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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 14, 2011

Unexpectedly suddenly I'm in Hungary (almost)

,,.Baia MAre to Satu Mare directly by only a driver,Thanks! he complained me how he doesn't like maramuresh' people' character.
.CS-hosts' Hungarian couple invited me by traditional yummy foods, they're unique,quite interesting,took me to the bar and their friends also gathered there without calling, one of them was extremely funny like real comedian! each words from his mouth contains something makes us laugh, though, he narrated his meeting ith some gay' people and asserted what a pure kind of love they have!? ,,drunk regional stinky but healthy liqueur,resembled as "Riga Black balsam"
when I noticed I already got sick by full of smoke without good ventilator,besides taking alcohol even if it's just a sip,besides without sleep last night, suddenly I became silent like stone,,but even after we got back flat it's same as long as everyone smokes. Regarding smoke and alcohol,my body seems to be getting more intorerant, actually it's a problem for my "super sociable" way of travel,,but for example in Ukraine almost everybody was smoking but I didn't need to care,,seems Romanian climate is rather wet so quality of smoke also different,covers me stickily,,moreover,differed from Scandinavia or Baltic,people here don't have culture of smoking in balcony but do everywhere indoor,,,maybe I should go back to Arabic world as soon as I can??
(,,to be cotinued)
15, Jan
.Started hitchhike from 1:30pm though,,had been wet by rain for 2 hours,then, at Carei, had been wet by rain till get dark,then, 3rd car dropped me off in the middle of nowhere without any light under the rain,,but
.Oradea 7:30pm, somehow I could meet CS-host,Kinga. Oh,nice European town, not big city though wide and long walker' street in center,,such impression is the first time in Romania. She reminded me of a female singer whom I was making duo-unit with several years ago,because often says Sorry to me, she had no time to cook something for me so says Sorry although invited me some restaurant,,I should rather say sorry from my side maybe?! She has Japanese language' learning-kit,I would rather want to learn it (for learning How to teach it). Thanks Internet even if extremely slow,,
16, Jan
.Spring has come, so sunny so warm, but I can't enjoy like a fake spring if cold will come again soon.
.Surfed house of host Bordaska and Dora,Wao it's like a cozy cafe or atelier,non-smell of living although they have 3-months baby! their smile and character,atmosphere, Wish many people were like them,but not everybody can become like them. with their friend (forgot her name but like Japanese actress Kiki Kirin), had a beautiful lunch by ful of organic vegetables. 
.Evening view of center of Oradea reminded me of Vilnius, clean and nice. Bike riding actually getting lost, met CSer and friend in cafe (has many TV, like everywhere Romanian cafe). Talking was not so exciting so I nearly go home but tried to wait their other friend's coming,,so I could meet more diffferent people,besides pizza,I need patience. ,,by the way, all of them and today's hosts are Hungarian.Jozsef is a member of Hungarian students' union and Japanese Animation fan club, his family name is Tamas-Peter, it's like his full name consists of 3-fast names? his girlfriend's family name means "Hungarian"?,,Oh please don't make me get interested in Hungary much,I'm still on the way of descovering Romania.
.,,After 22:00, baby was sleeping and Bordaska also was going to sleep,oh I haven't lock the door of house but he said "no need"?!,,,I wanted to try to meet them by knoking not by website.

.Waited for a few days but no CS-invite from Arad,OK Try to change the route,sent some CS-mail to other small city,,soon Got answer "Sorry".
17, Jan
.War started today of  '91 in Iraq.
.The biggest earthquake happned today of '95 in Japan.

.Only 5 seconds after I arrived in open flea market,I noticed I didn't need to buy nothing
,,,but someone was selling laptop mixed in many rubbish,by 300 euro around?(some people still calls Romanian lei like "million" I'm confused),, I sould get own laptop maybe,if I can't change my travel way,,
.Thanks university'biblioteka's woman to offer me Internet although it's only for students.
.Thanks another biblioteka to offer me Internet although it's only for students
,,so I was late to meeting with Japan'fan club people at students'union office,
but Thanks them to offer me Internet ,,, Oh, today also I've been almost just online.
.CS-host Igor appeared after 9pm with humming, Oh, he's from Chisinau! I'm really glad to talk by Russian :) but Oh, I asked him "How much do you speak Romanian?"! Sorry to all of Moldovan people who usually speaks by Romanian than Russian, I even have forgotten it, Moldovan trip was just a few months ago though.
.Igor is actor of theater for children, his wife woks at children'playground.

(,,to be continued)
18, Jan
,,after all I have been online at host's home till 4:30pm. I have promise to visit next host from 5:30pm, but will sing at the bar from 8pm. Tomorrow I will hitchhike from morning 8pm. I think I don't have time to write this blog from start of this journey,,
.Through totally foggy city,Igor droved me to next host of family 5:30pm.They had written me mail it's too short if I go to bar to sing in the middle of "only one night' surfing",so I tried to have nice conversation with them as I can,till before 8pm.

.Moskva club's manager, Gergo was advertising my performance by this :
Many people were there, and Gergo's introduction to audience and talk with me between my singing 
seemed like TV show, though,
my voice couldn't sing fully because I'm not practicing everyday,
if I was professional I have to pay back ticket fee but today is no entry fee, though,
George even asked people money for help my travel?
,,Oh even 15 euro I didn't need though. Since December in Romania,I still spent only 3 euro though.
When my singing was rather better in Iasi or else, almost there's no audience though,,,

.Instead my no-good performance,I could go back to host before 10pm, they told me sleeping time would be 11pm, but we didn't have to talk anymore,,but it's OK,
 19, Jan
.Can't decide where should I go next with viewing map or many CSer's profiles in many cities
till morning. Only an hour I slept but 7:30 am the family left home to job and scool, it's something fun to join to typical busy morning for me.
. Seen Igor's acting at the theater with many small children from scool.
.Internet at Hungarian student union, Stert hitchhike from 3PM around.
Very sleepy but very cold and wet weather, sunset time in Alshed I nearly gave up but the small truck picked me up but it was winding road over the hill but very foggy and got to dark but the driver continued to talk by mobile even at criff withouy guardrail, unexpectedly adventure.

.Simleu Silvaniei at 6:30pm.  
CS-host Doru appeared and greeted me by Japanese.
He and his mother's family business of making palinka in next village Pericei
,,,workers at there welcomed me so friendlily,
especially ┼×erban who makes best palinka in this region.
He didn't stop to talk to me (it means Doru couldn't stop to translate for us),
"Stay here for a few weeks,I want to show you all processes to make palinka,
I will offer you foods,palinka,even woman!"?
then,his wife came and scolded him with beating his hip,,almost like cartoon!?
He's always drunken but can do good job.

(,,it's just because of light from camera, he's not a monster :)

(,,to be continued)
20, Jan
.So nice view of village' hill from my couch's window. I was attracted by it for a long time.
.Doru entertained me just only by talking at breakfast' table,,
.Many changes of my trip plan as usual, because CS-host who answered me OK still doesn't send me their phone and address, so I sent mails to more another cities'CSers  but soon some of them answered me invite,Oh,it's already 4:30PM.

.Thanks to help hitchiike,Say Bye to Doru 5:30pm, but arrived next host Simona in Zalau 6:30pm.

.3 e-mails from France at once,,,What kind of sign it is??

.CS-host of couple at the mountain 20 min walk from the village answered me invite
But their mail was like this !
,,," Please bring your liver with you as we need an urgent transplant :)
If you have any extra kidneys, our dog will be pleased.
ohh... I hope you have a lot of money with you because the friend with whom you will share the room needs some extra cash. By the way, he will be glad to "share the pillow" with you :)))) "

,,Shoud I surf to them or not !?

(,,to be continued)


  1. nice. Good luck, and have a great time!


  2. Thanks, Multumesc, Arigatou !

  3. Ushi, maybe those CS-s were high when they wrote you that email :)). I would surf them, they seem funny. Take care.


  4. OK,I will surf them :) but while I was thinking how I reply their mail,they already sent me again it was joke etc,,,disappointing :(