So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jun 6, 2010



Pt.1 : Kiev, Kharkiv

Kiev in June~ : (6,Sun,June)hitchhike from Belarus to Ukraine

,,,Almost 0:00,arrived to a metro station in Kiev.Thanks to Vitaly for help in metro.Sorry for visiting midnight to my first host in Ukraine.


Let's explore Kiev city,,No!memory stick of my brain have been overheating by Vilnius and Belarusian trip,I don't want to get new information,,and firstly I need to find CS-hosts,,after all, all day with computer.


OK,let's go outside,,NO!my stomach hasn't finished to digesting all of incident in Vilnius and Belarus,and I should write references for Belarusian CSers,,after all,haven't gone out whole 2 days.


Finally I went out to city center by walk,but it was already summer!I was damaged by sun!but at least I have met a CSer and moved to another host.Both were so nice though,it's hard,,


I was damaged by sun,all day I was sleeping in the bench of park.I don't have energy for CSing anymore,,but I surfed to new host,anyway.


Honestly,Minsk was not interesting city though,I miss Minsk because of nice Belarusin people.Today also I repeated walking and sleeping on bench because it's so hot! Met with Vrenja whom I gave up to meet in Belarus,but she didn't give up it and contact with me when she traveled to Kiev,I'm glad it even if she's not Belarusian. Tonight's hosts also attacked me by continuous general questions,,I nearly get depressed but barely could keep smiling,I know they meant no harm,but there's still no answer how can I get used to for it??

(12,Sat),,,I miss Minsk.

.Happy Couchsurfing day!

,,but most of today I was sleeping in metro or bench of park,,

(13,Sun),,,I miss Vilnius.

.Kept sleeping in host's home. Evening is nicer to walk,,Oh!it's like hot Arabic countries?!

.Met with Vitaly again in musical studio.Soon after I met with his bandmate Ivan,he took guitar and asked me significant question of life by improvised song,I like such person!,,but then,he talked through about God,,but I remembered that such incident was very usual when I was in Islamic countries,and never happened in Japanese life,,"sometimes" is better for me?

(14,Mon),,,I don't miss Japan.

.It's still difficult to let CSers understand me.Most of their repling CS-mails are similar,BUT, "Just call me" is equal meaning to "we wouldn't be able to meet"

(15,Tue),,,what else?

.Ivan is working musical studio.Most of today I practiced guitar at there.

(16,Wed),,,I don't want to write CS-references anymore.It's difficult job.

.Into the wild with CS-host,,,even if it's park just outside of Kiev,camping in nature was rare in my travel(even if I had slept outside many times without tent or sleepingbag),,,maybe first time??

(17,Thu),,,I can't reply many e-mails,anyway.

.Capmping was great,but I'm not used to,so I'm tired much.

(18,Fri)Recording my songs produced by Ivan in his studio,was continued for 6 hours,,it was needed much energy but I usually don't eat in daytime,then a CSer took me for long walk,then, the time that my concert at pub had come,,somehow I sang with all my might,,

(19,Sat),,As a result,I'm so tired that I hadn't gone out from host's home again,today.(,,?? Is this not traveler's blog but perhaps "tired-man's diary"!?)

(20,Sun),,I'm Sorry to some CSers for changing my plan,because CS-host Mirka's place is so comfortable,as result I stayed for 3 days.

.Interviewed with BBC correspondent,she's also CSer.
"CSing and Ushi"


CS-hosts recommended me ,so I walked and peeped village of Kiev.


Since Sunday,I'm traveling let bank o Kiev,area o same metro station.

.By the way,I'm not writing bad things in my Kiev' days.


Finally I came back to right bank of Kiev by foot.


I'm still continuing to meet with many CSers.


Today I made a new record that I and a CSer had met but there was silent time for over 30 minutes.


Walked over 3 hours until next host's place because I have no plan and sunny day and it's for free. A woman talked me(by Russian) like "Where will you go? Please sit on bus,Don't you have money?" I really like such kind of people. When I crossed railway-line,a police stopped my travel,I really don't like these kind of people(but it's ok). Then,suddenly I was called some CSers to meet,so I wet in hurry,,but they asked me only general questions,why I had to go for speaking same things as I'm writing on my profile even by using money to metro,,Even if I've been often dicouraged like this case,it always not sure How it wil works,so I just try to continue to CSing,even if my ninterest for it getting lose,,


Time runs like speed of light,I've been in Kiev alreday for 3 weeks!

By hectic CSing,finally I depressed,but I went to meeting point,,,over an hour I waited though,a CSer didn't appear.It's time to quit CSing!?


.Since I came to Kiev,I enjoyed sleeping the night only a half,because half of night have been spent for Internet of CSing,although every hosts offers me nice and clean couch,Sorry!

.But Finally in this morning I could finish all of (my duty')writing references to CSers,I was always delaying it for 20 CSers,,it's really bad for healthy mind.

.Slept at bus stop's bench for 3 hours.Then walked,and slept( and repeated them for 5 hours),,when I noticed I was already inside "Pirogiv open-air museum".Actually it's nice place,so I enjoyed sleeping on the grass field,,Since when I came to Kiev,most of daytime I'm spending on the bench?!


.Sorry again for Internet all day long. Left host 23:00,visit next host 0:00. Sorry again for Internet all night long.

(30,Wed)Kiev --- Vyshgorod

.In the morning,I got mail from tonight's host"Sorry I'll fly Today"?!,,but the present host asked her CS-frined about me,Thanks!

,,We met in center,,but? our talk is difficult? then metro and bus( of higher price than usual),a bit far? It was another town from Kiev. Besides his parents won't come back today? nearly I got depress,but Hold on,such last minute surfing,he wouldn't have seen my profile but !?No Internet!?All is over with me?! BUT,

.Let's try to asking people on the street!like finding host by knocking doors,even if there's Internet cafe(I haven't paid for it since new year of 2009.)

.A girl let me in her family's flat and use Internet! She didn't know CSing(yes I'm a kind of CS-ambassador,to driver of hitchhike or,,anybody),but she suggested me to go together to festival,nice!

.As result,host was good to share time with,,I can't describe but when next morning,even he became one of my memorable CSers. Of course it's not only by opponent,When I'm positive,it will work out more better,,but just difficult to keep good state of me.How many people complained me so far,like "Why do you surf only for 1 day? it's too short." Yes,it's short,but Life is also short,anyway CSing is interesting so that I can't slow down it,and the number of people whom I can meet in this life is too limited.Even if I continued travel for all my life,it would be just a only little bit of the World.What should I do??

(1st,2nd July) Vishgorod---Kiev

.At coast of Kiev Sea,a girl was practicing of sing and dance (for preparing when she became a star ?)with splashing ripple. I wanted to walk till lighthouse but guards stopped me(not good),but they seemed to ignore a girl(not bad).

.Back to Kiev by hitchhike. Every 3 minutes some driver stopped :) BUT,everybody asked me money,,It's totally same as Kazakhstan or Kyrgyz (Soviet culture)!? ,,,Can I travel Ukraine by hitchhike??

.Anton invited me to record my songs BUT,it turned into recording of his friend Marcas' improvised song "Ushi is not Sushi" until midnight!?

(3rd,July)Kiev,of course

.Suddenly I found 10,000 dollars on the street! BUT,next moment someone grabbed it from me and disappeared!? Easy come,easy go!

.a CSer invited me not Sushi but more popular food in Japan,"raamen"!,,,I couldn't stop tears' falling down.

.(,,by melody of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the wind")

" How many cancel-mails must I receive from CS-hosts,before I sleep outside? "

,,I didn't want to sing such song,of course! but That's the CSing.

(4,5,July)unfortunately,still in Kiev

Finally I started to prepare for getting out Kiev.


from 0:30am till 19:30,almost non-stop for Internet.

But there are still nothing last confirmation answer from Tonight's host,even mobile was disconnected. Urgent request to another CSer,,answer came but it took time for contact,,arrived bus stop after 23:00,,seemed my marshurtka already finished. 0:00,finally I gave up,slept at bench,,


,,Finally I might leave from CSing?? BUT,I already got invite answer mail from over 15 CS-hosts in Kharkiv!?


.Because you asked me so that I narrated my story how I got close to religion,but then,why could you say "nowadays religion is dying,it's better because it's bad thing.",,,Excuse me,Were you listening me??

.It's already 25th hosts in Kiev.


.Finally I visited Chernobyl museum,,,but No English,unfortunately I didn't understand it.

.Finally I ate Sushi in center of Kiev! Delicious more than I expected! but it's another matter that "Don't think it's same as Japanese."

.Finally 2 of my future hosts wrote me "You can use my Internet through the night",,I feel guilty for it. I was waiting until Today's host will finish Internet and lend me it,,but it's already morning 5 am (now).

.Finally the number of CS-members reached to 2 million! ,,,but How many e-mails will I send to them more!?!?


.Finally,suddenly but unexpectedly my recorded songs'CD has completed,Thanks Ivan.

.In heavy rain,2 girls were dancing lightly with joy for rain.

.Gift from Ivan was not only my CD,but long letter about God.If it was long time ago in my Japanese life,I would reject even to read it but,(even if not Christian) now I'm a pilgrim.I should have told about it to him,how should I answer to this letter,,

.Finally I will leave Kiev!!

.At the edge of Kiev,entrance of highway.Traffic police,hitchhiker and prostitute were standing,every of them want to stop car in a different purpose.

.A driver told me "Without money till Kharkiv? you're crazy" But he's also crazy to ask me 200 euro.

,,,Unfortunately,I couldn't catch a car for 4 hours,I even haven't gone out from Kiev,Sorry Kharkiv's host for waiting me!,,but??Can I hitchhike in Ukraine?? :(

Extra night in Kiev,CS-host said "Hitchhike to Kharkiv takes about 24 hours",,I ignored to listen it,,

Kharkiv in July :


,,9:00,standing again same point as yesterday. ,,Somehow reached to half to Kharkiv but it's already 15:30,even if nice summer sky,it changes to dark rainy clouds soon,the problem is not only Stopped drivers ask me money but,any cars rarely stop!?

.An example: Ushi"denge ninaada?",Driver"pachimuu ninaada? naada,naada",Ushi",,,Pachimuu naada?!"

.Many drivers don't understand hitchhike,it's OK.But a driver fooled on me "No money!? So you will walk till Kharkiv like a idiot!?"

.At the edge of small city,more 130km to Kharkiv,but it's already after sunset. By my Yellow color reflex jaket(for dark winter) every car nearly stops because they mistakes I'm a police but soon everybody notices and runs away(hundreds of cars in a few hours),,finally I gave up for TODAY,Sorry for host! Be exhausted,slept on the concrete,,but heavy rain came,,Somehow on the bench under the roof.


,,Slept outside(on the bench) twice in a week.My last journey(10 years ago)was always like this,but I'm not young anymore,, Exhausted but arrived to Kharkiv at 10:30am.After all,The word of Kiev's last host was true,,No!it took even more than 24 hours!?

,,So I stayed on the bench of central square for 5 hours,,,!? Since I came to Ukraine,I'm living on the bench both night and day!?

CS-host of two were extremely nice!this is Heaven and Hell. but after 12:00 am,they satered to make pizza!?!?


With extremely pretty host,rode a train to small town Merefa. but after 1 am,shasirik with family!?!?


.After I sat on bench in front of apartment,soon 3 hours passed.

.Host was from Iraq, his story made me despair for travel there(I was planning to go there).I have been cheated by media.


.After I sat on bench by church,soon 4 hours passed.

.Host is going to Istanbul,,mee too!? but I'm not sure when?


.Visited CSers who is going to Saudi Arabia,,,?? everyday I have been invited from the area where I will go later by God of Travel!? I was planning to reach there within 2010,but I may travel in Europe more a year,,??

Anyway,according to the order,tomorrow I would meet someone related Africa,maybe?


,,,I didn't meet someone African today.

Today's host was busy but left me her friend,Andrey.He showed me his favorite nice view'place of Kharkiv,but more,he showed anything from his heart,already he's one of memorable person whom I met in my journey,we talked even about someone close person's suicide,he even told me "I'm not a gay but I want to try to live with you in same flat"!?


he continued to drink beer,even bringing it on the street,so Police stopped us,BUT he was lucky that he was released from them(maybe he told he must protect this foreigner,,?)


we walked through the park in the darkness of night(I should have avoided such route,of course),suddenly 2 Polices appeared and asked us document,one of them insisted me to show more my belongings.Only they had flashlights in the darkness,I couldn't see their hands well,besides my mate was drunken,,,Aftar all,a Police pulled out and stole my money,its same amount to my travel's 4 years budget(you know,how cheap my travel budget is, even so,I still finished travel only 3 years,,)

Then,we reached to host's place but I even couldn't say goodbye to Andrew.

Since I came to Europe almost nothing bad incident happened so far,I became to be weak like a child unawares.The thing is that even if it was only a moment,conceiving murderous intent was too much,I was damaged by myself.

It's the first time that I decided to write negative reference on CS.


Even I joined party of host and friends,I was worst nervous state.It's not only last night.Today's host also took me to friend's place but I was like a stone.And I can't answer to"Do you like Ukraine?"anymore.


Exactly after 1 week,I got back again to same central square where is my first place of Kharkiv.I want to leave this city immediately,but I still have surfed only a half of CS-hosts who invited me,of course it's not obligatoly,but,,,

Accidentally I met with my future host on the street(so I should surf him later),and today's host was,,,incredibly nice!(travel is always continuation of repetition that good and bad.)


Preparation for my CSing in midnight as usual,,After all,only 1 invite came from CS-host of Donetsk,so I changed the plan,in haste from morning I started to send mails to many CSers of Donepropetrovsk,,,Even after host went out,continued its work,until host's family let me out.Then,visited neighbour CSer's home,then I continued its work until go to tonight's host,,,I'm almost not CouchSurfer but InternetSurfeк!?


.My travel firend (CSer, t0ma5)was planning to go to Japan,so I sent mail and found some of my friend in Japan who can host him,,but today I noticed he already had given up to go Japan.

.There were blank days but today also I met CSer who had realtion with Arab.

.Everyday I'm sleeping much in daytime because I'm online for CSing in midnight.

(22,Thu)Kharkiv ---Liubotin

.Hitchhike to suburb city.Drunken truck driver entertain me by car-chase by himself,reminded me of "Rupin the third"(Hayao Miyazaki' first movie).

.Suddenly no contact from one of Kharkiv' host,and no connection with tomorrow's small town'host.


The police'incident was not worst case.In the morning I noticed (not Ukrainian Grivna but)Euro and Dollars has dissapeared from my wallet(same amount to my 1 year's travel budget),last time when I checked was 3rd July,then I've been staying at only CS-hosts,it means,,,I can't write this anymore,,,

,,,(after 5 days passsed),,,

I tried to write but Who is reading this blog!? so I don't. Anyway it was too tough to remember all of memories between 3rd July and 23rd'morning,many of hosts were so nice,but I reached my conclusion about in which place and when I separate from my wallet?BUT,How can I ask it to them!? Lost cash never come back again. Anyway I have 2 choices,Quit CSing or Change my mind to CSing. OK,from the first I was negative ambassodor of Japan,I can become negative CSer too!?

.After I got invite for Today,no confirmation and no-connect mobile until last night though,I bet chance to meet Sasha in small town Bohoduhiv because she is japanese!even if I can ask previous host in Kharkiv(but How can I smile to Kharkiv people eevn if they are my favorite!?)

Too hot to hitchhike,besides it's stil non-mobile-connection but somehow when I arrived to Bohoduhiv 3:30pm finally connection with her mobile "I will go back a few hours later",,,actualy I waited(with slept)for 5 hours in bus atation,but Sasha was one of memorable hosts and invited me Japanese instant noodle"raamen",it made me move and cry(sushi is not No.1 food in Japanas I'm always telling),Arigatou(Thanks)!


Thanks Sasha(English teacher) and her sudent's family for inviting me their trip to non-famous sightseeing spot!,,How many times I joined somebody's excurtion like this,so far??

They seemed to think hitchike is not good,but it's OK.

,,,It's OK most of driver asked me money,it's here's culture,I'm a hitchhiker,just don't ride their car,BUT,surely Ukrainian are different from oter countries'people,why they need to laugh at me or shout me"!? Go by foot!!"

."How much?","no money","OK,sit down!" Grosha has high ability of talking although we hadn't common language,I like tis kind of people!

.both Liubotin and Bohoduhiv had no Internet,I hadn't writen down tonight's my host's mobile number and address. I hadn't been paying money for Internet for 1.5 years,finally I entered Internet cafe,0.5 dollars for 1 hour,,it's same as 2 times' metro.So I tried to visit previous host's flat,Thanks for them but I want to ask about my wallet,,,

.Anyway I could contact and meet new host,I was glad even if bed was iichin by fea,,??


Aftar all, surfed to one of comfortable host again.Almost non-stop for Internet,couldn't decide how order I should travel?? I got many invite from Donepropetrovsk or Donetsk or else,but Ukraine is biger than I imagine(and roads were terrible,cars can't run fast),and hitchhike is difficult more than I imagined!?!?

(to be continued)


Pt.2 : Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozh'ye


Unfortunately,I had worst memories in Kharkiv though,I can say all of CS-hosts there were especially nice,so that strangely this town became one of my unforgettable place!

.Thanks,student Alexey for lend me mobile and chat and exchange e-mail address with me.

.In my last metro of Kharkiv,,,2 POLICES TOOK ME TO SMALL ROOM and check my luggage,they said they're afraid of terrorists,,I asked "Who can be terrorist?" they answered "Asian", OK,I'm an Asian.

.Walked for 1 hour,edge of Kharkiv,couple hitchhiker from Lviv were waiting car for 3 hours under strong sun. It already 2:30pm,I'm always late to start to hitch.

.Musician from Dagestan drove me with playing his song or rap "Kafkas! Yo-Yo!" his voice and his brother's song are actually nice :)

.Take a rest in countryside with drinking musician's souvenir beer,,,then,Dagestan musician appeared again and picked me up again :):)

.Small city Idyom,for a few hours standing,Lviv hitchhikers appeared again. They also wanted to go to Donetsk,,,After sunset,they phoned his father who living in Donetsk(!?)asked to pick them up(!?)if they got close to Donetsk by bus.Of course I didn't join their sugestion(because bus costs anyway)but Thanks! See you in Lviv later!(,,but in which month??)

.It was on the hill with great view of forest,I nearly gave up and thought sleeping in forest,,BUT,(as I wrote it many times before) Almost always just after when I gave up,someone picks me up!?,,The truck driver who will go to Donetsk appeared! even if its speed was sloooow,it's OK I enjoyed glamorous moon view,,,Today is 3rd anniversary of this journey.Thanks countless people so far,Thanks sun and moon everyday.and Thanks to,,,

.At 23:30,arrived to Donetsk.

Even if the driver got lost inside city,Thanks for kindness!? but I wanted him to be more kind(why he couldn't drive until my host's place?) It was more than big distance to walk,no people in midnight town except drunken people,I don't need to have scared memory anymore!

Almost 1 AM,reached to CS-host Aliesa,I was so glad!(although she said at first "I have no food here")


.She let me remember (my most favorite Europe)Romania,and will live in Poland and welcomed me there too,,,my eastern Europe trip might last more 1 year,,??

.In center of city,there's Japanese goods'shop,and a Japanese man is working,his opinion to Ukraine was similar as me(I won't write about it as Ukrainian people can read this :) He has been living in here for 3 years,but without Russian language?!How is it possible!?!?

.---My beloved Japanese singer's song,

"There are many congenial friends,just we don't notice it now,but --- We may notice by only passing each other on the street."

I just asked someone to lend me mobile at random as usual(because of the length of time we stared each other)but he invited me for tea to his flat.He also wants to go to travel,I introduced CSing to him(Yes,I'm unknown CS-ambassador).His grandmother was living in Georgia,when he was five,had lived Tbilisi,but after Soviet broken,can't go there freely,he said "I'm from Soviet,I like it" but "I don't like nationalism". He served me many things,even boiled rice,I ate it with "miso soup"that a Japanese gave me,,,totally I satisfied! even if he didn't want to have it ?(Alesia as well?)

,,,So that my hitchhike started late again.

.at 7 pm,stood at entrance of main road to Gorlovka(50 km from Donetsk so I was optismic),other people catches car one by one because they pay to driver as usual here. After sunset,when I gave up around 9 pm,a family picked me up(as usual :).They could take me only for several km,but the mother(driver)told me"At checking point Police may help you by asking drivers to drive you!",,,I didn't think so but The dice has casted already! She asked to Police and gone,but they didn't care me 100%. I left them and continued hitch in the darkness,already made up my mind to sleep in the grass tonight,but a guy stopped and drove me to Gas station,"They may help you by asking customer'drivers to drive you!",,,I didn't think so,,,yes nobody accepted it, at 11:30 pm finally I gave up again and phoned host(,,but No connection).Then,Vladimir appeared and drove me although it's far from his city,he seemed main actor? really cool! I nearly asked him to host me!?,,,but somehow reached to Gorlovka!Thanks but Sorry for hosts,it was 0:30 AM.


I couldn't have much time with hosts last night so that I stayed there one more night.

(29,Thu)Gorlovka---Donetsk again

.Continued to sleep until afternoon.

.There are only 6 of "minuture-book museum" in the World,,it was amazing!

.Host changed the plan suddenly "can't drive you"!? so I started to hitchhike from 9pm :( ,,Thanks Azerbaijani driver even giving me his tel No.even if he was drunken.---In the darkness,Gollum(from the movie Lord of the Ring)appeared with excited laughter"DONETSK,daa daa daa!!" and hicthhiked together?!---Stuck in same Gas station again with him. Gollum's act was something strange,very quick move lke jumping on the air,he's good at catch cars but doesn't ride them,,I noticed he was just asking money to drivers!? then(maybe he satisfied and went home?)he caught opposite direction's car and disappeared,,,he might be real Gollum!? But I'm also a bit crazy? seems that can't satisfy unless hard situation'hitchhike anymore? Do I want to sleep on wet grass after strong rain?? ,,but a kind driver sent me until host's flat's building,Thanks! Sorry for visiting after 0 AM.


.Vadim sleeps at midnight.I do my CSing'Internet-job after host sleeps through the night.Vadim wakes up morning and let me join his home drawing lesson with teacher then take me to some places and so on,,,When shall I sleep??

.And he invited me to Sushi,(same as Kiev,I haven't expected but)rather delicious!


Vadim was not CSer,so How I got to know him?---Katia invite me though her profile had no information,anyway I couldn't surf in her invite day,instead,Vadim sent me invite mail from her CS-profile's mail?!,,Who are they at all?? But I always want to try such case.How many nice hosts I've been meeting from mystery-invite so far!?!?

,,,After all,Vadim was super CS-host although he's not CSer,besides he suggested me to stay there as long as I want,,Mmm,I still can't move fast to next city. But I can stay in Ukraine only 1 month more,I still haven't reached to Crimea!?

.Let's go to his friend's house in village Granitne with Balalaika! ...By the way,there are another village Granitne in same region,,How can people appoint meeting without mistake place?


.at 5 AM,Vadim wake me up and took me to wonderful peaceful fields for his taking photos,,it's nice.

.Since I entered Ukraine(actually since Belarus)everybody said "You must go to Crimea",finally I reached there!!,,,No,here is Azov sea :( but anyway it's been 7 months since I left Baltic sea :)


"Today's maximum will be +42 degree"!? so I didn't go out.and host's baby is so cute,reminds me of my beloved niece(I lived with her for several months,I don't miss Japan except her,but even if I met her again she is already naughty child,not pretty baby anymore,,)

(3,Aug)Mariupol --- Donetsk third times

.Dangerously hot to standing on th road to hitch,so I should wake up early,,,I couldn't.Now it's after 9AM,already outside is like the middle of fire.

.2:30PM,left host's home and walked until hicth-point,,not good point so walked to more further place,repeating it for long hours in the burning air,nearly dying,but railway of trum doesn't finish till far area,,finaly I noticed it connects town and suburb's big factory area! I should have ridden it from the the sunset,I caught a truck driver not for ride but for water.

I had a meeting in Donetsk at 8PM,but I caught a car in Mariupol at 8PM,Sorry!

2nd driver was carrying watermelon,gave me a big one,Thanks but he dropped me of entrance of Donetsk city and "close to town!" but there are only forest and fields,,,


.Woke up by dream that someone attacked me and full of blood scatters,,I think this is from my stress for writing CS reference everyday.

.Host welcomed me by evening big dinner,,then this morning also big breakfast(omlet 3 people's size only for me)at 10AM,then big lunch(a few people's size only for me)at 2PM,I was used to be hungry,so that rather I got sick?!,,,but why host doesn't eat? I asked,,,she was fasting today!Oh,No!?

.After all,I indulged host's kindness,,too hot and tough hitchhike yesterday,then all day inside home today,,it's extreme.


.Now I'm contacting with many CSers of Dnepropetrovsk but I'm lazy and feel wasting my time to write such long name Dnepropetrovsk in each time.Although people has short name to call, Why there's no short name of Dnepropetrovsk!?!?

.Back to Vadim's flat again.

.Interview with newspaper of Donetsk.Although there were some interesting questions, synthetically I still feel incompatibile about what people want to ask or how people want me to be.People make my virtual image,but it's not me.I won't answer anymore to "Why did you decide to travel?"

,,,but as a result, published article was much better than all Lithuanian papers :)
" Salon " part 1.
part 2.


 8:15 AM Today of 65 years ago,the atomic bomb was dropped by human in Hiroshima city for the first time in human history, over 140,000 people were killed. But I'm not sure how many Japanese people remembered about it this morning.

.As every night I'm at different host's place,computer are also different. Since New Year,each time when I can write Japanese I neary start to translate my article of Lithuanian newspaper to Japanese but I still haven't done it.Anyway I need and want to reply mail to many CSers of several cities to organize my future Ukrainian trip ,but every night I just sleep because I worn out by heat.So I got depress again,,,of course sleeping is better than sitting computer through the night and yes I can quit CSing suddenly if I want.

.Whether good thing happens or negative feeling occurs,anyway I forget about their impressions as long as I move everyday,it's quite good but rather bad.No matter what happens,just it goes on.


.Lately some people whom I met in travel send me a kind of advertising mail frequently,,I didn't call them SPAM mail,but,,,!?

.Lately a Japanese friend whom I met in travel pubished his travel book contained about me,,the day my book will be published come or not!?


.After all I failed translation work although I delaied to go to

Dnepropetrovsk everyday,some CS-hosts are waiting for me since several days

ago,,Sorry! but 2 of them can invite me only until Tonight,so I decided to

go although it's Sunday afternoon 5PM =worst time of hitchhike!,,,It's a

kind of sick that I want to try more hard situation,,(what for ?)

and actually it's difficult to leave Vadim,though,finally I got not to

stand anymore,,,Staying same place more than 3 days is difficult to me?

"Moving everyday--then I got to be tired,staying somewhere longer--then I

got to tired to stand still" its repeating,,,

.5:45PM,goodbye to Vadim at the edge of Donetsk,,,Soon truck driver Rosha

picked me up!(jalopy,slow speed but it's alright!)He has incredibly high

communication ability,I can't speak Russian but he doesn't stop to talk

with his high vitality and understanding,so we could talked much(if you

were there,you would laugh because it's funny!?),and meorable fish and

potate in cafe by his treat,Thanks!,,,soon the night had come(jalopy,slow

speed),he parked to sleep in the truck,"You also sleep in my truck and

better to go tomorrow."Thanks!! it's 9:45PM there's still more 85km but I

continued to hitch

,,Soon big(comfortable seat)truck drove me and contacted and passed to my

host on the road in Dnepropetrovsk 11 PM,Thanks! Host: "Nice to meet

you,Let's drive to the river and go swimming now!" Wao!?!?

(,,,Host couple already wrote about the night on reference on me.)


 11:02 AM Today of 65 years ago,the atomic bomb was dropped to Nagasaki

city in Japan.

.Host took me to next host in same region. Extremely comfortable

host,Besides she and he both speaks Japanese a little. They took me to

evening city,along big Dneproriver,many people,,,reminds me of Nile river

in Cairo.Since I came to Ukraine,it has been too hot so people go out after

sunset,reminds of me of Arabic countries'summer.

(Tue,10)Dnepropetrovsk(,,too long name to write!isn't it?)

Air conditioner isn't good for my body.Woke up in the morning but host was

still sleeping,so I slept again,,it brought me a small headache.

Afternoon,met next host.Pleasant and sociable but had wrong image about

me,my head became more dull. (but while I'm getting down,I saw biggest fire accident as I ever had seen,and I felt in love

with Indian girl,what a busy for brain!?),but anyway,,Host invited some friends but they spoke only by Russian and no attention to me,it's typical pattern I get to be

depressed,besides every my joke didn't work to them,so I kept to face


(Wed,11)Dneprope(,,I don't write whole name anymore.)

,,I was still silent,so Host felt uncomfortable and decided to kick me out, by sudden cancelling Host's father's hosting me Today(Pity I and the father couldn't

meet). It's first case to me. Host told me "You're not like me,,I don't

know why you're in Ukraine,,You're just using people,don't give back

nothing,,You hate people." Then,asked me shake hands!?

.With depression,under the strong sun,walked from center for several km.

Masha's e-mails were

written only short words of English(??) though,tried to surf her,,as

result,it was great(as I wrote reference on her.)


Masha took and showed me to many places in city (after we swam in the

river,watched fishes'swimming in aquarium),,but under strong sunshine,I was so tired.


Suddenly Masha had to go to job,so I said goodbye.

Vasha and Amik were on traveling,couldn't host me but introducing me to

African(non-CSer),his wife who doesn't speak English but understand our

talking(like Masha),he and his friends were all drunken but quite nice night!

(Sat,14),,In every city of Ukraine so far,I met impressive guy.African as

well,he also has key about my travel and my music by his job,his personality,or his life.but I got nervous whether I should surf to another host or not

tonight(as usual).Pity but I often can't concentrate to host by my other problems.

(Sun,15).Finally I did translation to Japanese from article about me in the


.Goodby to african,,But what did I give to him??

.Alina (super fluent Japanese speaker) took me to unknown Zoo. Then Alexey

took me bike trip,he's so nice and I'm tired to (nice but) busy meetings ,so I nearly ask him to host


.,,,Vareliia was traveling but found host (non CSer)for me,Vitali.He couldn't

host me today but introduced his friend Sasha to me.Thanks everyone by contact e-mail! (besides Vitali was Masha's friend! so she also helped me to contact with Vitali. )


Sasha didn't speak English,and his Internet was broken,,

(16,Mon)Many CSer answered me mail "just call me",I sent e-mail again but

no answer for it until today,(although I wanted to leave this city today)so

finally I called them and today I had 4 meetings.But I failed to surf to

new host,so I got back to Masha.

(17,Tue)Dnepropetrovsk---Zaparozhya Zaporozh'ye

Mutual Masha's guest Russian couple left 9AM to hitchhike to Crimea,they

seemed to be sure to reach today. But my case is---12:00 left Masha,13:00

stood the point but strong sun,so that rest under the tree,16:00 start to

hitch,,18:00 truck driver picked me up,I was so tired but he's talkative

about keeping human'identity!? 19:30,center of Zaparozya.but then,over

30min by bus and wait for host's coming,,


The happiest day in these 3 years,so I can't describ,,

though,when they invited me to cafe to eat,I got depressed heavily because I hadn't been paying by myself in cafe for 1.5 years.I know it's extreme travel but,,

I was tired but host was so friendly.Although he speaks English very little,he wanted to show me many interesting film or else until midnight,,


Abput 5 hours walking(with napping in bench)until center of city,then crossed island again. Finally I met Japanese language teacher'host. Even if her experience in Japan was interesting story for me,I don't know how many people who is interested in Japan or speaks Japanese will I still meet constantly?? I think it's already more than enough,,

anyway I wanted to talk with her by Japanese though,I was emotionally too tired so that slept until late evening,she already got to sleep,so I slept again till morning :(


About 4 hours walking to cross island,,just I ate popcorn though,metal of one of my teeth got out of joint :(

Host was nice and talkative but I couldn't recover from exausted state,,,from the evening she and her friend took me to town,they talked me about their racistic opinion.But it was still almost normal,they had a friend who is neo-nati.It's first time for me that I talk with someone real racisit,I felt like I'm journalist.

From 3 am till noon,I continued CSing work by host's computer though, I still couldn't decide I will go to Crimea or give up because few host in Crimea although I'm exhausted,,,

(to be continued)




Once I decided to give up to go to Crimea,but I changed my mind again(even if one of Crimean CSer who answered me mail only by writing his mobile number!? and when I phoned him I didn't understand he can host me or doesn't want ro host,,),but late to start to hitchhike,,I decided to stop today at Melitopol'.

Met with a CSer who can't host me but as result she hosted me.Sorry but Thanks.(,,But they're not communicative,I had no choice except I feel just sorry to let them host me.)

(22,Sun) Melitopol'----

Start to hitch at 11 AM,people's words that "Summer hitchhike to Crimea is easy,'cause everybody drives there." didn't make sense to me,under the strong sun,I just stood for long hours in the same spot with sometimes napping(by laying on the road),,gave up meeting in Sevastopl,even gave up reach to Simferopol because of sunset at Azov Sea,,,It was exactly same moment when I met with couple Russian travellers and hitchhed a car,the driver picked 3 of us,so I introduced myself to driver and at the same time to Irina (from Ural!) and Anton (from Siberia!) I wanted to ask the driver to host us but they didn't want to,,They hosted me in their tent at the river in Zhankoi,,Oh! I'm like a traveler!?


.They also will go to Black Sea coast,anyway we separate to hitch. Started at 10:30 AM but stood at the same point until 3:30 PM. Andrey picked me up with his gorgeous travel story(his travel budget is over 100 times expensive than mine.)

.From Simferopol,Vova piceked me up,,,(Finally I met again with Black Sea since I left Trabson of Turkey in spring 2008)Oh! Crimea is beautuful as everybody says,,,at Alshta,he was heading to oppsite way from Yalta but drove me until we meet with my Yalta's host.

.Host and friends speaks Japanese!? ,,,Seemes like it's endless that my trip to meeting Japanese' fan people,whther I want or not. Most impressive Japanese tatoo as I ever had seen along backbone of one of them (vertically 20 letters!?)

.Seaside view from hosts' flat reminded me of Haifa in Israel.


,,,CSing work through the night,seems I don't have Crimean host anymore except Simferopol.So I must prepare next place's Csing.


..Host and friends showed me Yalta by walk and took me to ferry trip,we excited to it but as result we exhaused becuse it took more than 2 hours?!

.Terrible Internet connection but I couldn't give up 'cause I have a lot to do,,but I couldn't do them.


.CS-host in Saki (Crimea) wrote me again"We're in Moscow now,When will you come ?",,but Moscow is not Crimea,I think.

.Hitchhike and walking until good point to hitch,repeating.

.Roman picked me up and even took me to excurtion,,nice view from hill of Foros,and cape Fuolent is WAO!! wonderful few people beach(and memorably delicious KBAC :) He said "This is my country" with smile,Happy to meet such person even if he has smell like fish(even if it's impolite thought?)

.In Sevastopol,while he was doing his job,I relaxed at bench of bay with many people

,,then he took me to his job's fish food's factory,,oh I didn't need to feel I'm impolite.

.Alredy after sunset but Roman's excurtion still had been continued. at Bakhchisaray's Islamic palace I heard Adzarn's starting,,(it's been a long time since I stopped to pray,moreover I'm eating although now it's ramadan month) Finally we arrived his city Simferopol and met my CS-host Artem at 10 PM,Sorry.

.He just came back from his trip to Middle East 2 days ago but will go to Rainbow festibval in Moldova TOMORROW!? Suddenly my brain was ocuppied by Moldova.

.But I sent over 100 CSing mail to Odessa for 8 hours non-stop through the night.



. a CSer sent me mail "OK,you can call me and come at that time."from Tunisia!?,,it was answer to my mail"Can I surf your couch in September?",,logically he's right but my mail was sent in the year of 2008.

Roman came to me at 10:30AM---introduced me to his brother the master of Japanese game "Go",actually it was my first time to play it,and a child taught me it---Roman learned Japanese from me only a phrase"Drink a beer",and registered CSing :) by the way,I and he don't have common language.

.meeting with a CSer and surfing new CS-host,,but I wanted to try to surf to Roman's family.


.At the edge of city,nice family drove me only a few km."Are you pilgrim? ,,You can join us to our sightseeing in Yevpatrye today.",,I wanted to join them but I don't have time in Ukraine, CS-host is waiting for me in Kherson.

.from 12:00 to 5 PM,stood at same point(with napping on the road,and can see a mosque). a car drove me but for a bit,it's still not far from Simferopol,250km till Kherson,exhausted again. And so hugry,,finally I asked food to a woman in front of house,but I had no hesitation and she also seemed to be natural,gave me something to eat and "Good luck!"

.Already sunset time,man and woman picked me up,,,when I woke up from long nap,it already dark. They arrived their small city Kahovka,70km to Kherson but it's after 10PM,so I asked them to host me or find someone for me,they drove me to someone their friend(?)'s place,so finally I phoned to Kherson's host(who asked me to surf her not in the night) to report it


they took me to bus-terminal(?)and tried to buy bus ticket for me,I refused it and left there.Somehow I was back again on the street in nowhere in the midnight.

.Almost 0:00 AM,Someone appeared from her house's gate (to buy beer),I asked her to host,she and her husband welcomed me to their small yard. What a friendly boy Jenya is!(but he's a good papa.) We chatted under the moonlight then I slept there

,,Unexpectedly today was the day I remembered how I was traveling before I became CSing addict. So far,Unrainian trip was quite rough and tough,but Thanks Ukraine for help becoming traveler again!?


.What a lovely and cool girl Evgenya is!(but she's a good mama.) It was hard to leave them,but started hitch at 11 AM.

.First driver was nice couple and told me another way is better to go to Kherson,although there's sign on the road "Kherson". So I chose it although some drivers stopped and told me Stand at another road!

,,,Then,it became long hitshhike again although it's 70km around. Repeating someone drove me and wait more than an hour,,,7th car drove meu until suburb of Kherson,it's almost sunset,but then no car stopped but even no bus or marshrtuka,WHY!? I walked along big long road toward city but it was entrance of highway!? Already it got dark,sign is showing "3km to the city" but I was so tired,tried to stopp cars on the highay almost like "HELP ME!?" ,,but s couple helped me,Thanks!! they knew my host's address and could take me to there,so I phoned to host "I will arrive 10 minutes later." Thanks couple! BUT after I separate them I noticed they were wrong. I asked the address to people in the bar,one of them suggested me to join his goin'home by taxi,he said you don't need to pay,,BUT,when we arrived he asked me money,I refused so he got angry and kicked me a few times,I ran away,,(Don't trust drunken people,of course)

.As a result,I let my host wait me for 2 days. Sorry! but Thanks! for very nice and big welcome.

,,,I just want to know how other traveler are travelinng??


By hard Crimean hitchhike,I didn't have time and energy to write blog,but finally when I wrote it very looong,SUDDENLY THEY DISAPPEARED BEFORE I SAVE THEM :)))))

At the moment I found only 1 CS-host in Odessa,it means I need to send e-mails to CSers in my next destination from Odessa (it means if I couldn't use computer in the only 1 host in Odessa,my CSing might stopped.)

Besides Masha is waiting for me in Odessa (she suggested me to meet again in her 2-days trip),now it's already after 1 pm,I don't think I can arrive there until tonight,but she will leave theRe tomorrow,,,!?!?

.It's late and it's rather cool day,,OK,this time I decided to use bus (for cacthing up with Masha)instead not to throw away meeting with Sweta THOUGH,she was also real traveler "You can hitchhike to Odessa from now!", took me to hitchh-point.

.Start at 4 PM,soon start to rain a bit. Luckily after for a while someone picked me up even if he's slow driver unluckily,,In the middle of Nilolaiv city,we both had pee at the big Dnepro' riverside(I don't need to write this)

.Other hitchhikers appeared me,I said I'm 3 years on the road,he said "Yes,I'm also 7 years" :))

.Why I don't change standing point until get to dark? At bright gas station,I caught a car,,then dropped off at dark gas station.

.Small place,small rainy night,of course it's difficult though,even I didn't take bus even driver said about 2 euro, even I have Ukrainian money that I can't spend all of them until I left Ukraine,,

.Thanks Urazimir! Lucky,his home in Odessa was close to CS-host of Masha!,,I arrived and met with Masha and host at 0:30 AM(Sorry!)


.Host is designer,flat is like kaleidoscope,besides her cooking potato was so delicious.

.Unexpectedly Masha was super sociable CSer,gathered many CSers in Odessa to meeting. but I tried to visit my next(and only) Odessa's host. As their direction in e-mail,I visited hotel and asked to call BUT they said "We don't know such person,there's no apartment on this address except this hotel",I called to phone but wrong number? tried to find but none? Finally my continuous CSing stopped!? (I had no host here and hadn't prepared next city's host),,While I walked city to beach to meet Masha,I got exhausted and depressed much like becoming stone.

.Somehow I could meet host via Masha's mobile,suddenly host's scooter' drive with me in Odessa(it's fun but I felt even I'm fed up such interesting incident),had a friend who own restaurant at the beach,host and Masha and CSers' small party,but I was in depression,so I couldn't response Masha's request to sing with guitar,,Masha"So I can't listen your song all my life?" A CSer respected my travel,but if she saw when I pick up and eat something food from the street,will she still say my travel is great? Host offered me cozy room at beach but it's reluctance for me,so I asked to surf to host's flat to have time with them more,,but I've done CSing'computer work through the night,,



. 2 meetings with CSer here,but I'm still waiting for next e-mail from several CSers here,"Just call me" with mobile number is difficult for me. But I wouldn't stay here more longer days,,

One of them seemed really want to meet me (me too,)but host was planning to "Ushi makes Sushi" this evening,so I suggested the CSer to join it :) BUT,host didn't want to invite others :( ,,,at the yesterday's restaurant's kitchen,I enjoyed to make it with talented cook THOUGH,host family themselves were not so willing to join it,,besides,as a result it was overwhelmingly different taste from real Japanese Sushi,,in the nice dinner by only Russian language with no paying attention me,I got depresed so naturally,,but host said to me "This is Japanese night,yes?"

.Somehow this is the last night of my Ukraininan jungle trip! I wanted to do CSing job in the night,,but couldn't do it I was so tired,,,

.My validity of staying in Ukraine(90 days)will finished soon,I don't want to have problem at the border (like when I overstayed too much in EU), so I will leave to Moldova temporary(then,travel to western Ukraine,maybe),,but I can stay in Moldova for 90 days too,,,

(1,September) Odessa----

.After all I hadn't meet several Odessa CSers who sent me mobile. Recorded song "Ushi is not Sushi" in Kiev hasn't been finished to complete, I still haven't answered religious e-mail from Ivan in Kiev, I still haven't found out Who stole money from my wallet in July, I still have dream about hithhike through Russia with Vadim in Donetsk, I left peace of my heart in some places in Ukraine,,,

.As usual,I was late to start to hitch at 6 PM.

Luckily Moldavian driver picked me up and crossed border!

(,,,to be continued)


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