So What?

(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Mar 29, 2011

29, March
Varna---Elitsa and mama prepared me to big sandwich and fruits and,,like a few days' amount of foods.
1pm, mama drove me till over the big bridge, so hitchhike ws sopposed to be easy, but just after 1st car took me to suburb of Varna, I was stuck for over an hour, but it's OK it's my job, 2nd driver was archiologist and after he suggested me to go together to some museum he just dropped me off and left, but it's OK. Cast citis are few km from main road, generaly it means that easy access but for me it means quite far becaue I don't take a bus so finally I didn't go them, even I gave up to visit to Burgas, I fed up to arrive to CS-host's place in late evening, I had a priority moe host than my unnecessarry exploring. 
At intersection to Burgas, I was having late lunch of big sandwich but Gypsy' group who was collecting tree's brunches on the road by a wago car was waving their hands to me, thanks to drive me ven for a short distance but with dancing by radio' Gypsy' mmusic.
4pm, arrived the village of host, rain started to fall, someone came to me by car "where is pharmacy? we need it now!" but Sorry, there's nothing here :(
Oh, surfing Finnish CS-host is since 2 yeas ago, but I don't write about CS-host as usual.

30, Mar
Comfortable room doesn't mean confortable to me, I just wanted to check e-mail, but I got up late, after11am. host ",,because I don't want to wake up someone." OK but if so, please don't say OK when I asked to wake up. After breakfast, while I was in bathroom, host already locked down her room's door and got to bed for a few hours' sleep as her usual schedule, I an't see e-mail and house gae was also locked, I even can't go out, No!
,,so that, after that, although she invited me to dive to Burgas, I chose to move to next host,even if it's late to start.
5pm, hotshhike start, after a few minutes, Burgarian Muslim picked me up, he's a kid of "poliglot" but can speaak sme words of each language, so we talked by not enough English & Bulgarian & Russian & Turkish & Greek & Japanese & Chinese but enough for us!
--- arrived the edge of Sliven, but he seemd to have some problem? "No, I won't enter inside city, Bye!",,,??
---Oh, obviously it's Gypsy's district. I knew the way to host's place but dared to enter to inside the district, amusingly people surrounded me soon, they seemd to be having festival? someone say"because a baby was born"? but other's say another thing?? they walked with me but why stopped from entrance of trai station?
--I don't write about CS-host.

31, Mar
.Sliven---I was wating for answer mail from next Sliven' host of Today, because I still don't know how we can meet and "my mobile has broken", but when I nearly gave up it in afternoon, finally the mail came but "Nice to hear from you in earlier time" ??
---while host's son was in kidergarden, I was I host's home all day, anyway I joined to pick up the son 4pm, but I was anious about it's ground,not soil but concrete,as most of shcool of today.
---just before meeting time of next host, a student who is studying Japanese spoke to me, so I was late to meeting, because when I was spoken to such someone I want to try to ask them to host me, but this time I only asked e-mail address,,after that, the address was wrong.

Oh, I still don't write about host, but Thanks every host! It's late but I hang the Martinitsa (since 1st March, Baba Marta' tradition's) to branch of tree with bloomed flower,,
.Since the shock of Japanese news, lately my ability of replying e-mails got even  more worse than before, and although today s April Fool's Day, I don't have passion to telling a lie,, I've never wanted to have such boring life though,,
.nice church of centr of Sliven. smaller moutains are very near, specific landscape of Sliven. repeatig of walkig and sitting for some km, then hitchhike in country road. stuck in somewhere village,I nearly thogh I should have taken main road? but a driver "there's no traffic aound here, I can take you till next town over my village." ---at the next town, an old guy was pleased to meet me at the bench and led me to hicthhike point. --- a driver took me to the next town(of my host) over his village and asked to many people where is the street of my host's address? (Bulgarian people don't use street's name :( Thanks!
. 5pm arrived. The host told me about how was here in communism era, and various things in the world, it was big lecture but at the kitchen' table. I wanted to climb u to small mountai of town, but it was already late today,but he took me till the top of cliff, but it already got dark and cloudy so he said sorry we can't see nice view,but for me it's also nice to be in the middle of vague misty air with standing in awe of nature.

2, Sat
Last night I couldn't CS-mailig work, so I did it in daytime today,so I was lae to satrt to hitchhike after 5pm. He said that Velik Tarnovo from here took time only for 1 hours or so,,but as usual,it took time more than twice as locel someone told me,,,I always don't want to be dropped off at the point a few km before the town/city because every driver doesn't pick me up and shows me sign like "I'm going to go just till the town/city!" but only it also big help for me otherwise I would walk till the another side of edge of the town/city but almost of divers don't understand it.
---Somehow back again to Veliko Tarnovo, after 8pm. then walking and resting with laggage till host at some km far place,,I asked a taxi driver the way but he said it's far and drove m fr free,Thanks!
.10pm,finally arrived CS-host's flat. after 0am turned off light.

3, Sun
Host must go to job before 7:30 am. so I left Veliko Tarnovo soon.
4, Apr

(,,to be continued)