recommend to go there.If someone Japanese tourist had trouble there, Northern Territories dispute between Japan and Russia would become more difficult.
.Kamcyatka---there are airplanes from Moscow or other Russan cities but no route of car or train. It must be terrifically great nature trip but once Japanese photographer died there by brown bear's attack.
.North Korea---possible to enter by air or by train from China,but impossible indivisual travel.

12, Nov.
.Since I was deported by Crpatian border police and court, many people whom I don't know send me mail, mostly via CS. Thanks but How did they get to know me??
.8 month ago,when I inquired after my family or old friends who is living in Toohoku, they answered me it's alright except Nagai-san who was living 22km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, suddenly he and family were forced to become refugee. Today we could connect by phone, now he and his family are living near Sendai, I was relieved but he's still attending same job-place everyday,,How about radioactive on him??

.At Harajuku sation, accidntally I met again with French tourist who was next seat in my airplane!!

.I went to live-house to see band' performance of my old-mate Kishi but at the entrance,
I was asked to pay fee 3,000 yen, so I couldn't enter there.

13, Nov.
.I left my sister's home again. Yama-chan came again to drive me and carry many cardboard boxes of my old luggage called garbage, with Memminco,, so What for did I fly from Greece in August if I could meet her here!?
.We 3 visited to Taayan who actually changed my life in 1997 by opening the door of travel. She had one boy 4 yeas ago but now it multiplied to 3 boys. Her father-in-law wandered the world for 2 years in 60's,at that time Japanese government didn't allow the tourist to bring more than 500 dollars to abroad, and he was deported by some country!?
.While my mates were going to concert in Tachikawa, I went to cemetery in Takao (the same place as Shuuji Terayama was buried). Finally I met the gravestone of my most beloved person.
.I moved from Tokyo to countryside of Tochigi.

,,to be continued

Nov 6, 2011


I will write here, later,,

6, Nov.


7, Nov. all day in Abu Dhabi---

8, Nov. 12:50 Narita airport in JAPAN.