So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jul 6, 2009



article about Druskininkai and me
same article

It's just 6km from Belarusian border! easy entering by walk without visa!BUT,soon officer came and took me prison(today's blog is a gas :)
,,,Actually,although I'm already nearly not interested in Lithuania anymore,Druskininkai's town is nice to walk. Information center was working even on Sunday! besides, they gave me good travel book of all of Lithuania,,,should I repeat from 1st place of Lithuania??
Strange but,in some toilet I felt smell of Chinese noodle of Japan(it's most popular food in Japan).

,,,She told me many interesting Lithuanian tradition,,but Oh! I should have got up more ealier! Suddenly she found some car until Utena for me,so Suddenly goodbye to her and hitchhike has started 12:30---formerly autorace champion Jonas narrated me it's speed world with safety drive till Kaunas---Got to dark in Alytus,but gentle guy drove me even passed over 30km from his home till Druskininkai!7:30pm goal.

(29.Jan) (at biblioteka, Utena)
NOW it's already 7 PM ,but I haven't decided yet even where I will go today,why because I'm tired of CSing and Latvian short trip was so impressive(too satisfied),I didn't want to travel today although I had to find host in winter!,,Try to knocking doors like my younger days?!
 (update) In closing time library,I talked to a woman but she answered "In case you couldn't find host,you can stay at my house but it's in 15km distance'town,Uzpaliai.You must take a ride a bus with me,come to station 1 hour later." Then,soon I started to knock doors,,NO!tried to hitchhike in short cut route,BUT it's almost into the moonlight-forest,no car was running,,walked several km totally alone,then getting snowy,,9 PM finally I found someone's house,gave up and asked to host,but he drove me to Uzpaliai although he's taxi driver,,Sorry!and Sorry for trouble Surfing to non-CSer!,,,BUT,She was authentic CouchSurfer!!Showed me many nice idea and told about world's balance' problem or sharing,besides she said "There's another kind of traveling,I'm sitting in house but sometimes travelers come here from their side."with smile,,,How wonderful!! (,,,Travel is always repeating good time and bad time,anyway it goes on.)  

(28.Jan) Utena,Lithuania
Visited host's grandmother's house,and painter Sarunas Sauka's house.
My Lithuanian trip "EPISODE 2" has started!,,,but I feel it's already episode 4 or 5 ?! I want to travel another country as soon as possible,,RIGHT NOW?!
(but anyway nobody still helped to translate my articles of paper to English yet for me,,,)

(27.Jan)Kraslava, Latvia-----!?
It was almost -30C before morning?! ,,,Excellent view from bridge,Daugava river isn't frozen but white vapor world,,we don't need to visit big nature somewhere,inside city already has great nature!
,,,Finally I will go back to Lithuania,but now it's already 3:30 PM in biblioteka of Kraslava,,,Hope to leave Latvia Today!?
(update on 6 PM) Now I'm still in biblioteka of Daugavpils,it's already dark,,,But I still Hope to reach to Lithuania Today!?
(update),,,Crossed Daugava river under the moon by walk,agressive question's  driver with contacting someone by wireless radio(anyway I can't speak Russian),,,on the border,officer checked my passport!(since when? I don't remember!)I got nervous(driver might told about me to them?),,,Zarasai at 7PM,I gave up to go to Utena(I had number of Zarasai's CSer)but,driver tried to contact to someone by wireless,I was afraid it might to police? but he found for me a nearby truck driver who will go to Kaunas!,,,finally,8PM at Utena.Thanks!
(but I forgot my gloves that present from Danish Charlotte in truck.)

Jun 9, 2009


commune "new world", almost anytime anybody can stay their attic til 15 people around.

I thought of idea of comic journal, so I haven't associated with them but been drawing it for a few days.
Comic journal from page 1 to 9,you can click it to zoom in

May 2, 2009


"Aaahh,,," at CS-host's flat,I've known by Yahoo Japan news,
my most beloved Japanese died by cancer
(,,,to be continued)