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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Sep 1, 2011

CS again

1, Sep.
(,,a sequal)
.Feet bathing at Drava river in Donja Dubrava, it's edge of Medimurje,
Oh I wanted to be this county more! but CS-host couple are waiting for me,
it's been 12 days since I separate from CS-hosts, it's rare.
---by "very welcome Japanese friend!" trcuk driver, arrived hosts's house in
Renaissance festival

.Very very very interesting and inspirational couple,
but mmm something "official" feeling of visiting to CSer since 12 days' blank,
and still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.

2, Sep. Koprivnica
.1 year passed since I entered my favorite Transnistria.
.My travel's 1500th day,,,but
even if I counted all of days of my travel included last one ('00-'01),
it's still only 13% of my whole life,,,Why didn'I start travel soon after when I was born?!
.Hosts' next guest didn't appeared, so I stayed one more night,,

3, Sep. Koprivnica
Yeah, it's like watching shooting of the movie Lord of the Rings :)
(,,,photos' update will come soon,,)
.another CS-host here didn't answered me,after all even more night,,

4, Sep. Koprivnica
.It's been for a while since last time I stayed for 3 days in same host,so I feel dull to move
but I can't extend it anymore,and I should explore next somewhere even without next CS-host,
I left host in afternoon,,,but only after few hundreds meter, stopped and stayed at the bench for hours with sun-tanning,,then travel to nowhere,already it's almost sunset time though.
.a car drove me around 10km to village Plavsinac,soon I asked people near the house along road,
a Gypsy woman asked me cigarette and 2 girls without English speaking accepted? invited? me to the chair at backyrad of house,there are many children,they asked me money and I refused, girls phoned to their father about me but the answer was No, so I stood up but they stopped me nad offered me not only water but friedfish and bread so I started to eat with neglecting children's asking money and a woman's asking cigarette but they asked me to show inside my shoulder bag persistently so I finally left befiore I finished to eat,with refusing their asking money for food. ,,,I can't forget a woman's strongly straight gaze' eyes to me without nothing wall toward foreigner,with giving baby milk without nothing shyness of exposing her breast,,but but perhaps I might be wanting to meet such "pure" eyes even if it's not pleasant one,,
Anyway I failed to surf to Gypsy people again, everytime it ends up like today's case,I haven't succeeded it so far,,perhaps it's one of my missions??

.Few houses without street-lights with slight smell of domestic animals in the middle of countryside. For them, Chinese(actually Japanese)traveller's sudden appearance at the door may be frightening though, their way of refusal were rather polite and calm, it's also different from Greece.
.The edge of row of houses in nice small (private?)forest, there's nothing but just fields after there,until next town of few km further, a girl received my asking by sincere way but then she got answer from her parents No because she's not living alone, besides there's her small daughter---after her fiance came, subject was changed by them like "but Croatia is not friendly to your travel, capital Zagreb has even racist group,," I said "but we don't meet such people everzday." they agreed. I surpressed to speak too much, because mostly general subject or opinion are not wrong but just it doesn't suit on me, and I will continue to answer to people's asking ",,but you can't travel without money, How can?" no matter how many times more.
.It's same I don't have host in anywhere, so I asked fiance to drive me till his home, Bjelovar.
He seemed to excite to meet me and told me about his life,Croatian life, with trying to remember some English words with night driving, I just concentrated to help him for both.
Bjelovar around 11pm, the roads of center of city are shape of cross stripes,quit tidy, he suggested me to sleep "the winner of most beautiful city park prize" central park. Thanks,Yes, I slept at the bench og there.

5, Sep
.At Bjelovar' library.
.My favorite Finnish CSer who goes to Albania sometimes and wanted to meet me there,
sent me mail from Kosovo to meet me. But I wouldn't be there within 10days,,
.free Internet in library,,,,
.Every time when I have occasion to be able to be online for long hours, I want to reply hundreds of pending e-mails finally, but I watched youtube 0-4am about Japanese top comedian Shinsuke Shimada who resigned lately suddenly by scandal.

6, Sep
,,It's still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.
.Every time when I have chance to beable to be online for long hours, I want to write my "almost pending" blog as I can, but I watched youtube till 5am about Japanese king comedian Beat Takeshi (later he became famous in the world as film director Takeshi Kitano).

7, Sep
hitchhike to Osijek
Someone asked me How many time had you have sex in travel?
Thanks Ivan to invite me to your house.
Thanks Darko

8, Sep
,,It's still difficult to write about CS-host to this blog as I can write reference on CS.
.Oh, computer for free Interenet in MacDonald here again! even 2 computers!,,maybe 10 of them in Zagreb' MacDonald??
.Someone asked me How many time had you have sex in travel? ,,again?

 9, Sep
.At MacDonald
My favorite Ukrainian CSer sent me mail to meet me in Montenegro,but I would go there after several months more,,
.Beli Manastir, very near Hungarian border.
fish and stew festival,,,since I came to Croatia, festival everywhere?

10, Sep
.my host said it's a dead city. nice green path near old town Tvrda but nobody there in the afternoon. host says it's so hot but I wear summer sweater,it's comfortable weather for me,I just hope the temperature won't going down fast, Greek summer is already far memory. I slept under the big tree near river. People are swimming! but I felt I don't envy them much,Greek summer is already far. I remembered the river of Tiraspol,it was just a year ago.You are there now?or the sea?anyway you say you can wait for me to meet again even in years,thanks but I'm not for sure when I really can,,  Then a CSer of here sent me "we can go  swimming in river today?"without phone number,,thanks.

11, Sep. Osijek
Thanks MacDonald's stuffs for never talking to me although I was on the chair of Internet 11am-3pm.

12, Sep. Osijek
.I visited to today's CS-host 8am, then we continued to chat in house till night.

13,Sep. Osijek
.Joining practice of Yoga was first time in my life maybe.

14,Sep. OSijek
.It's still summer here, so I went to "beach" of Drava riverside to swim,,,No I couldn't because of huge differnce between its dirty stream and Greek sea,,pity,,

15,Sep. Osijek
.disgusting e-mail from
"Hi Ushi, You haven't been to Facebook for a few days." ,,,So What??
.Oh I remember I had another blog account, but I've forgotten its password.

16,Sep. Osijek
host took me camping to Drava riverside in countryside, we grilled squid under moonshine,
singing of many kinds of animals,,

17,Sep. Osijek
.trip to countryside in Banja, was invited to camping there,but I have to go back to Osijek
for my CS-host's party although no one CSer answered me my invitation mail for it,,
(,,to be continued)

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