So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Dec 8, 2011

Finally I registered my address in Tochigi province ,,it means my identity of traveler has disappeared, so I won't write further blog anymore.

Nov 26, 2011

,,I'm waiting for someone who can write this,instesd of me,,

27, Nov.

28, Nov.
29, Nov.
30, Nov.

1, Dec.
2, Dec.
3, Dec
4, Dec
5, Dec
6, Dec
7, Dec

to be continued,,

Nov 19, 2011

CSing in Tokyo,,,hosting ?!

,,,Ushi and Mammalica, concert in Nikko of Tochigi

→ → 3hours by train → →

USHI talk live about travel with singinginShinjuku of Tokyo

One of audience there kidnapped me and
"You can stay here for a while and Let`s host CS-guests together" ?!

20, Nov.
Since we met in Tunisia in 2008 and failed to meet again 2 imes (in Morocco and Spain),
finally I succeeded to meet again with my travel-master Miho,
I`m extremely glad..

21, Nov.
Night view from 25 stories of "Bunkyou-ward office"
,,,I could believe what I`m seeing only about 20-30 %,
totally artificial world without nature,,How could I live for 10 years such city?
I don`t think I can enjoy Tokyo again for long,,

22, Nov.
I don`t have any job and I want to get rest without doing something,,but ANYWAY I`ve been busy and messy sinceI got arrested in Croatia, No time to write blog :(((

,,to be continued

Nov 14, 2011

Tochigi again

,,Oh I already have forgotten English, and I'm still feeling incompatibility about food,,I'm not sure When I will write about the incident at Croatian border.

. Started dependent on home of Yama-chan and his parentts. in countryside of Tochigi-prefecture. Such nice natural air though,Fukushima is just neighbour prefecture.
.As I was working as nursing care service in Japan before travel, the family are expecting my help there, but seems they are done it well. Besides I'm eating here much, but can't sleep well because anxiety not about future,more about past. 
.I already got many invite of hosting from old friends in several different regions, so I shoul;d travel all of Japan with hitchhike and CSing? although so many CS-hosts' profile are showing "prefered gender of guest : female",,such phenomenon is only in Japan
.MAYBE my first (not music but) talk live will realize on this Saturday 19th,
in the event of traveler, even if my turn will be just for a short time.
And my music live also was decided to be done on this Thursday 17th, 
in front of Futaarasan-shrine of Utsunomiya, from 5 PM.
.So I and Yama-chan and Memminco suddenly started to practice my songs. 
.the family's dog is like a cat, insist to let her sleep nearby me or on me.

15, Nov.

16, Nov.
Kazumi Nikaidou

17, Nov.
.Finally I performed with band,
in front of Shinto-shrine in Utsunomiya city.

18, Nov.
.Finally I cook something recipe.
.Finally I surfed their couch of traditional Japanese house in countryside ;

,,to be continured,,

Nov 8, 2011


I will write here later, while I'm alive,,

14:00 at Narita airport,
meeting again with Yama-chan but his hippie clothes seems a traveler even more than me. He drove me but uncomfortable that cras are running left side on the road (it's Japan). So many Chinese-character is everywhere, like China!(it's Japan). In convenience store called "konbini", I had a little culture shock! the price of "bento" 398yen and "onigiri" 105yen or "kan-coffee" 120yen haven't changed yet at all ! ,,What a stable economy,, He welcomed me to Japan by Thai food restaurant, its friendly girl says Japan is OK but now Thailand is not OK by flood.
.Hitchhiker was standing on the road with white paper "TOKYO" ,Wao! besides he's a Japanese guy (I can't remember whether I have seen Japanese hitchhiker in Japan so far or not?) He was very polite as usual Japanese,but talkative,and insist strongly to drop him off at best point for him, and asked me not to write his real name to my blog as usual Japanese. Anyway Thanks for giving me feeling of travel on my 1st day of Japan.
19:00 Ootaku, Tokyo,
Finally I came back to the same apartment where I said goodbye to my sister's family and started this journey in summer of 2007 but, my sister opened the door as if we're not like that we haven't meeting for a long, like usual daily welcome,,,and we didn't hug as Japanese custom. And there was my niece whom I have been dreaming about for a long time, but we're Japanese,no hug.

9, Nov.
.I phoned to passport office in Tokyo, but "You might not able to normal passport that can travel freely anymore." Too much shocking, I nearly died,,,but then I've found it's about the term during depositting passoport to foreign ministry for 7 months.
.I'm not a smoker but the price of tobacco raised almost twice as much as when I was a smoker! 420yen (,,but it's still much cheaper than many western Europe).
.At Ginza (one of fascinating district of Tokyo), I've found a white woman who seemed to be getting lost with a map, so I talked and led her till the place but she was from Serbia! I was planning to go there after Croatia! I nearly began to weep, it was really Drago mi ye, Dobar dan!
.Since 2007,my possport have been always held with body except in shower time or swimming,but finally I gave the country it, or, I just have become "a traveler without passport", if I was OK not to feel "here is Japan"?!

10, Nov.
.Cleaning rooms with sister, making Japanese "curry rice" since 4 years ago.
.By exhausting from police and court incident, or 2-nights' flight, or culture shock in Japan, or sudden total change of foods? I don' know why but my health condition is bad,,of course.
.Trying to pull up yself to join CS-meeting tonight for make aquaintance as I can for my survival in Japan, but I can't leave my small nephew alone, so I haven't go out today eventually. Yes I'm more staying indoors person basically.

11, Nov.
I want to began next travel from neoghbour country,especially Russia. Information of Internet,,Oh,basically visa doesn't cost? but anyway invitation letter is necessary, so practically it costs as I don't have any chance to have someone who can make the letter except agency.
.Sakharin---visa is unnecessary but only by group tour of ferry round-trip, so practically it costs anyway. No CSers are there.
.Kuril islands---not impossible to travel by boat. But anyway I need Russian visa for it,and as it's unusual place for travel,so it costs. And by strategig position,Japanese goverment doesn't recommend to go there.If someone Japanese tourist had trouble there, Northern Territories dispute between Japan and Russia would become more difficult.
.Kamcyatka---there are airplanes from Moscow or other Russan cities but no route of car or train. It must be terrifically great nature trip but once Japanese photographer died there by brown bear's attack.
.North Korea---possible to enter by air or by train from China,but impossible indivisual travel.

12, Nov.
.Since I was deported by Crpatian border police and court, many people whom I don't know send me mail, mostly via CS. Thanks but How did they get to know me??
.8 month ago,when I inquired after my family or old friends who is living in Toohoku, they answered me it's alright except Nagai-san who was living 22km from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, suddenly he and family were forced to become refugee. Today we could connect by phone, now he and his family are living near Sendai, I was relieved but he's still attending same job-place everyday,,How about radioactive on him??

.At Harajuku sation, accidntally I met again with French tourist who was next seat in my airplane!!

.I went to live-house to see band' performance of my old-mate Kishi but at the entrance,
I was asked to pay fee 3,000 yen, so I couldn't enter there.

13, Nov.
.I left my sister's home again. Yama-chan came again to drive me and carry many cardboard boxes of my old luggage called garbage, with Memminco,, so What for did I fly from Greece in August if I could meet her here!?
.We 3 visited to Taayan who actually changed my life in 1997 by opening the door of travel. She had one boy 4 yeas ago but now it multiplied to 3 boys. Her father-in-law wandered the world for 2 years in 60's,at that time Japanese government didn't allow the tourist to bring more than 500 dollars to abroad, and he was deported by some country!?
.While my mates were going to concert in Tachikawa, I went to cemetery in Takao (the same place as Shuuji Terayama was buried). Finally I met the gravestone of my most beloved person.
.I moved from Tokyo to countryside of Tochigi.

,,to be continued

Nov 6, 2011


I will write here, later,,

6, Nov.


7, Nov. all day in Abu Dhabi---

8, Nov. 12:50 Narita airport in JAPAN.

Oct 11, 2011

I slept on the street in Zagreb, 10 years ago.

.A driver whom I hitchhiked said "You sent me CS-mail" !?
.Finally I reached to ZAGREB !!
but it's eastern surburb, Sesvete.
---At Lebanese restaurant, CS-host introduced me to her friend but
the friend said "You sent me CS-mail" !?
12, Oct. Zagreb
.exploring Sesvete
.my luck carried me to dentist-host.
13, Oct. already leaving Zagreb
.since 2008,I have been living without treat my teeth problems, but
finally I started to treat them in Bergana of Slovenia! even if it's not in Slovenia.
It was the most excited incident,so I can't describe well, even if I can.
But meeting new people were continued unexpectedly,
besides CS-host is still everyday new,but I could fight my way through with smile
because I was exciting,,,
but  I couldn't be online for 2 nights.
14, Oct. Samobor---Zabok
Surely I started hitchhike from 8am from Zagreb but I couldn't catch a car all day,
I just walked over 10km,I was discouraged much by myself,
then in village Bistra,I borrowed phone from a family in house
to call to today's CS-host 20km far from there 8pm, but
a family invited me tea,then meal. a daughter and boyfriend were quite interesting,
family also welcomed me warmly, but why I didn't ask hosting?
then they offered me to drive till CS-host' town Zabok 10:30pm.
But host went to bed soon,and I couldn't use Internet because it's late time.
My exhausted body and mind was healed much village'family,then
suddenly I was forced sleep although I was exciting, so I got depressed totally.
15, Oct. Zabok
 I got up with dissapointment.
(,,to be continued)
16, Oct. Zabok
17, Oct. Zagreb
18, Oct. Zagreb
.Today's host's words after greeting was also "What are you doing in Croatia?"
!?,,but I don't ask Why did you invite me? or else.
19, Oct.
,,,I have meeting many people who is facing computer all the time by addiction of facebook,
but I haven't met someone who is facing computer all the time although don't use facebook like me.
Finally my host and me had almost no contact for 22 hours,I left there 3pm.
.I have taken radioactivity for photo of teeth in clinic though, I had to exchange money to Croatian kuuna
because I had not enough kuna, even if it's for having radioactivity!?
.Meeting Japanese someone sometimes maybe important for me,
to not forget that I'm slightly forgetting Japanese language,,
.Check CS-mail at McDonald, finally no one answered me about tonight, many CSers sent me mail "Welcome my place anytime" but without phone number, or with phone number but can't connect.
.At green park inside center of city, a guy and a girl were rounding and rounding, they taught me squat place,
Thanks for them and squat place!
.many youth were chilling in squat's bar, but I'm shy, and tired mentally, I don't want to admit that my travel is wasting time,because it's equal as my life is wasting? but can't help myself to admit it.
Back again to McDonald, I didn't want to make my Zagreb days for only e-mail, though, one after another some gladful mail came, someone from my 2008' memory, from 2010, even if it's from just last place from Zagreb but I feel it's a few month ago's memory,, Today I hadn't communicate with real people much though, eventually I was so encouraged by mails, people don't know How much traveler would be glad to recieve any message from old friends. ---written at MacDonald

20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 , 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, Oct. Zagreb
(,,to be continued)

31, Oct. Samobor
1,Nov. at Bregana, border of Slovenia, police arrested me..


Oct 1, 2011

I crossed the border to Bosnia

nice city with 3 rivers.
.my everyday' life is just light surface' talking endlessly?
.Shockingly impressive ballet-performance theater, I wouldn't be able to sleep from today,,
.rock festival but we missed main band, only a cheap band I dislike,
2, Oct. Sisak
.suddenly my CS-host took me to border of Bosnia!?
3, Oct. Dvor
4, Oct. Dvor
5, Oct. Dvor---Sisak
stuck in village suburb of Sisak,
after 9pm I gave up,
Mario was drunken but invited me but didn't host me,
slept putside, actually tried to sleep.
6, Oct.
a driver took me till Ivanic-Grad merrilly, his name was also Mario.
7, Oct. Ivanic-Grad
eat and sleep, and eat and sleep,,
8, Oct. Ivanic-Grad
eat and sleep, and eat,and sleep,,
9, Oct. Ivanic-Grad
I didn't care much when I was 33 as I didn't grew up with belief to Jesus,
but I care John Lennon's short life was only 40 years because I haven't done nothing yet,,
.Thanks CS'hosts for driving more than half of today's my trip,
then easy hitchhike,,it's not enough to feel that I traveled today.
.It's OK that CS-hosts drive me to hill in the night for drink for hours, disgusting situation is normal for me.
.As long as it's not written their address and "Which date is better to host me?"
I can't reply to CS'hosts' invite answer'mail, although I already have gotten many invites from Zagreb,
and also most remarkable interesting invite but "If you could come within 3 days"!?
,,CSing is always something trial for me, if I had spent time for 24 hours per day only for sending e-mails to organize it, I would surf to all of them in best order but,,
10, Oct. Svt.Ivan Zelina
Starting hitchhike 2:30pm would be late
---After only 1 car's ride,I was stuck in the country-road, I walked through some village---a woman got angury and cursed and kicked me out only she heard my word "tourist" !? but several houses
neighbour gave me chiken and bread---after it got dark very few trafiic, but as usual, soon after I had given up and determined to start knocking doors in village,a car drove me to
Marija Bistrija
why I came here,not only because I expected to stay in monastery but also my first CS-host in this year was in bistrica of Romania.
---but anyway it was impossible to stay in monastery,
8pm but ghost town, I changed my mind to continue to hitchhike to my CS-host in Zagreb, but anyway almost no traffic, changed mind again to knock on doors,,but houses' lights are already were turned down,,,
(to be continued)

Sep 18, 2011

in every city, library let me use Internet,Thanks

---when I was about to leave, Mirela finished to prepare big gorgeous lunch, so I was 15-minutes' late to meeting of 2pm with Katarina who could drive me till Vukovar, she had already gone there, walked till far point of hitchhike---
---so I arrived Vukovar over 1 hour late to meeting of 3pm with a CSer---
---I had no enough motivation for visiting more eastern town and knocking doors,so I hictthiked to Osijek from sunset time after 7pm---every driver dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, many times I almost determined mind to sleep on the grass. Really I felt I'm wasting my time like my favorite Greek CS-host Vasiliki asked me. A driver stopped in darkness and asked me just "country? (your) country?" then gone.---
---10:30pm to edge if Osijek, 0:30am to Mirela's house. I got into slump, I imagined to stop travel and visit Japan or elsewhere,,although I'm not interested in it,,

19, Sep. Osijek
Finally rain fall down.

20, Sep. Osiek
.Writing postcard in library, Sorry friendly reception-guy to let him worry me by asking couch.
.Glad meet with Karla again,she invited me to lunch.memorable taste of pashutashuta,and memorable her story "there are many baby-birth at the same time as my son,and they are telling me often something will happen our world."
.Rainy, and late start to hitchhike to Vincovci---only some km till suburb village Burjest,then got to dark. motivation was low, and I wanted to join yoga lesson again even if I don't have host in Osijek anymore, so I tried to hitchhike both way to Vincovci and back to Osijek---a man appeared from the house behind my standing point and rode a car "Can you drive me till Osijek?" "OK, but where will you stay tonight?" "I don't know. " "OK, I will call ask to my friends."---

21, Sep. Osiek
Thanks McDnald for so many days.
From 1pm, at he same point hitchhike again,
 a driver picked me up and said ",,,Are you Ushi?" !?
to CS-host at village Jarmina near Vincovci.

22, Sep. Vinkovci
nice town, nice small central park,but What a  nasty eyes the school-girl throw me?
---back to Osijek by Tomislav's drive,
surfed him again,Osijek again and again.

23, Sep.
go to Dakovo without host---
---in the village, an old guy with liquor talked to me so we chatted for quite a while even if I couldn't understand him nothing.
---Peter picked me up and invited me to his house gladly, he is woodencut artist by heatcutter. His wife and he talked with me much,although they spoke by German, mine was English,something advanced conversation.
His wife made simple meat-sauced pasta but its taste amazed me.
Peter drove me till Dakovo and "you can stay Dakovo or his house(?) for 1 month."!?
.Cathedral of Dakovo is just amazingly gigantic,although it's a small city. You can see it by Google photo or else but you can't feel how magnificent.
---On the map,I've found a village called "music", so I decided to try to go there even if its pronounce is not same as English' "music"---but it was sunset time, soon I gave up hitchhike.
---after 8pm, started asking people for hosting.
first one "But I'm also tourist here."
second one "OK, to my house" !?!?

24, Sep.
I know my formula that
when I gave up hitchhike, someone would pick me up.
Today also I was stuck on the road of village until it gets dark but
when I began to think about to sleep somewhere in village, someone drove me till
Slavonski Brod.

25, Sep Slavonski Brod
.Soon after I woke up after 12:00 noon, big lunch of meat by Katarina's father has started.
.Sava river is wide like as Drava, walking riverside in golden sunset hour is always my favorite.
It has been 1 month since I entered to Croatia, but the border bridge between Bosnia is just in the city,
so if I wanted, I can leave Croatia anytime from here.

26, Sep. Slavonski Brod
.It has been 50 months since I started travel.
Sava riverside' view is really nice, library is wide and nice but Internet costs a lot, I left the city.
---Pozega at 5pm, no connection with CSer who wants meet me but can't host.
strolling around small river and railway bridge,,,there's green hill over city,,I think every Croatian city is nice.
.Internet is free in library, but it's after 6:30pm already sunset, accidentally I remembered the existence of
"Hospitality Club",,Oh,there's a profile of member not in Pozega but in the town 15km far with phone number, I asked librarian to lend me phone and show the number but she said
",,Oh, it's my friend !" ?!

 27, Sep. Pozega
---9am in the central square "Excuse me, Are you Ushi ?"
then interview with local-news journalist was done, then after an hour I separated him,
the article was already published to here :
librarian Irena guided me nice old building's library nearby hill of "old city",
I continued Internet job till 4pm,,
(to be continued)

28, Sep.Pakrac
Now it's afternoon though,I still haven't decided yet where am I going to go today, as usual,,
I've found HC host again, in Bjelovar.
(to be continued)

29, Sep. Bjelovar
too slow Internt in whole of morning,,
I couldn't leave Bjelovar today.
too slow Internt for 3 hours in in midnight
(to be continued)

30, Sep. try to go to Sisak,,
(to be continued)

Sep 1, 2011

CS again

1, Sep.
(,,a sequal)
.Feet bathing at Drava river in Donja Dubrava, it's edge of Medimurje,
Oh I wanted to be this county more! but CS-host couple are waiting for me,
it's been 12 days since I separate from CS-hosts, it's rare.
---by "very welcome Japanese friend!" trcuk driver, arrived hosts's house in
Renaissance festival

.Very very very interesting and inspirational couple,
but mmm something "official" feeling of visiting to CSer since 12 days' blank,
and still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.

2, Sep. Koprivnica
.1 year passed since I entered my favorite Transnistria.
.My travel's 1500th day,,,but
even if I counted all of days of my travel included last one ('00-'01),
it's still only 13% of my whole life,,,Why didn'I start travel soon after when I was born?!
.Hosts' next guest didn't appeared, so I stayed one more night,,

3, Sep. Koprivnica
Yeah, it's like watching shooting of the movie Lord of the Rings :)
(,,,photos' update will come soon,,)
.another CS-host here didn't answered me,after all even more night,,

4, Sep. Koprivnica
.It's been for a while since last time I stayed for 3 days in same host,so I feel dull to move
but I can't extend it anymore,and I should explore next somewhere even without next CS-host,
I left host in afternoon,,,but only after few hundreds meter, stopped and stayed at the bench for hours with sun-tanning,,then travel to nowhere,already it's almost sunset time though.
.a car drove me around 10km to village Plavsinac,soon I asked people near the house along road,
a Gypsy woman asked me cigarette and 2 girls without English speaking accepted? invited? me to the chair at backyrad of house,there are many children,they asked me money and I refused, girls phoned to their father about me but the answer was No, so I stood up but they stopped me nad offered me not only water but friedfish and bread so I started to eat with neglecting children's asking money and a woman's asking cigarette but they asked me to show inside my shoulder bag persistently so I finally left befiore I finished to eat,with refusing their asking money for food. ,,,I can't forget a woman's strongly straight gaze' eyes to me without nothing wall toward foreigner,with giving baby milk without nothing shyness of exposing her breast,,but but perhaps I might be wanting to meet such "pure" eyes even if it's not pleasant one,,
Anyway I failed to surf to Gypsy people again, everytime it ends up like today's case,I haven't succeeded it so far,,perhaps it's one of my missions??

.Few houses without street-lights with slight smell of domestic animals in the middle of countryside. For them, Chinese(actually Japanese)traveller's sudden appearance at the door may be frightening though, their way of refusal were rather polite and calm, it's also different from Greece.
.The edge of row of houses in nice small (private?)forest, there's nothing but just fields after there,until next town of few km further, a girl received my asking by sincere way but then she got answer from her parents No because she's not living alone, besides there's her small daughter---after her fiance came, subject was changed by them like "but Croatia is not friendly to your travel, capital Zagreb has even racist group,," I said "but we don't meet such people everzday." they agreed. I surpressed to speak too much, because mostly general subject or opinion are not wrong but just it doesn't suit on me, and I will continue to answer to people's asking ",,but you can't travel without money, How can?" no matter how many times more.
.It's same I don't have host in anywhere, so I asked fiance to drive me till his home, Bjelovar.
He seemed to excite to meet me and told me about his life,Croatian life, with trying to remember some English words with night driving, I just concentrated to help him for both.
Bjelovar around 11pm, the roads of center of city are shape of cross stripes,quit tidy, he suggested me to sleep "the winner of most beautiful city park prize" central park. Thanks,Yes, I slept at the bench og there.

5, Sep
.At Bjelovar' library.
.My favorite Finnish CSer who goes to Albania sometimes and wanted to meet me there,
sent me mail from Kosovo to meet me. But I wouldn't be there within 10days,,
.free Internet in library,,,,
.Every time when I have occasion to be able to be online for long hours, I want to reply hundreds of pending e-mails finally, but I watched youtube 0-4am about Japanese top comedian Shinsuke Shimada who resigned lately suddenly by scandal.

6, Sep
,,It's still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.
.Every time when I have chance to beable to be online for long hours, I want to write my "almost pending" blog as I can, but I watched youtube till 5am about Japanese king comedian Beat Takeshi (later he became famous in the world as film director Takeshi Kitano).

7, Sep
hitchhike to Osijek
Someone asked me How many time had you have sex in travel?
Thanks Ivan to invite me to your house.
Thanks Darko

8, Sep
,,It's still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.
.Oh, computer for free Interenet in MacDonald here again! even 2 computers!,,maybe 10 of them in Zagreb' MacDonald??
.Someone asked me How many time had you have sex in travel? ,,again?

 9, Sep
.At MacDonald
My favorite Ukrainian CSer sent me mail to meet me in Montenegro,but I would go there after several months more,,
.Beli Manastir, very near Hungarian border.
fish and stew festival,,,since I came to Croatia, festival everywhere?

10, Sep
.my host said it's a dead city. nice green path near old town Tvrda but nobody there in the afternoon. host says it's so hot but I wear summer sweater,it's comfortable weather for me,I just hope the temperature won't going down fast, Greek summer is already far memory. I slept under the big tree near river. People are swimming! but I felt I don't envy them much,Greek summer is already far. I remembered the river of Tiraspol,it was just a year ago.You are there now?or the sea?anyway you say you can wait for me to meet again even in years,thanks but I'm not for sure when I really can,,  Then a CSer of here sent me "we can go  swimming in river today?"without phone number,,thanks.

11, Sep. Osijek
Thanks MacDonald's stuffs for never talking to me although I was on the chair of Internet 11am-3pm.

12, Sep. Osijek
.I visited to today's CS-host 8am, then we continued to chat in house till night.

13,Sep. Osijek
.Joining practice of Yoga was first time in my life maybe.

14,Sep. OSijek
.It's still summer here, so I went to "beach" of Drava riverside to swim,,,No I couldn't because of huge differnce between its dirty stream and Greek sea,,pity,,

15,Sep. Osijek
.disgusting e-mail from
"Hi Ushi, You haven't been to Facebook for a few days." ,,,So What??
.Oh I remember I had another blog account, but I've forgotten its password.

16,Sep. Osijek
host took me camping to Drava riverside in countryside, we grilled squid under moonshine,
singing of many kinds of animals,,

17,Sep. Osijek
.trip to countryside in Banja, was invited to camping there,but I have to go back to Osijek
for my CS-host's party although no one CSer answered me my invitation mail for it,,
(,,to be continued)

Aug 26, 2011

Medimurje is nice

26, Aug
---Woke up by cold of early morning, forest was covered by mist, my luggage were wet,,,different from tropical Greece. Soon sunlight began to cover the air, very small traffic, a police car stopped and asked me brief questions politely, wrote down my passport info. friendlily, even shook hands and "nice to meet you,good luck!"?
.It took time for hours till someone picked me up,but it's alright I've already done my mission of "Get out of Shengen",I can stay in Croatia maximum for 90days. And I don't have any secure CS-host here yet, just try to go to festival, although I don't need it or something special event actually,as everyday something small incidents happens on travel.
. Trakoscan castle  ,,,very peaceful with calm lake but, I'm afraid I wouldn't remember here exactly for long, as I don't have camera and as I've been meeting many similar nice places so far,,
.small city (town?) Ivanec, at noon. Too hot, temperature is same as Greece? but the sea is far, no way to escape so that even more I feel hot.
.In hot afternoon, arrived to center(old city) of Varazdin, but shops were taking siesta,,No they're all open, there's no siesta culture here.
.I deposited luggage at somewhere underconstructional house's site, since hot summer's Greek trip sometimes I do it,,sooner or later I will be stolen?? Lots of people are in festival, so that somehow there's no shortage of my foods,,,and Oh, there's screen and keyboard for free Internet in MacDonald! but still no good answer from CS, only one in neighbor city Cakovec like"I would like so much to host you!,,,I will try to arrange,,,I will get back to you,,," without writing mobile number,,(finally there was no next answer from same one anymore. Why people say "I will" the break promise?? It's much better to say ""maybe" or "might be" than it.) 
.I slept at my luggage's deposit site, on the wooden stand, under the sky.

27, Aug
.Going for a walk from 6am because woke uo by cold,but already old town were cleaned up by shop owners, but rampart hill around castle was full of trashes,,,drunken people in the evening are normal,OK but it's almost,,,"trash festival"!?
.At post office from10am till 2pm for writing postcards that I couldn't finish even I already put Greek stamp,and send them to George in Crete to ask him to post them to Greek post office. Then participating with fest like yesterday without money, often check mail at MacDonald with slight hope to wait next answer from a CS-host in Cakovec, without buying nothing.
.A guy with magic bar for miracle(?) were sitting at the corner and enjoying observing faces of passing crowded people.  He reminds me of one of old people whom I was taking care of as my job in Japan, asked how about my traveling although he already knew it, gave me tips that Croatian bakery usually gives us yesterday's bread for free, and has unique instruments of "magnetic wind" same as I've seen from stroyteller I've met in village festival in Greece. His travo your soulmate is also impressive, finds various worth things by talking to many people friendlily, gave me something to eat but toward my words of Thank, he said "No,not to me, Thank to your exitence."
.Why is MacDonald so popular? it's too crowded in the evening but I have done CSing work,and finally I updated reference for E to negative.
,,,after all, I slept at same place as last night but in the earthen pipe,first time in my life,like one of my characters in my favorite Japanese comic(it was much more bigger earthen pipe though) ,,but it was shorter than my tall so I woke up by cold in very early morning, and checked old city again How "trash festival" it is?

28, Aug
Thanks for MacDonald for ignoring me to use Internet for long hours till today.
In afternoon finally move to Cakovec,,,but small city in Sunday afternoon was dead city (like Chirpan of Bulgaria), everybody answers me "no place for Interenet,," Just one pleasant meeting on the street with British Lindsay (she had lived here 6 years ago and now living in England with Croatian boyfriend from here).
OK,try to walk to surburb to hitchhike and move to somewhere village actually nowhere to aim at though,with knocking doors and with being declined it,,,(bakery gave me yesterday's "old" bread) but couldn't catch a car till getting dark, Oh I'm so haphazard and too optimistic? although I was so tired by sleeping under the sky for 3 nights (4th night will be exhausting beyond imagination), maybe I was still in fresh excitement of trip without CSing since making a flight? I should give up to move somewhere nowhere and should knock doors this region BUT
"USHIIIIII !" ?!? Who is calling my name?! (equal as Who can know me here?!)
(,,to be continued)

29, Aug
---checked out at its maximum time 2pm.
Inside library, I met nice girl Gabriela who is from village and plans to become journalist, tried to ask about hosting to both her and boyfriend Golan, left there 7 PM of closing time.
.Hitchhike to north till Slovenian border town Mursko Sredisce, but my intuition said it's still a bit bigger place to find host, so I didn't get out there and went to village Zabnik (near Sveti Martin na Muri). It's already sunset time, I started "my job" knocking doors to all houses where I found someone there.  Actually the first house was under construction but just I tried to ask to whom were painting its wall,as nobody knows who brings me something good news at least,,,then after around 15 houses I visited (some of them said "no,I don't have money" ??),when a boy suggested me to go and ask to the village bar, a car came and stopped and told a boy something,,,
(,,to be continued)

30, Aug
.Mura river (from Maribor :) has grand grace stream with having thriving green trees densely along both side that leaves are approaching surface of water.
.In neighbour village Marof, visited private ethnographic museum of Mr.Stanko
,,,I wanted to surf his couch
(,,to be continued)
.Small exploring in wineyard hill reguin in Medimurje county by bike, nice people in many wineyard or corn fields or apple or else,,
in western town Strigova almost Slovenian border, meeting with local people at bar KULT, Thanks English speaker Damiel and mates with Croatian wine mixed water " " .
.18:30 move to border town Mursko Sredisce,
now I'm writing this by free Internet at OniX bar, thanks! ,,then started to knock and ask from dark 20:00.
(,,to be continued)
many students gathered to me
(,,to be continued)

31, Aug
."hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare,,,"
.10:30 OniX bar again, updating negative reference with hoping never again,,took time for hours :(
.14:30 Back to Cakovec but library was already closed, so I hitchhiked to east,
Thanks refreshing heavymetal guy by sportscar,even if I hadn't seen his eyes behind sunglasses.
.Sun-tanning nakedly on breakwater at reservoir of Drava river "Jezero HE Donja Dubrava" near Prelog, I miss swimming days in Greece, now here is enough temperature but a bit dirty,,
.Do my own job of hitchhike, and even while drivers are parking somewhere village on the way and doing some their job I do my another job of asking people for hosting, even if the family were fluent English speaker but just moved from Holland and luckof space for me by under construction.
I've choosen place to stay for tonight just its name, the village "Sveta Marija"
(usuless info. Sveta means "holy" by Croatian,but "slut" by Japanese).
Many people refused me before I asked,on the other hand,some people tried to think somewhere or somebody. Already dark and a dog was balking me but I don't hesitate to enter inside gate (surely I changed from my past that too coward toward dogs) have small kids so the mother answered me she can't,but
(,,to be continued)

1, Sep
Thanks Lily and Goran and family.
.negative e-mail from E again, but what I can do is just don't care and leave it.
.goodby Sveta Marija, sunny blue sky with green and clean river, a guy Joe talked to me, I was introducing myself by strange my own Russian as usual,then suddenly he began to speak by English. He traveled in Iran by bike,nice. We walked for a bit silently,then after we shaked hands and said bye, "Do you fuck with bitch?" I said "mmm,No." then he "I did in Istanbul by 50 euro,,,Serbia or Bulgaria were also good" ,,,Thanks for useful? info. in the idyllic countryside.
(,,to be continued)

Aug 22, 2011

Munich aiport has many Couches

It's been 10 years since I came to Munich
,,slept in airport, Muslim' prayer space
(,,to be continued)

23, Aug
Hitichhike to Maribor of Slovenia.
Meminco will stay there till 26th morning and fly back to Japan,
my Shengen'deadline is 25th,
so anyway I wanted to reach there till 24th'evening and leave to Croatia(out of Shengen) on 25th,
if I arrived there on 25th we won't have time to spend together. 
(My plan was Munich---Salzburg---Gratz'---Maribor)
.8am started at the airport, luckily soon 2 young guys picked me up to the city, I wanted to avoid to enter inside million city,but they passed by intersection to Salzburg with some reason? anyway they're local guys,would be OK. then after went out from highway "Go straight ahead and take a southern highway,it's the way to Salzburg, Bye!" Thanks but small hotel's old woman showed me map, I was in opposite side from south in million city, I had to go through center of city for 10km (but of course I don't take a bus or metro in such high price country, so that walking is hard)or back to highway and take big big detour of ring road round city,Oh No!
.Anyway take a breakfast in the green park,people are enjoying cycling or walking with children,,surely I had been to somewhere beautiful big green park in Munich in 2001,,Oh it's a pity that I have to hurry up now! and Creten honey is so sweet but Creten bread is too hard to bite and chew.
.It was my exit of highway but now it became entrance, but almost of cars were heading to straight,Stuttgult, rarely turns right to the opposite side of city. Almost noon, keeping thumbs up under the strong sun like Greece,, Oh I nearly fainted, not usual on me.
.super open car picked me up to ring road, I said feels like I'm on Japanese super express maximum 250 km per hour, so he flew by 260km per hour,,,then dropped me off in parking,not many car come.
.Next car also took me to next parking but even more smaller,more worse.
---Finally I went out from ring road of Munich highway, at gas station around 6pm.
.Then typical German girl (of my prejudice) girl drove me with sometimes'pleasant talk but not too funny(my prejudice) till entrance of highway of small city Raubling? --- then entrance of small village--- then 8th car dropped me off small traffic' entrance,,,it's already getting dark,but still inside Germany,I nearly determined my mind to sleep on fields and gave up to reach to Maribor till tomorrow.
Tried to stand inside highway (is prohibited)with a bit desperate heart BUT,
(It always happens when I gave up)
a car stopped by hard brake like a comic,"Hello,I'm going to go to southern Austria." Oh!
.German student Christoph reminds me of my travel-master Masszuu who was my host of this journey's very first night (in Japan, 2007) and succeeded to meet with me in Morocco(2008),,Oh in these 4 years I took a flight only twice but both time were to meet with old friend.
Unexpectedly I could progress till near Slovenian border but it's a bit pity that already it's dark so we couldn't see Austrian mountain (near Alps?) instead, I had a exciting super high speed driving with stars because the highway of both Germany and Austria are much developed than Greece and people normally drive very faster than Greece, honestly I had been scared and hoping speed down,but at the same time I felt That's the real thrill of travel, some people ask me When will you finish travel? but How can I think it!?!?
.His destination was near Villach,near border of Slovenia and Italy,(so Gratz is far but Ljubljana is closer,I can go to Maribor anyway), took me to entrance of another highway. He repeated "Sorry,I couldn't offer you place to sleep,it's not perfect." but for me, perfect would be not perfect,maybe. "I have place for you in Stuttgult!" OK I would go there really :)     
It was the area just for car traffic'intersection, nothing there except road. I slept on meadow---then woke up by cold of early morning (as I expected),changed the place to someone's car that window was broken(by thief?) and door was opened.

Woke up by morning'traffic' noise.
Hitchhike again. It's a bit different from Greek people (of scaring face) but most of people ignores me, seems trying to ignore.
.Luckily a elder couple who are heading to near Vienna picked me up, they will go through Gratz (OK change the route again),but then unluckily soon they went out highway and dropped me off(??) and "Go straight ahead, over 5km there's entrance of highway to Gratz."(??) What did you mean?? I didn't get it but anyway breakfast in green park, it's a pity that I have to hurry up now! and Creten bread is too hard to bit and chew,,,Is it same blog as yesterday's morning??
---Like yesterday's morning, I thought the 1st car took me to wrong direction,I went back to the exit/entrance of highway to go to Gratz but unluckily narrow space,difficult to stop the car, so I tried to go opposite way's entrance that 5km far,but luckily an old guy taught me there's a intersection to go to Slovenian'border ",,but Have you swam in our sea?" He meant the lake near this city Klagenfurt,Oh what a pity I'm in hurry!
.Oh, it's written SLO and Ljubljana! then someone's grandfather(image) piced me up and we confirmed where we will go by German,although I can speak German nothing. ---What a beautiful scenery of green fields and trees, like the scene of Japanese animation "the world's masterpiece theater"series that I grew up by it. Since Germany, forests or mountains are so fascinating vividly, different kind of beauty from Greece because here has much rain. For a while we drove then he dropped me off in the middle of countryside, he said not to way to Ljubljana but got my goal Maribor I think, so ideally I'm in between these2 cities but anyway it's still in Austrian side,I hope the sigh on the road "Lavamund 15km" is border city---
---It is! German tourist Sascha who was heading to Maribor crossed the border with me and said "more 50km around." The good thing is that German people's "50km around" means almost 50km,reliable about correctness of number, I don't say which nation's people are not reliable though. and although he said he's not in hurry, he checked the watch very often,,it's also because of German?
From Davograd till Maribor,the route along Drava river was also veriiiii naaaaice. He suggested me to go to Slovenian mountains (pity no time!), his ex-girlfriend was Romanian so he agreed with good and bad things of my favorite Romanain trip."and my another favorite EU is Lithuania." but no mountain country is not for me,my favorite EU is Slovakia." Oh I've never been there :) He even invited me to his couch in his city Dresden(Oh I've never been there :) around 1pm, finally we arrived and he left quite soon after I dropped off although he said he has time,,,I wonder I will visit him in Dresden in future??
.Anywyay finally I got back to Maribor since 2001!
nice clean central square! but it's too hot and strong sun like Greece!?
friendly student led me to Internet cafe, and cafe was also friendly to let me check e-mail for free (I hadn't wriiten down Meminco's hosts' number or address),I wrote her mail "I want to reach to you on 23th, but might be on 24th?" so she worried last night and sent me mail, but it's my character, although I was irritating by long waiting hitchhike till then, after I reached to "her city" I can't call to her immediately by shyness (and want to enjoy this specific feeling that not often occurs), so I took a walk till her host's home, Oh friendly 20 euro bill was on the road to be picked by me,lucky! but Memminco was not at home, although I shouted her name to her apartment building.
,,,,,But I don't write from here because I don't have energy to write about her and our memories since we met in 1991, it would be demended to make one more another blog page :p 
it's been 10 years since I came to Maribor of Slovenia and met with (Meminco's soulmate)
puppet artist Darka.
(,,to be continued)

25, Aug
Before I fly, Nothing I could prepare for my CSing after I moved to Croatia but,
GO OUT from Shengen till 24:00! hopefully,,
as I expected, my starting was late BUT
 Darka's aunt who was visiting her offered me driving BUT
before that,she took me to her own Maribor's short sightseeing drive,
so soon after we arrived at highway it got dark.
.Every stopped car tells me I'm gonna go to another direction from intersection 5km further.
One of them told me No here is wrong point to go to Croatia, you should go back to center and go another entrance of highway,,Oh what am I gonna to do!? I don't have much time to walk and change the point,and if here was better than there,,? but next stopped car told me Here IS right point!
then 24 hours'shift guardman Alan who is heading to Pulj took me until border, maybe the radio that was reporting Maribor's football team is wiining the game with Scottland at the moment let him help me more trhan enough? anyway Thank you!!
.Border officers gave me a stump even not check the date I entered to Shengen,,,
after walked less than 1 km, border officers seemed to suspect me a bit at the first,but anyway I entered
.It was around 11pm or later, I walked till village nearby border and highway,after several houses, only road and woods in darkness, no traffic, there's sign of "Beware of deer's crossing", yes surely there's something sound from wood. Even of it's late hour I could knock doors but I couldn't help myself to indulge myself in satisfaction about travel since Munich,,,so I slept just on the street.
,,,Oh, in these 5 days I've been sleeping in different countries every night.

Aug 14, 2011


---After all, there was nothing encounter with someone in my RARE ferry trip but it's OK.
6:30 AM ferry arrived at Kissamos' port,
it's sunrise time and calm deserted but beautiful view between 2 of peninsula's mountains' view. 
soon I jumped into the sea impulsively,,the best swimming I ever had, almost ecstasy.
No particular plan to go, anyway try to go to nearer popular old city Chania by hitchhike,
then,,,after all I couldn't move out from Chania whole day.
Depositting heavy luggage under someone's caravan car, finding fresh food from trash can, swimming in beach under cafe street with shower, Internet for a bit in Internet cafe,,somehow everything was free. But finally I missed 2 of meetings with CSers there, and finally I found there wouldn't be Going back to Thessaloniki (it means I don't need to persist to go to Macedonia or Albania next.Should I try to meet with friend who is traveling in Slovenia now?) and couldn't connect international call by street phonebox,,in vain but strolling alone till 2 AM in extremely crowded center of Chania like whole of town is in big party (yes it's highest peak days of people's vacation),it's something another world from me---then slept on the bench at the street even the amount of walker's traffic is big.
15, Aug
Sorry I've forgotten to pray silently at noon for commemoration of the end of the war in Japan,,but Japan and here has 6 hours' difference in time,so,,,
---Through so high mountains, I reached to southern coast of Crete, Hora Sfakion. "the most southern land of Europe"Gavdos island is lying down over the sea visibley, and more further is invisibly but Libya!? I was moved by its fact with swimming in emerald "Libyan sea",but it's very small very crowded beach,so I continued hitchhike along southern coast,,,NO, couldn't continue it because no car stopped under strong sun for over 3 hours,,I dragged my body and luggage on uphill road without shade for a few km,,then a car who are heading to northern coast piched me up,so I cancelled my ideal trip and went to CS-host's city Rethymno
(,,to be continued)
16, Aug
,,,actually it's near Rethymno, village Gallou,,,? How many Greek villages I could stay by CSing so far??
but I haven't succeeded knocking doors in Greece.
---before I write mail to M about possibilty of how we meet through Italy,she sent me "this time I won't try,,"
---Today I got rest in host's house till 5pm but when I have Internet it still take for long hours only to reply e-mails,then I got tired before I do what I wanted to,,
Rethymno city's looong looong beach, not so beautiful compare to other Greek beaches but anyway I swam, lately I'm usually wearing bathing pants anytime.
Again! 2 of Rethymno' CSers who wrote me mobile number for meeing, I couldn't connect with them.
(,,to be continued)
17, Aug
.Last night I sent mail to M about meeting,then this morning she sent me "maybe we can?" 
.Only 9 days are left until expiring date of my Greece trip!
but I still try to explore southern Crete by hitchhike (IF YOU READ THIS,PLEASE FLY TO CRETE SOON WITH YOUR CAR FOR PICKING ME UP,OK??)
(,,to be continued)
18, Aug
.Thanks priest and wife for hosting me!
Many cicadas were crying like bursting, he "Oh, beautiful nature music!"
,,Oh I remember that in my only few times of CSing without in Greece,
2 of them were by priest's family has many daughters.
.My Crete trip is going on but I have to go out Greece within a week besides,
before that I hope to meet with M who is in Slovenia now,,,sounds mission impossible,,
(,,to be continued)
19, Aug
.Thanks Olya from Moscow!
.I reached to capital of Crete, Iraklio.
(,,to be continued)
20, Aug
.from 19:00 hitchhike, walked on highway in darkness or through village, finally reached to center of Chersonissos 22:30, then I phoned to CS-host but,
"Now I came to Romania" ?!?!?!
,,,slept in couch but in closed cafe nearby sea,,
(,,to be continued)
Now I'm writing this at Taverna at the beach near Ierapetra,
over this sea is,,,Libya !!
(,,to be continued)
22, Aug
After all, I haven't take photos in Crete or Peloponnese,,,
On the way of driving on my favorite northern coast route around Agios Nikolas,
Georgio said "You haven't seen village' life, You missed to visit festival, so you haven't geeting to know nothing about Crete." Yes, so I must come back again?? and "I'm always thinking that When we travel to somewhere,the best way is falling down to the top of mountain by parachute, then visit to villages to see real culture, before go to cities."
(,,to be continued)
.By success of hitchhike, I arrived airport more than an hour before starting check-in, it's exceptionall in my life---but while I'm writing postcards, time flies,all of passengers had already finished boarding, I was told Hurry hurry! at the counter and was the last one to board, as usual in my life. 

(,,to be continued)

Jul 25, 2011


I still haven't written Athens' CSer's references and Athens' blog,
and less hosts in Peloponnese but strat trip.

metro 1.4 euro!? but I had no time and no choice,,
Thanks Merlene and family to drive me till Kiato!
(,,to be continued)
 26, Jul, my 4th "birthday"
,,I think here is best beach in my Greek trip.
and host(mother and son) are best cook in my Greek trip.
(,,to be continued)
27, Jul
trip yo monastery of Feneos.
Kiato's beach,,,I think the best in my life.
(,,to be continued)
28, Jul
host started to drive to Athens 7am, dropped me off intersection 7:30am,
Albanian driver picked me up till Nafplio 9am
,,,appointed time with host here is 3pm OF TOMORROW,,,I still have 30hours here.
biblioteka didn't lend me Internet. Internet cafe costs 2 euro/hour,,,4 times expensive than Rony's shop!?
So somehow I could separate from being online, and remember wild sense of travel even for a bit,
slept on the beach,,
(,,to be continued)
29, 30, Jul
CS-host is hosting me on the beach
(,,to be continued)
31, Jul
Hitchhike is like my job.
"Honey festival" in the village along the sea, it's in the school's ground,
I joined it even people's chatting after finished it,
I hadn't asked them hosting eagerly but they suggested me to sleep there,under the sky,
and said ""
Greek hos hospitality with smile,,
(,,to be continued)
1, August
from monastery hanging on cliff, George drove me to Kosmas and,,somehow he offered me couch
even if it's someone's balkony under the sky,,
(,,to be continued)
2, Aug
George drove me till Githio finally, besides we stayed beach all day,,
August (plan) Oh, 2 CS-hosts is inviting me in same village, both are not Greek.
Super CS-host Anastasia
(,,to be continued)
3,4,5,6, Aug
Super CS-host Anastasia
(,,to be continued)
7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12, Mgari-Mandinia near Kalamata
---in same village, 2 of CS-hosts (rare!), both are not Greek but British (rare)
(,,to be continued)

Jul 13, 2011


.When I was in Tromso in Arctic circle I have never imagined I will come to Athens by hitchhike, but when I was 4 I couldn't imagine how it will be when I got old 40, anyway,whatever.

.From 13th May I stayed in Sofia for over 2 weeks,
from 13th June I stayed in Thessaloniki for over 2 weeks,
today is 13th July I arrived to Athens but I have only 2 hosts here,,
( be continued)

14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, Jul
20, 21,22 Jul
Peiraias (is also a part of Athens? or different city?)
23, 24, 25, Jul
( be continued)

Jul 1, 2011

the way to non-CS

1, July
(,,When I was staying in student's dormitry of Xanthi few weeks ago, I met Dimitri who invited me to
his family's summer house in southern Greece for August, then no answer-mail from him but I tried to call him but)
Luckily he was in Thessaloniki with his parents and could host me. He showed me romantic port with hard political talk, his balcony is above neibour church's roof,Wao.
.Many people tell me "You should make your own family more than traveling alone" though, his interesting friend who is icon artist told me seriously "It's better to have your wife and children and travel together."
.It's 3rd times I've found someone non-CS host in Greece.
(,,to be continued)
2, Jul (Sat.)
I wanted to talk more with interesting student Dimitri but his family couldn't host me another night, so I couldn't concentrate the game of chess with his moving even my horse to teach me chess.
He wanted to lend me some books until I visit to our summer house in August but I can't be sure about 1 month later so I decline books and left him
,,but they introduced me some squat(?) people, so I tried to knock there but a guy appeared the door
"Have you contacted with someone here beforehand?"
---then now it's 10pm,I'm trying to find another CS-host in Thessaloniki mail,
but only an an answer "welcome but tomorrow"---
Mikropolis(cafe? bar? in center of Thessaloniki) was full of people till midnight,
but in computer (free) room was not, sometimes the main guy of there? comes but no talking with me,thanks, I continued to send so many CS-request-mail to Athens or other cities till early morning,,, after all, I can't leave from CS-addiction??---
3,Jul (Sun) ---Oops, the entrance of Mikropolis was alreday locked, nobody left there except me.
At noon, I was scolded by the guy "Here is not hotel, Don't sleep here again."
I rambled lonely Sunday city but still went back and check mail in Mikropolis.
Walked till the edge of city,bus terminal, met CS-host 7pm.
He didn't tell me he has other CS-guests, ususally I want to avoid it but
they were so cool bike travelers with performing puppets.
(,,to be continued)
4, Jul
I continued to send many CS-mails, and as I was waiting confirmation from next host about today
I stayed inside till 7:30pm. It's already one of petterns of my spending day,so
by many reasons,I should change my way.
Although I hadn't asked the host one more night, he repeated to stay tonight but I couldn't stand to extend staying in Thessaloniki by memories that I hadnt written here etc,, and at least I've found CS-host in Athens.
8pm hitchhike, Thanks music teacher/diving teacher Aleks.---a couple drove me and "When you publish your travel book,please write about us." OK,surely I wrote about You here now,even if I've forgotten Your names.---by truck driver till exit of Kozani, around 11pm maybe. Luckily I could reach till there smoothly but,
there is still several km till city,and no one picked me up and no one living there I was fasting again naturally but it's OK, but it's a bit cold to sleep outside,, there was small stall of church like a hut under construction and there was a candle with fire,,I haven't expect that I would sleep with feeling the warmth of it although it's in July,,
5, Jul
---Of course I woke up with tired body, by the way every morning I woke up with tiring body these days even in hosts' couch,,
.Police car came to me and checked my passport, then answered me intentional wrong direction to my question which way is to Kozani city?
.It's morning but was hard to stand (with some walking) for a few hours. Finally Yiannis picked me up till city center and helped to contact with CSer besides treated me hotdog and coffee. Finally I met a CSer who wrote me big welcome mail (but when I called her on the way of hitchhike "I'm not sure hosting,I haven't asked my parents") but even today she still, "I haven't asked it parents." !? So why you don't try to ask now? Please don't write me from the first time "I'll be glad to host you" with many suggestions with me. But still, I didn't have reason to say No to her trip suggestion as Yiannis offered to join it by his drive (He came to Kozani for his job though?)
It was so nice trip to 3 or 4 nice nature spots but, as I couldn't sleep last night normally, so that practically I'm still on the way of my trip since last evening besides since I can imagine this evening's knocking doors, practically it was second part of continuous 3 of my trips, on the contrary hilarious Yiannis "Good place,now I'm like a child!" I couldn't be smiley,,
(,,to be continued)
By exhausting body 5pm, but only by 3 minutes's standing, Aleks who was heading to go to Larisa picked me up (with inviting me to his village near Kozani about later days, I wish it was today?!) so my destination was decided to Larisa, he works as ambulance doctor, so he must have skill of super-sonic driving but his driving was slowly safe as his job often demands him to meet awful traffic accidents. He asked his tonight's host/his cousin about me but the answer was no. 7pm central square in Larisa, I started (not knocking doors but) asking people on the street---
.Most of (young)people answered me "It's difficult." but that's the reason why I try it.
After I continued it on the bridge for an hour, police group came to me and kicked me out there.
10:30pm, finally a student and friends helped me to inquire their unversity's squat place but the answer was It's full today. but they guided me to the gathering of people who is discussing about strike etc,,
I asked these people but they tried to help me by offering me hotel's room for free, so I explained them it's misunderstanding and tried to leave there but they persuaded me friendlily that no one is bothered by me, so finally I decided exceptional case to accept their big hospitality, but after all the hotel asked me fee, so I left there but,,,
(,,to be continued)
6, Jul
---woke up 11am, but soon it became sunset time. I just had been talking with Marina or resting in home. Surely most greatest host I could meet in Greece but they can't host tonight,,,again to gathering in square,Petros asked people about me,but no response, but I didn't repeated asking people on the street again, just I tried to go out city by walk with trying hitcthike but it's already dark, no car stopped me, but I was still drunken by satisfaction by yesterday's many memories with good luck. Almost 1am, I asked hosting to bikeshop's man who is still repairing a bike,but he indicated a park normally,,,Yes,it's not only because of Greece but also because of the season not hard to sleep outside, so it's hard to find host from random houses.
After all, I slept better couch of closed cafe---
(,,to be continued)
7, Jul
---Got up before 6am by sunlight and noise of the road but I didn't leave there till the worker of cafe comes,she was shocked when she noticed me, Sorry for making her disgusting start of the day.
. Morning is ideal for hitchhike. A guy drove me a little and "Fing my name by facebook." Sorry I don't use facebook.
.7am, the driver whom I hitchhiked already knew me (saw me in central square'gathering but didn't talked me?) besides he's a CSer, drove me to Metola.
All the while he narrated how he studys Esperanto even by summer courses in foreign country.
His blog about me  ,,but Oh, Greek is all Greek to me!?
.Then I slept on the bench for 3 hours,,,
.In afternoon,Too hot for sightseeing in Meteola but an Israeli travaeler Daniel who loves island and sea picked me up by his scooter.
Then I repeated sitting down and walking, after hitchhike to Trikala, in the park for 2 hours,,
7pm, I met a CSer and chat in cafe.
After 9pm, hitchhike, stood for 2.5 hours, when I gave up, a guy and girls picked me up to Karditsa,
then just rambled city center,almost hadn't asked people to host me (people seemed to busy to enjoy summer night,so),,when I was napping at square a guy came and gave me some pieces of pizza,Oh,,, finally I slept outside couch of closed cafe again.
(,,to be continued)
8, Jul
Morning park was full of wild peacocks out of fence !?
.Started hitchhike edge of city after 7am
---many car but everybody ignores me, soon it became hot and strong sun, it makes me tired and sleepy soon (besides 2 nights outside sleeping so) slept for a while under the bush then continued to stand, 10am finally an old guy drove me but only for 5km, continued with trying not faint---
Later I noticed but I was dreaming a bit by standing alone in the heat at same spot all day, in front of a house with a yard with a tap water but gate was open. An grandmother appeared on the balcony so I asked to borrow a tap, then repeating drinking and bathing it from the head often, it's no use to change the spot, anyway people don't stop at all.When I was remembering I haven't eaten today an grandmother came from door and gave me a food with something words, although with sitting nearby hot car road,it was memorably tasty soft boiled vegetables,Thank you! but still situation was the same, Oh today I was burnt skin so much even more than swimming at the beach!? finally a car stopped but to the other way, he wanted to help me but could help to let me know it's already 5pm! an grandmother hadn't been at balcony,maybe in siesta time? I couldn't stop to look back to balcony and started to think to ask her to host me tonight? Then she was there again but behind the curtain,,  I nearly gave up and look back but a car was stopping finally at 6m. Soon an grandmother shouted me something with waving hand even with throwing kisses, Thank you for supporting me from inside house but even sharing hitchhike with me for all day!
---Wild driver was friendly but makes rolling cigarets often,even on the highway with overtaking cars by handling wheels by legs, and also opens big map to show where we are now on highway!?
---He was heading to Athens, dropped me off at closest exit to Livadeia,,,but still 35km more,and sunset, chickens don't stop,,finally a car drove me till suburb of Livadeia,,,but I didn't knw it was still 6km more, walking like down the slope near mountains but without streetlamp and sidewalk but every car drives so fast, big frustration---

finally I met my CS-host 0am.
(,,to be continued)

9, 10, 11, 12, Lavideia
Host's favorite radio

My favorite group's new song

(,,to be continued)

Jun 13, 2011


----If you can come to Thessaloniki till the end of  June, let's meet,,

13, Jun
----Thanks Spiros!
My mission in Greek trip was decided that "Hitchhike his car again in somewhere!?"

Yeah, it's been a long time since I met with Big city! center of Thessaloniki 18:30
,,,appearance of buildings reminded me Taiwan!?
Nice host, and nice boyfriend, nice evening seaside with many walking people. 
14, Jun
Many of great CS-hosts have no information in their profile.
Meeting with super-interesting student from Azerbaijan---who has no information on her profile.
15, Jun
everywhere everybody  doesn't work Today by strike, even water has stopped till noon!(No it's just some accident), even no internet!(No I clicked wrong space),,but stormy rain stopped people's demonstration in the city,,strike was striked? I'm also kind of in strike as inside house whole day,,
neighbour artist Alina from Romania visited with her soup but she asked me "Why don't you work job? What do you eat? Do you like such travel?" so I couldn't eat it soon,,
She showed me her all kinds of art, and many songs or culture of Greek,like How various and rich and interesting Greece is!,,I was impressed by them by Romanian.
16, Jun
Volha is student in Vilnius,we failed to meet there last year, then failed again in her hometown Minsk,,,finally we managed it in Greece.
I was tired but as long as next host in village can drive me,I left previous host after 9pm----Oh, beautiful night city lights from village----Finally almost finished sending CS-mail to Thessaloniki after 4am.Oh, What a beautiful morning birds'singing
17, Jun
got up afternoon. Everytime when host Annie calls me Ushi-Sushi I laugh its funny sounds,,,Although I always sign UShi-Sushi in e-mail,rare people calls me so.
On the village' road on the way of climbing up to mountain,a turtle was walking! Greece is big nature land. 
beautiful birds' twitter 5am.
18, Jun
village with good radio from France
Joined BBQ'evening (after 10pm of course),
host-family's friend's family's house in neighbour village but no electriccity,good.
I sang with guitar in darkness.
From 2am, I tried to search CS-hosts in greek islands,,,Oh, there so many hosts in many islands!? couldn't go to bed till 5:30am, then couldn't got to sleep by beautiful bird's concert :)
19, Jun
I sent CS-mail her last night 3am, she answered me 1:30pm as host's invite, but we could meet 24:00. 
20, Jun
"DO YOU WANT MORE VICTORY?" --- translate to greek, "Thessaloniki"
21, Jun
left host in Thessaloniki 4pm, hitchhike to Halkidiki, to middle of 3 legs(peninsula),
arrived host in village Vourvourou 11pm.
22, Jun
beautiful beach, but touristic place is not comfortable for me.
23, Jun
woke up 2pm, hitchhike from 7pm, Thessaloniki 9pm, then Moby.
24, Jun
woke up 1pm, got depressed 3pm under the strong sun, so I tried to sleep in host's nest again,again and again, it's not only because some hosts cancelled me or summer'Greece is not the place for me etc. but as long as the weather will become only hotter and people tend to go into vacation more,I don't think I can get along with Greece more,I don't need to stay here whole of this summer, now I just want to stop travel but it doesn't mean going back to Japan or else, it's same as when someone wants to stop living, it means to die, so in any case I will travel unless I decide to settle down somewhere. Anyway tonight's my host J will come back home 2 am, so I'm still waiting in previous host's home now 0 am.
25, Jun
,,,finally Ididn't move to next host J last night, called to say sorry in the morning but no connection, I repeated to sleep and wake up,,,finally I left 5pm.
26, Jun
Oh, thanks to read my blog instead of me.
But since  Halkidiki' trip I'm almost depressing.
Surfed non-Greek host, non CS-host.
27, Jun
.The price of stamp for sending post-mail is same to any country in the world !?
.J wrote me mail that wll come back from weekend's trip on Monday, but still no mobile connection,
so I tried visit but no, waited for hours but no.
.After Thessaloniki, I still haven't received any CS-host's invite, besides
one of answer-mails was very long with so many comments for my profile,,
it's always better than nothing to hear someone's opinion though,
he even got angry about some of my descriptions!? though,
he tries to take a risk to host me!?,,,no I won't go this time, I'm down now, no energy for it.
But I just can write as I think and as I want to write,,
28, Jun
.Someone CSer sent me interesting e-mail besides
she is fond of one of my descriptions in my profile, but
that's exactly what I was thinking to delete it lately.
I just write as i think and as i want to write,,
.It's not the first time though,
one of answer mail from CSer "OK, Let's meet when you have time etc,,"
,,,Yes I wrote "I came your city in this June, I will be in this country till August,,"
but it's last summer. 
. I was reading Iranian comic "PERSEPOLIS" with sitting by the street,
when it was about demonstration, real Greek demonstartion' procession passed by in front of me.
.As I eat only when someone offered me foods, sometimes I eat too much in a day but
unexpectedly fasting also happens sometimes, as CS-host doesn't need to offer foods and I don't ask it,
for these 4 days I'm eating once in a day, but I walked with luggage
from Alisttheles square till Kalamaria for sevaral km along the bay, because taking a bus costs,of course,
but it's nice to see the sea.
and even if cape? of Kalamaria was so far, I decided to imagine that
I traveled by walk from far country till here, it means that the cape is visible, just near here!?
maybe I was used to comfortable travel for long, since,,,I don't know when though.
usually travel consists of more undesirable affairs(at least in my travel), but I don't need any comfortable situation, just I want to live interesting life, always want to be in the middle of excitement, in any case.
but it always dissapointment comes when I expect much, so if I could keep the state of mind like
nothing expectations, I can always surprise and enjoy with excitement (actually it means that I'm expecting it,,)
actually I don't know what exactly I'm doing, but also I don't think I can't tell you How interesting I'm feeling?
but I'm trying to preach to myself that whatever hard or discouragement,all of my travel since I left Japan is still on the way of process of practice for the main subject of future African trip,so I will continue this.
(,,to be continued)
29, Jun
,,There's still no good answer from any city's CS-host in Greece,Where should I travel next? it's one of most my heaviest time about CSing but I still try to send e-mails to many cities, I don't want to go to Athens directly from here but no choice? but anyway I almost don't have passion for Greek travel anymore,,
after all, long CS-work today as well, leaving host's flat 9 pm, then to next host but neighbour,BUT
they invited me their sailing boat at the bay :)
Last time when I surfed boat was,,,March 2008 at the Blac Sea in Georgia.

(,,to be continued)
30, Jun
,,Host left from boat 12:30pm, but I stayed at the bay for reading Iranian comic till 7:30pm.
,,I was invited by CS-host to her Iranian friend's concert?,,Oh some Iranian guy sent me CS-request? even if totally copy & paste mail,,,Oh, now I'm in neighbour (of neighbour) of Iran! ,,Shall I go there?
. Finally my everyday's future CS-hosts' stock has finished, seems GAME OVER? but,
whether I try to think Going on Greek trip more in positive way or negative way,
anyway I can't find motivation for it,, such country was rare for me, a kind of crisis of my travel,,

(,,to be continued)
(or not continued,,)

May 31, 2011


---because it's first time of tarveling in Greece for me----

28, May
Somehow I crossed the Bulgarian border 23:00 then,,slept outside.
29,May : Hitchhike from 7 AM,,almost no one picks me up!? After all, 3 of 5 cars were not Greek someone :( 8 PM finally arrived to village,at community.
30,May : Since we started to plan to meet here over 1 month ago,finally I could meet SMA though,when I got up 9 this morning,she already had gone,,WHY!? 31,May : community's Internet'place is neighbour's under the roof,,I can see mountain from here,it's village but,No matter where I am,I'm still always online for CS,in any country,day and night :( Next host in Kilkis, Greek seafood and non-stop information till midnight,I was dizzied.

1st, June : I've been tolerate to often changing CS-functions though,I can't adjust the change of this time, suddenly it became dificult to serching CS-hosts. Don't invite me to meeting with your friends if everybody talk by local language. came back to community again.
2nd, June : Don't ask me "Why don't you stay same place longer?" it's not the point. Don't ask me "Can you vouch me?" 
3rd, June : started hitchhike 7:30 pm, arrived CS-host's flat in Serres 11 pm but mobile number was wrong,can't call and don't know which room so can't open the entrance door.
4, June : from 9am till 9pm, CSing mail, didn't go out. then continued it,,
5, June : ,,still continued CSing mail, then, exhausted and couldn't walk, slept in bench of park,, then surfed Vana's flat but mostly SMA hosted me. At the roof of host's building in the evening, the view of messy building with far mountain reminds me of old Asian travel memories of hostel's roof.
6, June : Revolutionary Dumpster diving' experience for the first time in my life (even if I ate food from garbage so many times so far),leading by SMA, even if I had done it many times so far.   I caught a cold, dull body (the words of  dull by Japanese language is also pronounced "dalui"), repeating sleep, maybe I still can't adjust summer's coming. Evening' roof again by alone for wifi,,but can't connect.
7, June : still in Serres. still not comfortable to be in developed nice western Greece. Host's flat is just nearby center square park, why I didn't notice there are many wifi in center. Vana's theater' play's premiere, of couse it's all Greek to me though.Anyway I had been big cinema fan for 25 years around, then became big theater fan more, then separated from both since I separated Japan.  moved to next host but only for an hour's sharing time,but I still choose to meet more people,different from SMA.
8, June : visited to previous host,,outside is over +30 degree,,After all I couldn't leave Serres, climed up to the hill in the evening, it's quite big town it means city seems more bigger than my hometown but according to statistics its population is quarter of my city?! In Gallikos and Serres both,using SMA's laptop much and steeling wifi day and night.
9, June : Good job of Google's guitar playing screen! Oh, the library just nearby host's flat had a free Internet room, I have to leave Serres soon though,,
3:30 pm,bye to SMA. Finally I could manage to throw away some of my winter clothes,,but my luggage is still heavy. After 4pm,start hitchhike---the man nothing good things happens---2nd car,I noticed I already can't reach to meeting'time in Komotini---Bulgarian driver,till intersection with highway---Albanian drivers---5th car till Kavala,already the planning time to reach to host---the guy who is serving mlitary till center of Xanthi, 10:30 met with host. Couch was student' dormitry's common big room but no blanket but insects.
10, June : Xanthi,' guitar again Today!
It's first time in my life that I came to Aegean sea besides swam there.
Dormitry's canteen is free for 3 times' meal in a day. common room' sleeping,,
11, June : I wanted to go to komotini but failed to hitchhike.
12, June : I wanted to go to Thessaloniki but rainy, besides at the canteen for breakfast, an interesting guy came to me,,,

(,,,to be continued)

13, June
HItchhike from dormitory 9:30am---
---Thanks a driver giving me his job's  pamphlet even if I didn't need it.
---stcuk in the middle of highway without standing apace but,,,
luckily Carismatic driver was going to far city to do his job,shadow theater
---the center of center of Thessaloniki 6:30pm

(,,,to be continued)

May 13, 2011


,,hitchhike from 5:30am to 8:30am,
it's been 10 years since I came to Sofia first time.
Luckily the place where the driver dropped me off was a bit closer to my CS-host,
luckily she was in home in morning, welcomed me with big smile :)))
Although I slept outside, anyway I continue to send CS-mails as long as I can be online,,
(,,to be continued)
14, Sat
not enough sleep 2 nights though, I managed to arrive 8 AM to join to bus tour with students to hiking george,,,What a great view! Oh, Serbian mountains are just nearby! Shall I cross there by foot??
 (,,to be continued)
,,CS-host and I came back home with tiring after 8 PM though, from 11 PM we went to center, to join "museum night"
(,,to be continued)
15, Sun
meeting again with 2 of students in central park, Sofia is nice green city,,,What a greatest church of Alexandra nevski!?!?reminded me of blue mosque in Istanbul,,
.Next host and friends took me to evening walking in south park,,,What a green city!
(,,to be continued)
16, May
Finally I visited the students classroom, to be asked many questions, and I sang my song without guitar
(,,to be continued)
.meet with next host at 7pm but 10pm they got to bed "Sorry if you asked more earlier time I could lend you Internet",,,shocked and losing my mind in the kitchen alone for 1 hour,,
(,,to be continued)
17, May
.Wake up in the morning by strange feeling that "Why and From when I've been in traveling??"
.as we promised about going Vitosha mountain,
I phoned to last host in the morning but no answer so I visited directly but "Hey Ushi, What's happn!?"
.meeting with Japanese CSer who is living in Sofia.

.visiting next host 7pm, "Wait until my job will finish at 9pm",,,alone in old funiture room,napped with strange dream of   "Why and From when I've been in traveling??"
(,,to be continued)
18, May
.Great meeting with host's friends.
.Meeting with a CSer but just I waited for 1.5 hours,, didn't appear,,
.Waling around train station but nothing same as my memory of 2001,,
price of bus to Varna,30 leva(15 euro), price of prostitute on the street is also 30 leva(15 euro).
.Next host's gallery's concert' event. Host asked me to pay entrance fee, so I left there.
(,,to be continued)
 19, May
From 9 am till 8 pm, just CSing mail
(,,to be continued)
20, May
surfing CS-hosts in village near Vitosha mountain but it's still Sofia city.

(,,to be continued)
21,May. from today,4 days' holidays in Bulgaria
visited Vanya again,,I've still found main charactetr in Sofia-chapter only her (for example Minsk-chapter was also for 2 weeks but main person were 3 people,,) I admitted myself that I'm exhausted by everyday's CSing without break-day, and I gave up to go somewhere festival outside of Sofia, I realized that I don't need not only sightseeing or else but also any festival or else, seems that I'm realy enough to meet someone and visiting and hitchhiking,,I don't think I can show something special in my blog,and I don't take photos. 
(,,to be continued)
.Finally finished sending CS-mails to Sofia even if not all of members though, but I still haven't replied to invites from Greek CSers, can't decide I will go to Macedonoa first or  Greece??
Eventually I contiued to stay at Vanya's home with key although they had gone to trip.
.2 hours walking to next host,,but they welcomed me with no conversation and watching TV,,
(,,to be continued)
.Happily meeting with "religious scientist" but lovely girl of CS.
(,,to be continued)
.Please don't kick me out in the morning at least, even if I know you didn't mean to kick me out.
.today is national holiday in Bularia :
Saints Cyril and Methodius Day 
.I have to leave Bulgaria very soon though, still can't decide which should I go Greece or Macedinia?
(,,to be continued)
25, May ---1400th day
.Vanya had a guitar! nice but too old to play to audience.
After all, I left Vanya's home 5 PM, then I was involved evening rush hour in bus.
.a friend of today's host was nice like Scandinavian atmosphere,
then she asked me about Scandinavia, and showed me her book of Moomintroll.
.Hungry again,,Don't they eat food?
(,,to be continued)
26, May ---46 months past
,,stayed at host's flat till noon, still hungry,,Don't they eat food?
.Today's host is living in magical house with green tree but in center of capital city.
.Meeting with CSers in park,,but I had no energy and got depressed again, nothing I spoke words.
(,,to be continued)
27, May
.I might should have finished CSing in Sofia in a week,,,??
All of Sofia' CSers whom I've been contacting couldn't host me tonight.
and I failed to leave Sofia,
7 PM sitting at the bevch in NDK square,
people were enjoying Friday evening with friends but I was exhausted CSing,,
(,,to be continued)
28, May
Anyway I must leave Bulgaria today,,

(,,,Hope someone can write my blog instead me,,)

May 5, 2011

mountains,mountains,and mountains

start hitchhike from Karlovo 8 AM---smal rain all day---reached to Belgoevgrad 11 PM.
6,May Blagoevgrad
people are enjoying sunny spring' holiday. to Bansko.
7, Saturday
Razlog to village near Petrich
8, Sunday
in the village, helped to work at the winegrapere-fields.
I'm still in Bulgarian side although it's almost on Greek border
10, May
Sending CS-mails to Greece though, back to Blagoevgraadd!?
11, May
12, May
Hitchhike from Blagoevgrad to Sofia,,,but as I didn't want to travel today
and as I started it from sunset, I failed and was stuck in village in midnight,
eventually I slept on the bench 2 am.

(,,,to be continued)

May 3, 2011

2 performances in 1 day

(,, I will write later but,) it was one of most hard time in my travel,,Oh unexpectedly after all, Bulgarian trip was so thickly impressive by some super CS-hosts but in this Karlovo chapter I met maximum level' people by good meaning and bad meaning both,, I satisfied and exausted again, really want to end it although I still haven't been to Sofia,,

29, finally I reached to Sopot and met CS-host who has been planning my peformance.
30, Saturday
CS-host took me to Karlovo and introduced me some people, then visited Japanese husband ansd wife in village,,,
1, Sunday May
,,,totaly exhausted. 5pm, going to Karlovo and called to new CS-host's mobile but no connection---tried to go to host in Kazanlak.
2, May
9:30 am Kazanlak---1:30 pm Karlovo
nice CS-hosts,,,Oh Austlian host is first time in my life (10 years ago, I slept near forest of suburb of Vienna, and I slept 2 nights at the top of hill with seeing view of river and center of Sartuburg.)
Vin Radin was killed?! Don't do such terrible thing at the same day as 2nd anniversary of my beloved Japanese' death.
3, May
,,at the library in Sopot 3pm,  at the gallery in Karlovo 7pm,
 I will perform today
,,but there as hell moment in the middle of joyful time of my performance.
4, May
Im still in Karlovo

(,to be continued)