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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Jan 10, 2011

Light and Shadow of my Maramuresh' trip

.One of major ingredients of our human life is "timing",
nobody knows when we walking the street even if future husband or wife is coming to next corner to meet, or car accident etc. Meaning of e-mail is also depends on when and where we read it. I was nealy fed up to write this blog but last night's mail from Elena encourage me strongly. Sje's local Romanian but enjoy to know my trip here without CS even if she doesn't leave comment.Thanks! so I did computer work again,,(after all I need CS),sent many CS-mails to the city after next destination,so slept only for 3 hours but I must leave with hosts must go to job. After all I couldn't enjoy to see the postcard' collection regrettably,although I might have been given some of them,but also maybe I couldn't get interested in it eagerly as before because,
wiritng and sending air-mails from when I thought of for each one always take time more than a month, THOUGH ,many receivers of my air-mail don't report that it was delivered, moreover, some of them even ignores my directly question about it by e-mail !?!? (,,by the way, lately I use money almost only for buying post stamps,over 1 year my expense have been less than 1 dollar per 1 week.)

.Thanks Marius! to lead me to start hitchhike from Bistrita at 8:30am, Yes,earlier is better,but so sleepy anyway ---- 1st car till Nasaud. napped in church for an hour,no internet at biblioteka ---- 2d driver takes time to speak English though,totally better than nothing. ---- 3rd car,back again into Maramuresh, to most northern road in Romania same as 5 days ago. ---- 4th car till Viseu de sus. napped in wooden church, no Internet at bibioteka, people's dirty eyes on me on the road mostly by girls ---- a doctor with mother drove me but was caught police by overspeed though somehow they forgave him luckily,"because he picked you up" mother said. He has never heard such my travel way,so taht many streessful questions on me but Thanks for your gladness to my singing by acapela. Bye at Sighetu Marmatiei,they forced me to accept their food although I still had full of sandwitches from Marius Marcela ---- crowded dogs,silly one was hit by car though still doesn't take care cars.  While I'm waiting someone pick me up for over an hour,felt slightly that such travel might be already boring?? When I felt so strongly,my travel will finish,I really hope not. 2 guys drove me with doubtful questions You don't give money to people who welcomed you??

.village Sapantsa after sunset,
walked by tired body with heavy luggage in foggy wet road with tall trees along overflowed river by melting snow, with often sitting to rest with mistake to visit another building, till Peri monastery (75m wooden tower !) like a mirage in foggy night, napped nun's house, without English but said to me without my asking "No sleep!" by English.
.have to go 1km back again to the village?but I don't have energy anymore,but no choice except sleep outside,,start knocking doors after through trees.mother of 1st house"pension is over there(as usual), our room is cold (as usual)" I say it's OK,she say OK ?!?! ,,,8pm? the room has no heating but it's new building,enough to sleep,and she seemed to be alone and don't care my food,but luckily today I have many foods,Thanks! I slept after ate,,, but 10:30pm suddenly husband woke up and took me to living to have meat salty soup,,,In my travel,sometimes I overeat,often starve.

(,,to be continued)
.Husband Stan took me to show monastery,,really great tower! even if nuns refused me!? then,
One of most impressive place in my journey!
Cimitirul Vesel (The Merry Cemetery )

When I was in Armenia, I was impressed that many of gravestone was drawn by detailed portrait of deceased, but here is even much more surprising! Totally different point of view from Japanese toward human's death, blessed it merrily, I agree with it, something like my ideal. But by realistic way, some of them are drawn even How they died by traffic accident!? I was almost shocked by them. Each one are also writtten some poem, What a beautiful way!

(,,to be continued)
,,After enjoyed sarmale or fried traditional black bread, and suffered from many times' toilet, and was seen me off by Stan,
I visited the museum of Stan Ioan Patras' house,,Oh,there's his wooden portrait work even of Ceau┼čescu!

but there was a book of gravestone contains poetry' sentences, some of them were regret or almost cursing for death, I was shoked by them again!!
besides OH! his desciple and succesor Mr.Dumitru Pop was there! Great nice to meet him!!

.Start hitch from 3pm ---- Sigetsu Marmarti seemed to nice old town, but no time till sunset,continue to hitch ---- 3rd car is heading to Baia Mare but I asked somewhere village near monastery,,,although CS-host in Baia Mare is telling me anyday OK THOUGH, it's only 1 night's knocking door since last CSing for 4 nghts,I want to take a balance as I can,besides if I surfed CSer tonight I have only one more future CS-host,after that I have only knocking doors,it's still hard as I'm CS-addict (staying hostel is totally out of question and endless knocking doors is hard for me I can't do it again like 10 years ago), my final CS-host is always running after me,I always need to find more new future CS-hosts as much as I can (for peace of mind?),,,at village I stop the driver but he answered monastery is 4km back, so Why didn't you stop!?
.start knocking doors after sunset,,but I can't ask clearly becausae I'm interested in Monastery too,,,but people give me just unreliable information "monastery is less than 1 km over there" others say ",,it's 4 km" :( ,,,I was resting at the bench on the corner but an woman warned me "That  house is Gypsy' family's,you must leave here soon,"  I pretend to leave and hitch until she dissapears away,then tried to knock "the warned house" but from before it Gypsy' mother came and welcomed me,Wao How many children?? they say I can sleep here tonight,Thnaks but my word "no money"changed their house,,,maybe I was too optimistic? because it's in Maramuresh,,,a guy appeared and led me to his? (or his friend's?)house with many family,they're also Gypsy,"You can stay here tonight!" without my asking,Thanks,I showed them my paper'article but soon after they noticed I can't pay,,they said "Go another,we are many,no space",,,The rule is that staying Gypsy' house needs to pay?? ,,,Every house told me "pension is over there" or "many gypsy are in this village,you must be careful to not be stolen",
no one welcomed me (even pension waasclosed by winter), most of houses that has traditional big wooden gate are locked (it means I can't even knock door), What a bad efficiency for knocking!that houses are separated,yes CSing doesn't take much time to send request mail! heavy weight of backpack presses hard to both shoulders, Why I do such a way?,,No,don't think like it, it's getting late time,the houses holds lights on are decreasing little by little,Sorry I knock even house that holds only TV'light like I'm waking them up,,,even if I could enter the gate,door is closed and even if there's TV light,no answer to my big crying,,,No no don't remember my parents' faces when I knock but,,,if my voice can't reach to inside house,I just knock the window of TV'light's room directly but Oh,apparently someone turned off light when I knocked window,feels like I'm a psychokiller of old horror movie,,,What a big difference from yesterday's case although both are maramuresh' village!? Every hour church's bell rings,it's already after 10pm,I nealy made up my mind to sleep in cemetary's wooden building without walls with remembering merry cemetary,not too low temperature,,but my body was heating up by drugging heavy luggage and heavy mind, finally when I lied down at someone's balcony entrance,soon I noticed my heat is getting down with seeing Christmas' red flash lights,,,with keeping luggage there I went to final knocking,,but only few house had light but big gate was closed,,already almost darkness village,I have no choice anymore!,,,Back to luggage's balcony Oh! family' car had come back and gate was closed! :((

,,They say we're many so there's no space (Ioan and wife has small daughters,but also adopted sons around the age of 20,wao!) but offered me extra room like stable, no heating no light and no treatment except summer so that smells sour,besides they locked the door for secure from Gypsy's robbing?! but it's still not so very new experience to me, I slept with holding blankets NO I TRIED to sleep,,,
(,,to be continued)
.Thanks for Ioan and family even supper and breakfast,and Internet
,,Oh, many replying mails to my New Year greetings to many of my previos CS-hosts,Thanks! but I might not send some of them anymore as sending them took me time for 3 or 4 days, it means that my greeting also had meaning that Goodbye forever (almost).

,,What a wonderful architecture of Biserica de lemn !

,,Crossed mountain through winding road by rough driving driver with my getting sick a bit,
arrived 2pm at Baia Mare,,but I'm exhausted.
.CS-host Vlad took me to 2 of nice cafe, different from other cities.
.He belongs to some volunteer organization, met his volunteer mate Linda from Austlia, so nice girl,invited me to her flat by walk but I got wet by rain much to tired body, on the way my gasoline fuel finished suddenly,,,her volunteer mate from Turkey told me How was when he ate pork meat first time,Oh that's exactly what I wanted to know for a long time! even if he said it's nothing,just new taste like any other new things,,he surprised and admired my long travel but with playing game by computer, "amazing! how can yo do?" I responded his words,,but he's concentrating to stare game screen, but sometimes asks me something about me,,excuse me Should I continue to answer your occasional questons? I mean, Don't watch TV when you're having sex, or, Don't eat something while you're sitting toilet, really.   
.big house of CS-host in suburb, took hot shower and hot soup though, I'm exhausted
,,but try to computer till 3am but slow Internet,,
.Today's CS-mail "wow, exploring maramuseh, I wish to be there, but unfortunatelly I dont have plenty of time to waste for myself,,have a good trip!!!" ,,,Yes, my trip would be good but wasting for myself.

(,,to be continued)
.rainy. cafe with CSer Elisabeta, she took me to the tower, climbed up handmade-like inside stairs to the top,,Oh Thanks weather,had been changed to snow,memorable foggy town view!
.She and Vlad and his mate in cafe but everybody smokes so I couldn't stand to be there, When his volunteer' boss appeared to meet me but, she--"Hello, How are you?" me--"I'll go for a walk." What a strange answer of me :(

.Although I am representative of stupid people from the planet of stupidity, I have to face to stupid people,it's very tiring. Many people discourage me by stupid answer mail, Why they need to be more stupid than this representative of stupidity, today I was really dissapointed by some mail by CSing. It's just a day after I realized I can't travel without CS anymore though, I realized again that I can't trust this website. Shit !,,5AM.
(,,to be continued, anyway)
Sending CS-mail to Arad finished 0:00 though, some other work till 5:30am.,,
,,7am woke up an go,Thanks to help my earlier (is better) hitchhike,but I dropped off to "most modern library in Transilvania" from open' 8am,sending HC request mails and writing this with sleeping,,,Oh,soon it became 4PM :((
,,,at the moment I'm still in Baia Mare' library at 4:30 PM,
I will go hitchhike and surf to Satu Mare' CS-host who can host me only today.
Tomorow Saturday I will surf CSer in Oradea,
but just now I got Sunday host there they can't host because our misunderstanding,
I have host there at Tuesday but Who can become Sunday and Monday??
and I already got invite from Arad' CS-hosts.
Always messy like this,and my limit of durartion of staying Romania will finish in Ferbruary,
I'm not sure even I can reach to Bucharest until then,
and I can visit all countries while I'm alive or not???

(,,to be continued)


  1. Crap! Ushi what happened? Stupid people get me tired as well, even now as I am writting this comment.


  2. It's quite sad for me to know that things aren't going very well for you(actualy it sounds that they are going very bad at the moment).Hey, Ushi, i wish you the best! Greetings and best wishes from Lithuania!


  3. Thanks Anonymous, even if you're not anonymous but Marius :)

    Thanks Tadas(but which Tadas?) for wishing my best, Yes things are going well and bad, it's best for blog :)

  4. I'm Tadas from Kaunas, you were my first surfer :)

  5. Thanks again,so,,,Which Tadas in Kaunas??