So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 2, 2011

Cluj-Napoca ,,, 4 times' USHI concert in 1 week

I was hesitating to go to Cluj-Napoca, why because it's only the city where I'm sure I visited in my last Romanian trip 10 years ago, but I didn't want to re-write my old memory by getting new impression. Besides, as my way of CSing is that sending mails and surfing hosts as much as I can, and as it's second bigger city in Romania, it would be long although I'm in a hurry to visit to many places within my duration of staying in Romania,,, but eventually I tried to come here,anyway.

,,,The driver narrated me How hard the life in Romania is (minimum salary is 600 Lei = 140 euro, etc,,)
Then suddenly he remembered his friend who knows a Japanese man who is owner of Japanese cafe in Cluj-Napoca for long years,, then he let me talk with the Japanese man by phone,,??
The driver is also dreaming about long travel, but preached me how it will be after he (or I ) finished travel when he (or I) got old man, nobody will hire him (or me),,,OK thanks preaching.
,,,Oh! That's exactly same night-view of this city from the hill road where I came by hitchhike by same route 10 years ago (maybe)!?  I wanted to feel moving by alone but it was with listening his preaching,,
at 8pm, arrived Cluj-Napoca,finally.
.CS-host narrated me How hard the life in Romania is (minimum salary is 600 Lei = 140 euro, etc,,),
3, Feb
.Laptop' screen and room light both were something dull,but I continue being online in the night, my sight seems to get even worse,,
.next CS-host couple were very unique couple, they always tell funny or nerdy joke by high-speed talking, so my brain got tired more, since I haven't slept much and since I haven't been taking a break much from hectic traveling for a month,,
.I waited for 30minutes in freezing evening for meeting with Margi who is a friend of a CSer (whom I contacted but haven't met). He said he never have been checked by ticket-checkerman, so we rode a bus without ticket,then, soon 2 checkermen came to us. They seemed to be impressed by my long travel with appreciation, but they didn't appreciate our free riding of course, Oh I didn't want to get penalty.
.After visiting Margi's art and animation studio, I got back to host's home by bus with ticket finally,,No it's almost 11pm, here Romania bus ticket is possible to buy only at the box nearby bus stop but it closes around 9pm!? ,, riding without ticket again.
4, Fri

Suddenly my performance of today was planned by a cafe of center.
Then I visited  Japanese cafe that I phoned its owner, Mr. Kawai
,,I really regret that I wasn't any journalist because of his interesting life,
soon after Romanian revolution he moved here as missionary then built 20 churshes in this region,
this cafe was born in last year,he's trying to spread not only Christianity but also Japanese culture,,,
his talk lasted longer so that a CSer who appointed meeting with me there
couldn't wait and left there,,but anyway
suddenly he planned my concert in next week there.
Suddenly I made publicity to CSing-Cluj-group
,,,but then, at cozy cafe in center "La Porte", no one came from it,
so that suddenly I got depress from expectation to disappointment ironically.
But anyway I performed even if it was several songs, Thanks audience for warmer clapping hands.

I always ask CSers to host me only for a night by mail though,
couple hosts told me I can stay here for a week or so,
today I already had next host but when I go out
I just asked couple hosts to let me deposit my baggage here till evening
,,but when my next CS-host came to cafe, they seemed to surprise about me.

The host Diana drove me by car but very unsurely with non-stop talking, so I laughed much,,but
it didn't take time until I notice she is the Most impressivest interestingest Romanian, I was dizzied.

.Thanks improvisational cooking of pasta.

5, Sat

host's choice
Many meetings, so that no time to replying mail and writing blog,
something such wonderful impressions, nice flash acrossed my mind, just I forget one after another,,, I know I can't continue such way of travel anymore,,
.a CSer made event "meeting with Ushi"  by posting message to CSing-Cluj-group this evening, but almost no one came to it.

I felt ease to got back to most impressive interesting Romanian,Diana.
But sadly she said "You're mysterious, seems not to speak much about yourself",,?? Maybe because for a long tome I'm used to be asked questions from people, unconsciously my way of conversation became always passive,,,

.Thanks improvisational cooking of beans.

6, Sun

Please explain not only name of place but at least more detail when you appoint meeting spot with foreigner, if you leave there before 30 minutes' waiting when I phoned you after every local people whom I asked on the street answers me wrong places.

Thanks improvisational cooking of kuskus.

,,as I expected my gasoline finished suddenly, and after I left from most impressive Romania'host
I got depressed unfortunately, though, I sang at music bar "Griff" for 1.5hours,
every song I said "this is the last song!" then audience said "more more"
(although no one came to it from my publicity to CSing' Cluj-group,anyway)

,,but then I got to feel bad again by smoke there,,
Host Florina and her mates of musician were nice and her flat was comfortable, besides one of them was professional cook so that prepared me some nice taste' open sandwich THOUGH,,I was in depression.

Sleep till 11am, not much communication with hosts till 5pm.
,,,next host was neighbor, but not much talk, I just played guitar and sleep.

my concert will be in Japanese tea house "SAKURA" 5:30 pm around. (Motilor street,48)
2 of my previous hosts didn't come to concert,
it's much better that don't say "I will come" from the first.

Thanks audience for listneing attentively and warm clapping your hands.
I performed without shoes but slippers though it was exciting.

Mr.Kawai and his wife invited me to Chinese restaurant and told me about religion.

,,After all, I can't write blog as same as I want to,
I will change way of writing from tonight.
I'm tired but visited Most impressive Romanian again,
but when we meet most impressive someone,at least we need enough energy for it.

Crashed German CSer who  likes Romania.
10, Feb
SAKURA tea house, Mihaela is always wearing Japanese traditional summer cloth yukata, always pretty.

by Florina's driving, Let's go to Cala's home, to

(Dej, at old cemetary on the hill, Romanian people and Hungarian people and else, different religion various style of gravestone are in common site.) 

,,,but I got depressed, after all I couldn't perform
although I stayed local music bar with them with guitar with stage from 10pm to 3am,,I was just napping all the time.
11,Feb (Friday)
Cluj-Napoca again,
but I still got CS-invite from next city Targu Mures only on next Monday,
so I might not go there?

Japanese tea house SAKURA again,
Mihaela with Japanese summer cloth is pretty again.
My second concet there started 5:30 pm again,
Thanks for good audience although it was 90 minutes long though!
Mr.Kawai translate not only my Japanese talking but also some of my Japanese lyrics to Romanian.

,,,I was invited Mr.Kawai's home to Japanese dinner though,
I tried to go to suggestion of playing music somewhere music bar by a CSer who can host me
although I was already tired besides hungry, but,,
So far, I've been trying to keep positive mind to any CSers but I have given up it tonight.
Why I had to stay in smokey pub with hearing boring rock band's play till 1:30am?
When I kad known my performance at there was cancelled,
soon I left there and the CSer and tried to contact another CS-host but
as a result I surfed the CSer who failed the plan of my performance
but alone in a student room without host with hunger,,
As soon as I can I wanted to leave there before the CSer come back next day
but I woke up so late by exhausting,,
12,Feb (Saturday)
I'm so tired in Cluj-Napoca,
it was most good impression in Romanian trip, at the same time worst
,,it means, even if reader of this blog misunderstand like "Ushi doesn't like Cluj-Napoca",
I would like to give the prize to this city ! (,,like as Ukraine)

I want someone to continue my Romanian trip instead me !?
But I'm still intending to explore Translilvania and Bucharest,,

.Meeting with a CSer at magical mystic cafe.
.Another meeting with another CSer was also at another magical mystic cafe,
it was nice But when I answered next country to go would be Bulgaria, she said
"Oh it's dangerous,please watch out, many bad people are there" so I told her
"Bulgarian people would say Romania is dangerous",,
She worried me and helped me to go tonight's hosts' home,thanks. even she visited there together,nice. But
when she said again "Bulgaria would be dangerous", the image that I'm beating her face exploded out! although I had never beaten some girl's face so far.
,,Actually tonight's host was not in home but her parents invited me by big curiosity and hospitality, Hungarian husband and Romanian wife, they wanted to offer me super huge sandwich after some dishes?! even greedy I refused it.
,,In the night, the CSer sent me mail "Again, Please watch out and survive dangerous Bulgaria!" 


  1. I can`t belive that you are in Cluj. Your itinerary had an unusual course :)). What`s next? If it`s Bistrita again, let me know :P.


  2. Excuse me but "How is usual itinerary course on my trip??" maybe I will go to Dej though I'm not for sure I will go again to Bistritaor not, but even after Bucharest it's possible to go there,,