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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Sep 2, 2010


USHI  on TV of Transnistria

(1,September)FINALLY I LEFT UKRAINE, came to Moldova!
Border office gave me Moldavian stamp even no check my face!?
(Started hitchhike on 6 PM Odessa,so that)sunset came just after crossed border,so I Knocked doors in border village and one family welcomed me,,all of family members' job were border officer!? :)
.Since I quitted to write diary in Finland,finally I started it again,so I don't need to write blog anymore?)

ill-natured Moldavian border officer, friendly Transnistrian officer, and (I didn't know there is own currency here!?)trolly bus accepted my hitchhike for free!? 5:30 PM,arrived Tiraspol.
Joined Celebration of 20th of Transnistria,by TV-news'interview.

,,By the way,I don't write about my CS-hosts because I can write their reference.
."Hey,what are you doing?" Anton appeared on the street and asked me meaning of life and took our photos by asking someone who was walking with camera and draw my portrait and narrated his love story and hicthhiked a car only for me!?,,I'm always expecting someone will appear like him,,,but he was also CS member! :)
.I surfed monastery of Kitskane. Friendly monk showed and explained big and beautiful their site and took me to excursion but in the dark night!?

(4,Sat.)Many people are working there but nobody needed my help,got bored so left monastery before mass,Sorry.Back to Tiraspol by hitch.

(5,Sun.)My 3rd Tiraspol'CS-host took me to popular cafe,but 1st and 2nd hosts were there too,at the same time. Host's friend is flute master,,after all I surfed master's home.

(6,Mon.)Master made busy plan to me today. 10AM)helped me registration, 3PM)took me to their TV station for shooting program with my interview and singing, 6PM)let me play guitar with his band in studio, 8PM)at home,Indian dancer came to show us performance, 9PM)his aikido practice at doujou,very impressive,sensei is great!,,2AM)Finally we said good night:)

(7,Tue.)Another TV program'shooting about me in his home and town.
.I often can't remember even the face of someone whom I met even TODAY. and Today I think I fell in love with someone but I nearly forgot even such feeling soon.
.Master explained me about principle of aikido,I had no relation with any martial arts so far THOUGH,surprisingly it fits me,"Not to fight".
.Master,his wife(local TV-show's star),and their daughter,none of them are CSer although everyone is real great CSer,,,strange!? I even can't write official reference to them.

(8,Wed.),,Sending CSing mail from midnight till 6 AM, then move to next host at 9 AM then continued sending for hours, to over 100 CSers in Chisinau,,,rainy groomy weather,so I continued computer work all day.

(9,Thu.)Actually I was planning to quit writing blog THOUGH,suddenly a Moldavian CSer Jacob sent me mail with link of USHI BLOG on Google!?!? Thanks for making it with surprise!? ,,He might be able to write my blog instead of me??
.It seems that I caught a cold a bit finally,,so I continued to stay host's room for computer until host invited me to go out together(If I was allowed,I can stay inside even for a week but,,)
.Some people give me fun time even before we meet by contacting e-mail. One of Transnistria' CS-host(not in Tiraspol) and I still can't find which day we can meet? Today he sent me mail "You can come Today from now by hitchhike" but it's already 8 PM!?!?

(10,Fri.)from 9:30AM,started to sending e-mail----soon it became 6:30PM.
.Bad physical condition,but God of Travel doesn't allow me to be alone,somehow today also I met someone new people.
.Young people were gathering on Friday evening's street,even so it's peaceful,I was tired of big population's Ukrainian jungle,so this capital but small city comforted me much.

(11,Sat.)Ushi on Transnistria's morning TV program broadcasted,but even Chisinau's people can't watch it.
.Dull body,so I stayed same host's flat for 3 days,but I should travel now! 14:30 left and walked---16:00 hitchhike point---in the middle of countryside,I remembered that every time in hitchhike I can meet great view,I'm satisfied with it (so Don't ask me "why don't you go sightseeing?")---5th car(old truck by old driver)drove me to Ribnintsa! 21:00,Hello with CS-host(but it's already season that cold in the night,How I travel in Moldova after I left Transnistria? I still got CS-hosts' invite almost only in Chisinau,,,)

.My cold is getting worse,but tried to call someone whom Anton(I met him in Tiraspol) suggested me to meet with number,,,As a result,I met many people today with runny nose(but none of them knows CSing !?)
.My host also invited her teacher to meet me.
.I'm CS-addict but more,Meeting-addict with anybody?
.Sorry Jacob but I don't have time even to check How my new blog website that you made works!?!?

.It was so comfortable to be with the host THOUGH,suddenly the host told me "What is sense of your travel? It seems nonsense." so I had to say "None of your business!"
.Tonight's host is non-CSer,and someone non CSer is waiting for me in Tiraspol,both are friend of friend of CSer.
,,,I might go to Chisinau from October?

(14,Tue)Back to Tiraspol only 1 car easily,but easily or comfortable is not interesting for me.
Unexpectedly meeting with my non Cser' host for after 2 days,thanks even inviting me to nice dining cafe THOUGH,I couldn't conquer my bad condition,I was just exhausted to be sociable but they don't know it,after all I was impolite to them,,,actually it often happens to me,,,After all,our contact had stopped then.

Shut myself up again in same host's room again.
.Received a moving e-mail,at the same time,my simple dream (of going back to previous country) is over. I don't write about it because blog is not diary.
.Not far from town but Dniestor river is so beautiful and calm like a lake. I couldn't stand up from there until get to dark.

I'm still keeping shut myself up in host's flat,Sorry.
,,Someone phoned to host so I answered it by Russian "He's not at home now,I'm his friend.Sorry,I can't speak Russian.He will come back in the evening,I will tell him,You can call in the evening.Excuse me,what is your name?",,,Oh,at least I spoke by Russian now??
.I have been losing my way of travel but,Thanks for meeting me to Olex as a messenger from Lviv,Ukraine. OK,after Moldova I will go there because you're interesting.

(17,Fri)Now it's 11:00. I promised to surf to Bender' host tonight,
but my plan in Tiraspol today are,,meeting with a CSer from Ukraine again 12:00,attending to lesson in school 14:00,joining someone's birthday party 17:00,,,I don't think I can go Bender today,besides suddenly paticipating gymnasium's outing in Tiraspol was decided.
After all,I hadn't gone to Bender and I don't write HOW MESSY that afternoon I was!? even if it often happens to me,I was collapsed by my own plans,for example I had a few meetings at 5pm at once!?

(18,Sat)GO to forest with 600 gymnasium students,then campfire for over 3 hours till midnight.

(19,Sun),,came back inside city. Thanks for hosting (and help me to separate from CS-addict),English teacher! even if it's by Hospitalityclub,ANYWAY.

(20,Mon),,Is it wrong if I was still in Tiraspol?
,,,Because I was tired and I like this small capital,,I even tried to send e-mail to many Hospitalityclub members heere.
.Just walked and napped in town all day,like my summer days in Ukraine,but it's already rainy autumn here. Surfed flute (and aikido)master again.

I really had nothing plan,but I still tried to travel to another town,,even if after every 10 minutes' walk I sat at bench and napped for 30 minutes? by Very easy hitchhike,arrived Dnestrovsk in short hours (only difficulty was its name,I couldn't named it but ",,Dneprovsk!" driver:"Dnepropetrovsk? Ukraine!?")
,,But I still napped at bench there. Anyway I need to force to knock doors for keeping my life called journey, like old people do exercise consciously(?) Night time is bad to do it but afternoon is a bit early(sunset time is best psychologically both for asking and to be asked,maybe.) Anyway let's walk to edge of this small city (center of town is also not good,maybe)but
a bright face woman was talking with someone, there's no righteous reason when I speak to someone in travel,only 1 good impression is enough,just try "Excuse me,,". She didn't understand my Russian(because my Russian is not enough to call "Russian"),helped me to find place but hostel or elsewhere,even if I was teling "Your home or somewhere,,"from the first, BUT
(,,,to be continued)

I phoned to many HC-hosts but they answered "I don't know you,What is HC?" ,,,so I slept night oustside.

(23,Thu)Tiraspol,,previous Cs-host,Thanks.

(24,Fri)Tiraspol---Kalagash,,I asked hosting to worker in shop,she took and host me to countryside.

(25,Sat)Bendrey,,HC-host but his drunken friends let me drink some drug and I was knocked down.

(26,Sun)Bendrey,,I asked and found host on the evening street.

(27,Mon)Bendrey,,I found host on the street but then,after visited to home I was cancelled,but I found another host on the evening street.

(28,Tue)Bendrey,,Met Japanese samurai in park,he became tonight host.

(29,Wed)Tiraspol,,I still couldn't stop asking on the street,even it was dark and rainy,,someone gave me memo of her friend's address and phone "You can sleep there" and ran away(??), not sure but I tried to go there,asked a guy how to get there,he phoned the number to confirm but "No,I can't!" but
(,,to be continued)

(30,Thu)I'm still in Tiraspol,,

But finaly I left there!
Hitchhike to Gagauzia.

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