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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Aug 14, 2011


---After all, there was nothing encounter with someone in my RARE ferry trip but it's OK.
6:30 AM ferry arrived at Kissamos' port,
it's sunrise time and calm deserted but beautiful view between 2 of peninsula's mountains' view. 
soon I jumped into the sea impulsively,,the best swimming I ever had, almost ecstasy.
No particular plan to go, anyway try to go to nearer popular old city Chania by hitchhike,
then,,,after all I couldn't move out from Chania whole day.
Depositting heavy luggage under someone's caravan car, finding fresh food from trash can, swimming in beach under cafe street with shower, Internet for a bit in Internet cafe,,somehow everything was free. But finally I missed 2 of meetings with CSers there, and finally I found there wouldn't be Going back to Thessaloniki (it means I don't need to persist to go to Macedonia or Albania next.Should I try to meet with friend who is traveling in Slovenia now?) and couldn't connect international call by street phonebox,,in vain but strolling alone till 2 AM in extremely crowded center of Chania like whole of town is in big party (yes it's highest peak days of people's vacation),it's something another world from me---then slept on the bench at the street even the amount of walker's traffic is big.
15, Aug
Sorry I've forgotten to pray silently at noon for commemoration of the end of the war in Japan,,but Japan and here has 6 hours' difference in time,so,,,
---Through so high mountains, I reached to southern coast of Crete, Hora Sfakion. "the most southern land of Europe"Gavdos island is lying down over the sea visibley, and more further is invisibly but Libya!? I was moved by its fact with swimming in emerald "Libyan sea",but it's very small very crowded beach,so I continued hitchhike along southern coast,,,NO, couldn't continue it because no car stopped under strong sun for over 3 hours,,I dragged my body and luggage on uphill road without shade for a few km,,then a car who are heading to northern coast piched me up,so I cancelled my ideal trip and went to CS-host's city Rethymno
(,,to be continued)
16, Aug
,,,actually it's near Rethymno, village Gallou,,,? How many Greek villages I could stay by CSing so far??
but I haven't succeeded knocking doors in Greece.
---before I write mail to M about possibilty of how we meet through Italy,she sent me "this time I won't try,,"
---Today I got rest in host's house till 5pm but when I have Internet it still take for long hours only to reply e-mails,then I got tired before I do what I wanted to,,
Rethymno city's looong looong beach, not so beautiful compare to other Greek beaches but anyway I swam, lately I'm usually wearing bathing pants anytime.
Again! 2 of Rethymno' CSers who wrote me mobile number for meeing, I couldn't connect with them.
(,,to be continued)
17, Aug
.Last night I sent mail to M about meeting,then this morning she sent me "maybe we can?" 
.Only 9 days are left until expiring date of my Greece trip!
but I still try to explore southern Crete by hitchhike (IF YOU READ THIS,PLEASE FLY TO CRETE SOON WITH YOUR CAR FOR PICKING ME UP,OK??)
(,,to be continued)
18, Aug
.Thanks priest and wife for hosting me!
Many cicadas were crying like bursting, he "Oh, beautiful nature music!"
,,Oh I remember that in my only few times of CSing without in Greece,
2 of them were by priest's family has many daughters.
.My Crete trip is going on but I have to go out Greece within a week besides,
before that I hope to meet with M who is in Slovenia now,,,sounds mission impossible,,
(,,to be continued)
19, Aug
.Thanks Olya from Moscow!
.I reached to capital of Crete, Iraklio.
(,,to be continued)
20, Aug
.from 19:00 hitchhike, walked on highway in darkness or through village, finally reached to center of Chersonissos 22:30, then I phoned to CS-host but,
"Now I came to Romania" ?!?!?!
,,,slept in couch but in closed cafe nearby sea,,
(,,to be continued)
Now I'm writing this at Taverna at the beach near Ierapetra,
over this sea is,,,Libya !!
(,,to be continued)
22, Aug
After all, I haven't take photos in Crete or Peloponnese,,,
On the way of driving on my favorite northern coast route around Agios Nikolas,
Georgio said "You haven't seen village' life, You missed to visit festival, so you haven't geeting to know nothing about Crete." Yes, so I must come back again?? and "I'm always thinking that When we travel to somewhere,the best way is falling down to the top of mountain by parachute, then visit to villages to see real culture, before go to cities."
(,,to be continued)
.By success of hitchhike, I arrived airport more than an hour before starting check-in, it's exceptionall in my life---but while I'm writing postcards, time flies,all of passengers had already finished boarding, I was told Hurry hurry! at the counter and was the last one to board, as usual in my life. 

(,,to be continued)

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