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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Nov 21, 2010

Now I lost my passion for travel because 1)I'm tired ( as usual though),2)I'm living in same city as 2 people whom I can trust and happy to be with,  and 3) I want to start "writing all of my journal by borrowing format of blog" so I'm remembering many things,feels like grandfather :)
,,,for example,most impressive people were,
.Russian bycicle traveler Denis,whom I shared with travel feeling by only some common words (in Ulanbaator,Mongolia)
.Japanese traveler Ogawa,who was attracted by Tibet and wandered there for 7 months with tent but when we stayed same hostel he was stolen his camera(in Lhasa,Tibet).
.Japanese travel-guide-book-writer Fujimoto who was attracted by former Soviet union,have been living them for long years (in Bishkek,Kyrgyz).
.Singing angel who entertained all of passengers of train by his song although no one asked it to him,then I visited his home but there's no such address,but instead I was invited by warm family there(in Khazakstan).
.Mr. someone who saved me from trying to stay the night in cafe and next day guided me to city and nice park or cafe,,like date of couple(in Fujand,Tajukistan)
.People who invited and taught me Islam and hosted me each day to another home even if I don't know their language (in Actau,Kazhakstan)
.Dentist who is busy more than anybody though,taught me Islam by maximum passion and showed me various culture of Azerbaijan (in Baku)
.Armenian Christian family who seemed very difficult to host someone though did to me (Tbilisi, Georgia)
.Mother who is living with disabled daughter though,hosted me even in same bed with them (in Armenia)
.Student to becoming priest who hided me in monastery although was prohibitted it and asked me "Aren't you boring travel?" ( in Armenia)
.Iranian Amir who found me on the street and invited and hosted me for 3 weeks (my longest record) (in Yerevan,Armenia)
.The most kindest tourist information center in the world (Yerevan)
.Yahya who has beautiful eyes more than any beautiful woman, taught me Islam by his good deed (in Saida,Lebannon)
.Argentinian muslim student who is extremely pure but knows dirty world much,in Islamic scool ( in Damascus,Syria)
.Shopkeeper who found that my weakness to belief only by short meeting and really worried about my future ( in Dahab,Egypt)
.Japanese professional gambular who is wandering world and took me to midnight casino from our cheapest hostel ( in Cairo,Egypt)
.Crazy CouchSurfer Fernando who is hosting someone new everyday without any break for years ( in Porto,Portugal)
.Mina who learned something from me that I didn't notice and appreciate it besides taught me it ( in Hamburg,Germany)
.Charlotte like a flower (in Malmo,Sweden)
.Nia who picked me up by car and hosted me and trained me to become tough guy like her although she's not a guy (in Norway)
.Caroline who is the most interesting,amazing one in all of my journey so far (in Stockholm,Sweden)
.Jeremy who is always showing dreams to local people by various art althoguh he's foreigner there (in Turku,Finland)
.Julia who has big beauty and funniness at the same time (in Tallinn,Estonia).
.Christina who dizzied me only her cleverness and quickness of talking' speed (in Riga,Latvia)
.Inga who has strong will for dream and tried to do it even if it's quite hard way (in Riga,Latvia).
.Someone who picked me up in darkness and drove me over 100km from his destination then sent me SMS "All is one"(in Latvia)
.Anna who showed her life as artist and rich Russian culture by her passion more than words (in Lithuania).
.Victor who is the most impressive and funny and nice in my 6 months' Lithuania (Kaunas)
.Rimma who shared me more many things than anybody,in less time than anybody ( in Minsk,Belarus)
.Anton who has big heart and can connect people internationally ( in Minsk,Belarus)
.Vanya who asked me the biggest question in our life and let me remember my joy of music ( in Kiev,Ukraine)
.Mirka who is extremely interesting and extremely friendly CouchSurfer (in kiev,Ukraine)
.Vadim who planned hitchhike through Russia until Japan with me seriously with detail (in Donetsk,Ukraine)
.Eric who taught me Japanese heart although he's not Japanese (in Tiraspol.Transnistria)
.Sasha who is real traveler although he's not a traveler ( in Chisinau,Moldova)
.Nastya whom I really love her,I noticed it today,but I have to leave Moldova within 1 week.
,,,and about You and him and her and so on,,,
I'm not sure but I want to write about them,not only them,sooner or later,,

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