So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Nov 29, 2010

Today is the last day (of permitted duration of staying) in Moldova,90 days. But,,

,,But, I woke up 10 AM,it already late,
because in last night when I finished writing diary (not this blog) around 3 AM (because with napping) at the kitchen, musician Vik (he's living here) came and started to cook invloved me,(it was rather tasty porridge of backwheat with garlic, taste reminded me Japanese noodle,Raamen : the most popular food in Japan),so I wen to bed (actually couch) at 5 AM.
I nearly gave up to crossing border (it's important job for traveler) today,
because I still haven't finished my work of writing many air-mails mostly to Japan,it would take time at least several hours,but anyway I weared shoes then wanted to say Bye to Serghei at the kitchen,
he started to ask many interesting asking about Japan or travel or else (I hope everyone asked me like him,not like "why are you tarvel alone? Aren't you afraid hicthhike? What are you doing in daytime? " etc.) then,
narrated his family's change and now it's difficult to be lively because of loneliness and so on,,I was moved and sympathized,Yes everybody needs somebody
,,it got to be 12:00 noon.
Then I talked with Dima or started e-mail works or eat or so,,soon it got to 4 PM.
Finally I said bye to Dima but Vik asked to me to sing 1 song,but 1 song called more 1 song,and of course I also asked him to sing 1 song but it also called more 1 song to him,,it was mini nice home councert (every time in such case my singing is so good,more than serious concert,,,)
Finally I left "maze-house" and arrived at post office before 6 PM,
Igor wasn't there like yesterday,so I thought I can continue air-mails work though,
the stamp collector talked me and showed me his Soviet badge collection,Oh oh it's quite interesting but,,
soon it got closing time 7 PM.
Long time no see Art-Labyrinth,so I visited. Vitalik told me "Your blog is not mentioning How you're feeling about Moldova." Yes,maybe,,,?
Say Bye to Sasha and Labyrinth,then now host's home,10 PM.
It's still possible to go to border by taxi,but,,,

Nov 27, 2010

Usually I don't know how I feel about the country while I'm in there,
after for a while I left there I realize how I like there,
Moldova breaks my rule,
I have been feeling it's already my most favorite countries
(even more than Georgia or Belarus),
as a result I brought not good memories toward my dearest people here,
besides she doesn't love me as I love her,
,,I remembered my journey so far, yes it often happend,
more I made familiar with someone, it changed to more worse situation,
it means,
I still have no choice except surfing almost everyday to another someone
for me and people both??
In Suruceni village for 3 days, I was dreaming about going back to Chisinau,
but when I got back there, its face was already another something.
I closed my door again.

Please vote ! to MBC Star Audition 2010 Davichi Love and War

My friend Inga sent me this e-mail---
"I'm doing an online audition :) so please please please
check this out please and tell ALL your friends and as many people as possible to watch and vote (press "like") and tell all their friends!! ^^ please please. voting and view count begins today so it is sooooooooo important." 

I hope you will vote for her,anyway!

,,,Her name is INGA, I will write about her "in Riga 2009 (and Japan 2010)" later.
,,,by the way,
here is the song called " I-N-G "
(by Rip Slyme , 2007)
Saturday in the Park

Nov 25, 2010

"Jersey Thursday"  by Donovan

Oh, I've found same suitar-strap of red flowers that I used long time ago
in this video.

Finally I started to contact with CSers in Romania, it means my computer days again,today I faced it for 12 hours,it's endless as long as I continue CSing.

Nov 24, 2010

"Wednesday Morning, 3 AM" by Simon & Garfunkel

Mostly, the promise between "someone I just met the first time" is broken,I don't expect, besides I've been fogetting it until  9 am on that day  BUT,
 Romeo didn't break it since a week ago, I contact him but he came to pick me up in Chisinau on 11 am, I was lucky! to go to sudden drive by attending his job,,besides,he invited me to excellent restaurant (with zoo) "Safari" tel: o 235 27988
,,,Oh! it seems like tourist information :)

Rarely I almost didn't nap,enjoyed drive today,
he said "Moldova is beautiful" (I agree),"so travel here takes times minimum 2 years" (should I agree?)
,,finally he succeeded to take me to beautiful Saharna monastery
(last time he said "If you haven't been there,you can't say you traveled to Moldova!")

,,but he said "It's first time that I came here" ?!?!

Oh,it seems like blog !?


Nov 23, 2010

"Ruby Tuesday" by th Rolling Stones
,,it was rainy though,washed clothes. didn't go out at all today,finally.

Nov 22, 2010

"Manic Monday"  by Bangles
but I'm always manic.
But I'm mentally down now, over 24 hours slept today.

Nov 21, 2010

Today is Sunday,but everyday is Sunday for me.
Now I lost my passion for travel because 1)I'm tired ( as usual though),2)I'm living in same city as 2 people whom I can trust and happy to be with,  and 3) I want to start "writing all of my journal by borrowing format of blog" so I'm remembering many things,feels like grandfather :)
,,,for example,most impressive people were,
.Russian bycicle traveler Denis,whom I shared with travel feeling by only some common words (in Ulanbaator,Mongolia)
.Japanese traveler Ogawa,who was attracted by Tibet and wandered there for 7 months with tent but when we stayed same hostel he was stolen his camera(in Lhasa,Tibet).
.Japanese travel-guide-book-writer Fujimoto who was attracted by former Soviet union,have been living them for long years (in Bishkek,Kyrgyz).
.Singing angel who entertained all of passengers of train by his song although no one asked it to him,then I visited his home but there's no such address,but instead I was invited by warm family there(in Khazakstan).
.Mr. someone who saved me from trying to stay the night in cafe and next day guided me to city and nice park or cafe,,like date of couple(in Fujand,Tajukistan)
.People who invited and taught me Islam and hosted me each day to another home even if I don't know their language (in Actau,Kazhakstan)
.Dentist who is busy more than anybody though,taught me Islam by maximum passion and showed me various culture of Azerbaijan (in Baku)
.Armenian Christian family who seemed very difficult to host someone though did to me (Tbilisi, Georgia)
.Mother who is living with disabled daughter though,hosted me even in same bed with them (in Armenia)
.Student to becoming priest who hided me in monastery although was prohibitted it and asked me "Aren't you boring travel?" ( in Armenia)
.Iranian Amir who found me on the street and invited and hosted me for 3 weeks (my longest record) (in Yerevan,Armenia)
.The most kindest tourist information center in the world (Yerevan)
.Yahya who has beautiful eyes more than any beautiful woman, taught me Islam by his good deed (in Saida,Lebannon)
.Argentinian muslim student who is extremely pure but knows dirty world much,in Islamic scool ( in Damascus,Syria)
.Shopkeeper who found that my weakness to belief only by short meeting and really worried about my future ( in Dahab,Egypt)
.Japanese professional gambular who is wandering world and took me to midnight casino from our cheapest hostel ( in Cairo,Egypt)
.Crazy CouchSurfer Fernando who is hosting someone new everyday without any break for years ( in Porto,Portugal)
.Mina who learned something from me that I didn't notice and appreciate it besides taught me it ( in Hamburg,Germany)
.Charlotte like a flower (in Malmo,Sweden)
.Nia who picked me up by car and hosted me and trained me to become tough guy like her although she's not a guy (in Norway)
.Caroline who is the most interesting,amazing one in all of my journey so far (in Stockholm,Sweden)
.Jeremy who is always showing dreams to local people by various art althoguh he's foreigner there (in Turku,Finland)
.Julia who has big beauty and funniness at the same time (in Tallinn,Estonia).
.Christina who dizzied me only her cleverness and quickness of talking' speed (in Riga,Latvia)
.Inga who has strong will for dream and tried to do it even if it's quite hard way (in Riga,Latvia).
.Someone who picked me up in darkness and drove me over 100km from his destination then sent me SMS "All is one"(in Latvia)
.Anna who showed her life as artist and rich Russian culture by her passion more than words (in Lithuania).
.Victor who is the most impressive and funny and nice in my 6 months' Lithuania (Kaunas)
.Rimma who shared me more many things than anybody,in less time than anybody ( in Minsk,Belarus)
.Anton who has big heart and can connect people internationally ( in Minsk,Belarus)
.Vanya who asked me the biggest question in our life and let me remember my joy of music ( in Kiev,Ukraine)
.Mirka who is extremely interesting and extremely friendly CouchSurfer (in kiev,Ukraine)
.Vadim who planned hitchhike through Russia until Japan with me seriously with detail (in Donetsk,Ukraine)
.Eric who taught me Japanese heart although he's not Japanese (in Tiraspol.Transnistria)
.Sasha who is real traveler although he's not a traveler ( in Chisinau,Moldova)
.Nastya whom I really love her,I noticed it today,but I have to leave Moldova within 1 week.
,,,and about You and him and her and so on,,,
I'm not sure but I want to write about them,not only them,sooner or later,,

Nov 20, 2010

Gloomy wearther today,got up 2pm so I became gloomy.
Ethnograpghy museum was much better quality than I expected,
but they turned off lights half an hour before closing time and "Please go out in a hurry!",,,it's still Soviet mentality there.

Nov 19, 2010

Sandro seemed to be much impressed by Chisinau,
like this his journal
E-mail about "clinic study" was sent from Germany again,they can offer 2,400 euro for 10 days' staying there.
But since I've done it there,I spent 200 euro for 2 years,it means that
if I participated it I can earn budget of travel for 24 years (until the year of 2034)?
Rip Slyme live in new year 2008,Tokyo   ,,,you can watch all of it.
As I wrote before,this blog is still under construction,it will be started normally from 2011 around,,

Nov 18, 2010

After all, CSers from EU didn't contact with me anymore although they asked me to meet since last month.
Sandro appointed to meet me at centr of city today 18:00 since we met in Tbilisi of Georgia 2 years and 8 month ago,if You read this You can join us maybe.
 (,,oops,I even don't remember Who gave me this coat?? ---Sandro and Nino and younger Ushi)

"Julia" by Lennon

She might be the most biggest person in my 1200 days,might be first time that I feel something special that can't describe any word I know,not like friend,family,lover,master,star or idol,,anyway she's religious and extremely friendly. We still talk until midnight everytime
,,then writing blog and sending e-mails took until 7am. So I want to stop them,,,

Nov 17, 2010

Why I don't take a bus? because,,

Finally I left monastery for avoiding to become fat, but
1). at the village along Doniestor river(Ukrainian border),Sergei picked me up and take me back to Otachi because I was heading to wild road into the hill almost no traffic,besides bought he me foods and water,Thanks (full stomach again).
2). at the junction,when I nearly changed my mind to go back to Chisinau, 2 guys drove me (not their destination though)till Soroca,beautihul scenery! and showed me castle and nice Dniestor river! then invited me big dinner at the cafe(more than full stomach),Thanks,I wanted to enjoy more scenery than eating though. Mind is full,too. So I quitted to visit monestery here,stood way to Chisinau when it got to dark.
3). Romeo entertained me by Eugen Doga or ABBA till Chisinau, and took this photo and sent it by mail by mobile,Good job! Thanks.

Nov 16, 2010

Stayed in monastery,so I couldn't write,,
Unexpectedly,monestery offers even breakfast (big,too).
I couldn't leave there by full heavy stomach,
but I helped sisters' job of collecting fallen leaves.
In the evening,at the calm Dniestror river,I let paper-message in a bottle flow there for my dear someone in Transnistria (this blog is partly lie).
Unbelieavably,workers there eats so much.

Nov 15, 2010

I tried to go into forest,then slept in the fields,oh I'm like a traveler :)
then sun went down,I got lost in forest in the darkness.
Monestery's meal was unexpectedly big.

"Main Theme of Ushi"

Finally I left the family with everyone's going school or work in the morning BUT new shoes seemed a bit small so that soon I came back to take old one BUT grandmother was there and got angry my invasion,,SORRY.
Hitchhiked Ocnita's Mihail's father! Both we surprised! Thanks until Otaci,,Oh! many castle-houses of rich Roma.and Ukrainian border in center!? I continued my pilgrimage on rough muddy road,but a horse car invited me to sit till the village Calarashovka. then walked again but Pavel appeared and guided me till monastery with showing friendship then,sang impressive melody (I've heard before) of Russian song ",,,no home,no wife,no children,no friend,,",,Oh,it's exactly about me!?!?
,,,but Pavel's singing was more moving than original,,,WHY?

Nov 14, 2010

as a result,I can't write blog well
Don't read, I don't write
,,I spent most of today in vain,,our misunderstanding even more grew by our own effort to understand each other,ironically,,surely we both hate e-mail !
Then I went for a walk,,a naughty boy threw me a stone,I turned upon but only his grandmother apologized me,,even more in vain,,but sunset made big clouds deep orange in big sky.

Nov 13, 2010

Hitchhiked from Ocnita,
but driver invited to his family' home
in just next village,Birnova.
No one speaks English but so friendly,
in the evening Ushi sang songs with guitar
at the cafe,bar,disco etc.
Internet of them was terrible and no one has thier e-mail address.
In the night,when he goes outside toilet,
whole of sky was totally planetarium.
(,,to be continued)

Now I'm moving cities(or villages) every second day, luckily I have been using Internet in every places but I need to contact with my future hosts and so on,and I'm busy for writing diary of paper as many information came to me as I'm moving place every second day,so I don't have time to write blog as much as I want. Now I want to find someone who can write here instead of me.

Rip Slyme

Have a look pv by click here,then click the red and white color "Good Times"

Nov 12, 2010

impressivest host in Moldova

I like Transnistria and Moldova both,but the war between them was not log ago.
Mihail's mother was from Caushani,one of her brothers was there,another was in Bendery,then (after Soviet collapsed) suddenly war started so that both they were conscripted but became enermy each other.One of them was left by dangr position but another one connected secret agent of army so that he could took his brother as a captive (practically saved). I've heard there are still awful criminal after finished war.

Nov 11, 2010

Denis' village at the morning:

 too sleepy so that it took 5 hours from edge of city to yesterday's favorite church.
 Goodbye again to Anna "so I never can meet you?" she moved me again.
3 hours' hitch from Balti,
I came to Ocnita, it's a border of Ukraine,,should I go back there?

Nov 10, 2010

Balti has many Mishka more than other cities,because,,

,,it was the relay city of sacred-fire of Moscow olimpic games.
I don't know whether I got to like here or not even if I came alone,anyway
HC host Anna-Maria is so funny and friendly,we told a joke each other all the time.
and she played Moldovan great composer,Eugen doga.
I think I like her so much, besides she said,
"If we'll never meet anymore,I want to do my best for you",,I was moved,
but she's so busy for flowershop' job,,
,,took turns my guide to her cousin Nicolai,showed me artificial lake then,
"Where do you want to go?",,I don't know!?
anyway I'm in a hurry to move(for return to Chisinau),19:00 bye to lovely Anna and
Nice to meet with Denis who is friend of HC member in Balti but in Netherlands now(Thanks for introduce me to him!)
He drove and showed me his village Corlateni although it's dark (I haven't asked it though),and chatted at outside stall called cafe,then went home and put fire to pechika in single room 23:00,finally I noticed he already had eaten before we meet,,hungry night again.

Nov 9, 2010

I'll wait for you in Chisinau.

Lately,sometimes some peole whom I don't know send me greeting mail
by CS or HC (or else), I'm glad (unless it's spam) and enjoy to read them
but I can't reply soon anyway,,,
Today I moved from Telenesti to Balti.
and I might move from this blog-website to another one.
Hectic time has come again.
Hospitalityclub' host of Balti came to pick up me by car for 50km distance,
(tomorrow's HC' host in village is also planning to pick up me by car!?)
She's so merry girl and introduced me her funny friends but evrybody smoke in everywhere in their home (I was used to stay with non-smoking people for a few weeks),so when I noticed I got a bit sick besides now their cat is scratching me eagerly,,
BUT I can't sleep,
Now I got a surprise mail from my very first "via Internet" host Sandro from my beloved Georgia,"Hello I will go to Tiraspol in this weekend,Can we meet in Chisinau in next week?"
Photographer from UK (we've been contacting for 1 month via CS) is also planning to meet me in Chisinau in next week, and another CSer from Netherlands is (contacting for 1 month via CS) will come in Chisinau in next week,too,,,
I was just expecting to go back to my dearest family' host in Chisinau soon,and my mind has been occupied by someone in Chisinau whom I fell in love with though (and my plan of sending too many air-mails even hasn't started yet,though),,,
OK,Let's meet everyone in chisinau at the same time,maybe.

Nov 8, 2010

Coming soon,,,

I still can't accept when people talk not by English totally,don't care me totally,,in such case,why I need to be them?

What is CouchSurfing?

Today is Telenesti city's establishing day,,,No,actually neighbour village's.
Since (CouchSurfing' member) Jacob informed me my this blog that he made for me (by mail,before we met),
finally I came and stayng to his parent's house in nice village.
It's really nice,so that it doesn't matter although there was nothing birthdy's event that I expected.
 One of his relative Varely is especially funny interesting man (60 years old but young),
in only short time but he narrated me much about Moldova colorfuly,taught me something tips for life,
told me that if I could speak Russian or Moldovan,we could talk more.I agree but,
still more he proved his talent of communication.
"You have an apple,I also have another apple,when we showed them each other,we both can have 2 apples.",,,Wao! That's exactly authentic "CouchSurfing"!? even if he doesn't know

new record is made by mother

11am but big dinner by Jacob's mother,Sarmale and big fried fish,really really tasty,I nearly start to leave Moldova by its big satisfaction. ,,Constantin(village near to Cahul)'s mother, Ilie(village near to Chisinau)'s mother,I was really enjoyed delicious food of Moldovan village. ,,Even Chisinau city,Iulia and Nastya's meal were memorably tasty each time. Maybe Moldova already made new record in my travel that "No.1 delicious food's country".

Nov 7, 2010

Good job my 10th shoes !

I started journey from Tokyo by my own shoes,,then,
many tims when it already decayed,someone in somewhere gifted me new one,,
this 10th shoes was given by shaman Dale in Lithuania just 1 year ago,then,
(although sometimes I nearly throw away it in hottest summer in Ukraine),it's still surviving!
Viva, shaman!!
After joined Sunday liturgy in Chisinau,walked until edge of city,then,
After staying in Chisinau for 1 month,finally I started to travel again.
So hitchhike after long absence was also exciting.Why a driver asked me many times about my money? I thought he might force to pay when he dropped me off (but it was just my dellusion),and back-seat Alesia has Asian face so that I was charmed its beauty,stared too much (excuse me).
3 hours from Chisinau to Telenesti (between Orhei and Balti),finally I surfed CSer Jacob.
His friend Andrey.(,,to be continued)

Nov 6, 2010

1200 th day

,,,but I'm so tired.

try to remember,,
.100th day ---- Great night view of big huge mosque in Samarkand (Uzbekistan),
with pretty traveling girl from France. She said "Welcome to our home." I  was really planned to visit her but later she got married so I disappointed,changed my plan to not to visit.
.200 th day ---- Living with Japanese traveler Megumi (met her in Internet cafe)(but she already knew me by travler's romour) at big flat of Iranian Amir (met him on the street) with white snow world from big window,Yerevan (Armenia),,,then,when he went to job' trip,we forgot to borrow room key so that we put ourselves under house arrest for 4 dyas.
.300 th day ---- Living at great night view' balcony at international Islamic university' students' flat of German guy Mujahid in Damascus (Syria),,after 7 months,I visited him in Hamburg.
.400 th day --- after 1 months' living in dirty hostel in hottest summer,Cairo (Egypt), finally I crossed the border to Libya,,then,soon my 1st Ramadan in my life started.
.500 th day --- after 3 weeks' clinic study (to earn money) in Dusseldorf (Germany),I started my "endless CouchSurfing addiction life" from Chrismas-market' Germany.
.600 th day ---- Student village in Uppsala (Sweden),I already became the person who used to surf to many CS-hosts in each city,,
.700 th day ---- Tartu (Estonia), but I still had my free time except with computer for CSing.
.800 th day ---- after 2.5 months' CSing (almost everyday in library all day for it) in Riga (Latvia), finally I started to travel again,,but it was still inside Latvia.
.900 th day ---- after repeating of visit and stay between Panevezys and Kaunas (Lithuania) for 2 months,finally I started again to travel (still inside Lithuania though).
.1000 th day ---- already stayed 3months in Vilnius (Lithuania) by 60 CS-hosts (almost everyday in library all day) but still finding more new CS-hosts.
.1100 th day ---- Just after I was stolen money 2 times within 3 weeks,in Ukraine.
.1200 th day ---- Have been staying long days in most wonderful person's family in all of my journey, Moldova.

.1300 th day will be on next February,I hope I can start writing this blog normally until then.
.10000th day will be on,,,I don't count.

Nov 5, 2010

These days are so warm like spring,doesn't need jacket,nice to walk.
I just asked which direction is center? to a guy on the street,but he gave me money "Take a bus!"
Oh,today also I was betrayed by someone whom I trusted, I just started to write many air mails but don't want anymore. Result after continuously meeting many people for years is that hatred to people? Helplesslly stupid.

Nov 4, 2010

It took actually 1 year since my interview article was published in Lithuania until I send it to my parents with Japanese translation,,,when I look back,all of my life was always extremely slow,besides deadlily lazy,I can't finish anything unless someone gives me deadline,(this endless European trip as well),now I started to write blog here but more for complete all of past days in this journey than latest daily news,but I'm not sure even whether it will finish before I finish travel or not??
Trying to more CSing in Chisinau but by "Hospitalityclub" again :), I sent mail to only 1 likable member,next day already got invite answer to it,so I tried to send more 75 members through the night,,,then, no answer.
Move to the HC hosts' flat but Wow! Latin letters are totally disappearing from their PC's keyboards,OK I try to write by Cyrillic,,,NO I can't!!
(,,,so that,
to be continued.)
                                                              Happy CSing to HC hosts :)

Nov 3, 2010

Osamu Tezuka

Today is birthday of Osamu Tezuka
who is the biggest pop ikon in 20th century's Japan
(died over 20 years ago).

Yes,I also one of fans of Haruki Murakami,
I like Akira Kurosawa so much (and Takeshi Kitano),
and Hayao Miyazaki is my favorite,
moreover,some Japanese rock musicians are most important in my life
I can't compare him to anyone else,
he influenced much not only me but everybody Japanese who lived in 20th Century
(my father or these creators I've written or,to everybody)
by his works' quality and quantity both,
it seems that Japanese people are nearly forgetting about him,
and he's not so famous in forerign countries.
I'm really dissatisfied with it,
if I could,I should become ambassador about him
(it's much meaningful more than Sushi or else,,)
I can find some websites that we can read his works with English translation
but as it's illegal,each of them disappears soon.

Anyway it's a big pitty and big loss if only Japanese read his works,,,