So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 21, 2011

When Marc Bolan was traveling in his young days, he lived with witch for a while,,,What a different episode from mine?!

Finally Japanese comedian Kanpei Hazama reached to goal
of rounding the earth only by running and sailing yacht since started 2 years ago,
even once stopped to cure serious desease, he succeeded it.
Earth marathon (click)
I just try not to compare with mine,,,

.Speed of writing blog can't catch up with traveling speed,
besides I'm still not writing much about CS-hosts as it has reference on profile.
But I hope I will fill here more and more.
,,,As result computer work took time till afternoon,
but instead, I could taste Simona's mother's tasty sarmale, and her brother drove me to hictthike point.
.Try to go to Arad and surf to friend of my future CS-host, but
,,2:30pm is late to start, but just before I tried to phone to (not CSer but) Hospitalityclub' member (who haven't replied me mail but is showing mobile number on profile) in Oradea, answered "OK,you can stay today",,,WAO,it's first time that I was invited from someone even before checking my mail and profile, it's almost same as knocking doors,,even more than it? so in case I couldn't catch the car to Arad,I can go to Oradea again,,
but unluckily it didn't take place, because luckily the truck driver Florin was heading to Arad,WAO!
,,,Sorry in the wild foggy winding road I was almost sleeping. He had a wife but devorced and she married in Italy. He's Catholic but likes Muslim (why because he often drives to Saraebo?) is reading book about Islam, it's nice. He taught me how much is each city's price for prostitute, it's nice,,,nice?? after his job in industrial zone, center of Arad at 7:30pm,Thanks!
,,so I could arrive meeting point punctually, as host is German,and I'm a Japanese,even a few minute's late can't be permitted!?

.Ansgar was not from CS though, one of my memorably best hosts ever, appeared by funny joke (usually first impression about a person nochoice remains in our brain strongly), welcomed me to his room just along the street beyond only by a grass door, with playing the Rolling Stones' masterpiece album "Let it bleed",I have no choice without feel good. He has good undestanding to anything, besides had read my CS-profile quite well (I wish every CS-hosts did so!) so that we could have nicer conversation without general questions,,,He\s a good artist, worked for children by art, but also writes a song, we sang each own songs by his guitar each by one in candle lights, it was nice concert even only us. ,,,I was tired and it's 0:00 but we went out for a walk,, Wao beautiful buildings, rather different from other region of Romania (Oradea as well), there are some nice music club, although no good skill'metal band were playing it's nice space,,then riverside nearby park, nobody were there in midnight with snow but many street lamps,very bright,,different from Moldova. His favorite cafe also said OK about my performance,good.
(,,to be continued)

22, Jan
"my publicity"---
Today Saturday around 9 PM, In Arad, club FLEX 
I will sing before whitesnake' cover band (!?)' play.
Even if you're not Romanian,
if you're in Hungary or Serbia (or Burgaria or Moldova or Ukraine),
Romania is just neighbour, so I'm waiting for your coming :)

.Meeting a CSer and walked around the city with wet inside shoes,it made me tired
and nervours for quality of tonight's singing,

but I still had had a time with Ansgar because he's interesting man,
then surfed next CS-host in neighbour block but by some general questions I nearly got depressed
but went FLEX together.

.After we suffered noisy sound-check of the band for an hour (Do it before audience come!),
I sang with someone's plugged acoustic guitar for half an hour,
Thanks audience to clapping and shouting
,,,but after performance some people talked to me "Congratulations!"
,,Is it proper English in this occasion? unexpectedly nice.
(As only few people write comments on this blog,
I note its song list only for myself :
It's already enough // Object of desire // Le miserable on me // Globetrotter // 30 years // I don't have umbrella // Thank you // Happy feelings )

,,,"Good night" 1am, but then I started mailng of CS,
there's no my good sleep without proceeding computer work(or desposing reply to many mails) even if a bit.
I already found 4 of hosts in my next plan' county Hunedoara, but as I'm runnig now,if I didn't send CS-requset-mails to the county after next,soon I will be short of future engaged hosts,besides from tomorrow I will surf to hosts in 2 villages,not for sure they have good Internet or not,so this night is important to do it
,,,"What are you doing Ushi,it's 5am" by host,Sorry.
6:30am went to bed(couch).
23, Jan
,,,before noon, host woke me up.
easy hitchhike by host's driving till suburb (Thanks!) then
Attila, who use curse words often (because the road is really bad) but believe in God, profession is repair and tuning of pipe organ in church! married but says single is better, drove me till Chisineu-Cris (Thanks!)
so I didn't call host even if she can come there from 12km' far village by car, wanted to travel at least little more, then people didn't pick me up,,but somehow reached until junction 3km to CS-host's village,Tipar. But the man who hitchhiked same car was the neighbour of my host who has a car, so we called her :)

.Steffi is from same region of Germany as Ansgar, and she also great host!
,,is living here for 4 years but she feels it's like 8 years. ,,but as I'm writing about CS-host on reference of their CS-profile,I omit to write same thing twice.

.In her work place,Youth Club, I talked about travel and sang.

,,from tomorrow, I will travel in Hunedoara county, but all CSers who invited me there haven't sent me final confirmation :)))

I couldn't sleep for long hours in bed, not only why because today I got up late
but also,,I don't write detail as it's very personal matter, though,
as this blog is more my diary for me than to public, these expresson is enough to remember how it was to me.
(,,to be continued)

24, Jan
Finally white snow came back! I'm glad.
So far, many times I was broken by my own speed,so today intentionally I postponed my paln of trial of (seems harder)hitchhike to the mountainery area, I remained in so cozy house of Stefanie,and write blog or mails again,,
,,Surely today I have started computer work from 8am,
soon it got to be 5pm. So my plan of going for a walk in village was taken place so quickly in sunset.
,,,I didn't want to admit but anyway I have to say I'm traveling inside Internet more than real world.

Accidentally I met Cosmin on the street again, soon after he asked me again about Japan or traveling I got stress so now I have known my mind has been so free since I have been  writing freely today. In short times though, he welcomed me to his house,his family as well,but of course they asked me general questions, even if through one cushion of his translation, I got strees by them. This matter has no answer as meeting with me is first time for everybody whom I meet, no one is to blame, and as long as I can't tarvel without meeting with any human, somehow I have to continue to braek through this. So that even if my blood got to boil instantaneously like "Fuck off general questions!!", I try to be smile otherwise my face may show Fuck off to innocent people,,but OH! JUST EXACTLY RIGHT NOW Cosmin asked me "Do you have sister or brother?" just 50cm next to my writing moment, so I nearly shouted but barely answered with stone face ",,one sister,,"
I know someof readers of this might think that Ushi didn't like the village by those sentence but, No matter people misunderstand it I don't care anymore, I write blog more record for myself than for readers. And from the first, it's rare that I have negative happenings in travel, "Interesting for me or not" is almost all, "good or bad" doesn't matter.

.As a result of surfing couches of Ansgar and Steffi, my interest for Germany that once I almost lost was born again, great :)

.Today's CS-mail ",,,Who knows, I may be able to host you !!!"
,,, how can I surf to such uncertain info. ?

computer from 8pm to5am.
(,,to be continued)
25 , Jan
9:30am hitchhike with Steffi for a few km and Bye,then ---Inelu---Barsa---driver was caught by police by overspeed,,,till Varfurile. Under white sky with a little snow'falling,memorably tasty Steffi'sGerman bread'sandwich.---Thanks priest but please Don't preach with staring me when you're driving! ,,phoned to CS-host to report where I am but he seemed not to understand hitchhike, I don't know when I will arrive though. Brad 3:30pm.---small town Cr iscior. Lack of sleep and minus temprature made my stomach loose,luckily I found kind person in secondhand shop to borrow toilet,,,trying to stand for a while with thumbing up,then change the point,it's repeating,,purple sunset was already quite a while ago,already dark in winter,usually I should give up and start to knock on doors,but continued---Thanks a guy until intersection to the road to villages,,,wild children were sledging on frozen road, after houses there's no light only one road in the valley between mountains,and almost no traffic but there's still more several km, usually I should wait for bus if I trust children's advice, and I don't know how much possiblity to encounter with wolves or bears? but I tried to walk into darkness,into the wild,even if I haven't watched the movie,even if it's actually not wild but still civilized road,,like 3 years ago's winter I walked 10km with luggage between mountain under the moonlight in Azerbaijan(I was younger,more energetic),,few cars passed but ignored me,reached to some houses so I nearly start to knock but the big bus came, usually I have to pay if I ride on it(of course) but as I'm still on the way of hitchhike,I asked the driver for free, my body seemed to remember suddenly how long I was in the cold air.---Finally the village Cris! After I phoned host again, they came down from the top of small mountain by walk taking for 20 minutes,BUT I was already exhausted,so although they helped to carry my luggage,I was dizzy and nearly vomit to climb up with watching illusion and speaking alien language,,took for 1 hour, finally goal 9:30pm, and down.


  1. Good to see you're ok Ushi... It also took me and Mihai a while to figure out how annoying generas questions must be for you...

    There is only one type of snow and that's white snow :D If it's some other color, like yellow ... then it's something wrong :p

  2. Yes,but if I was on position of people,I also would ask traveler some general questions at least,,,
    Oh, yellow snow sounds nice ,,but dogs may have problem that can't make sign of piss?