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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 27, 2011

all of my energy was used to Transilvanian trip,,now I'm vacant

Birthday of biggest Japanese pop star Keisuke Kuwata who recovered from cancer last year. I'd love to listen his new album but, although I have enough money to buy its CD,he's famous almost only in Japan unfortunately. Really strange feeling that any country's people don't know about him or Southern All Stars except Japanese. Sometimes I think, From which had I been taken more many new sensational impressions in my life, from long travel or from him?? 

--11am, my next host is in Brasov, then in Bucharest, but
  at the moment I still haven't got any invite from Bulgaria
but now the host of here Covasna will drive to Cluj-Napoca,,,Should I go along with him and
go to Hungary??
--12 noon started hitchhike, soon I arrived Brasov,
Oh finally I traveled all of counties of Transilvania!
no mobile connection to host but I walked till house,
2pm arrived, but no invite from Bulgaria.
---Oh, my last Tansilvanian host is sooo amusing one!
4pm, Great! finally a Bulgarian CSer sent me invite mail :)
,,but "Welcome from Wednesday",,NO! I need host from Monday :(

.Another CSer showed me night view of Brasov from the hill. 
Then meeting with her friends in popular bar. "Which country is your favorite?" "Romania." then they started to tell me bad things of herem as most of people do,, Why they need to do so when foreigner is saying good things about here!?,,,but I might be same as I'm always introducing Japanese bad side to Japan' fan people,, 
.Anyway as usual I was silent in the space with full of smoke among the people who talks only by local language, then as I expected they asked me "Are you tired?"
I was just waiting for host's picking me up and taking me to her friend's home,,,but she took me to just another bar, even more noisier. Then "Are you tired?" I couldn't stand to be asked it anymore besides host said "If you're sleepy I can give you house' key, there's only taxi now though." So unfortunately impulsively I said Yes and got back to house by walk, although only tonight I can have time with her,,Why can't I make my travel more joyful?? ,,and I still haven't changed my habit of walking unknown city alone in midnight (it's not so safe),,Oh, why so red color, night sky of Brasov,, that's why Dracula city!?!?  


27, Sun

,,I started to go to unlimited journey why because to live wild and interesting life,
but for keeping this for long, I shloud always be cool and calm to avoid crisis by losing temper,
so ironically mostly my journey is not wild and interesting,
and I met so many people who are living ordinaly flat life but very wildly and interestingly.

Thanks Marius for supporting my Transilvanin trip so far!
 10 am ,, I still can't decide where I will go today??
Body is dull, and no passion to travel.

Host's choice

2:30 pm slept again,
4 pm left host,,

,,CS-host whom I missed to surf in December,
who is living in Bucharest now, and we haven't forgotten each other
Bus took me to the edge of Brasov
but wrong point as host told me,
I couldn't catch a car in cold evening for 2 hours,
I gave up although it's still 7 pm, my health condition was not good
and mental condition was quite bad.
In all of my Romanian trip of 2001 and this time,failure of hitchhike was first time.

,,back to same host's house but host is not in home, I just slept,,

28, Feb
,,It's been a long time since I dreamt again and again strange night dream
like "I don't undrstand why I'm far away from home??"
,,woke up 10 am. I haven't been eating since yeasterday's breakfast.

I must go out Romania until TODAY officially,
,,,but, let me think whether I will become illegal traveler again or not??????
Hope many drivers to come together with my trip!?
12:00 left host,
13:00 start to hitchhike from edge of Brasov
14:00 Sinaiai---cold temprature but took time to catch a car---beautifuk white woods' mouatain
16:00 Ploiesti---edge of city, standing on almost highway,nearly was crashed by a car,,
17:00 Bucharest---but traffic jam caught me and driver, Giving up again to go out Romania,
tried to phone to host of "Sorry for yesterday" but "today I'll be home late" so I gave up to give up.
19:00 edge of Bucarest by bus,suffred spit from someone's car window,
 a car drove me to border city,,,Will it continue forever such darkness hitchhike nantional road in my travel??
 20:00 Giugiu,,,hitcchhike in less trafic, freezy weather,gave up and tried to walk till border--Oh,it was just 1 km.
21:00 officer "Here is special road,you need to pay 10 euro, free road is from1 km over there,,but You're globetrotter? OK free." Merci! but then,officer gate was 1km anyway--Many truck is passing,,soI noticed there are another traffic road for truck car. But officers said "Romanian cutom is also on Bulgarian side of the river, 2 km over there.",,truck cars is passing by but no one stopped for me. Just continue to walk--the gate of bridge,an officer checked me,I asked to give me something to eat, he said No,, then  a car delivered him food,so I turned back but he said Go Go Bulgaria!?
,,,My journey usually has no special adventure but this time was too much adventure for me, What a huge Doneauve river!? and huge bridge but old, so scarely to walk in narrow walking lane with big truck cars pass by in the darkness. It's more bigger than Daugav river og Riga, dinamic as the bridge of Zaporizhia in Ukraine!? (I don't care even if readers don't know it, even if only Uliana knows?) ,,about 2 km but I felt like 20km, I don't know how I still had energy to cross it,,
23:30 Finally I left Romania within duration of the rule. but a officer said "You stayed here for 3 months, so you have to wait more 3 months to enter again."?! Oh, my plan to go to Bucharest soon was broken!?

0:00 phoned to CS-host in village 50 km from here "Sorry! today I couldn't reach to you."
tonight I have to stay in Ruse,,but anyway Ryse is also 8km from border, no car stops for me in midnight.
Surely it's colder than Romania, besides it's industrial area, but just tried to walk to find somewhere to stay the night---somehow I stayed the night in some buildings
,,,Oh! ironically it's exactly same date of 2 years ago that I slept outside after I crossed the border from Norway to Sweden but couldn't catch a car,,!!(I hope it won't ahappen anymore on the same day in 2013.)



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