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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

May 31, 2011


---because it's first time of tarveling in Greece for me----

28, May
Somehow I crossed the Bulgarian border 23:00 then,,slept outside.
29,May : Hitchhike from 7 AM,,almost no one picks me up!? After all, 3 of 5 cars were not Greek someone :( 8 PM finally arrived to village,at community.
30,May : Since we started to plan to meet here over 1 month ago,finally I could meet SMA though,when I got up 9 this morning,she already had gone,,WHY!? 31,May : community's Internet'place is neighbour's under the roof,,I can see mountain from here,it's village but,No matter where I am,I'm still always online for CS,in any country,day and night :( Next host in Kilkis, Greek seafood and non-stop information till midnight,I was dizzied.

1st, June : I've been tolerate to often changing CS-functions though,I can't adjust the change of this time, suddenly it became dificult to serching CS-hosts. Don't invite me to meeting with your friends if everybody talk by local language. came back to community again.
2nd, June : Don't ask me "Why don't you stay same place longer?" it's not the point. Don't ask me "Can you vouch me?" 
3rd, June : started hitchhike 7:30 pm, arrived CS-host's flat in Serres 11 pm but mobile number was wrong,can't call and don't know which room so can't open the entrance door.
4, June : from 9am till 9pm, CSing mail, didn't go out. then continued it,,
5, June : ,,still continued CSing mail, then, exhausted and couldn't walk, slept in bench of park,, then surfed Vana's flat but mostly SMA hosted me. At the roof of host's building in the evening, the view of messy building with far mountain reminds me of old Asian travel memories of hostel's roof.
6, June : Revolutionary Dumpster diving' experience for the first time in my life (even if I ate food from garbage so many times so far),leading by SMA, even if I had done it many times so far.   I caught a cold, dull body (the words of  dull by Japanese language is also pronounced "dalui"), repeating sleep, maybe I still can't adjust summer's coming. Evening' roof again by alone for wifi,,but can't connect.
7, June : still in Serres. still not comfortable to be in developed nice western Greece. Host's flat is just nearby center square park, why I didn't notice there are many wifi in center. Vana's theater' play's premiere, of couse it's all Greek to me though.Anyway I had been big cinema fan for 25 years around, then became big theater fan more, then separated from both since I separated Japan.  moved to next host but only for an hour's sharing time,but I still choose to meet more people,different from SMA.
8, June : visited to previous host,,outside is over +30 degree,,After all I couldn't leave Serres, climed up to the hill in the evening, it's quite big town it means city seems more bigger than my hometown but according to statistics its population is quarter of my city?! In Gallikos and Serres both,using SMA's laptop much and steeling wifi day and night.
9, June : Good job of Google's guitar playing screen! Oh, the library just nearby host's flat had a free Internet room, I have to leave Serres soon though,,
3:30 pm,bye to SMA. Finally I could manage to throw away some of my winter clothes,,but my luggage is still heavy. After 4pm,start hitchhike---the man nothing good things happens---2nd car,I noticed I already can't reach to meeting'time in Komotini---Bulgarian driver,till intersection with highway---Albanian drivers---5th car till Kavala,already the planning time to reach to host---the guy who is serving mlitary till center of Xanthi, 10:30 met with host. Couch was student' dormitry's common big room but no blanket but insects.
10, June : Xanthi,' guitar again Today!
It's first time in my life that I came to Aegean sea besides swam there.
Dormitry's canteen is free for 3 times' meal in a day. common room' sleeping,,
11, June : I wanted to go to komotini but failed to hitchhike.
12, June : I wanted to go to Thessaloniki but rainy, besides at the canteen for breakfast, an interesting guy came to me,,,

(,,,to be continued)

13, June
HItchhike from dormitory 9:30am---
---Thanks a driver giving me his job's  pamphlet even if I didn't need it.
---stcuk in the middle of highway without standing apace but,,,
luckily Carismatic driver was going to far city to do his job,shadow theater
---the center of center of Thessaloniki 6:30pm

(,,,to be continued)

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