So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 18, 2011

Hungary, even more !?!?

According to the rule,
 I can stay in Romania only more 10 days,
but I'm still exploring in Transilvania.

Driver and passengers stopped and asked me to ride peacefully and friendlily, I told I can't pay money, they refused me with smile and had gone peacefully and friendlily.
,,finally I arrived the heart of Hungarian in Romania, Harghita county!

,,Oh, finally 2 of city's names are on each sign of road, Romanan and Hungarian. 
,,at intersection of Cristru Secuiesc, much traffic but no one stopped, local old guy tried to teach me how to stop car,thanks.
,,"Are you Japanese?" a car stopped with talking to me by Japanese, took me till hitchhike point. He is going to go to Japan soon, and gave me phone number of his friend who is Japanese speaker, had lived Japan, is living in Odorheiu Secuiesc.
Driver who was going to go to Odorheiu Secuiesc, after I phoned my CS-host there, he said "Oh, it's my colleague.",,,I said "Wao,What a surprise!?" but actually I'm used to have such surprise.
.Odorheiu Secuiesc , actually it's Romanian name, everybody calls there by another name, as almost only Hungarian people is living there.

Only a ship of palinca mede me tired and sleepy,
though, joined masc party with CS-hosts,,

In the morning, finall CSing-request mailing work to Brasov city,
if I got many invite from there, I would overstay in Romania!?

CS-host Tunde in small town Zetea, she and the Japanese speaker whom I was given his phone number yesterday already contacted about me because they were friends.,,,I said "Wao,What a surprise!?" but actually I'm used to have such surprise.

It often happens though, I think I'm not exception but anybody would become to seem to be boring or tired when he was surrounded by people who talk by only foreign languages for over 15 minutes,,, I mean, in such case, Don't ask me "Are you OK?" :((

village' CS-hosts took me to the top of mountain, I'm so glad to walk on snow,
I'm so dissatisfied this winter's strangely warmness,
without feeling surviving winter,hot summer would come again soon,,,

20, Sun
2 concert of me in Odorheiu Secuiesc

Most impressive Hungarian in Romania appeared me ?§!?!!§

Berecz Edgár

 his blog
 his another blog
 one of his jobs

21, Feb
After my host had gone to job, house cleaner woman who is afraid of dog came to clean,so I let host's dog hide to a room,but I had to go to meet Edgar before cleaning finish, although I was afraid that she will let a dog be free or not,,??

Edgar let me give interview with a news paper,
took me to village, to the house for poor children.

When he opened the door,children jumped into his arms, then they started to sing Japanese children's song !
He teaches them various things,languages, by small income,, I just tried to not compare his life to mine.
Whichever I sang with guitar, children were glad it,, I was just glad to be with such pretty smiles,
a small boy shouted "Rock n Roll !!"

,,I should have taken more clear photo of his face!

more my concert in Odorheiu Secuiesc

,,,When I have time for Internet,I want to write blog at least a bit but every time it ends only for replying e-mails,,

22, Feb
I was too excied to think about which country I will be in next week? so unconsciously I even pretended to smoke cigarette!?

Edgar introduced me phone number of someone who can introduced me some village people to host me with experience of agriculture, so I tried to call the person not by myself but by my CS-host but the person told her that he doesn't know her and me and he want Edgar to introduce him about me, but Edgar usually can't call from his mobile by financial problem, I gave up it.

Meeting a CSer Alecia and visiting her home. She was going to pick up her husband at Targu Mures airport, Oh I wanted to go there again and meet Japanese Akio again if I got to be sure I can extend duration of staying Romania by his information, so I tried to call him but he usually doesn't bring his mobile, couldn't connect him, I gave up it.

I'm still have CS-hosts in some places of this Harghita county,want to surf to all of invite,but anyway my duration of staying romania will expire within a week THOUGH, I still can't decide "Which neighbour country shoud I go next ?!?!?!"  I want to go to Bulgaria but it's a bit far from here, I need to go to Serbia to cure my teeth problem but going there means the starting traveling to former Ugoslavian nation and Balkan' trip so it would be long months, Moldova is my favorite country but it's a bit tough to go back same country, anyway I will go to western Ukraine sooner or later,but I should be carefully to making plan to go there because it's important as it's not Shengen treaty' nation so it's better to go there between Shengen' nation' trip,,, actually as my surroundings changed to Hungarian nation, it's hard to go to different world suddenly,so if I obey to natural wave of travel,I would rather go to Hungary maybe??  Anyway, No matter which country I choose,I would stay there not a short time but long months again,,, Please decide it someone, instead by myself !?
23, Feb
Oh, I lost local tasty gas water gifted by Eva.


Interview with local paper


Oh,I forgot to bring local tasty gas water gifted by Arpi.

Hitchhike didn't take time,so tried to visit Balan,
town between mountains,
to meet mates of a CSer whom I wouldn't meet.
this youth cultural association

Then, Hitchhike was hard in cold dark road in middle of nowhere,,
25, Fri
Interviewd in Gheorgheni  (by Hungarian, of course)

After all, I still haven't written blog in Romania,,

Soup made by Levi's mother reminded me Japanese taste?!
Meat recipe made by Levi's mother was similar as whale's taste that I ate in Japan
,, I shouldn't write about eating whale as most of this blog's readers are Europeans who are against eat it?!

Why because it's Levi's flat, and why because the photo in Harghita's paper's article about me that published this morning was not be taken in Harghita but in Suceava, Lavinia's home's kitchen. I phoned Lavinia.

5pm, start hitchhike---
a driver who has parents from Russia, I'm still glad to talk by Russian.

---Covasna county.
---Sfantu Gheorghe after 6pm.
a guy helped me to carry bag, a woman tried to guide me, another guy helped me to carry bag
till host's place :)
Hospitality club's host! he was Hungarian traditional dancer, now he is handcrafts-man, interesting
but his friends came and talked them except me,,so I concentrated CSing work and this blog till midnight, it's OK he isn't from CSing but he showed me big hospitality to me as its club' name is so ,,but it's still nice if I was asked to play guitar by his friend so I nearly started to play but, he said "You have still choice to play or refuse it" ?! ,,OK, I refused it.


  1. I choose Serbia next. :P


  2. I enjoy Serbia too!


  3. Thanks for voting to Serbia, OK I will go there! ,,within this year :)