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(outline) Magical Mystery Tour" 2000-2001 was extremely interesting, but it was only in Asia and Europe, so I started trip again in summer of 2007 for rounding the whole world, but then I realized only one short life is not enough to visit to all countries,,,


,,so that if YOU had met with me before and had photos of you or me,PLEASE send me it by e-mail to make this blog better(even if you hadn't met)

Feb 1, 2010


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Vilnius pt-2,in April~: Sorry for not easy order to read.

(5,April) Easter hoilday,but after all it ended same as usual my day that all day I was facing computer and waiting for answer from someone host,from morning until midnight,,,but nobody gave. Do you still say "Wao!your travel is great" ??
Soon before when I came to Infoshop,CSer who had meeting with me had gone,why can't wait? then,another meeting also failed in same place. And today also no answer from any hosts. But,unexpected good happening always comes after bad happening,endlessly,,,
You are Lithuanian though,had spent all of your teenager days in Japan,so I feel like being with Japanese?! anyway you might finish my Lithuanian trip finally, by your spritual power,,,
Buddha's birthday,I'm not Buddhist though(and Japanese people are not Buddhist anymore,anyway). Very sunny day but all day with computer in biblioteka. Met with a Couchsurfer but nothing interesting. After visited to tonight's CS-host(even by using bus,,first time in my CSing in Vilnius though),I noticed her last mail "Sorry today I got sick,please don't come if you can" ?!?!
9 years ago,my Lithuanian trip was only to vilnius,only a half day,cathedral,KGB museum,Vingio parkas,,,finally I came again to this big park,with Japanese-Lithuanian,,,even if you're not Japanese.
50th my CS-hosts in Vilnius,but I'm still continuing as long as it's interesting because everyday is difffrent.
Spring Sunny day,but all day I was in biblioteka,,,
Finally my Lithuanian trip past 6 months(Vilnius' trip past 10 weeks).
Finally I found someone B who is living in B and can help for getting B-visa.
Japanese CSer who is living in Japan and nevet met me sent mail"I will go to P soon,let's meet there!"?!?
Tonight's CS-host flew away to Italy,instead,her sister hosted me,,,big fan of Japan and speaks Japanese!?
B is inviting me,though,suddenly I got interested in P.
My hectic CSing way with inevitable work with computer for CSing is beyond my capacity,,since 1 year ago.Now I feel I got really crazy.
.Japanese calligraphy lesson,then,planning how to Krisitina's dream come true until to forget the time is passing,,,Sorry for breaking promise to 2 meetings!
.Lakeside woods in the night with campfire,but I still can't get used to party,besides I was exhausted from hectic meeting with new people,,I got depressed,,ok,I should quit CSing anymore.I should leave Lithuania.
.Hitchhike inside Vilnius again,thanks Vilnius!
.Only visiting CSer,but so nice.
.On the way to host's place,I met 3 people whom I know.
.Host's address was difficult to find,but Russian couple helped me even hired taxi for it?!Thanks Vilnius!
.Host was extremely nice,,so that I still can continue CSing.
My journey's 999th day. B is waiting for my viza appilation though,I can't finish Lithuanian trip. I found more biblioteka but slow Internet for 11 hours,I got sick again. Sorry for last minute,but finally surfed in Uzupis! Uzupisian Host and flatmates are so funnier and nicer more than Lithuanian!?Thanks midnight big dinner.
My journey's 1000th day.
My journey's 1001th day.
My journey's 1002th,1003th,1004th,1005th day
My journey's 33th months' day.
,,,oops,it's not blog?! by the way,my stupid yahoo mail couldn't send mail to all of people in my address-book at once,so I tried to send mail to each one,,,Oh no,it takes immense time!,,,Should I use facebook?? although I don't know how to use it(and I don't want to live in Internet anymore).

Toady's host was the man who participated to against Soviet tanks at Vilnius TV tower on 13,January,1991.Moving!
Couldn't find host until closing time of biblioteka again,but I remembered a CSer whom I haven't met yet wrote me her boyfriend's mobile,tried to call him but ",,,I don't understand??" then rang off,,,but he called back "Ah,I remembered now,Come." Visted him with anxiety,,but,likable welcome by brothers and sister!
I was in Vilnius.
I was in Vilnius,of course.
.Since October,I've been contacting with Milda in Kaunas,but I've never met her yet.
.It's been 5 years since Japanese Matsuo and Ushi met last time.He's traveling Vilnius for a day,I'm here for 3 months.
.Finally I could meet again with my favorite couple since February,,,but we almost had nothing to talk to.
.Viktorija took me to riverside and showed me Japanese sakura,I sung songs with her guitar.It's windy and cloudy though,memorable time.
In some reasons,this week is deadline though,finally today also I couldn't go to apply B-visa,Why?because I really can't leave Lithuania,,,but Why do I need leave here?!?!
I will write it later,,,

Vilnius pt.1 :

"Typical case of my one week"
(14,Sunday)-Part2. New York
,,,So far,I haven't been to USA yet,but I could reach to New York easily,Thanks Vilnius!?
Nice CS-host's roommate is also nice,but not CSer,why?
When I'm in good mood more,I become Japanese' negative ambassodor even more.
(15,Monday) Kamcyatsuka
,,,So far,I've never expected I could travel to Kamcyatsuka,but I could,Thanks Vilnius!
Nice CS-host's roommate is also nice,but not CSer.The host invited me tomorrow'evening's activity near Kamcyatsuka,Good!,,but,tomorrow's another Kamcyatsuka'CS-host cancelled me.I wanted to manage to make plan,but as long as The host already slept in same small room,I can't use Internet,,I couldn't sleep by anxiety.
When I left The host in the morning,,
More another Kamcyatsuka' CSer(who was inviting me daytime of today)also cancelled me.Eventually I lost my place of Kamcyatsuka in daytime and night both, had to go back to Vilnius although wanted to join evening activity.But I remembered another someone can host and drive me to Kamcyatsuka,so I told I still might join it,but The host said "goodbye",not "see you"!?!
.Go back to Vilnius earlier than plan.
.On the way to center,I tried to visit one of my future host but rather unfriendly,,we might not meet anymore.
.I was waiting where CSer pointed for our meeting,but it was same name but another place.
.Laura was super nice active lady. Sorry when I got her first mail,I doubted a bit like "Who are you?" but finally I surfed her. She's working job by her own idea,I'm just wandering the world without doing special something,,what a diffrence. I should feel such surfing without CS is so precious,but I'm lack of sense about it anymore. Anyway,I'm quite lucky,,I couldn't sleep by impressive meeting.
(17,Wednesday) Cemetery where many famous person or soldiers are sleeping,,beautiful (a few of my favorite places in Vilnius are cemetery).
.Internet of Vilnius University's biblioteka is extremely slow,,wasting of time.But there were other many rooms with Internet.
.Accidental meeting in biblioteka with CSer who I was contacting before,but I couldn't remember name,,,I hope we don't need to call each other by name.
 .After all,no answer to my last minute CS-requests until biblioteka's closing time 9pm. Try to visit host who wrote me before "welcome anytime",,Thanks for accept my sudden visit! nice CS-host,boyfriend is also nice,but not CSer.
.Although I was online for 10 hours today,it's still not enough to my CSing work. besides growing number of CSers 
is surprisingly fast,since I sent mails to too many Vilnius'CSers a month ago,already over 100 new people registerd it.So I tried to send mail to them,,until morning.
(18,Thursday)Before Hosts leave home,they offered me another computer,,but,No Internet!? I should have borrowed door-key,,Confined in by myself(with 2 cats).
,,In the afternoon finally I got Internet.Received too many CS-answer included over 10 invite.In total,I still have over 30 invite,Hope to surf all of them,,,so,When can I leave Vilnius?
.Sudden mail "Let's meet today?" from CSer,it's better for me,I could meet,,Thanks!
.On the street,met again with photographer Juozas in the car.He kidnapped me to Ciuluonis's house.Gorgeous time with piano sound and tea,,but,
.After all,today's host didn't reply my e-mail or SMS or even calling.
.Thanks for sudden invite without my asking! The couple are CSers both he and she.
.They're planning to go to Porto(Portugal)soon and surf to OPENNESS.Tomorrow's host just came back from Porto,also surfed Fernando.So I wrote mail to OPENNESS about it,his answer was "I host every Lithuanian CSer, I've been hosting 585 CSers from the world,and I would surf more 585 CSers".
.But,tomorrow's host cancelled me.
.Hosts' friend shared me room,but he's not CSer so that I hesitated to ask to borrow Internet for the midnight,,,then,I regreted,couldn't sleep.
(19,Friday)Borrowed Internet from CSer and used until afternoon.
.Continued Internet in Infoshop and biblioteka.
.I'm sick and tired by Internet though, still glad when someone suggested and directed me meeting point.(many CSers sends me "Just call me when you OK",,BUT,it means "We wouldn't meet" for me). Apparently nice CSers though,the question"Why did you decide to go travel ?"still made me silent.
.Surfed new member of CSer but,seems to be used to CSing,and very nice,flatmate is nice too(not CSer,of course),,but Sorry I'm in Internet in midnight.
(20,Saturday),,Daytime also for continuing Internet although he's nice flatmate,,,my endless work depressed me.
.Finally I surfed couple-hosts whom I've been contacting for a few weeks,but soon she got back her own home naturally(if host won't be with me,I want to be told it in advance,I don't want to visit host who are planning not host me.And I still got answer mails from many CSers"I can't help now",,I'm not asking something help,couch in the night is doesn't matter for me,I just want to meet,,,otherwise I still might not be a CSer?)
.Meeting art-CSer in cozy cafe,I had no energy but I still enjoyed and want to continue it as long as I can meet interesting someone.
.I haven't been told I sleep with another couple CS-guests in same space. Eventually I spent midnight for Internet but almost nothing progress except this blog,,
(21,Sunday),,now it's morning,couple-guests are flirting nearby me. I just got a answer mail "I can't host you today".
,,Yes, CS changed my life.
(13,Mar) from Vilnius to,,,where?
.Nice couple hosts showed me Nice Vilnius'town,as result my hitchhike started at late time(as usual) without having note of the village's name and map(I've forgotten to write).
.3-hicthhikers at 1 bus stop(funny situation),one of them got away,I and another one were picked up by same car till small town,then,another one directed me "I thumb up for you and me,You don't need to do",it's unusual but it's same I have to wait with standing anyway.
.From Pabarde alone again.At the corner of lonely road in snowy darkness,though,strangely I had no worry at all,,,my brain seems to have problem,maybe.
.9:30pm,somehow I reached to unique school in somewhere village has no sigh on the road. Cser and interesting people but no greeting with me.
(14.Mar)in Moletai'regional park to Vilnius
.Children are always cute and innocent(and evil),only a night but I was glad to sleep with them in wooden school's floor.
.Clear sky but it's still snow world,nice. Thanks for specific(not usual smashed)kgelis,though I was not introduced people's name. "You will write your travel book and send us it",OK but how can I send without name?
.Got back soon to Vilnius.
?? Since I came to vilnius,almost everyday I've been  asking someone to host me in last minute?!?!
.My Lithuanian trip past 5-months today,finally I will leave here 1 month later(I hope),
Why did people who told me to help translation stop to contact with me?
Why did my most closest people of Vilnius stop to contact with me?
Why B-people who sent me mail to help my B-visa stop to contact with me?
.In biblioteka for 9 hours without break,though it ended just only checking every future host's suggesting day for hosting me,but still not decided my schedule yet.
.Finally DELFI video interview was released,but I was shocked by my face's ugliness,couldn't watch it.
.Surfed CSer whom I wanted to meet most,but some trifling reasons made me silent.Communication breakdown.More I expect,more I would disappoint myself.
,,,still I was silent,the host must felt boring,but I can't change myself.If I took it seriously I would be sad,but I tried to consider it like a joke,although I would never meet this host anymore.
.Japanese friend of journalist was glad much about my DELFI,but I still can't watch it,but most of comments for it seems beter than other articles' .
.Sufed very relaxed couple and friends and a bear,,,oops,big dog.
.At last I have watched DELFI,though I can't stand my face ,,,At last I hear "the bell's ringing tells me the end of Lithuanian'chapter"?!
.Hosts' friends took me to Vilnius' alternative tour.Abandoned asylum for children etc.
Lithuanian 20th Independence day !!,,,but I couldn't be independent,because of relaxed people and space,and I was continuing CSing' work by Internet for joining countryside trip of next host,it's a good chance to separate from Internet and vilnius,BUT,unfortunately she wasn't thinking that I was relly planning to join it,in last minute when I asked her to pick me up by SMS,the answer was"It's a bit late,we're leaving by car now"!?!?I was just a few km from them,though!?!?,,,I got shock,and continued Internet till morning,then,,,depressed.
,,,depressed till evening,so I was very late to start to move to next host.So I was given bus ticket but my brain still didn't get up until ticket-checkman caught and acuuse me for pay 80 ritas,but,Thanks Jonas for helping me!
."Kuziuko Muge" in snow falling,,,? How many events did pass in my Lithianian trip so far? In crowded people of it,suddenly I was called by one of my host,but we met in October,feels like it's a memory of several countries before Lithuania!?
.I can't ask which day I want to surf you,because if I pointed date to someone,soon after that another one might send me invite mail for same date.But,if I got invite like "I can host you only Tomorrow",I would surf you willingly,even if it's 10 km walking in snowing,,,
.Firstly,Justina's friend shocked me by his memorable personality,it was already enough,but,,
Justina hosted me with Japanese tea or making Sushi-party or,,,my memories of her and her home was like a dream,so I stop to write it,because it might have been a dream.
Giedrius was sending me a few e-mails of invite to Dainius Kinderius' event in Trakai.But I can't be in a kind of big party,moreover I'm not interested in someone's travel story,so I couldn't reply it but,Finally just a 3 minutes' before the car leave from Vilnius to there,I decided to go and called him.
,,,It seemed to nice event and I joined funny crowded sauna,though,as I expected I couldn't stand to be there,,
(7.Mar)Back to Justina's dream world in the morning,it was sunny day but we had been in home whole day.It's rare that I had been relaxing whole day,,,that's why it could have been a dream.
"Should I delete my CS-profile before CS-website delete me?"
"Hello,Ushi-Sushi,nice to hear that you like my country! I would love to meet you and maybe host you? I don't know about B-visa,but I have some friends of B-student so I can introduce them to you. How about next weekend? waiting for your answer!",,,then,(after my reply,)no reply anymore.Please stop to fool on me.I can't count how many similar case like this I had? I like Vilnius more than any other places of Lithuania,though,Vilnius CSers are most annoying,,,
From yesterday,snow came again.I'm glad it because I wanted to leave LT until spring comes.
Strange thing is that No matter how long I stay in LT,I still can't hear the usual sound of my travel "The bell's ringing tells me the time when finish of current country's chapter"?!
Although I don't want to have or make the rules that make my travel-potential narrow,I can't deny some exsistences.Many times when I was asked "Do you want to eat?" I refuse to be offered because I'm about to visit someone,,,then,no food,I starve. As I don't use money and don't ask food,when I was offered I should accept it even if I'm not so hungry(but I still repeat same failure).
,,,All day I had to remember yesterday's his voice"Do you want to eat?"
Host left in the morning but let me stay with room-key.I continued to contact with so many CSers although non contact with current host,,,sounds strange.
I'm contacting 5 Simona of Vilnius(by CS and HC and else),but I don't mistake which is who? One of Simona invited me to evening piano concert,though,I chose to have time with tonight's host.
host and friends had another local guest,I'm too shy to join people who are not interested in me,non-conversation time passed,,,I thought of another CS-host of neighbour who is inviting me,if I asked I would be able to move,but I didn't want to repeat terrible case,I already had a few times in Riga(and Vilnius),but on the other hand so many times I had spent nights that non-sharing time with hosts,IT'S NOT CSING!!
,,,As result,
we had no talk. Then,I starved and couldn't sleep.
(4.Mar)Hungry more than Ramadan month.I need to answer to CSers' mails but no energy to do it.
Vistied every Thursday evening's folk dance club.Many and various people more than I imagined were enjoying it. That's exactly my image how Lithuanian are pleasant.
I was glad that I and host's e-mails were quite funny.After we met,it was also nice although host had a bit cold.Then,host was busy so we didn't share time,,,Next morning,after host went out and got back I was still there,finally host urged me What time will you leave?
"The scientific comparison and research between HC and CS by using my own body"
,,,HC-host(hasn't existed for 2 years on me) was a kind lady although my last minute request.She's same generation as me,,it means her English isn't good,but it doesn't matter because so friendly! Great view from her window,,I like Vilnius because it's a city surrounded by forests and hills.
,,,I failed to surf to another HC-host continuously,suddenly I had to re-start CSing unfortunately :(
My usual daytime is for Internet (mostly in biblioteka). Art academy was a bit difficult to use.---My accustomed public biblioteka was full today.---Info Shop's one had broken today.---Vilnius university's receptionist was not a kind Lithuanian-woman who let me use it freely before,but cold 2 Soviet-women today,somehow I got registration-card from them,I want to travel to Lithuania(not to Soviet).
,,But it was trash Internet,Oh,No!?
My last minute request was accepted by CS-host,Thanks!,,,BUT,it's first time for me that my host was standing in front of door with her arm's folded without saying "Hello". I'm sure she's a girl but,,,I want to travel to Lithuania,not to Soviet.
(1.March)(950th days)
 , , , part-1."Goodbye CouchSurfing"
Since this New Year I have been surfing 26 CS-hosts of Lithuania until today,though I was written references only by 3 of them,,,even if I still haven't got "negative",I think it's worse than negative!?
My Vilnius days already has past for 1 month,but I still have over 40 invite from CSers of Vilnius(because I sent over 400 mails),it means,,,when I can leave Vilnius?!
Anyway, I need to keep distance from CS a bit.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 , , , part-2. "Hospitalityclub was still alive !?"
My only Hospitalityclub experience was just exactly today of 2 yeas ago in Tbilisi,Georgia,,,Finally 2nd time has come! BUT,today also I hadn't eaten anything,besides it's spring rain,I had no energy to walk till HC-host's flat for several km,,,BUT,suddenly one more another invite has come from HC !?
,,I would continue this blog in HC profile!
(but there's no even such space in useless HC-profile.)
Why do you want to hear such general answer from me? Why can you discriminate people in such way? From the first I have been telling that I'm not thinking anything but just feeling in this travel. There is no common sense in this world,though. At least you are young,almost half age of me,you can be more free mind.
It's not everyday but in this week mostly I was hungry,although it's not Ramadan month.If I had no food,just I don't eat.Besides mostly I was with computer whole day.I hope not be asked "What have you done today?" or "What are you doing in Vilnius?".
When I started Lithuanian trip 4 months ago,I exchanged my 10-euro to Litas,,,but I still haven't spent all of them.
After sunset,dreamer V and naturalist D (they are neighbours)invited me to sing at the river,so that my tonight's host L also was involved to it inevitably.
,,by the way,WHO are reading this blog?? there's no response.
(22.Feb) Vilnius(of course)
It was first time in my life that I was shot by video camera with interview by English language. Quite interesting!even if I could talk more better when camera wasn't running. And I tried to ask interviewer to host me,of course.
**DELFI video interview with USHI** will come soon.
It's been a long time since I talked with Japanese someone by Japanese language,I excited much.He has been living in Vilnius for 9 years?! I envy him!?! and I remembered I met excellent Japanese speaker in Riga in summer,,,but he was Latvian?!
As I'm always contacting with so many CSers,I'm always thinking how I surf to every invite,because evrybody has different schedule,,,Feels like solving complicated puzzle.
While I'm waiting last night's host D's coming home (for giving back his room-key),one of my intended-potential host visited for meeting me(?),suddenly!? I'm always expecting such unexpected meeting.
,,,Meantime,I was very late so that I cancelled tonight's host(Sorry!)Instead,I could visited again to my previous host V,because her flat is same building as D. Now she has CS-guest who doesn't share time with her(It's also Sorry).
Anyway today I was tired by many meetings,late at night I got back to D's calm room again,,,BUT,inside of his door was his birthday-party with his noisy friends!?!?
,,,!? it's not blog,just schedule.
And I haven't been writing about my CS-hosts here,although this is "CS blog" !?
,,,and more another CSer sent me mail without my asking from B, "We help you." !?!?!?
(18.Feb, Part-2)Avizieniai
Non-CSer Simona hosted me in her mother's painting studio,Nice,Thanks! While I'm helping translate to Japanese for her,I noticed how I like to do it?! I wish her winning the prize of Japanese speech competition!
,,,Answer mail about getting B-visa from one of Vilnius' hosts,"It would be too difficult"?! BUT,at the same time,someone CSer sent me mail without my asking from B!"I could help you for B-visa.",,,?!?!?
(18.Feb)Dear Vilnius
" Life is repeating of saying Goodbye. "
Since I started this travel,it happens me more often.
And since I became to CS-addict,it happens me almost everyday.
So that I don't prefer to say "I never forget you",though,I won't forget just only you of today.
(,,,I think I used too much energy already in Riga of last summer),Now I can't do same CSing like Riga-days anymore,instead,a few hosting offers without CS are coming now,somwhow I will get out of this addiction sooner or later,,,Anyway my today was also has ended almost only in biblioteka with finding today's host. Whether I'm exhausted or not,I will have video interview of DELFI soon.
,,,mail from Hospitalityclub again,I nearly delated,but "I can host you in Vilnius",,,Are you kidding ?!?!
(16.Feb)Happy Independence day! and Uzgavenys!
,,,After sledging at hill of Kernave,
I came back to Vilnius for joining Uzgavenys pancake event (from 6pm,Mokytoiu namai).
But I'm still sorry I can't answer soon to 100 CSers(I will do it later).
,,,After all,I didn't join to event.
,,,And "No more Hospitalityclub"!?
(15.Feb),,,still village,but I didn't go out.When I continued to surf too much everyday,I get tired and regret.But also when I rested a few days at same place,I can't stand still(then,I regret). All day I was waiting moving of sloooow Internet,so I'm sorry but I can't answer mail to YOU.
,,,Oh,Yeah! finally I got mail from Hospitalityclub! "Hello USHI,we got flight ticket to Tokyo! can you host me?",,,,,,(Sure,I can host you if you took me to Tokyo)
(14.Feb),,,anyway Lithuanian village
But it's too slow Internet to be glad,Sorry although 21th century.
Fishing on ice lake was 1st time in my life.
From Scandinavia,I've been taking many kinds of sauna so far but,here's one was most authentic hot stone type without chimney.
,,,And it's still no answer from Hospitalityclub.
(13.Feb),,,somewhere village in deep snow
Oh,very slow but Internet is here too,Thanks for 21th century!
 I remembered that one of reasons why I still continue travel because feels like almost everyday I'm watching real 3-D movie,otherwise how can I describe such impressive people like actor and actress?? Labai gerai!
Since I sent 1st mail of CS request to Gvida in her homwtown in October,finally I could surf to her in Vilnius.
On the way of moving to next host in the evening,I have seen someone is climbing up into forest of high hill,,,Vilnius is misterious city.
Since when I sent 1st mail of CS request to Simona in Klaipeda 4 month ago,finally I could meet her in flat of Vilnius'host who introduced by her.
Today,CS website had accident,I couldn't connect here until evening,finally I tried to find host by Hospitalityclub(Oh,I've been thinking HC has dead already),,,The number of CS-member is increasing rapidly,so I think such accident would happen more often.
But a CSer who have been contacting me by private e-mail address saved me in last minute,thanks! ,,today I haven't eaten anything yet,so walking from center to host's flat took 2 hours,,,how I could do this way when I was in Riga?I don't have energy anymore.On the way,I didn't ask but old Russian guy led me to bus stop so I had to ride a bus,then I got off at next stop.
(10.Feb) Vilnius
I was invited by intereview of DELFI,I should not cancell anymore,,,but I got up late! from host's house to center of city takes 1.5 hours by walk,meeting time is 1pm,I left house 12:30pm,,,but luckily I could hitchhike,Thanks!
(,,then,interview was cancelled.
 I was invited to watch interesting film in LUNI :
but I caught a cold a bit,didn't go,I still have been sleeping in cozy loft in forest,,,
  I was invited Alina Orlova's concert in Kotryna church,but my body refused again after hectic excited travel,
so I didn't go,kept staying CSer's house at the edge of Vilnius surrounded by forest,,,
Walked almost half of Vilnius. Through many forest,Finally got out from Lithuania! to Uzupis (has funny nice own constitution)!,,,but it was not country,still inside Vilnius.
From last evening,I'm surfing at non-CSer,though,I have to be online for CSing,because I need to find many hosts because I was often cancelled.
Diary is always more interesting than blog,I think.I want to try to write diary here,if I could. But as long as someone read here,I can write only blog here.I want to become a human who can write diary on public.
Forest in capital city,because it's a bit outside of Vilnius,,,actually Tokyo has deep mountain,but it's 2 hours by train from center.
French great animation of bug's life "minuscule",,,Oh,everyday I'm watching movie!?
Continuously interesting surfing and inviting mail's rush came again.If I swam with this tide I would be exhausted like before,but I can't throw them away because any meeting might become interesting. Now I'm living only by means of sense "Interesting or not".
Stateless music of Stephan Micus,it's my ideal.
Watched movie "BARAKA" by youtube but nice.
So far,I have been pressured by writing CS-references and also being written from hosts,because many of them are like compliments,,,BUT,there was CS-forum about me!?I could have read many CSers' real comments about me,How interesting!?There were both positive and negative opinions,so I could prove for myself that I'm a normal,,,Thanks!(if only positive,it's a quite bad balance.) I hope we can write honestly even to CS-references :)
Vegetarian cafe "Labdariu info shope"
has good alternative library,you can visit
,,,Oh!yesterday and today is same?!
Watched Spanish movie "Libertarias",,,quite tough.
(2.Feb) Vilnius
Vegetarian cafe "Labdariu info shope"
has good alternative library,you can visit:
,,,?! It's only 2nd night of Vilnius,but I already might got tired of here?!
,,,In my last journey(2001),from Vilnius---Riga---to Tallinn took only 2 days.But this time from Tallinn---Riga---Vilnius took 240 days.
And from entering day to Lithuania till Vilnius took 3.5 months (in last journey,I visited 23 EU countries for 3.5months).Besides today's big snow let me take from outside to center of Vilnius by car almost 2 hours.
,,,Try to find someone host on the street in the night,but many people even ignore my voice of "Excuse me,,,",though, my impression of "Lithuanian people are friendly" would not change easily,,,:)

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