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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Mar 4, 2011


,,,It was June of 2001, after I crossed Asian continent from China till Turkey, finally I reached to Bulgaria, first European country in my life. Then, in small old city, I met super nice guy and stayed his small room for a week. It was one of mt best memories in travel included the city, so I was hesitating to visit there again (and the guy and I haven't been contacting) but,,

(,,to be continued) 

Church on the hill, but entering there demands me to buy ticket, while I'm thinking whether I buy or not,it's already after 5pm, closed,,
(,,to be continued) 
5, Sat , Veliko Tarnovo

restaurant in Netherlands

host was always playing this radio

Church on the hill, but entering there demands me to buy ticket, while I'm thinking whether I buy ticket or not,it's already after 5pm, closed,,

(,,to be continued)
6, Sun Veliko Tarnovo

Church on the hill, but entering there demands me to buy ticket, while I'm thinking whether I buy or not,it's already after 5pm, closed,,

What a non-good hitchhike today!

Tried to surf to CS-host's friend Arne (also hosted me practically)'s friend's friend in Dryanovo, as the man answered by phone "OK"
---then, after I arrived at train station of Dryanovo 8pm, no people around there,
I borrowed phone from train staff but didn't connect,so they doubted me, didn't lend me it anymore
---freezing silent Sunday evening in small town, knocked the garage shutter, young guy Jordan lent me mobile but still no connection,he can't host me but thought about "In which building can I squat ?" but even snow came, but Thanks!
,,After all I could connect and surf to Yonka, very interesting and reliable guy with Scottish accent' English because he had lived there before. On the hill in the edge of town, he's living alone in cottage,Feels like I came into somewhere remote place suddenly? I know today was best case because once I despaired to sleep under the roof then I could meet him, so I had done small adventure.But he's not from CSing so I can't write reference,mmm,,,    
we listened his favorite music
"We will go to sleep 11pm, get up 6 morning and drink a tea,then 7am kick it!"

(,,to be continued)
7, March
,,As he said before sleep, we got up 6 and left cottage 7 am, then he showed my hitchhike pint and kick it!

---From intersection, stepping snow road that no footprint or car trail, so comfortable
,,"Dryanovo monastery", but disappointedly there's hostel and restaurant inside its site besides these are closed now and only 3 monks and 1 worker are living there, as a result checking websites about Bulgarian monasteries were no use,,
over the monastery, nearby nice river between rock mountain," Bacho kiro cave  "
but there's ticket counter so I didn't enter but after I helped the staff's sweeping snow on the path, he opened the gate and invited me,Thanks! it's a residence of Neanderthals in Ice Ages, reminded me of Jeitta Grotto in Lebanon (official greatest sightseeing spot in my this journey).

.Gavrovo train station's cafe at 1pm,
Simeon talked me "Can I help you?" even he was eating lunch and connected phone with my host, Thanks! although I couldn't meet again with Simeon in Veliko Tarnovo
,,What a smooth travel today!?

Father of host drove us to  " Etar open air museum   ,,,Oh, 3 places of sightseeing in 1 day!?
(,,to be continued)
8, March Gabrovo
Women's day,,,but I can't figure out its origin, some article says it started from demonstration in America, others says its by Soviet,,,??

  Humor and Satire museum  , good!
 Gabrovo has many own jokes, for example,
(,,to be continued)
9, March Gabrovo
after 4pm I changed my mind so
after 5pm started to hitchhike to go back to Veliko Tarnovo,,
(,,to be continued)
10,11, Veliko Tarnovo


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