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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Sep 18, 2011

in every city, library let me use Internet,Thanks

---when I was about to leave, Mirela finished to prepare big gorgeous lunch, so I was 15-minutes' late to meeting of 2pm with Katarina who could drive me till Vukovar, she had already gone there, walked till far point of hitchhike---
---so I arrived Vukovar over 1 hour late to meeting of 3pm with a CSer---
---I had no enough motivation for visiting more eastern town and knocking doors,so I hictthiked to Osijek from sunset time after 7pm---every driver dropped me off in the middle of nowhere, many times I almost determined mind to sleep on the grass. Really I felt I'm wasting my time like my favorite Greek CS-host Vasiliki asked me. A driver stopped in darkness and asked me just "country? (your) country?" then gone.---
---10:30pm to edge if Osijek, 0:30am to Mirela's house. I got into slump, I imagined to stop travel and visit Japan or elsewhere,,although I'm not interested in it,,

19, Sep. Osijek
Finally rain fall down.

20, Sep. Osiek
.Writing postcard in library, Sorry friendly reception-guy to let him worry me by asking couch.
.Glad meet with Karla again,she invited me to lunch.memorable taste of pashutashuta,and memorable her story "there are many baby-birth at the same time as my son,and they are telling me often something will happen our world."
.Rainy, and late start to hitchhike to Vincovci---only some km till suburb village Burjest,then got to dark. motivation was low, and I wanted to join yoga lesson again even if I don't have host in Osijek anymore, so I tried to hitchhike both way to Vincovci and back to Osijek---a man appeared from the house behind my standing point and rode a car "Can you drive me till Osijek?" "OK, but where will you stay tonight?" "I don't know. " "OK, I will call ask to my friends."---

21, Sep. Osiek
Thanks McDnald for so many days.
From 1pm, at he same point hitchhike again,
 a driver picked me up and said ",,,Are you Ushi?" !?
to CS-host at village Jarmina near Vincovci.

22, Sep. Vinkovci
nice town, nice small central park,but What a  nasty eyes the school-girl throw me?
---back to Osijek by Tomislav's drive,
surfed him again,Osijek again and again.

23, Sep.
go to Dakovo without host---
---in the village, an old guy with liquor talked to me so we chatted for quite a while even if I couldn't understand him nothing.
---Peter picked me up and invited me to his house gladly, he is woodencut artist by heatcutter. His wife and he talked with me much,although they spoke by German, mine was English,something advanced conversation.
His wife made simple meat-sauced pasta but its taste amazed me.
Peter drove me till Dakovo and "you can stay Dakovo or his house(?) for 1 month."!?
.Cathedral of Dakovo is just amazingly gigantic,although it's a small city. You can see it by Google photo or else but you can't feel how magnificent.
---On the map,I've found a village called "music", so I decided to try to go there even if its pronounce is not same as English' "music"---but it was sunset time, soon I gave up hitchhike.
---after 8pm, started asking people for hosting.
first one "But I'm also tourist here."
second one "OK, to my house" !?!?

24, Sep.
I know my formula that
when I gave up hitchhike, someone would pick me up.
Today also I was stuck on the road of village until it gets dark but
when I began to think about to sleep somewhere in village, someone drove me till
Slavonski Brod.

25, Sep Slavonski Brod
.Soon after I woke up after 12:00 noon, big lunch of meat by Katarina's father has started.
.Sava river is wide like as Drava, walking riverside in golden sunset hour is always my favorite.
It has been 1 month since I entered to Croatia, but the border bridge between Bosnia is just in the city,
so if I wanted, I can leave Croatia anytime from here.

26, Sep. Slavonski Brod
.It has been 50 months since I started travel.
Sava riverside' view is really nice, library is wide and nice but Internet costs a lot, I left the city.
---Pozega at 5pm, no connection with CSer who wants meet me but can't host.
strolling around small river and railway bridge,,,there's green hill over city,,I think every Croatian city is nice.
.Internet is free in library, but it's after 6:30pm already sunset, accidentally I remembered the existence of
"Hospitality Club",,Oh,there's a profile of member not in Pozega but in the town 15km far with phone number, I asked librarian to lend me phone and show the number but she said
",,Oh, it's my friend !" ?!

 27, Sep. Pozega
---9am in the central square "Excuse me, Are you Ushi ?"
then interview with local-news journalist was done, then after an hour I separated him,
the article was already published to here :
librarian Irena guided me nice old building's library nearby hill of "old city",
I continued Internet job till 4pm,,
(to be continued)

28, Sep.Pakrac
Now it's afternoon though,I still haven't decided yet where am I going to go today, as usual,,
I've found HC host again, in Bjelovar.
(to be continued)

29, Sep. Bjelovar
too slow Internt in whole of morning,,
I couldn't leave Bjelovar today.
too slow Internt for 3 hours in in midnight
(to be continued)

30, Sep. try to go to Sisak,,
(to be continued)

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