So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 26, 2011

from village to city, then village,then city, then,,

,,After all my trip by knocking doors from New Year had been just only for a week, now I'm totally get into CSing even more than before!? Iasi's Elena, Sucueava's Laviniu, and Bistrita's mates, encounter with those nice CSers already ought have been enough to get satisfaction toward Romanian trip though, as a result of trying to run, I can say this month is the one of the peaks of my interesting days (like last year's coldest trip to Latvia in January, biggest welcomed Belarus in May, so much relaxed Transnistria in September,,,seems it comes every 4months?) Besides, although the travel by CSing is mostly moving from some city to another city, unconsciously accidentally now I'm surfing CS-hosts from village to another village! although I already had been fed up CSing a few times, it still has big potential beyond our imagination,,OK, I should give up to separate from it maybe, only problem is just I'm often online to continue it for too long time,,,and now I'm writng this by slowest Intenet
,,,but still I can use Internet even if here is almost top of the mountain!
It would be very rare that we can find CS-hosts living on the montain, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
I didn't visited but there is comunity of people practices meditation near here.

.Some of my future CS-hosts in Sibiu and in Alba cancelled me,,OK,just I won't go thes cities, my plan always changes by people or by myself. But I still hesitate to decide to to go to Cluj-Napoka, as it's a bigger city,so many CSers are thee,it means How many e-mils will I send ??

(,,to be continued)
27, Jan
It's been a long time since I could think of something melody of song in dream,
and also it's been a long time since I've forgotten it soon after I woke up.

2pm from mountain'house----by 3 cars, 5pm to Deva

Host Irina's room was like excellent wooden lodge in mountain?
but I still couldn't super-sociable person toward her friends' sometimes' general questions, non comfortable evening again in super-comfortable room.

(,,to be continued)
.I want to move to next village,
but can't leave from so cozy couch of Irina in Deva now,
no noise of cars but ringing bell of church,,feels like staying monastery in mountain??
.More another CS-invite from village, wao! Knocking doors is so far way now,,
.Irina said that once Deva was called the most beautiful city in the world by someone!? and also showed me most ugly shopping mall in the world?! just inside its entrance,there's escalator but it runs in opssite way, it's WRONG!?

With her guitar, we tried to go to Friday' evening bar but didn't try to perform,,then her friends' secret club but still I couldn't play or become super-sociable,just tried to nap there, just to let the time go,,

.My favorite Romanian music (click here)

(to be continued)

from 0:00 send CS-mail to Cluj-Napoka then soon after I brushed teeth I found super sweet sweets nearby me, as a result I slept without brushing teeth.
29, Jan
Finished mailing to Cluj at 1pm.

I got tired of writing blog. I should try to write something fiction or FAKE BLOG ?

Deva's host drove me to Hunedoara' castle(fantastic!) and next host's couch in village.
His home with couch for any guests is 24 housrs in all the year no lock the door key even while he's in abroad,just we need to call or send mail to him in advance. There are many kind of people, like him, or  people who describe themselves open-minded but never accept stramgers,,
Nearby warm fireplace, I was starting to read interesting Tibetan meditation' book but was invited by him and his mates by car to the bar of Hateg city,,then,lonely hours in people who are enjoying again,,?lately it's every evening?
.I couldn't do computer work much so it took time to get to sleep by impatience, Sleeping fully is good for health but not to mind.
 (,,to be continued)
30, Jan
.After all we had almost no talk, I didn't need to surpress to stay there for long as long as he hadn't been caring it, but starngely I couldn't tell I will leave to not to be impolite (?!)
.3:30 pm, late start to travel again, it's Sunday in village,I have to walk until national road for several km,,,but a car appeared from just next road of host's house,and picked me up to Hateg. Then,soon student's driver picked me up and "Write about me on your blog" although I hadn't told about my blog,,,so I wrote about YOU,OK? even if I've forgotten your name :)
,,Luckily I arrived at Alba Iulia 5:30 pm, then walked and waited the host in freezing town, 7:30 pm at couch. Host's friend understand English but shy to speak by it? so it's better to pretend to not understand from the first, and although we share the dinner table together at least,How can go home without say bye to me? I still can't ignore such people,even if I don't know which is better from people who is surprised by me on the street and murmur something China and laugh at?
,,a bit uncomfortable evening these days,but it's all right.

Afer all no one CSers in Sibiu not for sure to host me, so I wouldn't go,,

.I couldn't do computer work much so it took time to get to sleep by impatience, Sleeping fully is good for health but not to mind,,,?Am I writing same thing again as last evening??

(to be continued)


  1. Dear Ushi!!! So nice to see that you are still alive and kicking:-). Here in Sweden we have winter again and all is well. We will follow your blog and be with you in our minds and, as I hope you know, you are welcome at ours at any time! Take care!
    /Irja, Jörgen, Joar, Sindre

  2. your favorite Romanian music,its pretty nice.
    in Japan we do not have that kind of musician.
    he is old but looks like very happy...and...punk...

  3. Oh, Thanks massage Irja,Jörgen,Joar,Sindre I'm glad, Tack!! ,,but Sorry I can't remember who are you (unless you add to write your city)? as I've been meeting everyday someone new :(

    Yes, grassfield but I suppose there are such Japanese musicians too,but it's difficult to appear in mass public as hugiest commercialism is occupying in whole of Japan!