So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jun 6, 2010



Pt.1 : Kiev, Kharkiv

Kiev in June~ : (6,Sun,June)hitchhike from Belarus to Ukraine

,,,Almost 0:00,arrived to a metro station in Kiev.Thanks to Vitaly for help in metro.Sorry for visiting midnight to my first host in Ukraine.


Let's explore Kiev city,,No!memory stick of my brain have been overheating by Vilnius and Belarusian trip,I don't want to get new information,,and firstly I need to find CS-hosts,,after all, all day with computer.


OK,let's go outside,,NO!my stomach hasn't finished to digesting all of incident in Vilnius and Belarus,and I should write references for Belarusian CSers,,after all,haven't gone out whole 2 days.


Finally I went out to city center by walk,but it was already summer!I was damaged by sun!but at least I have met a CSer and moved to another host.Both were so nice though,it's hard,,


I was damaged by sun,all day I was sleeping in the bench of park.I don't have energy for CSing anymore,,but I surfed to new host,anyway.


Honestly,Minsk was not interesting city though,I miss Minsk because of nice Belarusin people.Today also I repeated walking and sleeping on bench because it's so hot! Met with Vrenja whom I gave up to meet in Belarus,but she didn't give up it and contact with me when she traveled to Kiev,I'm glad it even if she's not Belarusian. Tonight's hosts also attacked me by continuous general questions,,I nearly get depressed but barely could keep smiling,I know they meant no harm,but there's still no answer how can I get used to for it??

(12,Sat),,,I miss Minsk.

.Happy Couchsurfing day!

,,but most of today I was sleeping in metro or bench of park,,

(13,Sun),,,I miss Vilnius.

.Kept sleeping in host's home. Evening is nicer to walk,,Oh!it's like hot Arabic countries?!

.Met with Vitaly again in musical studio.Soon after I met with his bandmate Ivan,he took guitar and asked me significant question of life by improvised song,I like such person!,,but then,he talked through about God,,but I remembered that such incident was very usual when I was in Islamic countries,and never happened in Japanese life,,"sometimes" is better for me?

(14,Mon),,,I don't miss Japan.

.It's still difficult to let CSers understand me.Most of their repling CS-mails are similar,BUT, "Just call me" is equal meaning to "we wouldn't be able to meet"

(15,Tue),,,what else?

.Ivan is working musical studio.Most of today I practiced guitar at there.

(16,Wed),,,I don't want to write CS-references anymore.It's difficult job.

.Into the wild with CS-host,,,even if it's park just outside of Kiev,camping in nature was rare in my travel(even if I had slept outside many times without tent or sleepingbag),,,maybe first time??

(17,Thu),,,I can't reply many e-mails,anyway.

.Capmping was great,but I'm not used to,so I'm tired much.

(18,Fri)Recording my songs produced by Ivan in his studio,was continued for 6 hours,,it was needed much energy but I usually don't eat in daytime,then a CSer took me for long walk,then, the time that my concert at pub had come,,somehow I sang with all my might,,

(19,Sat),,As a result,I'm so tired that I hadn't gone out from host's home again,today.(,,?? Is this not traveler's blog but perhaps "tired-man's diary"!?)

(20,Sun),,I'm Sorry to some CSers for changing my plan,because CS-host Mirka's place is so comfortable,as result I stayed for 3 days.

.Interviewed with BBC correspondent,she's also CSer.
"CSing and Ushi"


CS-hosts recommended me ,so I walked and peeped village of Kiev.


Since Sunday,I'm traveling let bank o Kiev,area o same metro station.

.By the way,I'm not writing bad things in my Kiev' days.


Finally I came back to right bank of Kiev by foot.


I'm still continuing to meet with many CSers.


Today I made a new record that I and a CSer had met but there was silent time for over 30 minutes.


Walked over 3 hours until next host's place because I have no plan and sunny day and it's for free. A woman talked me(by Russian) like "Where will you go? Please sit on bus,Don't you have money?" I really like such kind of people. When I crossed railway-line,a police stopped my travel,I really don't like these kind of people(but it's ok). Then,suddenly I was called some CSers to meet,so I wet in hurry,,but they asked me only general questions,why I had to go for speaking same things as I'm writing on my profile even by using money to metro,,Even if I've been often dicouraged like this case,it always not sure How it wil works,so I just try to continue to CSing,even if my ninterest for it getting lose,,